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Des Moines Register Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 1

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Des Moines Register, The (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Des Moines, Iowa Where to find it the weather occasional showers or thunderstorms tonight and High today Low tonight near Sunrise Sunset the newspaper Iowa depends upon Des saturday june sections Price 10 cents Bandit robs kills Iowa legislature finally Calls it quits see another spacecraft flight Breaks endurance record 65 session costliest in history magic Box bilks 2 out of victims shot in the Back in Nebraska another employee is serious new York i a new a Well dressed Bank Rob Virginia businessmen returned her shot four employees of a most tax boosts Nome Friday after a Trp to Western Nebraska country Bank leased wire to the Register gemini 4 command Pilot James Mcdivitt spotted and photographed a satellite Friday As he and Edward White ii set a United states record for Long flights in the gemini spacecraft was tumbling and rolling gently Over Zanzibar in so called Drifting and Mcdivitt could not keep his space companion in sight Long enough to identify it he said it appeared to have some big arms sticking out of there Are 136 satellites and 22 of the soviet Union in orbit official sources there also Are More than 450 other pieces of satellites and rockets floating in space record the space Agency said it might turn out to be the Pegasus sent aloft to Sample the tiny meteorite population around the the gemini 4 flight sur at the 34 hours and 20 minutes spent in space by Gordon May hours before the record breaking Mcdivitt and White had been Given the Green Light to go for 33 their ultimate goal is to Complete 62 orbits and drop Back to Earthon poverty program doesn1 Wek Lowa monday after 97 hours and 50have enough financial resources Inis Weck to near Waron monday Auer i an the poverty thei minutes in in la More Man Strain Meir i russian cosmonaut Valorys surface of poverty in Iowa Bykovsky set the world record j Rural delegates to the two years ago 119 81governors conference on the aside from the diversion provided by the satellite and a talk by radio with their of the National Catholic Rural life said since the 30s by Allan Hoschar and George Mills the most costly and the Sec on longest legislature in the history of Iowa ended night after getting orders to quit from Harold the Only completely demo1 critically controlled general Assembly since 1935 completed its work on the 145th Day of a session that opened Only the special session of 1923 Brooklyn they told the in the backs then they lost to walked to a late Model Confidence men in a Fli Flam circled the Block and headed involving a mysterious Money out of making machine and two count three on the Farmers state Bank including the elderly Bank were the fourth seriously the Raymond Maz of and Bernard an employee of Mazzei Sheet Metal com told the police they had brought in Cash thursday to a they two men there were no customers in the Bank at the but on his Way to his the six foot Bank robber bumped into a who looked inside the Bank and then cried for gives account 1924 which ran 155 was had a marvelous Black c Robert any longer than the 1965 legis which could take a Bill of said the Man denomination with related Stop clocks addition of special paper from Nat the Crew Cut about the mint and an extra j entered the Bank around wire photo a australian infantrymen assume defensive positions during a training Alert at Bien Hoa air base at than in cities because the people Are More scattered and discreet use symptoms of poverty dont show aussies fight in Viet Nam in South Viet Nam a battalion of australian soldiers is now serving in Viet predicts troops will enter Viet fighting soon clocks were stopped in the legislative Chambers at the Senate actually ended its session at the at it will be several before the of the session Are out of the the final gavels will fall next thursday Vruth Only a handful of legislators most of the members were packed Friday special origin produce a perfect copy and ready to go he ordered the four Bank workers to lie Down on a Brown and White faces to the then he rifled the Cash draw How the Confidence men first getting about and met their Marks was not i walked a hurriedly into the j j As a Blick got in touch faced with record needs Forwith two men one named funds and an Al time High final j Collins and one named Joe state budget of million a the 1965 legislators voted of the original Complete in every detail except the serial number which would be Dif but it was known that stories of i a moneymaking machine the Safe inside the vault was circulated through Hopewell re by Jack Langguth c new York times news service by de Heins the Federal governments War challenges delegates he challenged the Dele Gates by saying Saigon South Viet senior american officer reviewing setbacks suffered in the last week by South vietnamese Edwin a Gunnell govern rent predicted Friday that United states combat Susor named earlier troops would enter the head Iowa s War on namese War this Solit California cataloguing the Means avail1 Able to the government to halt voted of Senate communist o f f e n s i be s the Sacramento Dwight Saunders of d constitutional it v cited statistics strikes helicopter lifts of to s lit California troops and the r More tax increases than any session since the Here Are the state tax increases voted by this session from 5 cents to 8 cents a package from 6 to 7 cents a gallon from 3 two demonstrations the gunman returned to the four lying on the floor and be Gan Franklin said Andreas Kjeld president of tie since one peculiarity was the two others of the machine was that it Spain were Glenn i Quantity of liquor before be income a new 2 per cent tax i8inning the when the could use a Bill Only the 59i the and Lois two Virginia men were told to Ann bring a Large Quantity of Echt Casi rom a Money to be Ber gun were found in the Bank when the four men met sheriff Floyd Stahr said the bul they consumed a on rental of hotel and Motel rooms a boost in the Cost of a Drivers License from to every two years and higher inheritance in the legislature Black Box was plugged a fuse the men said the process would work by heat alone and proposed they put the Money in the before this could be a com map locates big Springs it was a routine Day of sleep and experimenting for he gemini the Chat with their elimination of poverty in came during the seventeenth Iowa than for Farmers to get orbit As the gemini 4 capsule fair prices for their streaked unseen across the Vei airy Uleu up Nrec l that the bulk of Iowa us forces in states an outgrowth of voted to Start collection of the door was exists in those Lyl Nelm the reapportionment state income tax through with kicked in by two men who said predominately passed the Senate holding after next Jan l the they were secret service agents lets apparently were fired from Rural the richest Lime will come the measure moved to the income tax measure provided Iwho