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Des Moines Daily News Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1917, Page 4

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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - September 15, 1917, Des Moines, IowaTub is 15 Price in Dos Molnes and immediate Vicinity if Kue where two Carrier if rvs week the news receives he iriss Tilro dispatches the Des Moines news Lang St paid ciiullat10n in w k Keillor k Day j v snively be Khor business manage eur Freit it do mos ii Iowa As cond class Winall Kun Dir issues Ivy mall where there is no news a jest it thin a fir 40s a Uig Iuli deeds not words will prove the reality of German reforms impudence reached its Climax when kaisers socialist tool Scheidemann gave out the statement cabled Here and recently published in the news which practically demanded that the allies Lay Down their arms on the Promise that the democratic forces of Germany after the War will clip the claws of Kaiser ism the Best reason Why the allies will do no such thing is himself and Cre Tures of his sort who have bulked so Large in what has passed for German democracy on his own showing Scheidemann is either a pol Troon or a both before the War he and his fellow jabber ers talked much of democracy and internationalism but they always ducked for cover when the militarists rattled their sabers after the War began they crawled on their hands and Knees to the foot of the throne to lick the kaisers boots they applauded the ruin of Belgium and practically every act of frightful less they echoed the boasts of German efficiency and Kultur in the Reich Stag they voted the Money to pay the assassins of Belgium and Northern France later on when the militaristic game had reached its losing stage and peace was Neces sary it was Scheidemann and his crowd of sleek Well fed counter parts of our own fat bergers and unctions were employed to spread the nets of the Stockholm conference and the Kindred peace traps ii fashioned in the workshops of Germany or her Neutral tools Holland Sweden or Denmark to the real socialists of Germany the Small remnant of real democracy remaining in the country Scheidemann and his clique Are Kaiser socialists and have been denounced As such to the entire world by Haase led Bour and Liebknecht if German democracy is to be achieved either during or after the War it will have to be achieved by other hands than the fatted paws of Scheidemann and his kind if Ger Man democracy depends on such people its cause is indeed desperate never before the War did their opposition to autocracy amount to More than Windy harangues in the Power less debating society called the Reich Stag after the War began it never amounted to More than a feeble squeak of protest at some particularly revolting phase of fright fullness and whenever the Kaiser called them to the task they obediently undertook the work of trying to get a German peace by Hood winking the Liberal forces of the Allied can anyone imagine German democracy led by such creatures As Scheidemann Over throwing Kaiser ism after a War which ends in a successful peace for the Kaiser no if the German people want peace they can get it by paying the Price which is the overthrow of autocracy but they must de liver the goods first their record requires payment in Advance for they never showed that they could Rule themselves before the War and by allowing themselves to be ruled by autocracy and led into War they have Cost the world millions of lives billions of prop erty and Heartbreak immeasurable they proved unfaithful to the world once cannot be trusted again until they prove by deeds not words that they mean to Rule themselves to Call an end to the War if Only the allies will fall into the trap of a German peace there Are undoubtedly mutterings among the German people there is undoubtedly unrest in the Germany army and these things Are heightened by the 1acl that the British have won ground from the germans in Flanders the French in France and the italians in Austria in such a state of affairs with the allies on the Western and italian fronts More than standing firm with America preparing to throw its great Power into the scale there was great need of something that would hearted the German Armand the German people therefore there ensued the Campaign which resulted in the taking of the Baltic port of Riga it was not really a fight it was a cake walk the russian army on that front has degenerated into a Mere cowardly mob it did not put no even the semblance of a Battle it gave up Riga without even taking the trouble to destroy guns and munitions and supplies hardly Ever in the history of War has an invading army had so easy a time the win Ning of Riga adds no laurels to the German arms but the exigencies of the situation at Home require that this Riga business be inflated the German people must be lifted out of their depression they must be made to forget the failures in Flanders at Verdun and on the Iso Iuo they must be Given some rhetorical Pap the result is that by acceleration on the Pait of the officials