Disaster Clipping from Indianapolis News, Fri, Dec 20, 1872.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 20, 1872

TERRIBLE EXPiOtlOS AT I- k FATJ 1 r f rf I *• EffCA j . , '.rm Enfiae Blawn to Atoms-The Enfta ot»r HUM -Uoosm DomolliliMl -EU.i f Condensed from the Lafayette Courier. 1 The locomotive Rover, a switch engine onRailroadlt; agolorning. The engine was standingd* the residence of S. MoOllvery, of Union and Fifth street) when theiosion took place. On the en*iv»a were the engineer, dandy McKary, and a volun^ teer fireman named Kilgore. They bad jast rinishe*! pamping water into the boilev end had dropped into a dose. McNaiy was hurl, ed : across the street and instantly killed, while young KdJw* woe thrown beaide the tender, odWfid with water, steam•vci, okcaui auuueoris,was comparatively unhurt. The engine Mown out of all semblance to machinery scattered for squares around. TheM ia the viciuUy wp,r« » (Kaapletelj! wrecked u if fay teen riddled by »r-«fel- »«¥»»««*• Jewed wide op*ii,windows,Iw wJfU crashed to atoms, snd peo-Uriifjwwlly thrown from their beds hy the force of the concussion, ran bewilderedthe street, i Had the bailor been charged a ton of pawdar it* destruction could have bean more complere. The driving els were snapped off like pipe-stems, andie, many hundreds^/ ven like cannon haliuagh theand left. A. piece of $ul 1 wgEruen t—threeraahlng^ou«b the 8*lt;fc of Mr.IdUUyery f family bedroom front. It struct• ^ # 4* Oli tit Ihouse mat above the ** The weatherbut a: lowerkjgB^lfc. McGUvory f. 3hB reposed, ripped up the mattra©IMPfloor, happily uniu)««ed.: • Vo thrown themxue concussion t*ems to bag* thrown mem fr«n the bed. ^Wttl a$4 oonrfuent that they were throsmeKtwifc* floor before the fearful Pieces .. ___great sections of th* boiler pipe had peppered the front anlt; the rooi$ hejfcd. The resident Kurts escaped the flying missilelatt the* concussion forcedit of the house six inch* _ the window sash and blinds were shakentdllna.into raffling. On the opposite side of thopposite Kurtz and McOH very/wasgdry snd a Wf ^ Uecwpied by Con