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Detroit Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 4

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Detroit Tribune (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Detroit, MichiganPage 4the Detroit Tribune saturday april the Detroit Tribune entered As second class matter at the Post office at Detroit Michigan under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscriptions one year $4.50 6 mos. $2.50 3 mos., $1.25 foreign yearly $5.00 National advertising representatives interstate United newspapers 970 Gratiot Avenue Quot second class postage paid at Detroit Michigan Quot to 2-1022 to 2-4937 published every wednesday by the Detroit Tribune publishing co., inc. Andrew f. Fruehauf ., owner and publisher b. E. Ellington in memorial William m. Ellington or. A Warren d. Ellington associate general managers a managing editors race Fec Quot the Christlike thing on race is the right Quot if thou would be blessed obey god s science i and bless a by Andrew f. Fruehauf Crusader for the invincible triumphant divine rights of Man representing Quot our father Mother Quot god s Liberator of the Bible the Christian science textbook has the necessary heaven our eternal life and All reality spiritual,1 of course Are found a Are discovered a in human consciousness. A separated career employee program broadened by civil service commission civil service commission has broadened the separated career employee program to make the placement service More responsive to present conditions of employment in the Federal service. Major changes in the new program is to make employees eligible for Agency and government wide out place ment assistance before they Are separated instead of waiting until they Are actually off Agency Rolls. Previously the program sought to place workers Only after they were separated from the Federal service. The program has been renamed the displaced employee program to reflect its broadened objectives and its aim to provide More uniform placement service for All displaced career or career conditional employees. Placement assistance to be provided by Csc supplements Agency placement programs. Each Agency will operate a positive program for the placement of its surplus employees which will assure them of priority in consideration for vacancies and for jobs held by temporary or indefinite employees. Csc has urged agencies to develop placement programs that will assure affected employees the broadest possible consideration for placement in other jobs within their own Agency. Csc will coordinate Agency employment surpluses with employment needs in other agencies and will provide special disabled employee program benefits including priority referral for vacancies in other agencies in the commuting area circulation of employment briefs and priority and regular certification to Federal agencies. Under the improved program these benefits will be available before separation. The new program also provides that career or career rendition Al Emil ovens who resign during a reduction in for up Potice period do not forfeit their eligibility for commission assistance nor Are their names drowned from their Peen rvs a reemployment priority list As previously. In addition career or career conditional workers who Are separated for failure to accompany a transferred function to another commuting area or for failure to accent a new assignment in another commuting area will be eligible to receive Pri a nov and regular certification under the new displaced employee program. Support brotherhood let us not destroy the fabric of Freedom Quot a was a saying of Aristotle. That All Noble minded men Are inclined to sadness. It is not merely the feeling that their lot Sah Ardone which oppresses them it is something More it is their inward sympathy and consciousness of participation in the sufferings of the human race to which they belong guesses at truth to be Young and nonwhite is to court unemployment but it can wait until after working hours Washington d. C. A when the employments disabilities associated with being Young and nonwhite Are combined the result is an unemployment rate that is a Mai affront to a concerned society Quot states the manpower report of the president prepared by the Secretary of. L Abor and recently submitted to Congress. Secretary of labor w. Willard Wirtz in transmitting the report to the president noted that a inexperienced Young workers nonwhite and the unskilled have two things in common a much too High unemployment rates and wide Lack of marketable skills president Lyndon Johnson in transmitting the report to con Gress noted that a the Une Manlov. Ment rate for All teenagers is almost 15 percent a Over three times that for All adults and Over 5 times As High As for married men. But nonwhite teenagers Are at p shocking rate of Over 25 percent. The report concludes that ills of teenage unon Ozment Are More than a a temporary and Larrv Over with a significant number of workers because the experience learning and seniority that generally go Only with give them a Faith to live by worship this week. I i my incan use stable employment Are postponed frequently into the adult years when the responsibilities of marriage and family add to the burdens of unemployment. The president commenting on what is being done about this matter called attention to 11 the education measures enacted by the last Congress which Are aiding a Long needed substantial expansion of both College education and vocational education. 2 the economic Opportunity act of 1964. Under which the War on poverty puts High priority on providing useful work experience education and skill development for disadvantaged youth and undereducated jobless adults. 31 training and retraining for the unemployed and underemployed under the manpower development and training act which is providing another practical tool in Coon Era Ion with the conventional education system and vocational schooling to adapt skills of the labor Force to changing needs. Also the civil Tinh a act of 1964 is making efforts toward equal employment opportunities Piore effective. Youth Opportunity centers Are being set up As part of the Federal state employment services. Apprentice a Hin information centers Are lie ing set up in key cities and selective car Avo examinations Are now being Given at the earliest Coccim time so that those not qualified can to Quot in Iob training. Unemployment of nonwhite teenagers despite a slight improvement during the Vear 23 percent 104000 of nonwhite teenage hons and 31 percent 87.000 of non hate teenage girls in the labor Force were unemployed n 1964. This is not merely a reflection of a search for part time work by Young school children a two a turds of these Young people were looking for full time work. Even the exceedingly High rates of unemployment do not fully depict the extent and severity of nonwhite teenagers economic problems. Their unemployment is More Likely to be both persistent and recurrent rather than the Short term and frictional unemployment so often associated with teenage joblessness. Moreover unemployment is an a specially serious economic problem to the nonwhite teenager and his family As compared to the 43 percent of All nonwhite teenagers who live in families with incomes of less than $3,000. 