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Des Moines Register Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 1

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Des Moines Register (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Des Moines, Iowa Section a weather fair rain tonight and highs today tows the newspaper Iowa depends won dts March 13 Price 40c cities towns 45e motor delivery o company new Hearst Kidnap Den an suburb asks quota on negroes proposed Law being debated by Judith Frutig of Chiwun new when Village attorney Arthur Thorpe moved to Oak in he found Lush tree topped Comfort Able Good schools and the tradition of an Allwhite the Only 10 Miles from the Center of bristled with history and Frank Lloyd Wright de signed 24 spectacular houses there Edgar Rice Burroughs created Tarzan in the White stucco House at 414 Augusta and n e s t who attended the local High Oak Park a of wide lawns and narrow but the Village sits at the Center of a potentially explosive social at its you Mew am m your shoes Watsa Good Swall credit Check Book Nance that if passed would set a 30 per cent quota on the number of Black persons who May live crucial question As Thorpe puts it the ordinance raises one of the nations most crucial questions of social policy is it permissible for a suburb with an outstanding human relations record that i threatened with desegregation to discriminate on behalf of the cause of integration the goal of the ordinance is said to be to preserve the vitality and pre vent White the deeper suburbs looping Chi and to allow integration an Opportunity to As in Many of the older established communities that Border Large Oak Park is struggling to sort out the problems of accepting Black families without touch i n g off the panic that prompts White residents to slap up for Sale its reaction has come in response to a modest Black buildup in the Southeast Cor Ner of the Community abut Ting Chicago where a few Black families 3 per cent of the Village population of have already moved percentage basis As a conservative and Liberal residents alike have Welcome Black but on a percentage to do this the villages quota please turn to Page two 3 Congress units curb profit on Oil urge tax Price Rollback by Petter m1lius War Finston Post the Oil Industry is making so much Money the government ought to Roll Back its prices and raise its taxes at the same three joint House Senate subcommittees said a combined Price Rollback and tax increase would still leave the Industry All the Means and inducement it needs to explore for new the subcommittees they also called for Gaso line rationing if supplies stay Hal Ruvy As the Patricia complains of Fri activity the perpetual mugging warning on land resale service fees demos face big Issue in endorsement Resslar Ina Tribune company officials Are warning Lowans who bought land in o u to is tale developments about a growing number of Legal Advance fee rackets now being worked in Cecil director of the Iowa real estate commis says his office is being flooded by questions and complaints about such which he Calls be Gal they involve Oslo state companies that Bill them selves property resale the companies Are a from the Many sight unseen land sales made Here in recent Many Lowans have bought land in faraway places with out looking at it first Only to disco ver that their Little Patch of Paradise really is a hunk of windswept desert or Galvin som of these same people Are being contacted by property re Sale which offer to help unload the land on army wont take Young lawbreakers by Chuck Offenburger Young men who run afoul Al the Law or school authorities no longer can paying for their misdeeds by enlisting in a military serv the military wont take a Pes Jojnes army Recruiter in spite of new enlist ment regulations designed to keep the services from be coming a repository for bad the services still ten Are badgered by civil and authorities to take fenders a in Point involves two joking Lowans who Are charged with assault and Bat Ron of Brad and Jonnie of Rural were charged after the 7 beating of a Gil Raore com someone else if the present owner pays a fee of to year state officials he c a m e aware that Many Lowans had purchased sight unseen land when buyers be Gan complaining of unkept promises made by itinerant land most of this activity was outlawed by Tough land sales legislation passed by the legislature last but Galvin says the resale services being offered now Are perfectly be Gal the twists he and Douglas Carlson of the consumer Protection i of the Iowa attorney generals office say the re Sale service takes several Dif Ferent but most com Mon is this one landowners Are contacted and told that the resale serv ice has up foreign investors interested in buying real for the to fee paid in the pitch the owners land can be listed for resale to overseas they just put your name on a Little circular they have and that Cal Vin its perfectly Legal and theres nothing we can do about another Calvi nand Carlson is one in the resale service not Only offers to list the land but also you on an Advance fee by James Flansburg the 1974 political season formally starts monday As the states democrats con duct their caucuses in precincts across much of the focus in the caucuses will be on the con test for the party Nomi nation for and in the second and third con Gressional districts on the crowded races for the