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Des Moines Register (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Des Moines, Iowa Today big peach greets the season with who gets free tickets from Iso full Page of major College schedules state High school preview features on Iowa and More the newspaper Iowa depends upon Des Iowa August 50 cents in cities and towns 60 cents by motor delivery Section a the weather sunny highs in Low lows in mid partly Cloudy highs in up per Sunrise Sunset f the outfit Kansas cites Seamer Side organized role in politics by George Anthan Kansas on july a few weeks before the opening of the Republican National two Kansas City policemen spotted a 10 year old Ford with blood seeping out of the inside was David who had been snot several local and Federal la enforcement officials say the Kansas City outfit was sending one of us periodic Mes reminding any opponents that this rapidly emerging City of treeline Good restaurants and posh residential areas still has its Seamer the in an unusual affidavit filed in District court credits the Kansas City or the with the killing and provides an insight into underworld the other court records and interviews with la enforcement officials paint a picture far different from that shown in the pounds of Leaf lets distributed to delegates and other visitors Here for the the visitors were reminded of the charms and delights of the which is regularly on lists of americas nicest i Aow is the eighth largest metropolitan area in most of the Visi tors last week saw nothing to dispute the Public relations they ate Fine saw Lovely met the local version of the Beautiful people and generally had a world of cites seamy Side but there is a Seamer Side to Kansas organized crime continues to thrive and the outfit controls fencing Active segments of the uni in and bar Industry and other illegal operations in Nebraska a Story next week will explore the gangs operations in Nebraska and Iowa alone provide the outfit with million in gambling receipts according to Law i enforcement they estimate that organized crime Here controls Many prostitutes in the metropolitan i does tens millions of dollars in i fencing business indirectly influences More than so per cent of the bar and liquor Industry in the metropolitan area and has a firm hold on segments of the liquor distributing the whose Power is entered in the cites North Side near the mis periodically has exerted Strong political influence in the Kansas City area and also in the Missouri statehouse in Jefferson that not the outfit its nucleus includes 50 to 100 persons in Addi Tion to several Hundred associates has almost m control of one local la Bor which provides the meant to keep outfit or on various company payrolls while doing crime please turn to page4a breaker breaker this is big Ben out in the big Beans How Are things Over in the tall corn9 ethics Rai highest in Gallup poll by George Gallup in Tab medical Doc tors Are rated highest by americans in a recent Gallup poll Survey that ranks persons in 11 occupations in terms of their honesty and ethical stand fifty five per cent of the respondents say doctors As a group hold High or very High no other occupational group received a favourable rating by a majority a dded edged of the polls rated second highest were engineers with 48 per followed by College teachers with 44 per Down 11 Points from College teach ers Are who Are Given a rating of 33 per next Are Law yers with 25 per evidence of an ant business mood in this country is seen in the findings which show business executives to be far Down the Only about one person in five 22 per cent says the honesty and ethics of business contractors Are very High or while the figure is 19 per cent in the Case of business exec Strong negative sentiments also Are Felt for elected officials in Only one in every seven persons polled 14 per cent described the standards the million interest Iowa taxpayers lost by Len Ackland it Flemr Ftp team or tar in Story county treasurer Jack Odonnell earned an extra for local taxpayers by invest ing the county spare Cash in area Banks where the Money Drew interest until it was needed to pay the trouble is Odonnell could have earned the taxpayers More maybe twice As according to an Iowa state University professor except for a quirk in Iowa Law and an invest ment policy in the words of one state is the Law in question is one that has been a Boon to the banking Industry in simply it All county treasurers in the state have to invest All of the taxpayers Idle the Way its being those funds have to be invested in no definition the quirk is that tha Law Doest de Fine Idle some Treasur ers say tax Rouey is Idle if it Baa been collected but Hast been used on a Given Day to pay county others View funds As Idle Only if they have been in the county account for longer As Many As 90 Many treasurers like Odonnell Only invest funds that will be around for longer and Only put them in local the rest of the Money is left in the county checking where it earns no Odonnell investment policy is not that unusual for according to a study by David an assistant professor at Iowa state Crockett Analysed the investment policies of county treasurers in his recently approved using the most recent state he later calculated that the states 99 treasurers could have earned from million to million More than the million funds please turn to Page 12a of congressmen As High or very the percentage is Only marginally higher in the Case of with Only 19 per cent giving them the top ratings in terms of honesty and ethical stand Ards bottoming out the list of 11 occupations Are labor Union rated highly by 13 per cent of the respond and advertising who get the stamp of approval from u per Here is the question asked in the Gallup How would you rate the honesty and ethical standards of the people in these different Fields very Low or very Low Here Are the National findings standards Are very High or High 55 48 44 33 25 22 19 19 14 13 11 medical doctors engineers College teachers journalists lawyers building contractors business executives senators congressmen labor Union leaders advertising executives College who will provide much of the nations future Lead tend to rate All occupations higher than does the general with the exception of building con business executives and political Only 9 per cent of College students give the last group top following Are the ratings Given by College based on an earlier Survey of the nations College Stu dents in which the same question was asked College teachers medical doctors engineers journalists lawyers building contractors bus less executives labor Union leaders political officeholders advertising executives standards Are very High or High 70 66 58 49 40 21 20 19 9 6 note the results in the table above Are based on a nationwide stu4y of College students conducted in the results for the general Public reported today Are based on infers ii interviews with 18 and interviewed in More than 300 scientifically selected localities across the nation during the period june 11 Ford Carter race the 73 Days ahead How groundwork debates expected can pay off to have big Impact by James Flansburg and James Risser Evv novt Sinf Kansas when presi Dent Ford challenged Democrat Jimmy Carter to a debate last the television network newsmen were almost exultant Over what a