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Detroit Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Detroit Tribune (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Detroit, MichiganRowell Eisenhower tangle Over Reserve Bill 10c volume 34no. 20 1,. I. R 1,. A . A i a. 1,. R of Esq \ Detroit i Michigan saturday. July 2. 1955 kaw3p a \ led Williams Mak comeback and the Detroit Tribune s Effort thereto by Andrew f. Fruehauf . Herewith our column of 14 months ago april 17, w. April 5, 1954 or. Theodore Ted Williams lotion american league club action Massachusetts or or. Williams the writer was delighted with your Safe and sound return from military service and he was thrilled with your splendid str formantes after returning to your team. It was with much regret that he Learned of your injury Lirly this Spring and now feels the divine urge to do some Hing about it. It is the writer s belief that the Devil has robbed you f 10�o to 25�0 of your greatest baseball potentialities. By Yovil we mean animal magnetism materialism the col Octiva carnal mind of mortals which resists the Christ aspired invitation of god via St. Paul let this mind be k you which was also in Christ Jesus the enclosure touching upon you and lefty Grove i ensure will be inspiring and instructive. May i urge you to prayerfully protect yourself against in mesmerism of the Devil rebuked in the new testament scripture they loved the Praise of men More than the Praise if god John 12 43 see Ted Williams or 2 the Detroit Tribune presents an illuminating article by mrs. Eddy. God s daughter successor to the master on Faith cure informing the readers As to the inferiority of Blind Faith is. God s Healing via divinely scientific Christlike spiritual understanding gives seekers of divine truth an apprehension of divine eternal on ship a realization of everywhere present heaven and eternal life reducing to a my the the ghastly farce of material so called existence p 272. So of error. Sin disease death wars even even the convulsions f so called nature floods earthquakes hurricanes typhoons tempests of mortal thought in and of collective human consciousness see Faith cure Page 2 i have no More troubles by Sara Mccoy dear Christian science and the Detroit Tribune readers i it want to say a word of thanks since i have been Reading or paper. I have been blessed so Many ways words cannot my legs and Arm used to Hurt i so bad i could not work. Thanks for your books and paper and the lord that i l4v Job. Thanks to the lord for he enabled me to keep it ind be Well. Keep praying. A is Able Trust him have Faith Hie is your doctor. Yours in Christ Sara Mccoy. This is my prayer n the stillness of my heart i touch the presence of the v n 9 god. Every need is supplied and every situation is made Jib. This came to me while i was writing the foregoing. 4v# Feith. Keep praying. A.f.f., c. A it was privilege to talk to and Start Reading the foregoing end her receptivity was immediate end a Joy to behold a our next meeting e Day or two later it was Avi to it in her expression before she spoke a word i Havon More troubles har expression inspired my remark i you re unt Inq Yoor blessings 10c Price 10 cents segregation Issue splits statesmen in r i i n i Eisenhower i praised highly in an article it to years ago by Hep. And i am Clayton i of Ell Deni of new in k for his efforts on behalf of t i ii rights Drew the ire of the fiery congressman this week. Inter it rent Rev i v is the rim rec Bill intended to expand the 700.000 burned reserves to i 12.000.000 men he 1000 several weeks eco the Bill was shelved when Cong. Powell attached a rider amendment outlawing segregation in any form in training Camps for reservists. House a Ommittee members immediately Pigeon holed the Bill until Compromise could be worked out. In ident Eisenhower. Moan while declaring that the increase in manpower is urgent wrote Cong pm Vel declaring that i. I anti segregation amendment a i i n nexus and Mitchell. Director of Ali Washington Bia inh of the Natl. Appi Mug Hetore a House armed set vices commit tee monday declared we shall never agree with anyone not even our great i president who tells us that we must not make an All out Effort continued on Page 4 candidate the Jear 1�m May turn up the to fat Elbri in Denum Retic candidate in Emory. With two i Nim already keen a Likely candidate a for Dutot Prea Der. Iha name of i n tru Lre help head. Or. Lyulph to list Haa else Hern drop Piff Novare in Ouirl Cirri. A it tement a been forthcoming from the Fiell. Shown Here discussing the accomplishments of the National red j or. Hunche a a Methee of the red Cress Board of governor. Newter a f hotel enthusiastic Over results of the various court fights particularly the May 17. 