Car Crash of Roberta Sue Matney

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, August 12, 1964

Ld11le1.?ldGirl dies/hurt1Pin Oxnard crashrP(Photo on Page -1)A two-car crash on East Fifthh .street at 9:15 Iasi night killeda young Somis woman and inojured four passengers in heri* car.vKilled in the crash was Ho?Mberta SueMatney, 20. of 5207 H North street, Somis. She wasdead on arrival at St. John'sPodifHospital and was taken to Con rad Mortuary, OxnardBooked by Oxnard police oncharges of manslaughter wasEpttacio Coronado Nunez, 26. of1608 East Fifth street. OxnardoPolice reported Nunez, west() bound, was making a left turn djoff Fifth street into the labor j. camp and failed to yield the e nght of way to the car drivenc bv Miss Matney.*'ROBERTA SEE MATNEYEast Fifth street \ ietim.ifIN J FRIESwho was 17 at the time of theInjured were Thomas Walter accident last Nov. 16, never re- gtsi Matney, 17, Somis: James Ar- gained consciousness after theejthur Bartlett, 19, Harvard Ho-,car m whjch s}lc was ncjing |hr tel, Oxnard; Elen Maples, 17, of , , , . , V\t 62 Calle La Sombra, Camarillo; was 'struck b’ a tmght traln st i 'and Larry Lee Huggins, 19. at the Tapo street crassing in c,;LHarvard Hotel. All were report-jSanta Susana med in satisfactory condition today at St. John’s. wDeath of a Santa Susana Marie Butler, 18. of 4161 Helene jo2[woman at Ventura General Hos- street, died in Conejo Valley F. jpilal at 2:20 m. today added Hospital two days after the ac-Mt(another fatality to the 1964 t la’■death toll — now 55 — onnDriver of the car. Mianaj [roads in the unincorporatedtjarea of the county. The Oxnardfatality is not included in thes totalr M rs. HeleneD e I v l astreetAccording to the California Highway Patrol. Mrs. Butler erfailed to stop for a railroad j Awarning signal. The train drag-iin Plata. 42071ged the car 100 yards down the c Santa Susana.[track, demolishing the vehicle.