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Des Moines Register Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 1

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Des Moines Register, The (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Des Moines, Iowa Where to find its comics editorials markets 4 8 radio weather women it is 7 the weather fair to partly Cloudy today and with Little change in High today Low tonight Sunrise Sunset Llo Luci the newspaper Iowa depends upon Des saturday october two sections Price 10 cents boy Friend Texas mid ending to Campaign Force Uncle 6 hopefuls answer of questions by Richard Doak the candidates for Des Moines City Council ended formal campaigning Friday at a meeting of the greater Des Moines chamber of the appearance ended two weeks of sometimes three of the six candidates will be elected to the Council next the Wallace James George George Rob Ert and were nominated in the 19 primary incumbent councilmen Buss and together with Calli have generally supported existing policies throughout the Scott and Wilson have assailed the present adm Nistra talks Are mild the candidates seemed to let Down somewhat the talks were mild compared with some past appearances where charges and counter charges have freely no speeches were made Fri each candidate was Given one minute to answer a written question from the after each had answered a another round of questions was answers some of the questions and answers by candidates As listed in alphabetical order follow Buss most of the questions asked with specific act to seize goods from Iowa Amish have liens on 16 for set non Morotn Viet backers a Tolito in get married members 101x1 airborne division Are killed by shells air Rel from Al lied howitzers Page White House wont confirm or deny wire photo a Beverly Dexter of whose Herbert was killed in action in Viet receives a Check Friday from receives Check Otto two of Dexter five and watch with state auditor Michael Illinois widow gets first plan Airlift if 00 at blockade v a 1 state Bonus in Viet War of Buss dealt Council asked what was holding up the appointment of a City corporation Buss said there have not been enough candidates for the the Job has been vacant since Leonard Abels resigned in Buss said the Council will begin interviewing persons for the Job in the next few on Buss referred to what he called the doom and gloom triplets Scott and Wilson and said they have charged the present Council with doing nothing about he said plans were begun Early in before current troubles with Bridges his remarks stemmed from a question on whether he favored creation of a Bridge commis Buss said he feels Engi candidates continued on Page six uniform time again sunday ii Lorn Iowa Bureau the ref i lir and Tribune Daylight saving time ends Here and at Burlington again bring ing All of Iowa under Standard the time change in the two Iowa cities will be in step with neighbouring Illinois and with a number of other Eastern states that operate a six month period of Daylight for the first Iowa this year had an official period of Daylight it ran from May 31 to Davenport and Burlington be Gaa Daylight time a month earlier and continued it nearly two months longer in order to keep with related economies in City officials Here and at Burlington called the time Dif Ference summer it meant that Bettendorf and Burlington were operating their Church and the like an hour earlier than the of it end at 2 a a Young army officers whose husband was killed in action on their thirteenth received from Illinois Friday the first Viet Nam state Bonus in the Beverly Louise Dexter of who said draft card burners just dont understand what service to country accepted a Check from Otto the Iowa Independence he ginning next Buchanan county officials expect to exer Cise liens on i property held by Amish a Elhers who re fuse to Send their children to is t a to approved Harlan Lam Buchanan county actor said Fri Day he told the Amish of the1 impending a Lemon Tion thursday but does not expect any reaction from the liens were filed against the Amish earlier this month As a result of fines levied in mid the fines were against 16 Amish men and total about i feel the liens now on record must be enforced be fore the Amish will believe that their present course of action is costing them any Lemon i would Hope that by enforce prof is named by Rhodesia by John Finney new York times news service j t n l j c ius is studying with Britain 1 o defend possibility of an emergency i Airlift to maintain Access to the Craig a Law professor sea for landlocked Zambia if a Drake was name blockade is imposed by rho Kerner told the 33yearold by the Iowa civil liberties i f r i d a y to represent 4 a Zambias principal Trade route is via a widow he was sorry to have Tounton meet her under these Stephen University with Rhodesia patriotism is a student charged with de that runs southward through that of us the j stroy ing his draft Rhodesia to the port of Beira in attractive Mother of five said of publicly portuguese with no Trace of i burned what he said was his i British and american air new the Duke and Duchess of wind Joseph Kennedy and a plane Loac of Well heeled Fren c h m e n were among those at the Waldorf Astoria hotel Friday night for one of the big International social events of the the april in Paris for the four the Duchess tenth Ann u a 1 by Douglas Robinson c York times twi Servici new sup Johnson City Tex a porters of United sales policy d in Nam will participate us thai nos John san a Parade Down fifth Avenue or f Hie today that has been publicized a Law to i to ranch Friday As an answer to Large scale Anli night accompanied by her boy War protests two weeks pal Nugent of Wauke leaders of the demonstration m said Friday Thev expect to persons to take part whelp in Lisp both in the and in Washington would the which is co neither confirm nor deny re sponsored by new York City ports that Luci planned to ask councilman Matthew her parents permission to mar and the new York Lucent will Start at i m a about is the son of among the participants t veterans labor Andlor and mrs Jerry unsent of fraternal youth i and student associations and a spent two week number of hungarian Freedom ends in August at Waukegan i and visited the Nugentq the grand marshals of the Parade will he five holders of1 the congressional medal House press Secretary the highest covers said in Texas that to had no knowledge of transportation experts Are in j party which is never held in Zambia now because it is april or in a chartered feared this rail