1954. And May 31. 1955 u. S. Supreme court decisions outlawing segregation in education other progressive milestones were also noted. Arthur Johnson executive Earv of the local Branch of the Maack expire Edge Atli cation for his co Wor Leer. Upon his re a inn monday upon receiving the Thalheimer Axx Aid for the de troit chapter thu award is Given to tie most outstanding Branch each year with paid personnel not their torts Dur no the previous Yeai ,1954 selection of Detroit or the 1957 convention also Drew plaudits of local a act officials. Next year s annual con fab will by held in san fran Cisco. Establishing be relax citizens a .11 be asked f la Date one Dollar per Yea Foi tin pen orial Lund. To be us i to airy in the Freedom by l 8v org rate. And other Proir me measures to which the late civil Light. Fighter devoted his entire lie. Carl Murphy. Editor and pub Oishei of the Alio -1 awarded the 40th Spingarn j medal Avard for his contribution.-. A the tight ten minority rights state Relief Load drops2,446cases Lansing Michigan illicit Elief Load decreased j 448 a c during Max due Prin. Pal x t seasonal welfare a Rector w. J. Maxey said 17.014 now receive direct Diop is Nii t than seasonal and reflect n creased employment in i Moi and other Industrial Center he said i in in the categories old age Yassi bime dropped 389 to 7\ 184 Aid to dependent children in creased 33 to 20.862, Aid to the i Blind decreased five to 1.807 and Aid to the disabled a sent up 33 to 2.279 7 b fingerprints Aid capture of murderer i fingerprints left on a whisker bottle m an abandoned car where a 28-year old sex Monviel stabbed a 25-year old a woman to death last Veek resulted in i rapid capture. Lewis Marshall 26. Of h343 third stabbed to death mrs. Maria filling. 25. Of 3350 w. Warren. Stabbed 50 time. Mrs kill i Ini s body xxx As found m the rear Lof 517 k Vernor underneath laundry truck. Police attested Marshall at his estranged Xiv lie s Home. 228v Monroe. On Pai Ole from Jat son Ensor since 1951. Marshall had been convicted of robbery and rape sugar Chile Robinson gets a Star americans dropping habit of smoking following Adverse poit in the a timid cancel Institute of the Public health service a con a Survey reports that approximately 1 500.000 americans have Tut smoking since the fall t l 1950. More quaff no the no swearing nit in diets has doubled in the past Vear. While 1500.000 have quit since the full of 1950, Only 600.000 had in the immediately pre ceding comparable period j the inquiry revealed that men who become smokers tend to atari Early in life. Out of the total adult male population of 50.000.000 about 54.000,000 Are either regular or occasional smokers. About two thirds of these men started smoking before they were j to and most have been smoking j ugh Early since then. Georgians inspires Rev. Franklin Atlanta. Cia appealing before the largest local religious Assembly in Atlanta according to or. R. V Nash. Atlanta pro Moter was Rev. C la Aughn Franklin dynamic pastor of it troit s new Bethel Church the City auditorium was so crowded Nash went on to say that it was necessary for Rev. Franklin to repeat his stirring Sermon later in the evening from the pulp of Atlanta a a heat Street Baptist Church Rev. William Holms Bor Ders. Pastor of the wheat Street Church was moved to to Franklins ability As truly a Tod Given Talent to proclaim the gos Pel. % ambassador Richard l. Jones. T or. Jones and son Richard. 111. Senior Jones recently left Tor his assignment m Monrovia liar a. A succeeds the Lata Jesse d. Locker who died in Monrovia last april. Diggs asks newspapers Aid Oil company Boycott sugar Chile Rodimon a t reek got somewhat of a bigger Bull while attending his first a old urine Box s state at fast 1 Ansing than out of performing before Royalty of appealing on Dation wide telex Ision programs sugar Chil. Whose first name is Frank is the tiny child Prodigy who used to thump Boogie Boogie out of a piano with fists and elbows As Wall As his fingers. He got anew kind of ii ill i last week upon being elected j to unto Heuff at the Hoys j state which is a Veek Long Experiment in mock government. Nov a 15-Vear-old Northern High senior he still stand Only tour feel 8. A weighs about 80, i p und. I Eves Aie on a med Ial career. Frank a played concerts for i Queen of England appeared n several movies and on nation allx telex ised. Asks integration Louisville by. Consi Kentucky s Board of education a duet Ted that All of its