had come to arrest Joe and an automatic pisto1 counties in the state generally the time wil1 come when where i is almost for no forgiveness thus Collins whom Thev described Franklin nothing could do so Are those with the largest Thev wil1 play their role he certain to be if the iowans receiving wages and As two Nephew of the Bank presi amendment should Clear the salaries win Nave state income the offered to give was shot in the it was the most explicit Public lower it would have to be axes deducted from Virginia men a How neck and statement on the planned use of approved by voters in paychecks next year and Ever and sad was a Ca senses trouble Norl to viol thairl Kay California it was the first time an american astronaut has talked with anyone other than official being Good Are you being Good Patricia Mcdivitt i dont have much about All i can do is look out the laughed the command father who is a special poverty urged Farmers to use the new Federal legislation Only As a supplement to current self help programs now in opera he urged continued sup port of organizations working to improve the Farmers eco nomic pay the regular on Page eight although the Southern with a military commanders have co population of million the Naif and second half firmed this a Mission spokesman also thunderstorms reports from Wash better take drench Iowa showers and roamed across Iowa drenching several areas with heavy Rains of an Inch or under generally Cloudy were mostly in which Fly with a of 1 nautical Miles at 475 their suspicious the first to sense trouble was Paul who said he saw in ton that Cei Ved six Hanoi had il28 Light re Jet third largest in the nation instalments in 1966 on would consist of los i Romp a p san and san Diego and watch when Oroon d k fast said he was going to get a b v i and Imperial the Northern state income tax has been i levied one year and collected l Lowans will would contain would the Threeman Beagle jetsil0 51 counties legislature Mazzei returned with a patrol they found Blick outside Green two door Chevrolet and Speed North toward High Way about that time the Houston control Center continued on Page seven several speakers at the one the 70s ranging from 68 at Day which Drew Waterloo to 78 at Davenport and were first unveiled at a Sovie be a Good More than delegates to Council the High in Des Mav Dav air show in she hotel fort Des said Moines was while noting that the be then Patricia White Iowa Battle to identify and Atlantic reported Inch stepped up to the console in the solve poverty problems will be rain j Lllan Llose of hit Wal i mirth other More Urban rainfall reports the North Jack Deputy inches Rock no russians Tor of the office of economic inches Hathe american con Opportunity in Wash n g t o ducting the missions monthly said poverty problems in Des press said the Rural areas Are harder to get Mason comprise seventh largest in the continued on Page seven leaning against a car and the four men and the 000 were bombers had not yet been the spokesman declined to speculate on 1t1tary significance to Johnson negroes falling further must be Given real rights inside the Register by Charles Bailey tit the registers Washington Bureau Otto a bumped into the As he walked from the Street to his he said the gunman gave a Brief Mauser said he stepped inside the saw the employees lying on the floor and then ran outside to Call for but Collison was already phoning the state a although big Springs is ignore plea for needy Potomac fever president Johnsons it was mean of Mcdivitt to make Dij de White come Back inside the capsule so just because receive giving preference Ini he forgot to shut the door when he stepped Federal summer jobs to needy i youths is ignored by White White didst have much fun out there none of the House aides and Post office other kids seemed to want to come out and officials 2 the Senate Wauls to make Sarge Shriver give up one of his two Hes got to choose peace or Are the but there Are differences president asserting that obstinate of Only 500 population the had uncovered no credible Evi despite great advances of recent years negroes remain another painful roots into the comm Bank listed deposits of Dence that either russian or nation inside the United called Friday for massive the family and the nature000 and was considered one of chinese advisers were serving new efforts to translate Legisla of the the largest in the with the Viet live and judicial Progress in he added but for the difference is not the wide two Locklon main asked about regular units of civil into True racial the great majority of negro but is simply and quickly filled with towns the Peoples army of North Viet americans the the the consequence of after the Nam fighting in the he in an urgently worded address the uprooted and disc Jent past injustice one of the Vic observed that a captured the graduation ceremonies of is a Grimmer present was widowed Only two showed that All but two soldiers Howard a negro they still Are another other minority groups in the institution the president despite the court orders y 3 have been Able to emerge Viet Nam months ago and leaves two six and Hendrickson announced that he will Call a and the the victories and from the negro had a employed in continue a on t age four White in Ollie conference for them the Walls Are cannot do it for they a Bank at nearby next fall to grapple with what rising and the Gulf is did not have the heritage of he called the next and More the president went on to note centuries to vice president Humphrey rejects the notion that the Kennedy Brothers Are at tempting to split the demo cratic party and take Over leadership of one Wing Page s missionary tells of Public beheading by rebels in the Congo Page 2 the cubans put Abe lincolns picture on a postage they he Wax a but anybody with a Beard like that be All hard Luck group of the month the students whose schoolhouse Sank into the ground the Day before sum Mer vacation Jack Wilson ninth Bridge is closed today the ninth Street Bridge will be closed today from 9 to about 6 for welding work to reinforce joints in the traffic will be detoured Over the seventh Street City traffic Engineer Herman Batts profound stage of the Battle for widening gaps Between negro and White unemployment be tween of negro in the must important civil rights state whue teenagers Between meat Ever made by a presi sci10 and White income be Dent without the Spur of racial to vein the number of Neiro t warned that despite their falling further Aud further behind their White fellow kids fish Day is this morning kids fish sponsored s living in negro poverty negro he is not White Many of its they did not have a Cul tradition which had been twisted Aud battered by endless years of hatred and year by the pres Moines nor were they j Walton will be excluded because of face or from to noting the Progress of Many causes and Many of its cures feeling whose dark intensity is matched by to Johnson continued on Page eight today at Ponds stocked with bullheads for the youngsters in six Parks Ewing and water

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