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Des Moines Register Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Des Moines Register (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Des Moines, Iowa Iowa i pikes upon fits mar Eft 12 Price 4te cities towns motor delivery a weather of Rafo Potfay High neat 65 Fow co oct St Tise details of two sets of Gem needed bag dub Little Choice for localities by Michael Sorkin bes maims full str and try Tum Camm Ftp the Ray administration has decided that Iowa police chiefs and sheriffs should buy another million Worth of police and local governments wont have much the administration has Maneu Vered them into a position where probably have to buy new radios even if there satisfied with the ones they now heres what is happening throughout the last few local with financial Aid from the Iowa crime bought More than million in new communications sheriffs and police chiefs wanted the equipment so they could talk to other local then the Iowa Highway patrol decided it needed a new radio system of its that now being operates on h i g hand radio frequencies most local police Are on Lowland the move upset local lawmen because they want to talk with state two sets to pacify local offi the legislature passed a Law last year requiring the Highway patrol to keep its aging Lowland gear in oper now the patrol has two sets of radios one to talk with other Highway patrol men and a second to talk with local but theres not All of the local police use Lowland gear some use High to make sure All county sheriffs did City police can talk to each the state now has decided local Law men should buy Highland gear in addition to their present Lowland that Way everybody will have both Highland Lowland radios and nobody will be in danger of not being Able to communicate with everyone the reasoning devising a plan to accomplish this Cost its called the state of Iowa Tele communications plan for Law enforcement new Mobile radios under the virtually All police vehicles in the state will need new to bile that Means some will end up with two about 30 Highway patrol cars currently Are equipped with Many of the 550 local police agencies in Iowa will need a new base station radio the Iowa crime commis state Public safety state department of general services and its division of communications All have endorsed the each Agency is headed by an appointee of Robert Ray and the appointees serve at rays a spokes Man for the governor says that As far As he knows has no major objections to i the which he has been regularly briefed when state officials discuss their they usually begin by emphasizing that it is completely if a local government Doest want to do then nobody can mate says Crane Sion director chief promoter 8f the state you sure a them Eckhous of handicapped by Denise Caringer Jackie is 33 and mentally Shes been shuffled around most of her life and now Shes about to move i dont want to go Back where 1 came she everybody Dies some Way and Are set apart from the mainstream of if being set apart int bad what makes it worse is that these persons too often Are warehoused in rundown where they have Littfe to to but Bike Trail plans in announced Joseph Brocket Ding but the brackets Are Selling the Home locked up they cant afford to Beeput Jackie is one of of castoffs in there alive but Little there mentally retarded or physically handicapped or and Treyve been shunted off to society Back out of out of robbed of privacy Louellen also has known More than her share of hous ing born with no arms or she has lived in nursing custodial Pri vate Homes and county Homes for More than 30 she resents being robbed of my privacy and says that for the first time in her she now has one Small room to herself in Foster Home where she Louellen and Jackie Are two of thousands of Lowans who grow up to know loneliness and because they Are disabled could lock someone ii inthe Taj mahal for just a and they hate said Mary chair Man of the fair housing for the handicapped organization but we think nothing of Locking up the disabled not for a not a but for their and we lock them up in some of the worst conditions you can they spend their lives in one or two looking out of a or listening to a radio if they even have she their families often Are too poor to or they just forget about and not Ever bother to take them and whats worse is that too often the adults with Only men retarded and the men tally ill Are All thrown Ogeth he using please turn Page assails a state secret elite Nixon Kissinger weds election Nancy Maginnes criticises not president the big headline Amer q state officials turn to a top four for Many year the Register has wed a Bald co Luisa headline across the top of fris front Page of this sunday Section this began Many years ago when newspapers sold m Street or Newsstands and Large headlines helped attract attention from people hurry tog this reason for huge headlines no longer the Sun Day adopted a policy of using an 8 column headline Only on Days when there is news of