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Des Moines Daily News Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1897, Page 1

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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - September 28, 1897, Des Moines, IowaI third edition 1 Oclock yesterdays Issue sixteenth year Deb Moines Iowa tuesday september 88 1897 one cent blk sausage maker May Tell Lils own Sido of the Story v More witnesses say they have seen mrs Luetgert said to Llano spoilt Trio night in Tho Woods near junes Chicago Sefrit first wit Ness in the Luetgert trial this morn ing was or Clarence Rutherford Luet Gerls calmly physician he Tistl fied that mrs Lueit Girt was in fairly Good physical condition hut was not per Mitch to give evidence As to her men Tal condition being unable to Quality As an Export in mental conditions armandale Opo Dych a fruit vender of Janesville Hest tied that on the night of May he was camped put in tie near Fane Vilie near him two women spent tie night to identified a photograph of mrs Luetgert is Phil of one these women Marcus Imeln Mann testified that on april 28 mrs Luetgert told him she was going away Adolph u Luetgert May go on the witness stand today and testily in his own defense he will be called Early in Case the defense has not enough other witnesses present to occupy a full court Day attorney Vincent is still very much opposed to placing the defendant in what he regards As a very trying position he says that Luet Gert owing to his Long confinement is not Able to undergo the nervous Strain incident upon testifying More witnesses will he examined to Day to impeach the testimony of Emma Schimpke and this work will take a greater part of the morning session medical and Bone experts will be in court and attorney Whalen believes that some of them will go on the stand sin the afternoon j Arnold who had some business transactions with Luet Eert will also Lake the stand Luetgert bought 37s pounds of Caus tic Potash for the purpose of making Sofe soap with which to clean the big a visage factory according to the Tes Timony of William Charles who was the principal witness for the defense during yesterdays session of the trial or Charles the business associate and close Friend of the prisoner and when he was called to the stand very Spectator in the room was Alert at Torney Phalen conducted the direct examination and him regard ing almost every phase of the Case states attorney was in charge of the prosecutions tight when tie Cross examination was on but Charles never wavered 1 markets by Telegraph on club Chicago Hoard of Trade markets furnished by Morgan Pollock 201 Ami 202 Iowa loan and Trust co bldg Mutual and Bell loner distance telephones no 72 car Runcton Hannah co Chica go correspondents Dea May nov dec May of Sapt duo b May b sept oot 307 Deo it Jan l13d sept oot a dec a Jan 3 Sopt oct Deo Jan uis Coupon when Ike coir g in Nice is tied Kir one years for tie jes Aizinas daily by mail Only n year which will p e r in d n cantly reduced to us soon As we secure i oooo i regular circulation Ssiss i1 in i Gilr Ssiss dj5aths Hkin Bachal Tracy Home p m 27 John used 34 years deceased was a Sarge nor Ana Listl lived in this state thirty one yeas the funeral will be held from the lad residence tomorrow morning a and the remains will be taken to Oak Grove cemetery at Altoona monday after noon september 27 Frank hell aged 35 Vears or Mell was injured Liy a boiler explosion saturday september 18th at the Case Bros teed Mills and submitted to in operation last saturday probably hastened death the funeral will be held at 10 a m Tomor Row with interment at the Centennial cemetery in turn Assam India August 19 1ss7 after an illness of but nine clays from Type malarial lever Helen Vaylle Ankeney wife of Rev l ii linger missionary to the Garos the following extract is taken from a letter by mrs Nettie per Sidell Mason of the nine Mission she was carried to the Chapel at 3 p in today Friday August 20 where we heard her life her work her Hopes and her influence among All classes of people Here in Tura then the native people were Ivan so lesson on the Hope and beamy of Christian i Cath and was an Opportunity to impress the heat Lien who had come in Large numbers and who afterwards formed a Motley procession to take a look at her old Young big Little Strong decrepit naked dirty much and Gau Dily dressed passed along and dropped their tears for one they loved to Lead kindly Lig Lut i i we would see Jesus Jesus i come