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Des Moines Register Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Des Moines Register, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Des Moines, Iowa To find lit 11 it 5s tub we atm party Doody few Fth Mamm near Wanner Sunset do set Mac two sections Price 10 Cynta hones Shioi Cerf Cuba sub site forrus9mr views building with Serio Unett by Clark Moue Aboff of the ram twi bar thu the Nixon adm Kimation is View Asj with utmost seriousness evidence of soviet construction of a permanent submarine base in a ranking White House offi Cial expressed president Nix on concern with the evidence of the base construction after the Pentagon had revealed the defense department did not Rule out the possibility that the facility May be designed to support missile firing subs now cruising off a White Hense spokesman indicated that the Tion of the submarine base is now in an Early and that there is not sufficient concern about this development to Call off presi Dent Nixon inlay trip to eur the placing of a submarine base in Cuba would be com parable in some respects to the soviet moves in october and no to move offensive misses into at that the soviet Union backed Down after president John Kennedy stated that the removal of the missiles was the Only Way the soviet Union could be assured that there would be Kennedy statement re Mains the White House official president Kennedy said if All offensive weapons Are re moved from Cuba and kept out of the hemisphere in the under adequate verification and and if Cuba is not used for the Export of aggressive communist there will be peace in the carib Over the past few so Viet ships have moved heavy barges and other equipment into the Harbor at Cienfuegos which makes us feel they May be seeking sustained capabilities in the pent Afoa spokesman Jerry Friedheim announced asked it the base la so i Cammmi advanced it Oitim so of Mahmitt arabs assail Hussein in leased wire to the Register Egypt Satur Day egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser and Sev eral other Arab leaders accused Jordans King Hussein today of violating the ceasefire agree ment with rebel palestinian Gaa Troas hours after it took winds whip Brush bums county Reagan declares emergency it was a Good Day for Bridge replied that the White hems official said such submarines dearly would be offensive in nature and thus sub8 Pleate turn o Page two fridays gloomy weather was Good for a game of contract but unfortunately even among friends in warm someone is bound to the Fate of Kenneth Stringer of Davenport at the Twenty second annual Cor Belt Section Bridge which opened Friday at hotel fort pcs can be followed from her facial at Stringer gets the but her happiness quickly As has trouble playing her moments later it was obvious from the picture at right that she failed to make the stringers partner in women pair play was James also of Daven they were among some 170 competitors in the which runs through the tournament is sponsored by the Hawkeye Bridge an affiliate of the Ameri can contract Bridge the event is open to the another Corn peril borers by James Mcgore Iowa Corn which Al soggy cold front Des Moines got another ing Friday As a band of showers and storms crossed the along the Edge of cold brought North winds in its Wafa temperatures varied by than 80 degrees on either Side of the frontal Cone highs in the state ranged from w at Davenport to of at Des Moines had a High of 87 at before the cold front but by eve Ning the temperature dropped to the Low Des Moines received of an Inch of Maui to afternoon Thunder show of a weather scrubs Drake band Day Drake i tin daily utt trials ready has taken a beating from Southern Leaf blight and is getting socked by still another enemy Corn Bor an unusually heavy infestation of second Brood Corn borers has weakened the stalks arid the Shanks which hold the a Strong wind Coald make ears fall to the Gromad or blow stalks making har vesting extremely Harold Iowa state University said Friday he believes there Are at least twice As Many Sec Ond Brood borers in Iowa this year As last when the state average reached borers per 100 last Iowa Corn Borer lass was estimated at my the worst year was when the estimate on losses was set at i Early Harvest this years infestation was described As awfully heavy by Tom director of the Federal state Corn Borer research Laboratory at Anke where they All came were not he but apparently every egg they Laid combined with the drought and the makes it imperative that farm piously optimistic that they May be close to a breakthrough in controlling