Public school proceed toward racial integration just a quickly As Possi be. A Box Colt of Standard Oil to j we station in file Southin Date xxx asked this a Rock a i Fung. Charles c. Diggs. Or. A ult of an incident that saw � euro school teacher Eie Teci from a rest room and allegedly slugged last Winter. Newspaper editor in Ken Tucky. Georgia. Florida Ala Bama and Miami Sippi War ask and by Cong. Dig9 to help affect a Boycott of All Standard Oil station Shat raft service to negro Appeal � Aid in Boycott a the Oil company he Days. Is results of a snub by w. I. Violete. Resilient of Standard i Oil of Kentucky of i attempt to discus the ejection of the school teacher mrs. Dole ii Walker. The i 1 00l teacher signed a sworn affidavit Tell no of the brutal treatment in Ted out to her when she entered the test room marked a Hite Only the congressman a intensified Ai of Tofu since learning that mrs. Walter xxx removed Fiorre if teaching position for report ing the attack to the Mississippi regions Council of negro Lead ? digs xxx hoax As the Prim a speaker at this Organ nation i it go conf Ierne i a Mound Bayou in april. Consider the firing Etalia Toiv move by the missis i Phi citizens count la and other j fighting school dese Grega i u n. Enlisting thaid Otth negro newsmen. Diggs pointed out that the company s arrogant disregard of the situation should emphasis and make you Taal strongest reason fur turning Loo the Wrath of economic reprisal upon Standard Oil lie added that the newspaper could help him greatly in the Boycott move by publicising the facts and appealing to members of other groups to join the protest against the Oil firm s affront to democratic pm Cipuk \ men of self employment Cove Ceil by the social a rur Ity Law should a rat in touch with the social Security office by june 30, 1950. Social Security District manager Rob Ert i. Mish. Announced to Day. Or. Mish pointed out that people who have been totally disabled for 6 months or longer end who worked in employ ment or self employment Cov eted by the social Security Lew for As Many As 5 years out Otth 10 years before they were disabled tfx Ould get further in formation about this Law. Active Neil Italy service and employment in the Railroad Industry May count toward the needed w Oik. By applying to have their social meets Here in 1957 local Branch gets Thalheimer award Success of flu 16th aug Wirtl nation of the a act in Atlantic City sunday a reflected in report i rom the Detroit delegation. J n a up if in 1. Ali 11 i str a tuna i during 1 a i Nixon cites Progress under Ike Vire president n xon � i the closing a Dov session of the 4tith annual a act convention in Atlantic City sunday and slated that the Kise Hovver Aii Musti action has made the j greatest Progress on the j lights front sine i of s a have seen thousands is new Job opportunities in the j Industry and government of j 1 ened up Lor he a j dared. We 1 if seen the end of i ton in tin aimed serv j be. The launching of a inning Tampa Ign to end segregation in the i tact and Columbia ind the Legal Mouth Woik hid Tow at and a Cun Pii hmm w hat in the lung Uin is the important objective of do the integration of the Public school so stems 4 Foint goal Niv a outlined four objective the Fetuu 1 Equality of ? r employment with part Eulai pm Phis on Mote adequate Tiu in in. I Grams o that negroes cat qualify Toi Job opportunities which become available. A. Better housing with pm p on Homes Lathi thao just housing 3 the remove of the la to. Tige id Disi i Tinati a n the District of Columbia m we Tan hold no oui nation proudly to All the to Hias an ran pie of an american do at ii Best in if v in of the to and 4 most important of All completion of the integration of the Public school v stems. Aids persuasion Nixon said that Imi and in do Oil decision done w ill not accomplish our objective there must be created in the r kinds and the hearts of people thu Law social Security Aid Frozen for disabled seriously disabled people f r n t earning Roth . in will become eligible Lor old age payments in july were disabled or Long period before they reached age 65 and Aie still disabled. They r a Iuit getting la 1 Gei payment a of july and will get them More promptly if thru file in application for a disability Furze by june 30. If the doubled person die it 1 june 30. The disability fierce cat protect i family right to sin \ Ivor payments but Only if h. Had applied Lor it before death for this reason it i import ant for every person who meet the requirements Lor the freeze i to Apple for it by june 30

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