12 percent of White teenagers arc from families in this income category. The nonwhite youth who is either unemployed or out of school and not in the labor Force is particularly Likely to be from a Low income family. The Gravity of the employment situation for nonwhite teenagers As indicated by these figures is the result of a heterogeneous Complex of factors which cripple their ability to compete effectively for the More desirable jobs. The nonwhite teenager is far More Likely than the White teenager to have dropped out of school before getting a High school diploma. As a result a larger proportion of the nonwhite teenager unemployed Are seeking regular full time work. Nonwhite dropouts typically have a much harder time finding jobs and a much lower income when they do find work. Even those who do get a High school diploma face greater obstacles in their search for a Job than do White High school graduate. Nonwhite graduates Between the Ages of 16 and 21 in october 1963 not Only had an a a Quot Mel nement rate More than twice that of the White graduates but their rate was also significantly higher than that of the White dropouts. Nonwhite graduates who do find work More frequently have to take relative v unskilled jobs. Over 35 percent of the employed nonwhite male graduates were in unskilled labourer or service jobs in 1963 a twice As High As the comparable figure for White males. Things you should know woo son. Organized in 1915, in Chicago the association for the study of negro life a be and history for the past 43 years this association has done wondrous and widespread research and published Many books and such periodicals As the journal of negro history and the negro history bul let i / the Bible cells us a a blessed is the Man that walk eth not in the counsel of the ungodly nor stand eth in the Way of sinners nor sit Teth in the seat of the scornful. A a but his Delight is in the Law of the lord and in his Law doth he meditate Day and night. A and he shall be like a tree planted by the Rivers of water that bring eth Forth his fruit in his season his Leaf also shall not Wither and whatsoever he doth shall Prosper. A the ungodly Are not so but Are like the chaff which the wind Eriveth away. A therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. A for the lord know eth the Way of the righteous but the Way of the ungodly shall a Why do the Heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing a the Kings of the Earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the lord and against his anointed saying a let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us. A the that sit Teth in the heavens shall laugh the lord shall have them in derision. A then shall he speak unto .1 them in his Wrath and vex them in his sore displeasure. A yet have i set my King upon my holy Hill of Zion. A i will declare the decree the lord hath said unto me thou Art my son this Day have i Begotten thee. A ask of me and i shall give thee the Heathen for thine inheritance and the uttermost parts of the Earth for thy Possession. A thou Shalt break them with a Rod of i r o a thou Shalt dash them in pieces like a potters vessel. A be Wise now therefore o be Kings be instructed be judges of the Earth. A serve the lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. A kiss the son lest he be angry and be perish from the Way when his Wrath is kindled but a Little. Blessed Are All they that put their Trust in psalms 1,2 a study to Shew thyself approved unto god a Workman that need eth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of ii Timothy 2 15 Quot science and health with key to the scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy the textbook of Christian science can be read borrowed or purchased together with the Bible at Christian science Reading rooms fire marshal s letter or. And mrs. John citizen Detroit Michigan dear or. And mrs. Citizen it is officially Spring. And i officially pot the word from mrs. Quot Quot ire marshal that it meant More than just a Date on the Calen Bernard f. De Coster Dar. As she personally conducted me on a tour of our Home pointed out the various rooms that a just must be done Over. As if i did no to know. I asked a done Over with what a quite matter of factly she responded a Why with paint of course. Now in this room i think. She ering me with paint charts. I should have suspected something was in the wind when i discovered paint charts on my favorite chair and any place i was sure to notice them. I got the message of a a clean up paint up fix up campaigns a the de costers. In general the fire department is in favor of clean up Campaign because it knows a a clean Home Seldom a a connection with Spring cleaning fire hazards exist. For instance 1. Use care with any flammable cleaning materials. Read labels carefully and obey the warnings. In most cases soap and water is still the Best cleaning agent. 2. There will be some discards. If you decide to Burn them. First obtain a rubbish burning permit from the smoke abatement Bureau by calling 965-4200. Safety instructions arc on the permit. 3. In redecorating keep in mind that spontaneous combustion is Ever possible with Oil base paints and varnishes. Dispose of those clean up Raes daily in a covered Metal Container. 4. At any time of the year the careless smoker is still the number one fire Hazard. Take time to find a Large deep Ash tray and use it. There Are other suggestions which Wco a discuss in the future because fire prevention is a year round project. Meanwhile perhaps Well meet at the paint store. Bernard f. De Coster sincerely fire Marshall s Job Opportunity linked with vote Opportunity a lbs Washington d. C. A a to exercise the privileges of citizenship a the right to vote a takes More than Legal right. It requires a rained mind and a healthy body. It requires a decent Home and the Chance to find a Job and the nor Unity to Esz pc from poverty a president Lyndon Johnson Tard in his address to the joint yes on of frn a Russ commenting on legislation to he to Congress a a pig to known voting rights the print slated a the Bill i am Toson Tine wll he known As a Ci-�11 rights Bill. But in a larger sense most of the program 1 am recommending is a civil rights program. Its object is to err the City of Hope to All our Noorlun a fall americans must have the re h to vote. And we Are going to Eive them that right. A fall americans must have the priv Llewes of ii 7eqship regardless of race. And they Are going n have those the president also stated a the Issue of equal rights for american negroes is such an Issue and should we defeat every enemy double our wealth conquer the stars and still be unequal to this Issue then we will have failed As a people and a nation. A there is no negro problem. There is no Southern problem or Northern problem. There is Only an american problem. A i want to he the president who educated Young children to the wonders of their world. I want to to the president who Hilred to feed the hungry and to no Nero them to he taxpayers instead of to Heaters. I want to he the to Jent who helped the nor a find their own was and who protected the right of every citizen to vote in every election. I want to be the president who Helper to hatred among his be Law men. And who promoted love among the people of Alle is an an regions and All drive with care

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