to thee Lover of my soul then we carried her to the Hillside about a smart prof a mile away and Laid her beside our own loved one in a spot of rare Beauty it overlooks Many Miles of Beautiful wills and valleys to 1 Tho Brahmaputra River in the Distant West and the eternal snows of ithe Hemf Layns beyond stills Home 1221 West Twenty fast Street in University place september 28 John e Rhodes aged Sii y the funeral will be held from Tho House at t p i tomorrow Illinois scorched Oak Sima Iii sept fro which threatened Tho destruction of the Adja cent Village of Willlams Nold Lato last Likht was extinguished by the Claro Almog fire Depipi ulment after two blocks in the business District had been destroyed Tho Iosub la 525000 marriage licenses have been issued to William w Sears aged 20 and Ilar Roletto ngg Noil 21 both of Den Moines Georgem Sec Man aged 20 and lot Seii Schilling aged 26 both of pcs Molnes Perry a Ither aged 2fl and Hohl Lyole Chambers aged both of Den Molnes we d Moore aged so and nerf Lilc n mall Nix Gacil 57 both Des Moines John Moon aged 2t of Madrid and Emma n Butler ngod23 of pcs Monca Assolin Lizul or cars in markets Chicago sept 20000 Gen cruelly 6 higher Light mixed 3s5 heavy sgoiil20 generally g5iloe lower Beeves stolcers and feeders 440 cows and heifers texans 2803400 westerns 22000 weak to 10 lower Nuit ves 250sj100 westerns lambs 3cos575 Chicago sept lorm creameries dairies 121il lorm h Kansas Clovi sept goo Good grades steady i Strong others slow Texas Kutcers native steers stockers and feeders 10000 steady to Strong heavies3sofi390 packers 375if387y la bits 3s05400 sheep receipts 7000firm Lamus 2coj5 520 buttons Peoria sept steady 2 27i4 Oats Linn 2 White Chicago Sopt september december 27v1 december ones september 19 december 19cs pork Sente inner s10 december s20 440 december 447 487 december 475 Barley 2sg45 Rye 4cjj lax 100 Timothy 265 Clover 575 Chicago sept poultry firmer Turli oys eig10 chickens 8 springers s Dueks so this St Lofils sept Cash 96 december 25 december 2ga 20 december 0 Nice York sept 2rdeesmbsr Wiiest december Corn december Oats 243i butter firm eggs Teady Minneapolis sept 2s close wheat in store 1 hard Northern september old september 97 i Northern september new december May s7vj sep tember old september 9g 2 North Ern new september a gift old september wheat on track 1 hard 1 North Ern 2 Northern flax 3 White Oats chicag sept Days and today receipts amount to 23090 against 1700 for same time week few Nalt ves offered sold at about former prices Good fat Light and medium weights having preference Range prices Between common and Choice cattle very wide of rangers interfere with sales of Nativo competitors native receipts include it Good proper Linn of Good fat cattle Many of them much heavier than usual this season owing to Tho abundance of Corn exporters were Light buyers and this hurts the Sale of these cattle English markets lower Best Amer evil 3h4 cents per Pound no finst a week ago stockers and feeders fairly Active dime lower than last week calves rather Active but averaged lower texans and rangers t increasing receipts far this week being against of Ojo same time lust week Active demand from packers and shippers prices aver Jiuing a Nickel i Giyei than yesterday sales largely 3s5s4j5 average Quality Only fair proportion of heavy very Large last weeks average 2fil pounds being heaviest any week in nearly four spite of heavy receipts prices show remarkable strength under Active demand from Slaughter ers and feeders but some weakness at last developed prices today largely 10 lower Milwaukee sept no 1 Northern 91 no 2 Spring so de Cember is local Fullar Kettl Des Moines sept Minn patents car lots per Bill less than car lots Southern hard wheat patents car lots less than car lots s510s630 Graham per Hundred Rye flour 5170 ground linseed Oil cakes car loads sacked per ton ton lots s2000 Pel ton 1000 pounds s105 500 pounds 5110 less quantities per 100 pounds old Hay baled or Timothy no 1 Timothy s500fi550 Choice Prairie no 1 Prairie Straw baled 5400 grocery five stores will be operated by we firm Lew Burnett Tho Kast sixth Street grocer Lias been bought out by Tho parties who now have control of five retail groceries namely Macro Bemi East twelfth and Maple Balzir Ryan South Sast ninth Street h s Chase co West thu limit acid the Burnett store first named it is under stood the live stores will be operated Independent of the Chase Bros store uniform policy that Oiler roasted him itt the Register and wanted hush Money