Berlin is All be flagged in Honor of the Riga Victory the Bells Are rung they have not so been rung since the mighty Hindenburg was made Generalissimo and the Kaiser Falls in line replying to a congratulatory message from the merchants of Lubeck William Hohenzollern in his usual pompous style says the important Success of our heroic troops again proves to the world and our enemies that Germany army and people altho always ready to terminate the terrible War Are firmly determined with unbroken strength and unshaken will for Victory to carry thru to a Happy end the War of de sense editorial ettes one Man went to War because didst Wash his shirts in the trenches hell be Happy if he can Wash them himself his Why dont the swedish diplomats in America to get food from Uncle Sam Cable their eatables from Argentine cablegram say that Wilsons reply to the Pope made a profound impression in Germany we believe it weve never heard of a madder lot than those autocrats whom Woodrow basted How it Felt when i died in Hereward Carrington tells in the words of a slain Soldier How he was killed lost consciousness and awoke in another world by Here lard Carn Neton in i interview Itlie Krikli is Kerby Hov does it Teel to be killed in Batty eve Are the Ansi Uius of a Elihu Root urges the lawyers to sound a cry of alarm Over the War say if the lawyers Are getting scared heres where we begin to quiver the Telegram of a desperate Kaiser the German people want they dread another Winter of War conditions they know How terrible Are the sufferings of the men in the trenches when the cold blasts sweep Down freezing their feet numbing their fingers chilling their lungs they know the toll of death taken by rheumatism and pneumonia they also fear the Winter at scant food cold Homes shivering women and children and dying old people Al these things put the leaders in a mood Russia must be beaten first says Hin Denburg and Hes begun it but theres considerable history to prove that Russia must be beaten first last and All the time russians sure Are the Blue ribbon comeback ers the Kaiser might eat his thanksgiving Turkey in Riga being that Paris int inviting him still there May be enough in the capture of Riga to warrant Chancellor Mike to talk Sassy to the Reich Stag according to his personal account every woman whom sir James Gerard met while ambassador at Berlin was Beautiful gee what a snap Jim had for four years a l Urick says a multitude of sins hide pm Money covers but it dont every once in a while Uvo air Milanes Are in collision the sky like the Well known Earth and tie single track Railroad seems to be a Small place after Al be York papers say Green Turtle is being eaten there is a substitute for beef is there no limit to con Serrations some Fellows arc drink ing Vrine to save Beer we heard some talk yesterday of a 75cent Ess club Anil we Are very much in fear that it will be organized for the men who were talking of it arc grocers you can see what happens when the old mans right Arm int Strong enough to run the ranch Adam and eve Alexander and Draga Nicholas and Alexandra Constantine and Sophia we expect to add Gustav and Vic Toria to the list one of Toliese Days breakfast food on August 31 at the Church o so John the evangelist Artlis Henry egg son of or and mrs w f egg of Montreal to effic1 Graham Hogg daughter of the tale or and mrs Alfred Graham o eng Montreal can Gazette 1a san Francisco Vire regarding the dynamite cases tells us that Frank Oxman is an Oregon cattle Man Kev Ivory Cadley lives in fort Hancock n j a j is attached Loba so Hospital no 16 e m Balmyr is an undertaker in Denver and Beulah Sloppy lives in i run to Call the doctor Only when it is absolutely acc wary advises one of the officers of he american hos a Handbill circulated by John loot sheriff of Leeco Opelika 1 want him Worllie anywhere on Earth except in Ger Many Ilobert Turner alias b f a has anything else Hes sleep Over Pital association we Call Ana what shall has mis kicks Shinbo bight times Pav him will swipe a billio Goat or Hook a cow he can drive any kind of ear Ami he actually Triff to slea my Ford when he escaped and if he had got that i would Haxe offered s200 for him arrest and wire me and i will come with the dough which Lias Al ready been made up Mary Garden has returned from Iranee with report that she is pounds lighter than Nolien she went have been keeping careful Tab on marys reports for the past four or five years Antl we film she has lost a total of 137 pounds making her present weight in the neighbor Hood of 175 comes from new York tha skirts will be Shorter than Ever next Winter this is going to be a coun try of Universal headache some eyestrain anyway slackers will find i harder than Ever to hide he Hin women Skirls a slight mistake George t Waterman was kick in the Mouth last thursday by on of his horses the intend to kick his Soldier Ai the moment of death is u possible for the spirit world 10 give those still in the mortal a picture of it is like to Ole imagine a Soldier in the midst of the hell of modern Battle picture him encumbered with his equipment 5 he struggles