route would be Jet brought Over 100 Cut off in a showdown be at a Dan Borntreger quotes from Bible her Herbert card last week at the led a platoon into heavy University of Lowthe is free enemy fire he was hit Jon Bond pending a hearing in the then suffered a fatal before a commissioner at Ai wound after he told his tween Britain and some persons paid of their i Umily in of tary the medal winners Are Thomas Kelly of new York City Richard Oneill of Michael Valinte of Long Elizabeth John Meagher of Jersey and Stephen Gregg of a spokesman for the Parade committee issued a Call for All unaffiliated citizens who believe in patriotism and in America to join the among the groups scheduled to take part in the March Are Johnsons press said in Washington that on a num Ber of weekends Luci has taken boy friends to the but she would neither confirm nor Luci the american the vet Erans of foreign the International longshoremen units of the knights of a Waukegan Friend of Nugent Joe a reporter for the Waukegan new Sun de scribed Nugent As a 6footer who has Short Cut Blond and is regarded As one of the a was graduated from Marquette univer sity in Milwaukee in june with the teamsters the new Jersey order Ofia degree in ancient hibernian and various h o p k i n who graduated ing these liens we can avoid the dont pull dont the civil liberties Union said if Britain imposes Leoj each for the expected would prefer to attach puerto rican and cuban dryer Falls in Tot electrocuted 5year old boy who police said might have been using an electric hair dryer to propel toy boats about Bathtub full of water in his Home Here was electrocuted thursday evening when the dryer fell into the he was Roger asked what her reaction i j t u w v v of Lii i ii i i i decided to provide Smith with nomic Boycotts on Rhodesia if it i 000 will be divided any thug of n Kane Ita ump i i i i i Pom of Lull s been declares its rho among american and French such As from Marquette journalism school in said Nugent first met the presidents a Catholic in Washington in late May or Early june of this he said one of Lucis Best Beth daughter of former presidential aide Walter was going with Luci continued on Page two asked what her reaction 11 v blares in among to youths who Burn draft counsel1of hides a May retaliate by cutting mrs Vur mid news Man i choices Sald ills important Mojoff rail traffic with the former Dexter told newsmen there very foolish and dont my Hus band died for their he was willing to pay the who enlisted after his graduation from Stephen deca tur High school in was commissioned As an officer iter at age he served in Korea and Viet Nam prior to returning for a second tour when he was dressed in brought two of her Lynn and provide adequate representation i British protectorate of of unpopular the and Britain have to proponents Indian High of 65 Here Southwest winds pushed warmer air into Des Moines resulting in another Day of Indian summer the City had a High of More of the same is in store As skies Are expected to be fair to partly the winds will shift to the West or be Northwest As a weak Low pres been working also on counter measures to isolate Rhodesia and to prevent the Impact of its declaration of Independence from spreading to other african to the Brief ceremony in the i sure system moves but it is governors the three other children Are 11 5 and 18 also present were Dex ters Charles Funk Dexter Dale Bowman and miss Nessie All of deca not expected to change tem balls ours bottles of wine consumed and Cham 500 pounds of Chicken cooked in 800 pounds of fillet of 300 pounds of cheese and 600 Heads of Boston late stay ing past 4 served onion soup and Mussel the traditional parisian Way of end ing an the balls honorary chair the Duchess of had been on hand at the hotel for several the Duke and Duchess maintain year if and perhaps machinery if it is of More than twelve Amish men have liens of two owe one owes and the last owes the fines were originally plus costs on each court costs increase this to it will climb More upon execution because of added each Day the Amish fail to Send their children to a certified school is a separate Lemon said Friday that it Potomac fever Friday round quarters in the Waldorf i would be about the Middle of the week before the papers i could be i peace talks prosecution of the Amish was delayed for a time when an agreement to Settle the 3 year old dispute was the talks and last blames cars for smog drowns in Home Pool Sioux Daniel son of and James drowned Here Friday in the swimming Pool at the Home of and Charles his Mother ran from her Home six blocks jumped into the water and pulled Daniel out after being notified of the Accident by her sons Jimmy the Petersons were not the water was about 4 feel according to a 4 foot ugh Fence Arrounda the Pool maybe two admirals did quit be cause they dont like the Way Mcnamara buys they say last time he even forgot to ask for his trading president castello Branco abolishes All political parties in that puts him one up on president Baines who Only abolished All but they dont fool around in Brazil when an election turns out they dont recount the votes just discount the it All started because brazilians Are crazy about american los a smog continued to cast its pall Over Southern California from the mountains to the sea the districts emergency a tub refill cited Tion committee met Friday and it blamed the condition almost wholly on Auto traffic exhaust j the Only Relief from the present air pollution Levels until the weather changes is by the Amish continued it five inside top Security for Hughes they even talk like cowboys their mistake was in j voluntary cooperation of the japanese police Are giving letting the president hear them talk about Branco Public reducing motor vehicle said Louis conscientious objectors who refuse to fight in the War on chief of the county pollution poverty plan a demonstration publicly Burn their control credit Britain finally has abolished capital punish me that shows How the National character has softened they just dont give hang any Jack a titon top Security to 10 american including Iowa Harold now touring the country Page 14 to put it in simple if we Are to realize a 50 per i four directors of Antipoverty cent reduction in present air pollution we should re Duce motor vehicle travel by per programs in Iowa organize into a group called the Iowa association of Community action directors Page 5 wire photo a Luci bars Johnson and Patrick Nugent leave Anns infant Home in Washington in after

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