the disease which in the last 10 years has killed More than half of Iowa stately Harold pro see Hope of saving Iowa elms with new treatment by Otto mtg or staff or Lar i dutch Elm disease researchers Here Are Laud teacher in we panic Cau Fessor of Forest pathology at Iowa state Friday told of experiments with a growth regu lating chemical which can Sim ply be sprayed on the bark of a the chem Mcnabb by causes an anatomical change in the nutrient carrying vessels of the tree which makes it resistant to dutch Elm Dis the experiments Are Contin Mcnabb and we should know within a year How Well this is going to i see no reason Why this technique be used by a Home owner at reasonable he dutch Elm disease has rav aged Trees in the Southern and Eastern parts of in some cases deluding entire Dee Moines has lost close to 90 per cent of its elms and the City has Given up the fight to save the g r o w t regulating chemical caused a Large and significant change in the Anatomy of the vessels in the twigs where the insects Mcnabb in conducting the sex he some elms were sprayed with the chemical in Ames and fort a control group of Trees was left uns prayed in each sixty per cent of the Trees that bad been Iafe cled Are still Viag this Mcnabb this compares with a 40 per heat survival of the we want to get a better survival rate than 60 per and that what were working on he explained that Only two fluid ounces of the chemical were sprayed on each and the Spray contained Only 16 per cent Active material which had to penetrate the bark to be of but Many elms survive in the Northern and Western parts of and Mcnabbs brim lots hold out significant base that the Trees can be saved in these areas a Tiechea ical the tree be Mcnabb said his research ers Start harvesting flavor Fields w Early As Assai he state ex1 is ceased by a which Dags the sap a Emile a a is Traa suited tree to tree by the tiny Etas bark which a fete a tree As a i the to this year Cost about split Between the cities of Ames and fort Iowa state univer sity and the Elm research Institute in new Nixon Day of prayer Iasi president Nixon proclaimed a i National Day of prayer oct 21 and said the ancient prayer by a staff writer Cedar Quick action by a teacher Fri Day May have prevented More tragic consequences from a Flash fire in a science Labora tory at Harding Junior High school John a science teach was praised by school officials for grabbing a fire Blan Ket and wrestling to the floor two ninth Grade boys then clothing in flames who had panicked and were running about the room fighting off would be five students were injured in the Flash fire which officials said was caused by a student pouring an alcohol base fuel into a Burner which was dose to a Burner already arbere said this was a to Wattee of a rate that the barn ers were the be filed at a Sals Distant from aay Flam ing three students remained in the intensive care Ward at Lukes methodist Hospital late listed in fair condition was David son of George Wortman of Hia and Michael of Velva Brown of i listed in fairly Good condition was son of Washburn of Cedar the three differed Sec Ead Aad third degree bum about their Bat there were blast please turn to Page audit cites former car dispatcher by Jen Van former state car dispatcher Frank Johnson billed the state for repairs to private used state telephones for private Busi and Vio 1 a t e d various other an audit released Friday the re leased by state auditor Loyd Cov ers the ii months from when Johnson took to july when Johnson resigned under the Aadot Laid beat Stytz Worth of private Telephone eatts were made from phases to the state dispatchers since Aarif the it ill were paid the the is broadcast Over mrs Nasser complained that the jordanian army had it entry violated the truce Aat was planning to liquidate the Mestjian guerrilla move ment despite All assurances to the Nasser made the statement in the names of nine Arab states whose leaders have bean bom ing an emergency Summit Maamor to Cairo since tuesday in an Effort to end the Jorda Nian Deq the Cable said a six Man Milf shia seat by the arse leaders the Amman to help set a the ceasefire had Nnandi measly reported a determination in the part of Jorda Nian Aat Bertles to continue the fighting despite All at tempts to halt the blood this statement contradicted news reports from the scene Friday no glib which said the fighting and shooting had end Nasser said the peace mis Sion to appointed by the Arab Summit meeting in Cairo and beaded by sudanese reimbursement Fer the per one of those checks for go the because Johnsons was use Noel and Evers Bank of business specifically