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Des Moines Register Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1975, Page 1

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Des Moines Register (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, Des Moines, Iowa Iowa 45 Missouri 44 Tulsa 70 Kansas 23 Wisconsin 28 Iowa state 14 Drake 7 Oklahoma 3 Heelan 16 Bowling 6 ones the newspaper Iowa do Ponds upon Des Iowa Fri Etc Section a 50 rents in cities and fio orals by motor delivery the featherlight ram possibly changing to highs today in Low lows in mid hearing highs in 1973 mores in Lilia company i Community colleges an Iowa Empire Register reporter Arnold Larson recently completed nine weeks of looking into Iowa area Community col lege system How in How much in How Jar its where in May be Here is the first of his the Mill continue in daily and sunday by Arnold Garson All High then arid he along with every other High school Counselor in the state faced this problem an increasing number of Young people seemed ready they lacked the Abil or Money for the the skills for the if you wanted vocational training says about the Best place to go in Iowa was the boys training school at but you had to Rob a Gas station to gel and so it was that the state of in created a network of vocational but it also forced a then unusual marriage Between vocational training and the Liber troubled local Junior and it empowered the new locally governed institutions to offer a wide Range of other educational within 18 15 of these institutions were created each to serve a precise geographic portion of the the area schools started with a handful of vocational often an inherited Liberal arts program and some vacant space in a local High not for but it didst stay that Way for even the few schools that did not set up or inherit Liberal arts divisions quickly branched out far beyond Post High school vocational Afler a Little less than 10 the states Community As they Are now generally have assembled what is sometimes called an educational Empire of staggering it looks like this More than administrators and coun Selorus including James Mcneal Are on the payroll at salaries that Range up to a year plus a House for sup Selby Ballantyne of Kirkwood Community College Cedar ing and Colleg level Liberal arts they attend classes on major campuses located in 27 cities and in Iso lated buildings owned or rented in another 41 an additional students mostly veterans Are enrolled in vocational training programs in agricultural production operated in 101 that brings the total enrolment to per cent More than it was just one year the enrol ment at All other colleges and universities in the state increased by Only 4 per cent this the private colleges and of do not have the increasingly popular vocational training programs to help lure but even looking at just the Liberal arts enrolments at the Community the increase Between 197172 and 197475 was 49 per cent at pcs Moines area Community College Des Moines and 36 per cent at Iowa lakes Community College i Emmetsburg and no University or private College in the state showed that kind of enrolment growth during those two other programs these enrolment by the do not include two of the most rapidly growing phases of the Community College program adult education and vocational education for High school the adult education enrolment totalled last year a 17 cent increase Over the previous year and a five fold increase Over the 196869 the High school vocational enrolment this year totals a whopping 56 per cent increase Over last in terms of the Community colleges will spend something like million this year on sixty two per cent of that will come from the state and Federal 17 per cent from local properly 14 per from 7 per rent from nth i from the school year through the 197475 spending by the Community colleges by 57 per Cronl while enrolment increased by 18 per this the colleges will use million of their million in capital that will boost the total colleges please turn in Page 10a flee or die is mood in Lebanon by Holger Jensen Lebanon api the brutal Urban War Here has frightened Many lebanese into believing that their Only future is a Choice Between the coffin or the ceasefires in the Christian moslem civil War Are Tricas Ureil in the population is the Economy and the government seems helpless to prevent a recurrence of the fighting which has already claimed Aboul arms buildup Lebanon leaders have dropped All pretence of seek ing a coexistence their arg reflected in alarms buildup by private to s 1 e m s and palestinian amass More firepower before hostilities military analysts and gunmen of the warring factions themselves predict analysis More bloodletting until some body this View is shared by thousands of Leba Nese noncombatants crowding flights to Europe and creating traffic jams on highways Lead ing out of those who stay Are participating in a de Facto religious partition that no one professes to christians Are moving out of moslem neighbourhoods and vice creating hostile enclaves guarded by armed men who respect Only the authority of the Gwi differences thai appeared negotiable a few months ago Are now said one Veteran both Lebanon please turn to Page 9a mulling pm breakup a the Federal government is considering efforts to break up the giant general motors the worlds largest a according to a government the Federal Trade commis Ion was reported to have recommended antitrust act Iron against the giant whose sales last year totalled nearly Etc chairman Lewis Sungman declined on he saying Only that have a number of in is ligation going the Justice department reportedly has been close to ii no an antitrust suit against in 1968 but reportedly was overridden by the White Abc news reported the Etc staff says that ind of dominance is Tant amount to said which reported it had earned that both the economics and the Competition bureaus of he Etc have antitrust action against that report was confirmed by a source in the Federal government who did not wish to be a pm spokesman Savici company1 officials were uni available for comment on the probes suspect Grain firms cheated food for peace the people behind l35s Highway scars remain by Dan Miller when ceremonies an Friday to dedicate the Section of interstate Highway 35 in Wright and Franklin will dwell on he benefits be gained from closing that Gap in the Road Between Wei Liams and Mason the benefits bul the scars left by years of dispute Over its