Disaster Clipping from Indianapolis News, Fri, Dec 20, 1872.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 20, 1872

Snlvely. In the next yard north was a double tenement house, owned by John W. Godman, and occupied by ex-policeman Pat-Wrson and Mit McCamp. The corner house caught the fall force of the e i plosion. Fra#-menta of the driving wheels, frturmenta of boiler bits of pipe, bits of the crank, the eccentric, the cylinder, the feed pump, the slide valve and iron, cast and forged, twisted and broken to fragments, fell like an iron bail upon the house. lire fowe of the steam and iron missiles combined tore oot the front fence by the roots, and but a single post remained. The comice of the house was blown 0$ and the house itself blown in on toe northwest corner as you would crash an ©m2 shell. The Patterson domicile immediately adjoining, fared but little better. The force of the explosion hurled the heavysand box and bell so‘hi*h in the^lfcitinsr throne h thepave below, whare it Dow'liasT The~beil landed in an impoverished belfry on the per floor. ^TO* over in the commons on the west 1 the canal, flee a fragment of the bolUI tWVby broken shaken, or... .------A piece ofboiler was found five squares east of Fifthstreet As before stated, every house withinblocks was more or less injured—*1**, shattered sash, chimneysporches sprung out of line by the concussion. 7^ w*'The caun of (hie explosion wu not ab-senoe of water la the boiler, for tha gauge* were fall. There was a full heed ’of on, which was (lowly escaping at tha safety-valve. It ia another of tboae my (tenons ex* plosion* which may be called in old law phrase “a visitation oi God” about as appropriately as a lightning stroke may be so designated.