Butler wants City not to tear Down building sirs holding Suys enough jurisdiction Issue Kaisch ire Youngwook the stand this in he District court where the Nel Sonyoung libel cases on trial and told some interesting things about the alged of torte of Otto Nelson the plaintiff to annoy and even in Black mail him he accused a t Ciller acting As Nelsons agent to buy silence it was also related that Diller was the person who Frost the Register to make Iti ulis on Young this happened in the libel a Tiff brought out by Kelson against the capital on a complaint that air you Ife of the capital said his work As state Binder before Young went into until go was Rotten judge Spurrier decided Noa to take the cite from the jury and evidence was then offered by the defense after several other wit Nesses had been examined or Young was put on the stand the substance of his testimony was As follows Young wont one Day to the state House on business and was asked there by w t Diller for a Chance to say new words Diller met him in the treasurers when they got to talking Diller said he had come from Jar Nelson who was waiting outside the door to make an offer Nelson was trying to make Young get the worst of the1 investigation into the u binding then being conducted a the legislature and through Diller in of tired to say no More against or Young if Oung would pay 500 dil Ler asked Young to meet him at room of the Aborn House it was stated also that Diller was the Man who had instigated tie attacks of lit Register on or Young Diller had sent places wherever he could find anything reflecting on or and had taken All he Learned to the Register Luce where it Vas published Skiver also was discussed in Usu court room Ali is morning you no brought into court several books from the state bindery to illustrate graph Cally the Rotten work that had been done by Nelson the House journal of 1s04 said to have been bound by Nel son was shown to be a horribly bad Job the leather Tore As fit were paper Young then offered some of the vol Umes of the 1s95 census and they wore clone in Good leather verdict of this afternoon 1he jury in the Case of 0 c loonie is the news com Pany returned a verdict for the Plain Tiff of 52000 the jury was discharged a motion to set aside the verdict was at Onee made and will be argued be fore judge Stevenson loom is sued fur for alleged libel Avn its uti injunction the Seth Butler works would be pleased Mohave thecly authorities leave them alone without tearing Down their building at the Siisi end of Locust Street Bridge it is a two Story Frame building before the fire District was extended to include the Kite of the building there was a fire that partly Burn the place where tin soda water was made Butler re paired Tho damage without using the proper and Tho City authorities Thren Len to Lake Down the a gilding on u r t Joics ii Ellen Wagner and her son Wil Liam have begun suit against 11 Dhinsa a Well known Saloon keeper for 57900 damages that he sold liquor to the son a minor illegally two petitions Are filed of the damages asked is for the school fund there Are fifty eight counts each for each count sets Forth a specific illegal Sale William wag Ner by his Mother asks damages l000 for damages to his character sustained because of a protracted drunk for an alleged assault in the Saloon and for Money paid for drinks a Complete record of the payments for drinks is Given John h Cpl hns and Sam Ilardo indicted by the Brand jury were taken into custody today Collins was charged with breaking and entering Liardo with assault with intent to murder both pleaded not guilty one in every took insurance men Wirk Iliff hard for that result to is becoming pretty generally known that prominent insurance men Are making a decided Effort to induce All of the lire insurance companies doing business in Iowa to adopt i common form of Poshoy it was in the interests of mils uniform policy that if c to forty and t w Kuslis of Chicago visited Dos Loines a Cuk Vigo or Ketly had been appointed to study the Iowa Laws and to oversee tic getting up of n Stamen id form of policy which has Boon necessitated Liy the in Sura Rico measure pissed it the extra session it la understood that the policy is now being a non up in mid will be forwarded to the inn misers of the companies in the latter part this week i Jajeh company will a Senta form of and each will de cide Fot itself a to its acceptance of tie now form one of the provision sin the new Law is left we arc several companies have policies on who Samo