great news Story that if it showed that Ford believes the polls and believes he is far behind Iri a presidential election that takes place in just 73 and in american politics at least below the presidential race a debate Challenge int very news it simply Means that the Chal Lenger believes he is far behind and has to Gamble to catch the president had just emerged from the toughest political Baadte in his 28year career in Only slightly More than half of the delegates to the Republican National convention had voted for his nomination some thing an incumbent ordinarily gets by acclamation and his Ron Ald had by personality and political acumen pulled the president and the party from the Middle of the Road to the Rocky right has pulled his party from the Slippery left shoulder into the that the ideological contrast be tween Ford and but there is an organizational the organizations thus far Carter and his men have shown a Genius for Treyve developed sinewy sys tems to get done what the Boss wants on has had organizational problems from the that was his main problem with Ron Ald the fingertips of the Ford the brain told them to do because either the fingertips we rent there or the nerve network to them didst Early last confident that Ford would win the razor close nomination Iowa state chairman Tom Stoner was worrying Ford organization for the in really not sure what he but its got to be done Quick Stoner didst but the infer ence drawn from what lie said is that Fords organization in Iowa and elsewhere is at the and it want much better at its four years this would have been handled by putting the state party and its organization in place As the Ford but that illegal now made so by the Campaign Reform Laws that came out of about All a state party can do is conduct a get Yutte vote drive and recruit on the other even though he ended up easily winning the democratic worked vigorously to keep his state organizations in tact even after there was no longer Campaign please turn to Page 6a by Richard Wilson 9nt Wmma Amft beware of the forthcoming Ca Terford they could be As misleading As a Public opinion poll in Richard Nixon thought he was winning the forensic Battle in but the ultimate judges gave the decision to John both got Hung up on such issues As Quemoy and the islands off chivas Shore controlled by Chiang which were Jinder steady bombardment from the communist neither As events had the slightest re solve to do anything about chastising Cubas Castro proved to be another phony Nixon later attributed Bis attitude to his inside knowledge As Vic Epresi Dent that intervention was in the plan Ning stage and he could not reveal the despite the fact that the 1960 de proved Many Mil Lions of 1976 voters Are Likely to make their judgments based on this years As both candidates try to de Fine the differences Between the defining of the differences will be difficult because both candidates will inevitably move toward the Center of the political where the voters capabilities the use a nautical of the debates is not Likely to be such As to convince discriminating devotees of the forensic Art that there has been a True test of mental Depths and the presidential panel questioning or As part of the television presentation is outside the format of the Lincoln Dou Glas or Oxford debating it Al lows the candidates to sell themselves without joining issues in a Way to con Vince rational judgment is Likely to be formed on personality More than which was the Case in 1960 when Nixon blamed viewer reaction against his dark bowled countenance on the makeup with the certain knowledge that he delivered the Best speech of his career in accepting the presidential will go into the debates with the Assurance of the congressional record As the journal of congressional spoken words weighs heavy with Fords stolid rhetoric Over the past 20 years As spokesman of the he never was electrifying in debate and never aroused his listeners to their feet in political intimacy on the other while Short in facile in unimpressive on the platform and in his own acceptance the demo Wilson please turn to Paa Eoa Iowa aging commission under fire probes fault units use of consultants by Jerry Szumski and Margaret Engel Why Are we spending Bucks on research when we could be spending Bucks on old folks bringing a Little Sunshine into their lives his Kaye the Iowa commission on the aging spent so much Money on consultant yes during the past three years that it created a second of private inns it could not according to a team of Federal and a lot of that Money More than went to firms with ties to Darold Albright of Iowa a for Mer personal consultant to the com the Register has the commission ignored Federal regulations that require competitive bid Ding for spending projects of than and that advise competitive negotiations for smaller defends the work done by his corporations As but some commission staff members say much Flythe work could have been done with out staff members and Feder Al officials question the Worth of consultant results often were Flimsy or reporters found in examining commission Paul director of the regional office of aging a division of the department at Educa Tion and welfare in Kansas said in an interview that the Iowa commissions Reliance on private firms has meant poor control Over state and Federal Money designated to Aid elderly ertetsaldr4 there Are increasing numbers of mid increasing amounts of Money for overhead and main middleman the main steered commission helped draft spending often got Money to perform the represented the state at High level meetings with Federal officials and supplied personnel for a fee All in close association with Leona Lin who directed the commission until july it was Darold and said staff member Patricia the staff usually want so common was Albright presence in the Kansas City aging office that regional director Ertel regarded the consultant As Petersons some of the Money paid to profit making outside contractors has been funnelled through the gerontological assistance program a non profit Agency set up by the state com Mission Early in Gap shared of fice space with the commission until this month gaps director is Robert aging please turn to Page 64 the Index keeping Cool hot enough for is it not to weve got Cool ways to keep Cool from thinking about penguins to eating homemade ice youll enjoy Julie hop sons tour de farce on Page one of Iowa divorce something was wrong Between Sam and his he could feel their Sam and his wife were breaking for families with teenagers divorce of ten spells but the trauma As youll learn of Page one of Lowans at state fair state fairs Are a Ball and this year is no at the heart of any fair Are the show and on Page 5a weve got the most unusual portraits of these barnyard Blu bloods youll find the endless summer its Bard to but kids May be bored with summer at that what some educators the kids themselves Arent so As you learn in Patricia Cooney Story on Page one of Lowans at the egg and i it Doest seem but that old breakfast the american egg is on the Industry leaders scoff at notions of High cholesterol and blame work habits perhaps we unscramble the Issue on Page one of Iowa farming and business and Industry classified ads farm crossword gardens Iowa Poh Heaters whats going Days record f g f c b c

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