party no m i no Iii n for the House of but the neighbourhood meet Ings also will be electing delegates who will be called upon to decide policies that vill govern the party for years to probably the most controversial is a proposal to permit the party organization to endorse candidates in primary elections and to use party machinery in their be j the caucuses elect Dele Gates to the county con in elect delegates to the District and stale and the state Central committee has unanimously voted to ask the state convention to adopt the endorse ment 3 reasons slate chairman Tom Whit Ney said the Central com Mittee wants endorsement for have been in the last few months and urged that major Oil companies be required to sell their pipelines to prevent their shutting Independent companies they said president Nixon should request the United nations to serve notice on the Arab Oil producers that their embargo violates a 1970 Resolution limiting the use of economic and political presidential veto Congress has been consid ering both a Price Rollback and an Oil tax increase As ways of keeping the Industry from realizing excessive prof its from the Oil but vetoes an Energy emergency Bill last week because it contained a Price Rollback and the Senate sustained the most members of have talked in terms of rolling Back Oil prices or raising Oil taxes not Congress has already indicated a willingness to empower the president to ration a step he has said he does not want to rationing authority was part of the Bill Nixon the policy appraisal Satur Day was issued by three sub committees that comprise most of the membership of the joint economic com some dissent i a the terrorist Kidnap ers of Patricia Hearst broke a 17day silence saturday with a 30minute taped Mes Sage charging the Fri was setting her up for miss who has been held hostage by the sym ionese liberation army Sla since also spoke for about 10 the Fri declined immedi ate comment on the authenticity of the but the Hearst family said the voice was a credit card belonging to miss Hearst accompanied the the fascist state and the Fri have attempted to manipulate Public opinion con c e r n i n g Patricia hearts safety and eventual while at the same time creat ing conditions that it knows i will Force her i said an unidentified woman j who spoke during More than j half the she said the police state wants Patricia Hearst killed i so the Middle class will rally j around president Nixon j t about 10 minutes and a j pealed to her land Randolph to cease cooperating with the Fri in the i really want to get out of i ask you not to Aid the she editor and presi Dent of the san Francisco issued a Brief statement at his Home Here after hearing the tape we were glad to hear her voice and to know that Pat Tys but Well have to study it before we make any we need the tape was received by san Francisco radio station the Quality was de scribed by listeners As extremely some portions were virtually Tom general manager of said a woman telephoned the station with word that the Sla com Munique was in a restroom of a downtown a station representative picked up the he was de tax Relief for elderly backfires some find they must pay More by Denise car1ngkr voted to bitter criticism of the food distribution program demanded by earlier Sla communiques and set up by More than persons Hearst please turn to Page six Tribune company when Edna Hamm went downtown to put in a claim for Iowa new property tax Relief program last week she Learned that she and her husband will be pay ing More of their tax Bill themselves than they have in the Hamm and her Hus of 1055 Harding Are two of thousands of Lowans who Are eligible to file for an Iowa disabled and senior citizens property tax and Relief claim because they Are disabled of Over 65 and have a household income of loss than Culver stance is cause of conflict a but being eligible for and receiving a tax reimburse ment do not necessarily go hand in each Case by Clark Mollenhoff Ami George Anthan of the registers Washington Bureau representative John making a determined bid for a seat in the United states has a s 1 i get prob what he views As his news analysis some members dissented from some of the recommend saying they do not think Congress knows enough about the Industry to set any study about the As an in said Oil companies1 ail Eftax profits May go As High most important work in the House brings him into Sharp conflict with his most import t a n t special interest constituency organized labor and nearly every other special interest As Hes bulldozing ahead with his plan a fact that May say several things about politics in for one democratic congressmen May be feeling extremely optimistic the Wake of Republican troubles Over it illustrates that John who was once t h o u i h t of As almost a political diet has evolved into a hardworking politician who save he cares very much Neil who suffered cuts on the a neck sprain and a slight con sledding party the incident occurred Dur ing a Church sponsored sled Ding party near with Hoff seher As a Chap Hoelscher missed Sis Days of Puring a preliminary hear ing in magistrates court late in the Hoys attorney Maurice Breen of fort requested a con because the boys of turn to ten i they is land inform Matron services companies j that say they will provide out stale owners with Tiei tailed news on real estate Dej v e 1 o p m e n t s in the state j where the land is