sufficient interest to i Wiy i this policy will provide Mare flesh bitty in the disc Fey of the news and permit More Ratoul evaluation or mews readers to have teen Meeus Janie to seeing the hold headline every Smilay for Many years May be Star Tieck at first by the different took of this hut if the reason for ius we believe the change will be regarded As an editors plans for a Trail along the Raccoon River past Grays Lake into Down town Des Moines were announced Here saturday by Bill Des Moines Tele personality presi a dint of the Folk the new which i Leys annual Bike Marathon this year will help raise funds will incorporate the cites first Bike Trail out of Green woo Ashworth continue into waterworks Park and under Fleur to Grays Riley from there it would run along existing levees on the South Side of the Raccoon Cross the River on a special addition to a Railroad and continue Over fur ther River levees to near the Myca at second Avenue and v by crossing the Locust Street Bridge Over the Des Moines a bicyclist could then connect with the East Des Moines River Bike r Way which is to extend four Miles to Mchenry construction to begin Riley said construction of that Bike Way is to begin within a Money for it was raised in last i years Bike Marathon plans for the new Raccoon Grays Lake Bike Way were formulated by the Des Moines plan and boning commission staff and still must receive approval from the City Board and the City Riley said of the estimated the cites share would be if the qualifies for Federal Matching funds As it has ill the pgs4 Riley that will the Oft the Marathon this year will be held on june he pledge Sleets jul Saon be available in the cites schools and bicycle he said former Elliot fetch Cadson said president Nix on was guilty of a serious strategy Blunder for not co operating More fully with special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworksi Page by James Flansburg of Trauter staff writer vice president Gerald Ford put some political Daylight be tween himself and president Nixon Here saturday with a Savage attack on the 1972 Nixon reelection but in a press conference following his speech at the Midwest Republican leadership Ford emphasized his hard words were aimed at the committee to reelect the president and not at democrats and some writers have used the Arco nym creep in referring to the committee and Ford astounded the delegates to the conference by using it unit officials f dont think should interpret what i said about creep As critical of the Ford told the press i was talking about the people who ran what about the people who ran the runners was the next but Ford chose to ignore Ford is not ordinarily an electrifying but with one he roused a drowsy breakfast audience at the Hyatt Regency Ohare to 90 seconds of applause and the political lesson of watergate is he said never again must Ameri cans allow an elite guard of political adolescents like creep to bypass the regular party organizations and dictate the terms of a National Iowa delegation Iowa has a delegation of 55 at the and the v i c presidents remarks seemed to meet unanimous approval he came Down hard in an area he should said Iowa state Republican chair Jan John we could have told him that two years said Roger Pease of third congressional District Republican its what weve but Haven been making it he Ford has repeatedly denied that he has presidential Aspi rations and the course he charted saturday could pre clude any possibility because f even a severely questioned Nixon would still have Ade quate Power to strike Down a Iowa Robert Ray was asked if he thinks Nixon will be offended by Fords id ont really think he should replied 1 dont think the president would deny that this has not been a real rebuilding Effort looking is the theme of the conference and Over the past two con Ference organizers have be come increasingly Frank about its purpose to rebuild the party after the debacle of virtually every speaker pursued the same theme As although former new York gov Nelson Rockefell lers words carried Little sting As if he were seeking Nixon watergate is a tragedy and i deplore it As much As anyone said Rockefeller in a luncheon but Dis honesty is a tragedy and lets 57 m Iowa say Asim is not real Henry Kissinger and hide Nancy Maginnes Ardven at j a Secretary of state Henry who cultivated a swinger reputation by dating was married saturday in a civil ceremony to Nancy a tall blonde foreign policy researcher and his most constant female the marriage evidently had been tentatively set and called off several times since last the Francis told a reporter that he finally got a Telephone Call at 4 Friday and was told it looks like a Green an hour before but it was not until an hour before the wedding that he was told the couple he was to marry in his Law office were Kissinger and miss but i had surmised he Kissinger spent the morning at the state department conferring with Moshe the israeli defense he had said he was going to Acapulco on vacation saturday afternoon but made no mention