is forbid Den by the eight stat owned cars were driven More than Miles for unaccounted the audit the cars were driven but Only aunt please turn to Page Vive Potomac fever los Reuters Ronald Reagan Friday night declared a state of emergency throughout los Angeles county where More than 100 Homes were destroyed by fires springing from tinder dry Brush Hurricane Force winds from the desert swept Southern California blasting a rash of Brush fires wildly out of acres two huge blazes to the North West one in Scenic Caubu Canyon near the coast and the other on the Edge of the Papu Lous san Fernando Valley destroyed an estimated w damaged another 400 and within 10 hours blackened acres Many of the houses were in the and up winds which rusted up to 82 Miles an hour during the Day cased after Nightfall and tem in the 90s in the aft dropped hundreds of persons were evacuated from their blues in other areas of Soat Hent California charred theas aads of acres Jaafar Al had Wand that there is a Hor Rible massacre going on in Jordan in violation of All humane earlier reports had said fir ing Between guerrillas and King Hussein bedouin army ceased promptly except for occasional sniper fire after the announcement of a ceasefire agreement Between guerrilla commander Yasir Arafat and the monarchy to end nine Days of civil the ceasefire pact was jointly announced by Arafat and la Tel Assally reliable israeli sources said that killed la the flight tag la Jor Mideast please turn to Page seven l a i v e r s i t y is statewide Survey which is near of the att fiend Northwest Towa u the heaviest damage m fee late 12 per Teal of us Pau it us Ltd m been Mcnabb and other Ersia the Forest Patrao Rugy Sec lord Nike Tion studied other Elm that Are resistant to the disease i Mure to Iuey and found that their sap vessels j toe were urge by isolated from each other inside the u thus if the tic fungus invaded one it Pic Sou tubes in Tel Jdc Tutor Law and Nave broken off pm Only wishes it Souid do with Raib Nader hit Sage of indulgence1 by William a Bayaua o Tim we Hinton vice president Spiro deploring what he called a of indulgence said Frida night his Tio Nyear ii to americans to need for Ibie in their he was critical of Permis Sive a r e n t s who bargain with their children and of to tolerant College administrators who do not punish Windo Breakers Uke Gerawa in what sounded More like a s the urges ail i to Jray that the t be listed from Edith did ulal kit do those to dec Itil Llu of Wai in Etc Aero la 14 Yean the l weak bag a a peace a poll shows 56 per cent i enjoy Grawn fran a to Peird of uie Leouie approve Sijak like a Guy who Kiowa tour this fall specifically is de signed to elect uie ii who will a tread Low Aid her la Cir taken ii Jull g r in More my i Fesio ii americans to tue it ulc r acc t ill 1cj Muil co 1 u1 u a Iuna i Liidi have participated that Galice soil void Witri e about sea till Leo As Ilid lev i be unlit still i did 1hiiii Pic us Fly Allu a i u Pic Pitao us it Edlu Lull i Uller d Fuad Tulipo Puldy in for la s us Pai canc i c t Rit Aiu clout habitual uie i die fishes Pic 1 Igil u has been build mud to 1 11 i to c lilt Jot o j a Lur Sicault Elul i Cju la Uit Iuie Alec us 11 c4i quickly Ulf lib did Uit Lic a t 1 i Uci i a i Oak in i Huu Olid in jul a Luuie i tic Auric sick not v pc pout half of mat a in the Malibu Canyon flames swept close to gov reagans 54acre a spokesman said the governor was out there much of the and some of his horses were later he returned to his Home in Pacific Palisades to watch news reports of the another the Spahn movie ranch at the West end of the san Fernando was reported swept by flames and buildings since 1w it has been Home much of the time to the family of Charles on trial with three women followers charged with murdering actress Sharon Tate and six desert Woods the howling desert winds car ried flames with incredible Speed Over acres in the Malibu Canyon area of the Santa Monica wbk abut the an estimated 20 Homes were destroyed there ftee8 Leom urn to Page two did i Lii Stock volume fifth heaviest new a for the second straight volume on the new York Stock Exchange was among the heaviest Ever big Board volume soared to million the fifth heaviest in analysts explained that institutional who accumulated Large amounts of Cash by Selling stocks when prices were were step Ping Back into the the Dow Jones average of 3s Indus trial stocks Friday inched up 2 46 Points to 761 77 a Market Page inside tin whiter boost police for Nixon policemen i i for Hita Ideiil i Page a n Ulk in acid w i la n1 j j cancellation

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