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Des Moines Register Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Des Moines Register (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Des Moines, Iowa R 1 Tombstone rubbing unusual pastime Huff left and family action drought hurts Southwest Iowa the weather sunny and pleasantly to wild to Day highs fair and Cool to night Low monday partly Cloudy and rain chances near Zero today and to Sunrise Sunset detailed weather Page Price 26c Why Lowans lib camping Village Banks on Way out Page one third news Section Uttmi if Dei at Attr to buns company depends upon Des sunday sections general news Section us Fumk i Lizur submarine Gap i expect More raids on full Alert for our 7 air bases South Vietnam a officials expect attacks on the seven american base sin thai land following fridays raid of the adorn air informants said saturday the attack on the adorn base been expected for they added that the thai guerrillas undoubtedly got their orders Irum these were not local Hill Billies operating on their own said one senior weve been waiting a Long time for the shoe to about 20 guerrillas furling battled offenders for piously damaging two killing a thai guard and wound ing two guerrillas and two were red cd incise automatic assault rifles and russian made grenades were found after the at the adorn air base Satur the americans were pre paring for More for the first time in the his Thailand please turn to Page six being taken now have to see this Wint Mcguern girl in drug arrest rapid 19yearold girl identified by rapid City police As the Daugh Ter of senator George Mcgovern was arrested Here Friday night a charge j of Possession of police said Teresa Jane was taken into custody in a Motel youth identified As Barry of Silver they were released on Bond county and state Law enforcement had obtained a searched finding a number of bottles and hand rolled Cigar police declined to say what narcotic was in senator As Vori Teson candidate for the democratic presidential is a key figure in an Effort organized by California party Leader Jesse Unruh to Block Vic president Hubert Humphreys nomination As pres Kansas pikes Peak soviet troop Maneu vers i czech crisis a mounting War of nerves shines off Citty special dispatch to v Phi of t in National the adva Scemeni of coloured saturday Callied anti Post arty a pit o n Contr Nissin Caa to investigate Ges of mistreatment of for tha ber p tristal director Loujis at Camp Del Vage told a con fers Nee that the has obtained the signatures of 19 Board members calling a special he said Only on third of the Mem Are required to Ages demand for an in campers please turn to Page six Potomac briefing was a had hoped so he could ship the anarchists bad wallaces foreign affairs find out where anarchy is the Post office will wait a the Way May deliveries it tasks a while for postmasters to get their v Romney says nobody is enthusiastic about Nixon or and when George talks Al out Lack of Eathus ism for a candidate he Speaks As an Reagan believes a candidate with views like his he her Tazioly wishes he could find fever or by Anthony Howard London observer can Mccarthy win even two or three was considered kind question Only we foreign journalists the democratic nomination for the air the Domestic e x p e r t s was j just As firmly news locked up for analysis Humphrey As Eek before it cuts should have a running mate the Republican one was for Richard no dramatic political upheaval has since occurred to change that no great Block of delegates has defected to no glittering personal endorsements have come his no break has come in the ranks of the old Kennedy followers some of whom took the curious course this week of rallying under the Banner of a almost George Mcgovern of South confident before but at the same men who always before have been comfortably confident of a predictable outcome to this years democratic convention have suddenly begun to hedge their the other Flay the late senator Robert Owa for Smej press Secretary said that he was now convinced that Gene Mccarthy was going to false Hubert Humphrey and remains suspect Maverick loner who is seen As a threat to the even a danger to democracy As the pros have always under stood if the party regulars Are finally forced to hand the nomination to him they will do it grudgingly and with a bad but at least slowly and Mccarthy please turn to Page three by Robert Evans Russia Reu ters soviet troop Maneu vers along the country West Ern Borders w Ere reported map in swing Page 5 s a t u r d a y As russians were told an anticommunist uprising might be on the Way in the defense ministry Organ red Star said the Maneu vers slated to last until 10 and covering areas bordering on Czechoslovakia involved Large numbers of reservists specially i called red Star reported that defense minister marshal an Drei Grechko had arrived at the Headquarters of air defense sex also launched last to heart report on their Prog the area has not been both sets of military inane seen Here As part of tinting War Independent minded the communist party news paper pravda reprinted parts of a editorial from the Budapest party Organ Nep Szabad Sag which referred to the hungarian revolution in the Sani Jhing which happened to us in the period before the counterrevolution is being repeated in Czecho the Budapest Organ in communist party Leader Alexander Dubcek said it was the czechoslovak Sov Ereign right to decide their own broadcasting to the nation prior to crucial talks with rus Sian he proclaimed a policy of no Retreat from his Lincoln suit arid truckers by Nick Koto 01 refits Tarj Washington Bureau thu Brooks Brothers suit president Abraham Lincoln wore when lie was assassinated in 1865 has become a talking Point in lobbying for truck legislation in representative Fred Schwen gel an opponent of permitting larger trucks on interstate highways but the Lead ing Lincoln Buff in told the Des Moines sunday Register How Abe lincolns suit was injected into truck Legisla who is president of the Capitol historical said that trucks and Lincoln first came together last february when Schwengel was attend ing the annual congressional banquet Given by american t r u c k i n g lincolns suit sitting at a table with Des Moines trucking executive John Ruan and Henry executive Secretary of the philanthropic Schwengel found himself in a discussion about lincolns place blame the suit already was in the news with the granddaughter of president lincolns bodyguard offering to sell it Schwengel had trying to get the Suputo place in the recently renovated Fords Thea Ter where Lincoln was said it was a shame someone would sell the suit to the highest and not give it to the Schwengel said had