of the when a reporter asked him saturday if he were seeing anyone before taking Kissinger simply smiled As the elevator door closed in front of secrecy has been Kissinger diplomatic just a quip when a reporter asked him on the flight Home from Moscow if he was getting married this weekend Kissinger grinned and said gave the same response when the question was put to him on a flight Home from the Middle last the 12 newsmen would not be put off with a growing promised solemnly that he would Sec to it that they had four or five hours Advance there was judge in a Telephone said he was first called last december by Carlyle state department Counselor and a close Kissinger and told he would be marrying an important tentative dates then id get these Calls with tentative dates and then a Call later that it was being he Ive had several tentative Thomas said the wedding certificate was delivered to him saturday morning by Allen an that when i knew for sure it was Secretary Kissinger but i had assumed it Long the judge the ceremony was performed at about and Kissinger and his left directly afterwards for National Airport where they boarded a private air plane for a 10day honeymoon in rented House in the first vacation the globetrotting Kissinger has taken in a eight years ago miss met about eight years ago when they were both working for former Nelson Rockefeller of new she currently supervises International studies with Rockefeller commission on critical Kissinger appeared to be in a buoyant mood when he concluded his discussion with Dayan about he told reporters he expects to be Able to work Oina separation of israeli and syrian forces in the Golan after seeing Dayan to the door and taking the elevator to his seventh floor Kissinger gave a luncheon attended by the wedding party and seven other he then slipped across the Potomac River with miss Maginnes and they were married in Thomass five relatives and friends As Well As Kissinger two and were Kissinger is a jew and his wife an his first marriage ended in a it is miss Maginnes first marriage License was signed shortly before the wedding by Arlington county clerk Joseph after he checked the blood test reports and other necessary it was the first License he has Gwaltney took office limit favored by 68 this article was Tritten by fhe registers to hard Smer based on the Lorn Glenn nearly six out of 10 towans 57 per cent feel the gasoline shortage int calling it a a and and according to an Iowa poll on the Energy crisis taken late in 68 per cent of Lowans approve of the 55mileperhour Speed limit on most Cit ing fewer accidents since the limit was it keeps these idiots from going omit and killing them commented a 50 year old Cedar rapids despite a recent decision by the Arab Oil producing nations to end the Oil most Lowans remain cynical about the Only 10 per cent the return to Normal ship ments of Oil from the Mideast will end most Al though 53 per cent think some shortages will be Al Twenty seven per cent predicted Little or no in the majority of Lowans expects gasoline prices to keep on seventy two per cent expect prices for regular Gas to be higher than 50 cents a gallon in the next three and nearly half 46 per cent expect 60 cents and fifteen per cent of those surveyed said prices of 70 and 80 cents would not Surprise but rising Gas prices apparently dont scare who perhaps Are numbed by the soaring inflation in All parts of the asked whether they shop around for the lowest Gas 63 per cent said thirty per cent said they 44 per cent did say that the higher prices have curtailed the amount of driving they fort nine per cent said there was no Many Lowans expressed doubts there even is a Gas contrived or it is the hoax there Ever and we Are please turn to Page three Index the new Cyclone hybrids Fleeta Brownell our Garden has a column this week on Page 1 of the Home and family Section which really is a news Story about the new Cyclone hybrids which from new Guinea via the Iowa state University Campus gop please turn to Page sit i adult crossword before you buy c briefly business Industry c classified b Gallup poll b Market c open g radio Stamps 9 Heaters 6 rewerts b visual b record Chase ends after Auto hits House a car crashed into the Carl Hickle Home at 2424 Union saturday ending a High Speed police police said the car was travelling in excess of 80 Miles an hour on Bell the Driver attempted to turn onto South Union but lost control of the heading up an embankment and striking the Hickle officers estimate damage to Home at no residents of the Home were the Driver was taken to Broa lawns Polk county hos Pital where he was treated and patrolman Ronald fasten who participated in the said the Driver passed his police car heading North on Indianola Road Foster turned around and pursued the car with both reaching speeds of More than Miles per police issued the Driver Nice tickets ranging from improper passing to fraudulent use of an operators positive identification not immediately

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