risk and the property in entirely destroyed Tho full n mount of insurance must be paid by the companies if some of them arc insolvent Al lilo time of Tho ions the other companies arc held it will to decidedly of in Terest to Pomann los under hunh a pro vision is this to know of ally what kind of policy us neighbor companies arc do ing business with to in Hou Ovod to be Ono of Tho strongest org Wnenta in favor of a uniform policy Priido on head of Morales san Fukac Filco Ca sept latest news from oui Omaha received in tills City states hint a or Len of Hafl Boon Uin cml on tie Heads of or Spiro Morales the revolutionary louder and his hide Manuel Fuenta h is Alno Stard that an order to this effect has Boon promulgated by Rudt Kaufl Lynnr Row Oik with Cun Aratri Candy Catu Myrtlo euro constr Nailoa Borovor 10c22o of 000fall Dru pcs Monea Alai tells Colum bus convention of Muni Cipal ownership plans of City lighting was his subject tool of the old Gas and then of Klu Triu in Luis one person in every Ioir suiters from Pilch about one person in event four suf fers from some form of Recial ills ease the most common and annoying is itching piles indicated by warmth so Foht moisture and intense uncontrollable itching in the parts affected the usual treatment has been some simple ointment or Salve which some times Rives temporary Relief but Noth ing like a permanent cure can he expected from Smolk superficial treatment the Only permanent cure for itch ing pues yet discovered is the Pyramid 3ile cure not Only for itching piles but for every other form of piles Blind bleeding or protruding the first application gives instant Relief and Tho continued use for a Short time causes a permanent removal of the tutors or the Small parasites which cause the intense Uchel Najj and discomfort of itch ing piles Many physicians for a Long time sup posed that tie remarkable Relief afforded by thu Pyramid pile cure was because it was supposed to contain cocaine opium or similar drug but puch is not the cases Vecent careful analysis of the remedy showed it to be absolutely free from any cocaine opium or in fact any poisonous injurious drugs whatever sold by druggists at 50 cents per package Columbus Olio sept first Anniti Eon f evince of mayors and councilmen of the United states can Ada and Mexico was Cilke to order this morning by Slayer Black of this City one Hundred and sixty delegates Ura present the mayor introduced governor Bushnell who delivered die address of Welcome at the close of tie governors Welcome mayor Black presented mayor o a Collier of atlanta1 a who responded for the visitors mayor j31ack was made chairman of the convention after some debate it was agreed that the chairman of each delegation report at once to the Secretary of the Conven Tion that any municipal officer vouched for by tie chairman be admitted As Delegate that the chairman the convention appoint a committee on organization from ithe Roll As thus made up adjourned till afternoon Mac vicars speech at the afternoon session mayor Mac vicar of Des Moines spoke on Mui Vicinal lighting saying in part exceedingly Heth Lowers with clusters of electric lamp calculated to i Trot exp Tensive areas have been demonstrated a failure and arc generally Mabuni Jud As remarked by the mayor of one1 of our Iowa cities which has experimented with this system it is an excellent method of lighting the heavens but our people Are not usually travelling that Way towers 32o to 150 feet supporting two or four lamps and placed at of reticent intervals have in a few instances been successful but in Many others have been abandoned the suspension of electric lamps at Tho Center of Street intersections tie method most generally adopted is perhaps some what desirable because of is Wipior radiation but it mutilates the appearance of the streets to such an extent As to make the Mast Arm much preferable thirty live or forty feet in height is generally considered Tho most effective height for arc lamps but like most other questions this is open for Debute and those who have tried the Dici Erent methods differ in opinion us to their Desira oilily local conditions must largely govern of those cities operating municipal plants Kendall file ind shows the lowest Price and Laconia Wash the highest per annul for 2000 c p lamps of those lighted by private con tract Che Yumio Wyoming pays Tho highest rate lfi2 Minneapolis Benir next with per lamp the average paid for 2000 c p arc lamps by contract with private companies for Yll night and every night