Disaster Clipping from Indianapolis News, Thu, Feb 15, 1872.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, February 15, 1872

Fatal LiK'OiHolive E%|»l©*ion.Stvqcf b.v'5a* February 15.—Locomotive 251, of the Erie Railway, while pushing a heavy freight train up the grade from here to Summit, on Tuesday evening, exploded her boiler, killing one man outright, and injuring eleven, who are now lying in, a precarious condition. The locomotive wits detached from the tender by the explosion and hurled a distance of forty feet off the track, down an embankment. The train consisted of twenty-five loaded freight cars, a caboose and three locomotives. The wreck of the caboose took fire and two cars loaded with oil and com were consumed. Relief was immediately sent from this city, and the dead and wounded were brought here and eared for. No cause is assigned for the explosion.neMmcffT* Fire al Xa«hville.Nashville, February 15.— A destructive fire occurred here this morning. A largeportion of the Methodist Book Concern, the largest printing establishment in the South was destroyed.The fire commenced in the building which was the individual property of John Logan. The press rooms and store rooms under the bindery, with tbeir contents, wererJso burned. The stereotyping material valued at $6 000 io f3.000.ia a total lo«s. Vo insurance.The plates were in a secure vault and are uninjured. T ’The tire was checked when it reached the re«Mf the hookho . Xht Aimes of fin-cinnati and the Tennessee companies are the principal insurers. •• * *- .IOWA.Another Xew*pnper JLIhe! Mull IM»-* pMHlor. 1 .Sioux City, February 15.—The libel suit of Judge Porter vs. IL H. McBride, editor of the Elmore Ledger, for $25,000 damages has just been decided in fa for of defendant. The trial lasted three weeks, and was bitterly contested, over bd witnesses being examined, and much documentary evidence was introduced The libel consisted of articles published in I he Ledger during the year 1370.