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Des Moines Register Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Des Moines Register, The (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Des Moines, Iowa To find i markets 48 Irr n werttes tub to def of fit worn of pfc of partly Cloudy in Troper emf fit mgt near Sonrisa st set the newspaper Iowa depends upon sat Amtey seen pm dispute us a wheat Deal rays budget exceeded by Economy no vetoes planned food Chain is rationing Bacon Here by Michael Wagner 1973 by James Flansburg appropriations by the Iowa legislature exceeded Robert rays budget recommendations by state comptroller Marvin Sel Defte trotted but the states Economy is Sot Tom that it can support the increase and still have at least million and per haps much As million left so Ray said he has no intention of vetoing any of the Money Selden said that the nearly billion in proper nations includes at least million in nonrecurring sex Des moines1 nine Safeway stores began rationing Bacon limiting sales to two pounds per said a Public relations director at the company Divi Sion similar action was also taken by Safeway Missouri which reported Friday that rationing was underlay in the Kansas a Safeway spokesman in Missouri decision came after ers in several of the chains stores began buying up to Worth of Bacon at a similar reports were received in a Check of other Des Moines supermarkets showed none were rationing but a few meat department pm meaning Little Likely a Good of a state tax two years from item veto the legislature adjourned Al most a month and Selden and his bookkeepers have been racing to catch up in order to give the governor an Overa 1 Money signing deadline while Ray said he will not veto any major he will item veto parts of some which he contends infringe upon the executives prerogative Andvino late the principle of separation of several of the 16 Bills that Ray has not yet signed sped by the number of employees a Ray said he plans to hem veto those specifications out of the Selden reported that the Legislatures appropriations totalled against rays recommendation of for the 2year budget that be Gan july that is a million difference and the remainder is made up by a Book keeping Transfer of million from the general fund to the Road use tax no new taxes the fiscal 197475 budget sex budget but no new taxes were levied to finance ploys said ire uld get to too Ken spokesman for Des Moines Safeway oper said the move was approved by where decisions affecting Iowa and Safeway stores Are i Omaha spokesman said Omaha Safeway stores also began limiting Bacon sales the move follows record breaking hog trading thurs which saw the Price of Market hogs hit a Hun up from aptly a year hog had been Frozen at March retail and wholesale were released wednesday with the announce ment of Federal phase 4 con while beef prices remained the Liy stockmen could mean pork prices at the retail level will reach those of set damages at in la Vine suit Charles a Polk county District court jury Friday returned a firms cum others knew of Sale judgment Al rim Stoid by Straw tells of destroying key by Clark Moll Erlhoff racist try Washington burial Washington for Mer White House aide Gordon Strachan testified Friday that destroyed key White House memorandums dealing with the at a Senate hearing Fri watergate plans and financing for actual Day that top personnel of the after discussions with Russus damages department of agriculture Bob who was then u for were notified in and chief of staff for president Nix Cowman Vaneeff he massive russian to Litolf re nil the 29yearold lawyer was defensive of his own conduct As he read a prepared statement to the Senate watergate com but the admissions he made were the most damaging to Date on the role of Haldeman regarding prior knowledge and in the watergate a slander against Des Moines City c o u n Cilman Russell la the j u r which deliberated for sit Sui told in Advance of russian plan by George Anthan and James Risser of the Washington offi hours before Cias of nations largest reaching a ver Grain companies testified tinder according to Strachan Haldeman was Given for Mal notice of the approval of a budget for a t i c a t e d political intelligence gathering system As Early As in reports made by Jeb the Deputy director of the Nixon reelection Campaign of 2515 Payne the suit developed from a statement made by la Vine at an 28 City meet ing in which la Vine called Cowman a convicted the comment came As the Council was discussing Cowman application to be an auxiliary police la Vine claimed that he did not knowingly or maliciously make a false statement and that he statement was based on in formation in official Law enforcement the files showed that cow pollution retarded raspberries Marvin Klos displays raspberries that flowered but then growing apparently As a result of pollution from the Farmers co operative fertilizer Plant which is located the Klos family is among six families living across from the Plant who say the pollution problem has become another picture Page wheat agriculture Secretary Earl Blitz and top us a officials have stated repeatedly that they Learned of the Sale Long after it they have Given this As tha reason the us a failed to notify the american Public and Farmers of russian purchases last year of on fourth of the wheat crop a Trankar Tion which had a major inflationary Impact on Domestic food Bernard senior Vic president of Continental when he was 15 years Grain Senate fumes cause Barren spot Supply dwindling several Safeway spokesmen said thursdays hectic hog trading apparently touched off Strong customer which seemed to be entered in the Midwest near Large