Servieri i Twenty nine of these cities is s10cs5 by municipal plants in nine cities jjc20 Tho average most Moon schedule by contract is by municipal Plant some Twenty cities Usu incandescent lamps in connection with arc lamps to flu Stritto the possibilities under Dif Ferent methods t wit refer to the experiences of Tho Eity of Des Moines when nearly two years ago our present administration took charge of in Scitzs of furs we found 123 Miles fits streets inadequately lighted with 1g7 2000 p arc lamps Moon schedule at 59c each 120 2000 c p pm lamps All night and every night at s12g each 318 Gas lamps of 1c c p1 at 1s each and 900 gasoline lamps of 14 c p at each Pur annul total expense including lighting of City buildings about annually Tho fuel that our City was without Money or Means to raise the Money to build a Plant because of us being at Tho constitutional limit of indebtedness my Lavo satisfied Trio local come units shut they had Little to fear from municipal ownership and As 1 will proceed to show they had reason to fed assured hey could make such a san Vang before the courts of Tho Cost of As to prevent any material reduction did we at tempt municipal control of rates the Des Moines water Power company which and been furnishing the City with to arc lights at pm and per annul or several years had gone into Liquida Tion a significant commentary upon Pri vate ownership and was limn operated by a Well known electrical manufacturing company which held numerous against it Here to thought to inst our Opportunity this company is losing Money and will certainly be anxious to sell to the City upon such terms As Ive can meet the president Ond Secre tary o the company shortly thereafter visited our City and a conference was Hal with them they offered to sell the Plant for the sum of in i por cent Bonds to was us iced that there was no apparent eagerness or anxiety on Tho pail of the company to dispose of the Plant Iven at those figures which May be explained by the fact that All negotiations fori his Purchase by the City cam1 Afono Jelv to an and balt Sain to Tho of neral Vicc talc company who had but a Shorf Lime be fore secured the local Edison Plant an estimate made by onr1 of Tho i is singers placed the Cost of replica if this Plant at y the actual As claimed this company Saj to be in tha of Jii Roox at the opera houses Theofun Niesto All modern farces my Friend from be the attraction at Fosters opera House to night seats on Sale it opera House pharmacy or and mrs Chas Wennerstrom of 1101 Mii Plo Street were pleasantly surprised by about seventy of Thor friends last even Iii the occasion lifting the ism Iueli anniversary of their a Han Duomo China set was presented to or and mrs Vennera Triin t air a Anderson who plan cd the wot Riiff March it the time of their marriage plan cd the March those present Wen or and mrs Henry Larson or and mrs a w Larsonjr and mrs aug or and mrs t a Laukman or and mrs a v Nelson or and mrs cams Carl son or and mrs o Allmart or and Man Otto Dnn Claon or and mrs Oscar in and mrs a x Anderson or and mrs a Lorn ii or and mrs Nelson or and mrs a Anderson or and mrs j he Luchok or and mrs v o Wenni Barff or and mrs k Llinat Herg or Arij mrs c Norton or and Riib Nowlon or and my k flied Linic or and mib or and Mih Carlson or mrs 0 a Larson or and my Carl Zinkin or and nil Malmgr and mrs Iford or nil Stol Kraii or and Mph flight put Ortlon a shh an Lii in Lenori inn of his 1cttraon Stan Obroin Olao nand Christy Uncle Sam makes a strike he commences to work a claim that beats anything in Hie Klondyke Minneapolis journal nearly of unpaid taxes found Oil the books help will be asked of the next legislature if it is not Sao Urcyl greater new Vork will have to shoulder it new York sept Herald says an examination of the financial departments of the various municipalities which will be consolidated into greater Newyork has revealed a shortage of from icoo000 to in Brooklyn unless special Legisla Tion is at Albany to prevent it this shortage will be saddled upon the taxpayers of greater City under the clauses of the charter creating greater new York the comp troller of the present City of new York wits required to examine and pass upon the accounts of the financial officers of the cities and towns that Are included in the different Borough two months ago comptroller Fitch appointed a number of expert accountants to do this work the accountants selected to go through the Hook of Brook Lyn found one of he first thing encountered was a discrepancy of Between