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Des Moines Register (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Des Moines, Iowa Section a the newspaper l6wa depends upon pcs april 12 sections Price 40e cities motor weather a Fiance of rain highs 40s to lows upper satirist soft set details Hui Ftp Imp Folph his life after 0170 w Sun i Imp Chiin jury acquitted but if trial is 37 Back conviction Iowa this article was written by Richard based the Iowa Glenn raft the end of a terrible shortage impeachment of president Nixon Doest ring a Good said Joe a produce manager trainee it Cliftons supermarket in if they impeach him and find out i it 1 think the whole will look like a a majority of Lowans feet the same according to an Iowa poll taken 20 As shown by the accompanying 51 per cent said the House should not impeach Nixon and require him to stand trial be fore the Senate on charges relating to the watergate thirty five per cent said he should be slim margin but if Nixon is impeached by the House and forced to be tried by the sen More Lowans favor conviction rather than the margin Here is a slim 37 per cent to 36 per hed have to be convicted i dont see any other said Earl a retired Davenport Cabinet if have anything to Why Doest he put everything on the table i think he had knowl Edge of watergate and approved of it anything to get but in the Iowa polls first measurement of feeling on Senate 27 per cent had no indicating that Many Are waiting to see what the Congress does about the greater Chance in the last Capitol Hill analysts the Prospect of a Senate trial has become increasingly possible As impeachment by the House appears More the somewhat inconclusive poll results supplemented by no tabulated interviews done by sunday Register reporters throughout the state also show that dissatisfaction with the Way the president is handling the watergate situation has decreased but More Lowans than Ever Are unhappy with his Job performance fewer persons believe president Nixon should re in the face of watergate Lowans think the Congress is doing a worse Job than the Joe speaking for the 51 per cent who abhor the thought of expressed a Hope that govern ment trauma can be avoided maybe Nixon can work out a situation where he can bring the country Back into but for More than a to third of the Lowans there is no Way besides impeachment for the president to Clear if Hes he wont have any trouble prov should House impeach question do you think president Nixon should or should not be impeached by the House of represent which would require him to stand trial before the Senate impeach and total require trial not impeach no opinion should Senate convict question if Nixon is required to stand trial before the do you think the Senate should or should not convict Nixon and compel him to leave office convict and total compel to leave not convict no opinion ing Hes said Des Monics housewife Joanne de of 917 Locust of if Hes Thall be looking at the question from a Legal Davenport lawyer Hobart Dar noted that the House judiciary currently has been unable to de Fine what the framers of the Constitution intended by list ing High crimes and mis Iowa please turn to Page eleven going Toby w world series should your tax pay for chickens million May go for tainted Birds him of murder he leaves nearly to childrens Home Kalmbach Nixon sought advice on gift unit Etc Way fuss in Dubuque bombings strike London England Cap a rash of fire bombings erupted saturday at crowded stores throughout North Lon police three Manchester police men were reported injured and rushed to a but property damage was not extensive to any of the authorities a total of 14 bombs sex Winlun an firemen suspected other incendiary devices might he concealed in the a number of the stares jew is owned and the evasions coincided with the feast of by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward Wuhl Nilon foil Herbert presi Dent Nixon former has testified that Charles Bebe Rebozo told him that Nixon personally re Quested that Rebozo and Kalmbach meet last Spring to discuss to do about an embarrassing Cash contribution from billionaire Howard according to informed it was at that meeting that Kalmbach has sworn he Learned from Rebozo that part of the Money had been either Given or loaned to the presidents Rose Mary and Nixon brother Donald for their personal the presidents brother angrily denied being loaned or Given any portion of the according to several Kalmbach has Testi fied that Rebozo sought his advice Jib out the Money at at the White House on on that the president accepted the resignations of three topsides Hal John Ehrlichman and John Dean ill along with the resignation of Richard the Hughes Money was apparently a hot prob said one source close to the White House who is familiar with Kalmbach Tes Rebozo called Kulm Bach Down there and the president wants you to give us some familiar with the secret testimony said Kalmbach Drew the implication that the president knew that some of the Hughes Money had gone to miss Woods and his Al though Pebswo did not say so