Disaster Clipping from Indianapolis News, Tue, Dec 29, 1903.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 29, 1903

JOY OF HOLIDAY VISIT WAS TURNED TO GRIEFTHREE YOUNG PEOPLE WERE SCALDED IN GREENHOUSE.FLUE IN THE BOILER BURST[Special to The Indianapolis News.]ELKHART, Ind., December 29.—Thepleasures of a holiday visit were suddenly changed to overwhelming grief by a horrible accident in the boiler-room of the greenhouse on the farm of Henry Schenk, near this city, last evening. Alma, thenine-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Schenk, of West Milton, O., was j scalded so badly that she died four hours i later, ana her niece, Carrie Seibel, age nineteen, the adopted daughter of Christian Schenk, of Laura, O., was seriously! burned about the face and arms, while a nephew, Clarence, the ten-year-old son of Henry Schenk, sustained scalds on theface and hands; and still another;nephew, Cecil, six years old, son ofCharles Schenk, of this city, miraculously I escaped injury.The three children and MIbs Seibel had gone to the boiler-room to warm, when a flue in the boiler burst. The screams of the children brought Henry Schenk to the entrance stairs with a bound, and there he met the two boys, who were familiar with the structure and knew just how to get out. Mr. Schenk stood at the head of the stairs and shouted warnings to the girls. Miss Seibel was the first to florae within his reach. He seised her and lifted her to the top. The cloud of steam obscured his sight, and he could not discern the form of little Alma lying on the floor, receiving the full effect of the relentless sheet of steam.Unconscious When Rescued.“Where are you* Alma/* he cried, repeatedly, and she answered. “Here, here. At last his swaying hand struck one of her's and he seized it and endeavored to puli her up, but the condition of her fingers caused his hold to slip. He then desperately grasped forward and caught herclothing and uragged her unconscious form to the top.Her body win be taken to West Mliton to-morrow.The Henry Schenk residence was destroyed by tire on May 12. last, the greenhouse roof was destroyed by hall about the sana* time, and the boiler-room and surroundings were seriously damaged by fire November 6. The tragedy last evening is the crpwning misfortune.