pork production and consumption the Omaha spokesman said the immediate Supply of pork was and that it was Fri wrong Man killed in search for deserter Federal Revenue sharing Cov ered the last years tax receipts to tales a 15 per cent increase Ever the pre Vious years the state started this a surplus of Selden cautioned that he believes that least million a whopping upturn in hoped the move would not be the Economy and come the hog Market eased off prices were steady to lower at major Midwest terminal while on the Interior Iowa and South Ern Minnesota markets hog prices fell about 50 cents Low Iowa prices for hogs were to while prices of up to were reported at by Arlo Jacobson the registers agribusiness editor do Holnis it slur and Tribune company theres a Barren spot across from the chemical Plant where the Trees Are dead the grass Doest grow and the Tomato and Pepper plants Flower dont set the raspberries flowered and form but sometime beware they Ripen the whole process stops and they remain a dirty mauve even the Birds wont eat intolerable living six families living across from the Farmers cooperative fertilizer Plant Here say the Situ Baton a the Fri acknowledged Friday that Black Muslim killed wednesday by agents attempt ing to arrest him for army desertion was the wrong agent Donald Moore said that the had Learned that a Man named Calvin Henry Wal now serving a seven year sentence at san Quentin prison in had enlisted in the army in 1972 under the name of the dead Milton Leon Scott was shot to death on the front porch of his Home wednesday when he resisted agents found Milton Scott Moore described the incident As tragic but said the shooting military service and would not go with agents said that he then closed the door to his Home and that the struggle started when the tried to enter the the Fri said he attacked the agents and attempted to take their Scotts said her husband was not she said the agents dragged confidential sources there were subsequent re ports made to Strachan and passed on to Haldeman Ofin for m a t i o n from confidential sources that have been Denti fied earlier As coming from wiretaps at democratic head quarters at the his 15page prepared state ment was filled with protests of unfairness and inaccuracy the press in reporting his and was dominated by disputes with the testimony of mag rude and former White House coun Sel John Dean on the it was the strongest corroboration to Date of Deans and Magrud ers testimony that the watergate breaking was done with Haldeman knowledge and that Haldeman and John former special assistant to president roles in the water Gate Strachan was not questioned i by committee counsel or com Mittee members for details of his will return Mon testified before the Perm Ane n t in Viteo Fri training school at Eldora by the juvenile court for was brought out in the trial that Cowman was charged in the late 1950s and Early 1960s with a parole Viola attempted and Day that on july two Days before his company sold million tons of wheat to the he met in Washington with assistant agriculture Secretary Carroll Scott from their Small Frame Day met with Halden pars up venues Are new e r e hippy Ivou ise Telew it receipts were higher than Usu shared by legislative right the state will end up the next biennium in the Black by at least who has held his Job since said he has not Felt so comfortable with a budget since 1965 when the state went budget please our no Page three action has gradually worsened justified Sel defense be v v i Tvett rum until living has become Toler a Friday Australia bans radio tobacco ads 1973 Australia cigarette and tobacco Advertis ing is to be prohibited on radio and television in the information senator announced Otho housein basement of bakery 2 men arrested Larry Coop Man said the firm is willing to Settle and has had an insurance adjuster out to determine dam part of the he is getting the six families to list their but How do you set a Price on a Lawn that is Gar Dens that dont grow and Young and that Are either dead or so severely pollution please turn to Page three inside Thi rms Tori new two Brothers were arrested Day in charges of Possession of marijuana and growing Mari Juana in the basement of their s h e n a Noah police chief Ray Johnson said Friday n the Jim and Pill both of Shenan were charged with pos session of marijuana and intent to said Jon san Page county sheriff Richard Hunt said confiscated eral pounds of dried marijuana and a flatbed marijuana slants from the basement of Bowens bakery they had a Hothouse Type of said Hunt but they just we rent having much Luck growing he said he did not know the Street value of the dried both men were released on bids set by Shenadoah ate Hawson police chief the Register Arab Unity in trouble cause Scott assaulted the two agents with a i dont think it was a mess up because the army had asked us to look for a Milton and we found Milton Moore its just that he had not been in the Moore said Wallace had met Scott twice in the san fran area and had obtained social Security num a copy of his birth certificate and other personal in Tor he said Wallace was in Pris on for Check assault and other and had a history of assuming other mens the agent said that Wallace deserted and that the army asked the Fri to locate and arrest Scott As a the two agents involved in which she heard two television station Wavue re ported thursday night it had Learned that Scott was in Baton Rouge during 1972 at the same time the army said a Milton Leon Scott with the same social Security number was in training at the station quoted members of Scotts family As saying his with All of his identification cards in had been stolen in