Diagonal path through some of the most valuable Farmland in Iowa Are when the Highway commis Sion chose the Diagonal path 10 years ago this Engi neers estimated construction would take five years at a Cost of by the time traffic rolling on the new Road Fri both estimates had been Towa politicians and by r e a u c r a i s argued among themselves about the Road for 10 years in three different District Federal the Iowa supreme the slate the Federal High Way the Iowa Highway and in numerous town Halls and other meeting Small towns in Northern Iowa saw As their lifeline to the future and wanted it so badly they fought among themselves for Farmers didst want the Road to Cut up their land and fought against it just As agriculture was arrayed the chamber of com great moments in Ford foreign nations seen As victims fear fraud on grades by James Kisser against government had to make the and in chose the chamber of Fann ers and the courts upheld the final condemnation the Bailie ran from until Early this year when the final land condemnation cases were in Nort Central Iowa you can hear a Hundred theories Aboul How got that Way and Why in was so hut the Story is bos told by five of the major an two a for Mer Highway commissioner and a the editor Hubert Spiegel looked Ai the map of the proposed inter state Highway system in Iowa in if Lily and was not newly detailed As editor the Mason City Spiegel was concer Iid Aboul the or upped routing of i North along the Pathol the present that preliminary decision made by the Federal him la Iii ii How two towns faced tragedy Index moving Day paying ii John Keiths new Home the Man who unveiled i he of in Andy Center and innumerable bicycle epics ill now on Page two of the Home and family hand where do you rank on the lipping greasing the on one of Aii in Nii me Loysa living Gray is one big family by Gene Haffen Sperger Misler staff writer i they say 128 people live in a Dot on tin map in Audibon county where i lie Wagon wheel is a All things to All Cople place res Coffee i Hilsabeck with her runs the recalls thai eight or 10 men were m the wheel about i last july when the Telephone in was Russell whose farm Lamity lives just Nurmi no sold pleaded Hick has his foot in an hushed to farm in such a Call is the same As hearing in from a family All the men left Hie wheel and rushed to the As did of i summoned by if band Squar men worked about i to hours to tree kick from the Auger unable to free Bun and Oil i the men used a Cut Ting Torch to through lie Leri conscious through out the ordeal and tended by a Able to Tell Ine Inin pour cold on the hoi steel so Iha Harould be Burner Don i incl on reporter Pat Corriey explores the ficr1 up fid a n world of working nights Wanlo of re Reading this Over people in monies arc getting off work what i like Loo Many Mil can Loi mini in Page if the am i Millili Ell deaths stun tiny Finchford by Jack Hovelson Register staff writer f i n c ii i1 theres an old saying that deaths or tragedies come in the citizens of Finch Ford and its adjoining Rural area Hope its if it the estimated 96 residents of this tiny unincorporated Village can breathe they feel that Treyve had their share of within a 40day free tragic occurrences have lit and stunned the Treyve left five All and another without a the Chain the Chain of events Lila Messer considered by Many to be Finchford most Active died in a Roch Hospital a rare tonn of encephalitis alter j being in a Lorna nearly two fire Rescue weeks from the the a lifelong Finchford area resident and one of its leading was caught in a Combine one he was believed dead from the leg injuries he suffered in lie mishap a mile South of Finch Ford i i Maik and his i wife both then Julie and were to death in i lie bedrooms of then farm Home less than three Miles irom Finchford in the Lucky one where i is Reed pealing and Lurther on the i til in Liming i huh Reagan runs by Glenn Roberts Iowa poll president Ford remains the Reading Choice of Iowa re even though a Strong majority would like to see Ronald Reagan Challenge Ford for the i87b Republic an presidential a recent Iowa poll shows cent of republicans favor no per cent sup i Orang Reagan and the re poll minder scattered to other or a per link former califor a should Challenge Ford for the nomination Reagan has nol officially announced hut is expected to o so soon there has been Little change Luce a june Survey when or Ord led in per cent to per cent Over Reagan the taken i was conducted before pre i d n t Ford made several changes in his Cabinet and Vic president Nelson Eteller announced he would riot seek the second on the jew ticket other Republican run Dea Moines Rei sur and Tribune company the in the Grain Export Trade now has discovered suspected illegalities in american food Aid to foreign Register has Learned the attorneys office in new Orleans and auditors from department of agriculture Sudaj International Grain firms May have reaped millions of dollars in illegal profits by s h o r to weighing and mis grading food for peace ship ments to needy of their suspicions Are con May mean thai the government paid the Grain firms for More Grain and for Bette Quality Grain than Ine firms actually shipped foreign recipients were inferior or even contaminated the worst yet because the recipients Usu ally Are grateful to receive any Grain at All either through Lions or through Low Price sales at favourable repayment terms there have been few complaints from abroad Aboul Quality or weight in food for peace shipments i the so called 480 pro but preliminary evidence gathered at new Orleans suggests that illegal practices in the food id shipments May be equal to or worse than those uncovered to Date in commercial Gram Gerald Gal Enghouse of new Orleans con firmed in a Telephone inter View fraud in the Gram Export programs of die Leder Al government is one of Chr main areas on which we now Are we Are turning up some evidence he he is ins Hope that no a Iii Ilir to go Back five years in checking on food for including a com Parison to Anous inspection Agency and which would show discrepancies Between whal Aid they and whal they actually now in months since in Gram scandal first came in it Attr aft Gram Trade the an in Lai i1 ill Lead and i ured continue to pick up crumbs Iro it the Ernnt ners Uoc Ketelle a per support Loi senator Aid liar Frivol and Kim Holkd each per among potently Hdward kids with 34 i i Usiri Hump Ruev i

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