the books of the comptroller and those of the Register of arrears of taxes this was found to represent unpaid taxes of Brooklyn which have been Al Lowed to accumulate year after year until Tho amount due the City is estimated at from to the largest part of this amount in Aid do be for personal tax and while t is included among the assets of the City of Brooklyn it is no collectible Are True to Bryan Massachusetts democrats ii Cimioro him and for 1o to 1 chiuiigu1 platform Plank Lor Plank is he torrid mansome thebe w c t u convention at Creston is a Success Creston la sept state w c t u convention opened morning with consecration service led by mrs Rhue Greenfield reports if officers were heard Liis afternoon this evening president Marion or Dunham will deliver her address a Large num Ber of delegates arrived today Tuffo trains wrecked bad Accident reported from Leon today Leon Iowa Konjit freight 7sto 114 ran into extra no 237 near Tho switch at this morning comply Coly demolishing the engines the engineers jumped no one was Hurt indulge in a class fight Sophs and preshies at Iowa City Pul hair Iowa sept freshmen and Sophomore classes engaged in in Init native fight at noon on that Caine in after a hours desperate lighting1 it was declared a draw Over Soo took part Marshall Clear Mann who at tempted to interfere wan knocked Down and run of the grounds Indian treaty Mario aids Cooke t t sept in sch and Croell have conc Fulcd a treaty flier Ecby the Crock indians agr co to Trio allo Meit and Chimiko in the form of their Illinois Tato Muir Ernin Rikio i Hanpt hoi Llori Piru pm Irons in oily from nil Pirts of lilo Taio in ii Kiml i lift reunions of Var Soufl Rubl Menlo Imil Neil Huu Horh Day Jit the state of nor main hrs of i to various fire form lab n Burma Miil to meet non fully it of nor time nolo Iio Lor Triy Wlms cohabit cure a Phi Worcester mass sept democratic state convention assembled hero today Lor the purpose of dialling in nomination candidates for governor lieutenant governor Secretary of state auditor treasurer receiver general and attorney general it is claimed by the democratic organization proper that the Gold democratic Clement in tills state has been almost completely extinguished however this maybe to Days convention stands on the Chicago platform in straightforward and unflinching adherence to the cause of Sil ver and will run the slate Campaign this year with free coi Magcas tie Only and Square out Issue the composition of the committee on resolutions insures a rousing manifesto it includes in its membership Robert treat Paine or chairman Joseph Ward Louis John f Shew an William p Courtney and Walter s Rasdell representing Trio live largest towns in the state owing to his extreme personal popularity Noth ing will be done to disturb the position of cd judge John w Cochrane a Mem Ber of tie National committee although he is the chief head of the Gold fraction a delegation from tie state convention of populists inhere and is willing to fuse with the democrats if the latter will adopt a platform substantially tie same As that of Trio populists and allow a fair representation of their own in the Field the to ulysls will support George Fred Williams for governor Only with the proviso that he runs on their plat the platform opens with a declaration enunciated in the Chicago platform and expresses appreciation of bryans Tampa Jan then it Malcos an on the effects of the de monetization of Silver and demands Tho i at 1c 10 1 the slur Miiko on the worlds Rood crops has raised the prices of our products largely eliminating the Competition of Silver using coun tries that the recurrence if Good crops will renew their Competition and reduce Tho prices of agricultural products opposes the of National Bank notes for greenbacks fays of the miners strike 1 it the people remember this Mas at Latimer and resolve that gov Crimont Liy injunction shall not be Toler Tod Trio us Nelcy Tariff is i n measure enacted on Tho imperious demands of Trio corpor Allons which i Conerl bled to the scandalous re Pali j Alcan Campaign is considerable dissatisfaction because of Tho action of Tho Tull Lille Center Motyli Odout ups Copil in reassigning Hov w m Delloy to thai place it grown out of tin famous Lawyor will Caso in which Dudley figured 11 Lias been that Dudley would to son Anol Hor place because or lilo fool ing aroused forecast for town fair tonight and avoid gusday warm Erin East portion to night Lor Dos Moines and to night and wednesday southerly winds Deal manufacturers