Forward thru the Orn lines of barbed around craters slipping and sliding in mud with comrades dropping Eside him and the tremendous Din Battle ringing in his ears Sull enly he feels a Sharp stinging sen alien he is hit lot me take us Ifil experience now in his own words How he Felt e Felt the Earth come Tut and to rift hard n against my forehead i had fallen i Felt a kind of darkness come Over me but could not move after n Little the strange ring no of the combat which was in i pars As f fell left me the Mist clearer from my eyes r could see Only dimly but enough to know that my comrades were Ching forced Buck they were running past All around me in a moment i was suit ounce by com comrades were making a stand directly Over where 1 Lay our men fought Klespe Intel As they retreated and Many of the pursuing foe fell in their tracks one was aiming his piece directly above me when he fell shot thru the head lie fell directly across me with a terrible weight j Kral Lucs de Atli i tried to move but was too weak i could Only suffer and think others fell thick around me a Shell burst was the kist i remember All was perfect silence the sounds of All hushed i believe i must have been in a perfect dreamless sleep for i Felt and Paw nothing then awoke 1 Felt Well peaceful Happy sly Comrade was standing near me John i cried you Here i thought you were Dent i am he replied so arc you 1 Felt dazed i could not realize it it took me Many horns to real ize that i forever from the horrors of that Battle Angels slant by finally began to realize it since then 1 have watched the coming of Many spirits from the the emotions they Mam fest arc As different As the dispositions they each and in life Somo Are perfectly bewildered when they arise from their bodies Are filled with terrible hatred and Only desire to wreak vengeance on the enemy Many meet dear friends who await their coming guardian Angels stand by the Side of All to conduct them to the land where wars shall cease forever that is a synopsis of one of the Many graphic accounts Given thru a medium by the returning spirit of a Soldier killed in Battle it is one of Many similar communications from dead soldiers Pur porting to come from the spirit world message thru medium in Many of the cases cited the which comes thru the medium presents proof of the identity of the speaker of which the me Lum could not be expected to know ii of Courjon can be explained on for by which the medium might Ether stance from other minds knowl Edge s u a Poser to come from i c spirit world rut on whatever ground it is taken it presents Sim ply a piece of a Valence More or less important Anil to he weighed with Many other pieces of evidence studied in connection with experiments before we can reach any definite conclusion this belief that there is a Perloni of greater or lesser unconscious Ness immediately after death is me with frequently in spiritualistic lit e rat ure and Many statements could be quoted to like effect from turning spirits it is quite reasonable scientifically to think tha such should be the Case the unconscious if for instance one were in a Raj Road Accident and were suddenly knocked unconscious by the fore of a blow on ones head and after Ward consciousness were recovered there is always this bewilder Mei even Here when we come Back t the material world and Are still possessed of our Ordinary bodies sense organs and faculties it is on Honable to suppose therefore tha some such Shock As that describe should take place when the Spir wakes up and finds itself Othor world entirely with another body and with so great a different in environment and feeling Kroon the psychological Point of View therefore there is nothing in congruous in this statement on the contrary it is Only what we should expect from what we know simple method used to Stop All strikes Washington sept by building for Tho first time a real led Letlon Bridge Between capital nil labor Tho United slates Hopes o prevent nil strikes mid Oil Stop Iko of War work the principle has already been worked out in the construction of he army ship Andin aviation work it loped to extend it to every Muni Ion Plant con Zillfo of three Trio Seh cinc is simple for in stance the Cantonment arrange nent the first adopted is covered y a Brief note signed by Secretary Basciand Samuel compere a p of la president it provides a committee of three Gompers names one Baker names nos to represent lie Arjay and an Thor to Rcpt Cescot Tho Public this commission adjusts wages hours of labor Etc As a Bash o standards itunes Tho Union a Cal i Foice june 1 1017 in the locality derision binding when a dispute arises Between cont motors and workmen work at the Cantonment in not stopped the adjustment commission sends an examiner to get All he facts and mediate if to fulls he reports to Hie commission with his recon rend atom the commission has the last say and its decision is binding the plan adopted for the ship Yards is slightly More involved record breaking crop predicted in Argentine United press Buenos Aires sept viewing the crop estimates for current season the Buenos Aires