Disaster Clipping from Indianapolis News, Tue, Feb 6, 1872.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, February 6, 1872

»»• V' ^ rV * V V» • » • 444 II V V* 14/V '14 1 v 44nt the subject, and is now mor® than ever of the opinion that a partial settlement will be the result of the present difference.VjBIO.Ctie Teraib e Mowder Hill KipImloB-JPnrtber Partlralara.CcrcrmcATi, February 6—A special to the Chronicle says the name® of those killed in the explosion of the powder mill were Nero. Ballard and Robinson, iwhit®) and Conley, (colored) Conley was biown into fragments; nothing could be.fonnd of him bat a portion of his head and trank. The shock was dis tinctly felt in Dayton, Urban* and Xenia. The amonnt of the loss ba3 not been ascertained. Hundreds of citizens are hurrying to the scene of the disaster and rendering all possible assistance.Mr. Duncan, a colored man, !a so terribly lacerated that hia death ia momentarily ex pecied. Search ia being made among the nilna for more workmen who are missing. The bodies of the dead are shockingly mutilated and burned. The mill® are situated some distance apart but the concussion waa so great as to produce an explo-ion in all the res; The Buck House, standing more than a mile distant, had ita window's completely blown out and otherwise damaged. Great excitement prevails.LATEB.CraciwifATi, February 0.—The explosion of the mills of the Miami Power Company near Xenia this morning was one terrible in the history of powder making in the West. The shock was so great that in the adjacent towns and cities, much consternation ensued.lu Dayton the children rushed from the •■school buildings, the fire bells raug, aud there was a general apprehension that some great, calamity had occurred within the city limits.In Troy the houses were shaken as by an earthquake.The first explosion occurred in a wheel-mill. This communicated with the prem-mill, where the powder in process of manufacture is contained in canvass bags. The double dry house, fifty feet square, contained a vast quantity of dry powder, crae in next for destruction. From this the flame® stated on an errand of terrible destruction, other mills followed xn quick succession. The Gazette special says two large double dry houses, three glaze mills, one canning mill, two press and one packing house were annihilated, while the remainder of the company's works were more or less injured. Tne names of those instantly killed are Arthur Mero, David Conly, colored Win. Robbins and JohnBallard. Henry Duncan, oolorod, is wounded in the head, and will probably die. Sam. Miner was blown across the mill, and big hearing partially destroyed. Others were badly stunned, barely escaping with their lives. All the killed were mon of families From twenty to twenty-five tons of .powder were in the destroyed buildings. The company estimate their loss at from $30,000 to $50,000.