testimony directly contradicts previews by ibs and miss by Thomas Ryder Rte Ilir Italy writer two groups of Dubuque residents have challenged the United Way of Dubuque method of disbursing saying it is causing a crisis of con science the groups claim that they cannot in support some United Way beneficiary agencies for personal or religious and that the disbursement system makes it impossible to designate gifts effectively to a particular Agency or withhold them from an one group is composed of 22 Catholic 75 layer mostly both Call for United a locally operated collects and distributes contributions on a quota each participating Agency receives its quota in Accord Ance wit hits request based on volunteers United Way of Dubuque is a big it has 500 Volunteer and 23 Benefi Ciary agencies a Jose serv ices to Dubuque depend to a Large extent on the funds received from United United Way allocations total de last this is United Way bylaws state that subscriptions Are pay Able to United but sub scribers have the right to designate the beneficiary agencies to which their gifts Are to amounts of designated gifts Are then deducted from the budget of the designated Agency and the Agency receives that less from the United Way general Tjie United Way bylaws dealing with designated funds have been changed somewhat of the tracked from the Agency this is a Mere juggling of figures and the system has no effect on the Agency allo cations which remain the were not just thinking of the Catholic ther Duval were thinking of protestant and jewish consciences As consciences Are not served when United Way funds Are divided per Are arranged protestants and jews May not want to give to Catholic because they feel the Catholic belief that birth control devices Are wrong is archaic or that but i want the same for i just cant go for the Myca because the National organization believes a woman has the right to have an which is contrary to the Church nor can i support the girl scouts because or a Mer it badge on womanhood not available Here which involves instruction in con effective Way o there should be an effective Way to vote against a United Way the 75 laypersons signed a claims a problem of conscience in give Dubuque please turn to Page six you could lose Home by error by Denise Caringer Felix and Fanny zinns Back Yard was almost sold out from under their Lawn furniture last year because of a Polk county filing and then theres the Case of two women in their 80s who in they own 80 acres of prime farm land but they nearly lost it because the Polk county treasurers of fice didst have a Correct mailing address to Send their property tax Bills in both when the property owners didst get their tax Bills and when they didst pay their their land was about to become the property of the county or of a tax buyer a person who pays the delinquent property taxes and acquires the right to take Over the property ownership if the owner Doest pay off the Back taxes in frightening thing the frightening thing is that a persons land can go to tax Sale without his even knowing said Deputy Polk county auditor James if the treasurer Doest have a mailing and or if he has an in Correct the owners May never get their tax and their land will be offered at tax if the treasurers office please turn to Page eight by George Anthan or Register Washington Bureau american taxpayers probably will have to pay million or More to poultry producers and processing firms to compensate them for millions of chickens which recently were found contaminated with toxic pesticide and or dered the chickens were found to contain unacceptable Levels of the chemical officials of the department of agriculture us a said it is believed the pesticide was contained in poultry feed in obtained from com Mercial but that the original source of the contamination is not yet a Bill to provide that the Chicken producers and processors be compensated for the Birds is being quickly mane Vered through con Gress by influential Southern c 1t would authorize the us a to pay for the Cost of each Chicken which ranges from 75 cents to it is expected More than 10 Mil lion chickens will be destroyed As a result of the according to the Bill was cleared by the Senate agriculture com Mittee is expected to be considered on the sen ate floor monday or tuesday and is scheduled for similar treatment in the House later in the Large producers agriculture experts in both the House and Senate said privately it is expected much of the Public Money authorized by the measure would be paid to several Large poultry who actually pro vide the flocks which Are raised to maturity by Small contract the us a opposes the and one High department who asked remain the question is whether the general Public should pay for the risk of doing business the Senate committee considered the Bill in executive session and agreed to report approve it be cause of the emergency nature of the the Only no vote was cast by senator Dick Clark who has asked Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield to hold up consideration by the full Senate and to schedule