Standard drawn the conclusion that the Republic seems Likely to have a record breaking yield but it questions whether this will do the coun try much Good under existing circumstances the Outlook would be most encouraging says the Standard if we could count upon freighters to carry the Grain to hungry Europe but will Europe be hungry enough to Purchase Argentina Grain i Bidav that will depend upon what the allies think Willbo Argentina position politically when the Harvest is gathered they Are making every Effort now to so liar Man lie their pooled produce As to make purchases from Neutral Sas Light As possible not because neutrality is a crime to be punished but a policy that will not be in coir aged freighters will be very scarce when neutrals ask for them to carry their produce o the War bitten markets women May save the Northwest Apple crop so in cd a toss Portland Ore sept i5 Omen working in the Box factories in Tho Northwest May save the no pie crop of the three states Washington Idaho and Oregon this was Tho Prospect today Fol lowing the conference yesterday Tor Box makers and apply growers of the Northwest Scarcity of hoses threatens a Large part of the crop shirt the growers the Box makers explained hit strikes had reduced their output free Berton Braley its look into this free speech proposition what is free speech anyway to hear t lot of the pacifist and Proucy mans youd think free speech meant the right to say anything you please but it Doest and it never did any More than Liberty of action Means the right of doing anything you please free speech Means simply that you May say what you please so Long As you dont inter Fere with anybody else life Liberty and Pursuit of happiness by what you express so free speech Lias limits right from the Start if in the exercise of free speech you injure a fellow mans reputation legitimate business or righteous activities you can be sued for libel and made to pay for it if in the exercise of free speech you spread obscenity advocate murder or preach grand Lar Ceny the is democracy concerted idea of step in and put you in jail Why because humanity has decided that these things you advocate Are bad for Mankind and you by supporting them will injure the Public weal thus free speech in the very nature of tilings cant be wholly Floc very Well then Are engaged in the great War tic prosecution of that War is almost our Kole business now tvs must Send munitions Sti Ulics to France if we arc to carry on effectively free speech which works directly or indirectly to Cut Down the men munitions or supplies thru indecision strikes dissension and riot acts As Aid ail Comfort to our enemies and that according to an obscure document known As the Constitution of the United states with Whicha Large number of our pacifist friends seem to be unfamiliar is treason among other limitations on free speech Lias always been the prohibition of its use in treasonable form All of which leads to the logical conclusion that democracy has a perfect right to suppress that sort of free speech which tends to injure the body politic and that pacifist pro German and i w w who shriek that the Republic is in danger because officers of the Law wont let them preach treason arc talking rot Washington strangled that sort of free speech Lincoln choked it off when the unions life was at stake and if the country is to do the work it has in hand and make this world a decent place to live in free of the menace of Prussia ism and murder the sooner these protagonists of sedition and disloyalty these Blind apostles of Craven pacifism Are muzzled and silenced the better for the themselves kor if the prussian beast stalks Victor Over the world the Only speech that will be free is Bloch Der Russia still a Factor in War says Root Chicago sept is just As much order in Russia today As therein in Tho United states and maybe More this statement was Trade today by Liliu Root former Secretary of state on ills arrival to address a Fiat notice meeting tonight Russia is still a Factor in Tho War and will continue to to added my opinion regarding that Lias not changed since my last pub Lic statement in the East despite to present trouble with general Korniloff i supposing the 2000000 germans e removed from the Eastern to the Western front before the United states could get fully into action there you can readily see Wiat Russia is doing in that regard to Aid the allies As crooked As a Ija Irol of snakes two charges grand larceny and one for breaking jail description age 24 o 27 5 it id in weight 145 to 155 ibs Blue eyes Sandy hair Reddish completion reman nose Here about 1 Oclock a m july 31 wearing Blue Overall Salt had two Palm Beach suits with him pair an shoes and pair Tennis shoes Broad brim Black Liat and Cap will steal anything that is not red hot and Naillo Down will take a Panama 1m or a Palm reach suit of Wool underwear in the sum Mer will let a horse take up with e horse did no master the horse thought it was another i orc la Mirror what has become of the old fashioned Man who raid we have no quarrel with the German people and likewise what has