been Plush Heater Box for Ike by Dorothy Mccarcle is the Washington Post the Are rioters program of there was still no official word on1 when the Summit showdown would but reports in Prague said it was possible any our system must give every citizen the Chance to participate in his Awn Dubcek we Dent to change our fundamental foreign policy i we want to remain i faithful to our presidential Box in the theater of the John Kennedy National Center for the performing arts Here will be named for former president and Dwight trustees of the Center announced that this would be a Means of honouring the thirty fourth president of the United states who signed the Bill creat ing the National arts Center in a committee of president Eisenhower friends will raise the needed create and decorate the Middle of tier the Eisenhower Box will be located in Middle of the tier of boxes in the the Kennedy cultural Center negotiating with the owner and believed the suit could be purchased or and Liebschutz also was a Lin Coln Buff and knew of Schwen great interest in the suit because his wife and the wife of the Capitol historical society director work together at a retail and Ruan con please turn to Pacic five Johnson signs Coop truck Bill a president Johnson signed into Law saturday a Bill limiting competitive freight hauling by farm cooperatives amid pub i shed reports the trucking Industry had made Campaign contributions to several members of the House subcommittee which handled the Des Moines Register said in a copyrighted Story that the contributions were made less than two months before the subcommittee approved the Bill on july both House and sen ate approved the pending since last within the past two the by Nick Iota of the registers Washington said seven of the nine members of the House subcommittee re c e i v e d contributions ranging from to from the truck operators nonpartisan an affiliate of the american trucking a s s o c i a assert Russia has forged ahead by Clark Mollenhoff of registers Washington Bureau the joint committee on atomic Energy declared saturday that the office of defense Secretary grossly underestimated the soviet Progress on nuclear sub marines and permitted the United Stales to fall the 18 members of the joint committee the Tough indictment a of former defense Secretary Ropert Mcna marts handling of the nuclear submarine and urged that defense Secretary Clark Clifford move immediately to make up the lost frantic Over delays in a report released by chair Man Pastore the joint committee urged that the office of defense Secretary heed Ihei warnings of Admiral Hyman Rickover and other experts who have been frantic Over the delays on nuclear submarine program imposed by Mcnamara and John director of defense research and Engi the coming As it does in an election re called the 1960 presidential Campaign when the late John Kennedy built Many defense please turn to five 10 hijacking victims released Switzerland israeli women and children arrived Here saturday in excellent health and Good spirits after being held in Al Giers since tuesdays of an israeli Al Al they algerian officials gave them assurances that the 12 finale passengers and Crew still in Algiers will be released within seven Al Al Geneva manager Freddy Weiss said the seven women and three children will return to Tel Aviv Twenty three non israelis and israelis who Man aged to conceal their National were released immediately after the carried out by three members of an Arab terrorist study reveals that 18 per cent of the residents of Dis order areas ill american cities Are riot participants Page 4g adult crossword 11tv you it j servers believe Public since the russian pressures has forced the Prague leadership to present a United meanwhile czechoslovak jiving in a military exercise area and a group of military reservists accused Prague leaders of telling lies about the presence of russian troops in Czecho Sjo Box was to president i russian troops were still in czech the two groups and called for their rapid the complaints were made in the Young Peoples the inc claims it has a duty Ger it will do so i Manila reports that filipino gangs will commit murder for to Job is done to criticise Railroad Pitsen can Railroad Tjit has with a piercing loot classified ads if commercial news 6t 11gj Market 8g open books 7ti radio i letters to the Young Stamps 7g i newspaper Eldad he can do god knows anyone a group of 155 reservists writ in Giong from a military Days record 7g exercise area near the polish said they were alarmed your sunday Register today to read untrue press reports the consists of Tea regular Sec russians had Lions three news peace Home and fam picture Iwa to this week and must be Able 4s the tone of that remark quiere is St a not Able Lack of Youxu Sasai for the Mike Sitja senator Woog those have lived their astr Wade their careers to the toilers to one party Vic Ujiki seat concert Hall and All Are due to be Corn plated by late 19g9 and will be ready for Public performances i Early in the theater for dedication Benhower because he and Mamie like theatrical perform ances better than opera or whoever is president of the United states at the time will have first Choice at using the presidential next will be the right of the Eisenhower to Book the for them selves Aid their Fuest time they want to come Down from their farm in Gettys 1 ran file Nixon bio2 Over Rocky by George Gallup Richard Nixon is the Clear first Choice of his party Rankan file to head the ticket this fall and holds a 5to2 Lead Over his nearest Nelson Rockefeller of new i these findings Are based on Ajoc Ralic contenders Vic Epresi carefully designed Sample of the Dent Hubert Humphrey and nations senator Eugene Mccarthy and Laicans inter viewed Between july 20 and Ronald Reagan of Cali fornia wins the third greatest votes but less Thani on third the number won Byj next in order Are mayor John Lindsay of new 1 senator senator Mark candidate popularity of Oregon and Harjd Sena Uva 4i3 ljvcuvh4 j f f y j is it j Percy of the Box is Uke a Small apart the second letter be Tod toe eight seats at the Gallup Rupurt for the presence of soviet troops cry it Overlook my the stage i wednesday will show Huw both Carnie from persons in leading lie Public a major town in Northern please turn to Page six j third party candidate George j Wall the wednesday report will be based 011 the combined preferences of All voters and Peru Morats Liis question was asked of adults to measure cans Nixon and Rockefeller stand in test Clec Utin races against the top dem herein a hat of men list includes 7 names who have by ii mentioned As possible presidential candidates Jor vie Gallup please turn to

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