believed to have agreed new York sept corporation for the control of the manufacture of Plain and Barb wire and wire nails is on the Point of completion it has not been already completed the Stock of this Gigantic corporation is to be listed on the new York Stock Exchange where it promises to become one of the leading Industrial properties taking rank next to sugar mid tobacco John w Gates of Chicago and col i n Elwood of de Kalb til both of whom Are on governor tanners staff and b h Gary an Atto Hicy with an of Litie in the same building with the Illinois steel company in Chicago left yesterday after having held numerous important secret conferences with leading Eastern manufacturers and local financiers Merritt funeral Many pay their last respects to him today Tho run inns of Douglass d Merritt Whoso unexpected de Atli coi Isreil in Denver col a week ago were brought to Des Moines last evening and interred in Woodland cemetery today Tho u was hold from the residence of j d Snoberger this afternoon Rev 7 Everest Cathell Rector of St Pauls episcopal Church officiating Tho deceased was a former Dos Moines boy Whoso friends were numer Ous and when he left for Denver some time ago to accent a position with a Colorado he carried with him Tho Sam traits of character which had made him popular in Dos Moines today his body Lay in Stato in Thyl Seeberger mansion amidst the most Beautiful Floral emblems that can testify to who into of sorrowing friends about forty pounds of Flowers accompanied Tho casket from the West and it was greeted upon its arrival with Many Beautiful tokens the Denver Flowers contained two magnificent pieces rates ajar besides to immense Cross and Crown several Large pillows and wreaths the Des mollies offer Ings Woro mostly of Cut Flowers immense clusters of american Beauty and other varieties of roses fairly covering the casket mrs George flu use mrs Harry West mrs h s Chase and miss Mary Stewart look charge of Tho arrangement of the Floral emblems the funeral services were very impressive or and mrs Keeler or c ii Sweeney and miss Carrie Laird furnished quartet music while messes Warren Girver Charles hogs Thomas Hurley h s Chase e c Chase Fred Brinsmaid and Dan Pinch served As pall hearers struck trains three kill Oil on a Leai proud Cio Ohio to nil strikes a hand car Mill Kilis Throe ii Ester a sept per sons were killed on the Baltimore Ohio tracks at Carrcroft this molding Liy is passenger train crashing into a Wagon the dead Mytko Dobrisky George Baldwin Maud Baldwin Tho last two Are children o sept heavy Fok so obscured the track that a hand car was struck near Here by an inspecting train Oil the Musk Ngum Val Ley Road three Section men wore killed and two injured the dead Edward Davis win Jed Halsey William mtcnfi5e said the grave Gray Booso to her Gosling Joil t will him just Glide or people along Murway May mistake you for a Turkey quoth Madam Turkey dont walk so mat it do move with Moro animation my son think a dim a fio filing would to such it m Lupton in the Independent Tho full term at Jerown Nelv Orbly Lias Heliin and among promo non Awn Tho Nock Feller York to finial Olhs at last has Sot his a flu to ride did he immune us Hoin Candy it nil n report that to didst want ii to travel or undo Ham will v to i i will remain Trio irrigation promoters from several Western states meet have plans to greatly Ben fit the West president Moses outlines the Worle in his speech this afternoon Lincoln neb Sopt sixtltf1 annual irrigation Congress opened to Day Tho delegates from thirteen states Eruen rolled this morning1 presence of representatives of a Ber of Western railways was a sour Caj of Grantiii cation to the of fliers of whet Congress the exec Ulivi Board met this morn and decided to leave the arranged ment of vibe program to the presidenfc1 and Secretary and that the president elected last year g by oui of fornia act As temporary president j the Congress assembled this of Terry noon after the welcoming speeches and responses president Moses of the if executive committee delivered an dress chairman Slos Oss speech or e it Moses chairman of the Rioual executive committee said in part the people of the United states know More of their own country in Orden to judge intelligently of the wants and needs of any print of it and then they must have that love of country to Strong in their hearts that they forget self Sec Tion Birthplace and Stato desire to build up America As Tho of Tho free and the Home of Tho Brave when this is done there will