become of the a cent loaf Llinat to Over said he was going to give is Xot that we have any no Arryl with the you can Call it n Figlilo Mission Enro Ute Home by Rilei Artst Kepi 15tlv red Cross Mission to Russia is in route Homo via Pekin according to a Cable received today at Headquarters Here the Mission composed of american i cd Cross workers s lie add by or Frank rulings Chi a headed b Chautauqua hit draft the Call of the army has been Felt among Tho various Chautauqua bureaus the Midland circuit with the closing of Tho season september lost Many Des Moines and Iowa boys who were called to the colors Victor England Tenor and a Stu Dent of Sim College was one of the first to to drafted h w Shadle and Cecil Sari student of Drake employer As platform manager and ent worker were also called Rii Adle oin cd an aviation unit in Georgia the Rev Walter Zimmerman act user has enlisted As chaplain in the army Raymond Sayer of Simp son College and prof h v Lmh Erie of Penn College will do v m c a work in army Camps one of the most noted lecturers Wilh the Midland co Alfred h Oconnor survivor of the Somme was drafted a paralysed Arm received from Battle wounds win prob ably exempt him from service a croatian Orch Eslia composed of six austrian who left Tho province of Croatia at the outbreak of the european War suffered a loss o three men Peter Savich the Mai Ater of the company and two other members will fight under the Star and stripes Savich has a a Rollini now serving in the austrian army women made a Rush on bargain Bales of furs at Cleveland o the Giber stay with Tho Mercury around is steel co issues big Block of Stock today r u cited press Newark n j kept them steel corporation Stockhold is meeting hero today voted to 1s tie of new 8 per cent referred Stock and to authorize an n crease of in common Stock to provide for conversion of he preferred All stockholders voted n favor of these issues except Clar ence h Venner and his associates voted 200 preferred and 100 common shares against them Navy overcrowded is Daniels announcement Fly Rilei Pertll kept Navy Lias become so overcrowded thai Secretary Daniels has ruled that College men can return for this Winters training Tho they will be called Back to actual service next summer when More ships and Sta tons will be available enlistment for Hie Navy has been halted because of Tho number of men on hand who cannot he Acorn moated in ships and stations prof Raven drops dead United press e scan a Isa Mich sept 15 prof f Haven head of the department of husbandry at Michigan agricultural College dropped dead Here today As he stepped into a Sci Aurant heart trouble was Given is the cause he came Here from Chicago where to had Icen attending the Wool Grov cars convention says Wilson to take Grain by Unitta Vittli kept resident Wilson is prepared to commandeer wheat held up by sort Luvester Farmers was the statement of representative liver North Dakota today based he said on a talk with Herbert Hoover Al hoovers office confirmation of this was lacking Bacr shirt Hoover told him the action of Farmers holding up wheat until operations of Mills is threat ened is disloyal and the presi Dent will use his War Powers to commandeer Grain if the Farmers continue to take that stand Haer says Farmers in the North West Arent holding Hack their Grain but that the Harvest is late and the crop scarce six to jail fail to pay Fine by United Precit Washington sept woman party pickets were sen ten cd to 30 Days each in jail when they refused to pay fines of for flaunting suffrage banners in front of the White House yesterday those who will join the pickets at Occoquan Are mrs Frederick Wil lard Kendall Hamburg x y miss Ruth Crocker Hinsdale Iii miss Xmas Samara Din Kiev Russia miss Anna Gvinter Altimori mrs Merck Jackson Baltimore and miss Kath Crynn Fisher Washington two billion added to urgent deficiencies Bill Washington sept 15ovcr was added to the urgent deficiencies Bill when the House began work on it today in Stead of isio000000 Tho measure will carry close to All extra expenditures Are for unprotected War purposes chairman of Tho House appropriations committee said Cuti Cura soap is easy shaving for sensitive skins the new up1rrfaie Callow a met food Box cars May carry Coal Westward now by United Preis Harrisburg in sept carrying Coal Westward in hos cars May become common under Permis Sion granted railroads today by the Public service commission Box cars May to supplied a mine without being charged against the allotment of Coal cars for such i ties Sample copy Oil news from Wyoming Fields production developments and Outlook in Salt Creek big Muddy grass Creek Greybull Byron and Elk Basin Fields general Survey of Wyoming Oil published on the ground write for free copy Paterson Wyoming news n Basin Wyoming who is your neighbor see Cdv sunday the Fiji with Dustin Farnum Harper sons mini obis Chrono Boaro of Trade of Cumming Blix Dismo inks a j Ware Leland members new York Stock Exchange Chicago Board of Trade and other exchanges direct private wires solicited

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