Haldeman on june 19 or 20 Anc showed him the april political matters memo that mentioned the intelligence gathering sys the Young lawyer told the after speaking to f destroyed that memo and Sedan chair As Well As several other documents i have told this committee and the prosecutor Strachan said and admitted that he that it was related to the june watergate please torn to Page six burglary All these charges were in an interview after the la Vine said that this was a poor re War for a Public official that was Only trying to do his when questioned As to How he would pay the la Vine said that according to state Law the City of Des Moines would have to pick up the Tab on the actual damages of and the court and that lie would be responsible for the punitive la also said that he would continue his Campaign to keep people with criminal rec ords off the cites but that next time i will be a Little More careful in my City officials were not certain concerning la vines claim of the cites liability for the actual City James Sar said that when the breaking and Steinweg said he told Possession of Brunthaver that a russian Grain buying team was Nego glasses off in she barely avoids car District court jury found la Vine guilty of it put into question the cites responsibility for his Sarcone said that state Law exempts a City from liability of its officers and employees cases of la Vine had testified earlier in the week despite advice from his own attorney to the Tilting with Continental and in formed the us a official of the specific amounts of wheat hey wished to Purchase subcommittee chairman sen Ator Henry Jackson then introduced into the sworn affidavits from officials of Louis Dreyfus Bunge and another Continental the Grain company officials stated in their affidavits that they told Brunthaver or other department officials russians were buying Large quantities of Bute a Clother top govern ment including Brunt testified last fall before a House agriculture subcommittee that they knew nothing about the russian wheat Sale until weeks when it be came general Public Jackson pointed out Friday that Butz and other Nixon administration officials have since made Public statements that they knew nothing about the Jackson thanked Steinweg for being forthright with the con Gressional unit and said the in Judas position in the russian Sale is an formerly an offi Cowman la Vine still believed to be a convicted testified that cow the proposed Egypt Libya merger appeared to he near following a con Roji Pajion Between libyan protest marchers and egyptian a Page t 4 passenger was w a crewman wounded during the hijacking of a 74 Airliner encute from Paris to the shooting were identified As Bill Woods and Delbert Bath refuses to 60 the Fri said wednesday that Scott first answered the door and acknowledged that he was Milton Leon when the agents in formed him they had a warrant forms As an army de Safirt was quoted As Tell ing them bid never been in by Jack Hovelson Register staff writer Paricia Neidert of Waterloo had ust off her glasses and could barely but she still managed to evade a car that came crashing Friday morning nto a downtown optical firm the driven by Marie of Waterloo smashed through a Large plate Dass window at the service optical store in the heart of the downtown District Anc headed for Niedert who was seated at a table 20 fee inside the i had taken off my glasses and was waiting for them to bring me another pair when i heard the i could barely see that it was a car ing at said net she said she jumped up dashed around the practically dived into another Oom to get away from the on ushing she suffered Only slightly bruised i just dont know what said i parked out in front and got out to put a Nickel in the parking i realized that id left the car so i got Back in to turn it All of a it just took Niedert said that her first when she had time to collect concerned her four Small children whom she had left in he car parked id almost brought them in Here with they had begged to come in with hut i said h they id hate to think what would have happened to its just an act of Lod that i didst bring them in she said Man must have been convicted or he would not have been incarcerated in a penal ins Titu in his instructions to the judge Waldo Wheeler said As a City la Vine does have a qualified privilege but that privilege the right to make other Wise slanderous re Marks can be negated by the existence of the judge defined malice As ill or Reck less disregard for the rights of the la vines b Mike said Friday that he to Appeal the judg Cowman said in an interview after the verdict that he thought Cial a major Grain could not be reached for but subcommittee officials said Butz and Brunthaver will be called to testify monday on heir knowledge of the russian Butts office said Friday he Secretary was working on Lis testimony and have no comment on the statements of the Grain company also at the hearing former assistant agriculture wheat please turn to Page seven wet and Cool in Des Moines that Justice has been done and that i and family Are Tremley Happy with the Deci Sion despite the fact that it was than he asked for in actual damages and in punitive Cowman it just goes to show you that the past is the rain soaked Des Moines and much of Iowa on an unseasonably Cool Day the National weather service reported an official inches of rain at its station at the Dps municipal How unofficial readings of More than inches were re ported elsewhere in the according to the weather Day time readings Friday were lower than at 1 the temperature was 74 degrees the Days it was 68 at 6 and was 69 shortly before i

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