to no longer a flaunting of Tho Halo pay shirt it every hustings or in every spead Eagle speech the constant repetition of a solid a grasping East a frigid North and a wild and wooly West the time has come when this nation like the other nations of Tho Earth must Uver to on the Alert in making due and ample prepare Aldu for Tho Comfort and happiness of her people this govern ment founded As it was upon that grand and paternal proposition to secure the blessings of Liberty and happiness to our selves and can in longer forget her posterity than it futher can his child forgot them i say by withholding from them for settlement the Many thousand of Homes that lie in this Western country that Are their Birthright As much so As the homesteads that Are now Tho list Luis of Jiny True Bravo and nolo american citizens heretofore this gov Ermont has been most generous with her free Homes for her people the people living in this Section Are most patriotic and generous their arms Are extended to receive nil Good citizens within their Borders while Many of Tho 2000000 or More Idle and homeless people in Tho crowded and congested cities of the cast arc looking for the time when these Western lamps Are made available settlement philanthropists mid humanitarians seethe great Opportunity for solv ing one of tint most vital Iii Sercius questions of the settlement of the Worth unemployed and homeless upon these lands while politicians and statesmen realize tie Flint if tiny do not carry it into practice Slutt thu safety and Jiorle Tully of this government lies in hav ing Homes for us worthy Citi Zens miss Freeman Here few director the y w c a Heidy to commence work schedule Clasner Sivori out Are Busy very Shiriff is in readiness for the formal fall opening of the City y w c a which will take place next Friday evening at the Parlours of the association on fourth and Locust streets Ite Fular class work will begin the Fol lowing week Urt usual interest attaches to the opening work of the association this year from the fast that a new Secreti iry phys enl director come to take the t places made vacant by of miss Mary u Stover and miss Belle r Hughes who were associated in those offices for the two years miss Scevers of new Secretary this been i the City Cor some time and hos already become fairly is table Slit in Lar i Hhd work today Tia director miss Helen m Freeman arrived she came in this morning Over the Wabash from St Louis and visited y w c a rooms immediately she remained there for an hour or More hut left before the time of the noon lunch noon girls begun to arrive they testified to their interest in the arrival of the new teacher by manifesting a decided sire to catch a glimpse of her miss Freeman comes All uie Way from Cardinal a to Talce up the work of physical director in the Des Moines y w c a she is a typical Southern Juirl of attractive personal appearance and Speaks with a charming accent were her eyes Blue or Brown asked one of the gymnasium girls this noon they were Blue answered the or a Beautiful Violet color she is a Young woman in spite of the fact that her appearance a extremely Youthful she in a graduate of or andersens school at new Haven Illie same school of which miss Hughes was a graduate and miss Freeman will use the same system of physical culture which was taught by miss Hughes during the past two years the schedule of gymnasium classes will to the same As last year subject it May be to a few changes the sched Irto of educational classes has been completed and was sent to the Printer Liis morning they will probably be ready for distribution by thursday morning the Complete list of classes and their arrangement is As follows Ril Sical training p in p m p in a m p m m p in p m pm p m a m p m p m p m class a in educational classics p m music Llda Thompson English Olive Mckenry beginning German Lucy Allanach p m noon talks 730 p m advanced German 7us w t 0 Hidich history a talc Oll creat conversational French Circle mrs s h p m shorthand Agnes Martin m Chauthi Iqual a lilo study secret fury p Leterr Liture Carolina Sheldon is a class of people who no injured by thei Liso i co too Ito a tally there ims been Nowc Caln film occur Lorca n new culled cira1no Milo of pure grains Ili Ift Tankoy Tho Plano at inf to Tho most doll duo stomach to Cclara it without ills ran find but few can to lit from Coffee it docs not Cost Over 4 ns8 much children Rony drink it with grit Benelly Conla my Lii cents per Mckugo try itt
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