Public Clark said he wants to know who exactly would get the checks the us a be directed to is it four or five Large or is it Small Farmers he Clark said he asked the by Nick Lamberto yes Titti few utter my Tribune company Twenty three years Joe of Rural col was found innocent of murder by a jury of 12 weep ing despite his admission that he had fatally shot an attractive Divorcee in the lobby of a Des Monics Rogers name was in the headlines of Iowa newspapers especially after the ver dict of acquittal was delivered at it came on holy thursday of holy week that year be fore a hushed and startled group of spectators in Polk county District judge Tom murrows Joseph Allan that same Joe Rogers of an ear Lier died last 14 Valentines Day at univer sity hospitals in Iowa he was seven at services his 15minute funeral serv ice in a Nevada funeral Home three Days later was attended by seven he was buried in the Colo cemetery in a plot next to the Graves of his Uncle and and on whose farm he had lived his signed leaves 90 per cent of his estate estimated to be Worth about to the Christian Home association of Council a Multi service childrens care Agen when his Uncle died that left me Rogers said in a letter writ ten in i could sense a change in the neighbourhood in their attitude toward me after the shooting incident i was afraid i would lose chickens to Page six Joe Rogers shown in 1950 from the age of until he left Iowa in at the time of his he was alone and nearly but Rogers left a the so i sold it and settled for a cheaper c w Bill Maurer of one of Rogers defense attorneys at the is handling the Maurer said Rogers sold the 120acre Trenkle farm in 1962 for an the land now Proba Bly is Worth an Maurer Rogers moved Back to in please turn to Page five mis 20 feet Down dry Well Shaft Angelo Cipale of 415 the Bernard the a fiesta and director of the family ule Bureau of the archdiocese of said though the a aurut earmarked for a cer Tain Agency goes to that a tie amount is sub the big headline for Many years the Register has used a bold 8 column headline across the App of the front Page of this sunday news this pwt ice began Many years ago when i newspapers were sold on Street Corners or Newsstands and Large headlines helps attract attention from people hurry ing this reason for huge headlines no longer the Sun Day has adopted a policy of using an 8 column headline Only on Days when there is news of sufficient interest or Sipili Cance to justify this policy will provide More flexibility to Toje display of the news and permit More it tonal evaluation of news readers who Nave been accustomed to seeing the bold headline very sunday Many years May he startled at first bytes different look of this Tot if the reason for it is we the change will be regarded As an editors estimate at Rock f est a thousands of Rock music fans crowded the Ontario motor Speedway saturday for the California Jam after police i unclogged a 13mile traffic snarl caused by abandoned promoters estimated a crowd of the car parking lot was jammed and autos overflowed into surrounding 1 the traffic Jam occurred on interstate Highway but police officers with Tow trucks pulled the empty cars to the Side of the Road so that there was Only a on Emile traffic a 9yearold Des Moines boy plunged 20 feet Down a dry Well Shaft saturday after n o o n when t h e ground suddenly col lapsed be n e a t h him while he was playing out police the a n g e 1 o i son of and Angelo Cipale pleasant View was playing with Jeff son of and Harold Burns of 437 pleasant View when the Acci Dent we were next door to his House and were just playing you digging around in the Jeff All of a the ground col lapsed and i see an hollering for mom he kept crying and holler ing for his mom and so i started to run Clown to where they were and told them what he Cipale said she and her husband were doing some Yard work when Jeff came running he said my boy had Dis appeared Down a big she my husband ran up but i was so hysterical i go near the it would have scared my son More to see me so she said she knew there was an abandoned Well some where in the lot next to but i thought it had been filled Cipale said he told his son to stay still and not his main concern was the dirt falling on Phil Mccloskey one of the fire department Rescue workers personnel called to the said another fire Royal was Low ered into the Brick lined Well with a shaken up the men held rope and pulled Royal out with the boy on his Mccloskey the boy was really shaken and i talked to him Tosee if he was Mccloskey said Angelo complained of Back apparently he landed on his Mccloskey i dont know but he didst seem to be Hurt the boy was taken to mercy Pital by his parents and was released after Index boating on the Mississippi Thomas our correspondent at reports on Lowans plans for boating this Page 5 of opinion adult crossword before you buy c briefly business 4 Industry c classified is editorials b four b gardens b Market news c open books Section b Stamps 6 b resorts 8 visual music b record

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