they normally request an Adi Vance fee of less than officials in Florida j officials in where Many of these services Are notices to several Stales in clouding Iowa warning that As Many As 15 resale service companies Are under in land please turn it Juge leu will strengthen the j party Force to be More responsive to the party and give the democrats who work for the party a better Chance to express their opinions on under the proposal to go before the state a candidate either at the county congressional state legislative level statewide winning endorsement of the appropriate convention by a fid per cent vote will be entitled to the support of the official machinery and resources of the democrats please to Page the 41yearold educated lawyer is trying to Pei slide the House to adopt this year a revolutionary restructuring of its com it is by far the most comprehensive Effort in More than 25 years to re form displeased with ideas Ald he Points with some Pride to the fact that special interests such labor Lead at the same it pro civil service posed wiping us Boih the do educators and the Tennessee As or twice 1973 while planned in vestment is Only about Siu arguing that rising fuel prices Are More than Many families can the study proposed rollbacks that it said would save Consumers and Cost the companies about billion a Industry disagrees Democrat says that after 10 years in the House he has concluded that initiating the Reform of the com Mittee Structure is not Only the most important thing he has done but also the most important thing he could do for the future of the archaic machinery it was not Long after he started his first term he was elected in the democratic sweep of 1964 that Cul ver concluded that most True Public interest Legisla Tion is stifled by the archaic legislative machinery in the p seniority rules and Petty jealousies and the generally incestuous relationships thai have developed Between the regular committee staff and the executive Branch agencies were Cul ver while organized labor generally favors the Long Over due restructuring of the i procedures and composition i of the House the aflc10 executive coun Oil on 25 was critical of Harvard the House select committee j on committees and its pre Lam i n a r y which sprang from Culver in the report leaves completely up in the air com position of both Newan Dudl it further destroys some old relationships b e t w e e n established committees and legislative functions vital to our member said the hinting that cherished lobby ing contacts could go Down j this int a better Deal for chief Deputy City assessor Herman admitted last there Are people who will be paying More taxes now than but each Case is so its impossible to estimate How Many were talking the program was designed to ease the Burden on persons hit by property taxes the elderly and disabled who mostly Are on fixed in b u t homeowners among that group who can least afford to pay their5 property taxes the ones with the lowest incomes and the least valuable property Arete ones upon whom the new sys tem has Hamm believes Many elder y homeowners have been Given false Hope of re get so she everything its hard to keep things going and to under stand these 1 dont see Why they have left Well enough Hornan said the new pro Gram does away with the double Homestead which until this year had been available to persons 65 and older who owned or were buying their and who had a household income of less than a lowered tax h e double Homestead credit knocked the property owners tax in some Formati sex a Deuly please turn to Page five How much is a living wage Plekhm allowance and the fast tax Friteof soil producers Are allowed on drilling Steps it said would raise Oil taxes by about billion a the study said that even if both tax Reform and Price rollbacks were made effective for the entire Industry Cash for 1974 would Likely remain substantially above inflated 1973 the Industry has How that it needs All the extra Money higher prices i Are producing if h is to in i crease production enough to i keep up with projected do Mand Valley authority Are Dis pleased with the sweeping changes he he Fig ures there must be some Merit to a plan that draws opposition from so Many diverse the reaction cannot be characterized by conservative or Liberal culm1 most groups of whatever persuasion Lead to like the supposed safety of things As they Are the accommodations they have made and the investment they have made in particular com j mittens and the Liberal Cedar rapids some risks while they May be Only limited risk for a eral in his opposition to big business or to Small business there Are some political and financial risks in any dispute with which has made substantial contributions to his campaigns for the House and which has the larg est single contribution to his run for the democratic Nomi nation As this is the second time Cul ver has seriously planned to run for the he was Culver please turn to Page Twe a Gallup poll in 1967 reported most americans a i week was needed to support a family of to find out what Yeats tap 18 us opinion the which opens in Iowa this is reviewed by Joan Bunke of Pur staff on Page 5 of the opinion adult crossword before you c briefly 2a Industry c classified Section g Gallup poll 8 gardens 8 Iowa Section Market c books b radio Stamps 8 b resorts i visual adv a tic b i Days record

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