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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - June 6, 1908, Des Moines, IowaPool experts sundays news will contain a Page feature on local Pool players of Des Moines dont miss it in inn of Enterprise Atio cution and Thunder a torn it get and sunday stationary Teap Era last City edition Des Moines daily news vol 211 Des Moines Iowa saturday june 6 1908 one cent starts tomorrow a new serial the soul of Croesus will Start in the news tomorrow get a sunday news big fight lower her flutes ordinance drawn for a reduction of from 20 to 30 per order pumping station moved insisting that water rates in Des Moines ave from 20 to 30 per cent Coo High and that a general reduction should be made officials of the water company have to appear before the Council Mon Day and showcase if they can Why rates should not be lowered an ordinance pre scribing the reduction hns been by w h Baily Corpora Tion counsel and will be presented at the meeting officials of the water company Are asked to make a statement of the of coir Lunert on Pago 3 column g Cummins is still a Republican governor Cummins was asked today concerning the primary election its bearing on the election next novem Ber and the progressive cause in Iowa he expressed his appreciation for the fight his friends made for him and said the progressives Are All Good republicans and consider the results of the primary election As final we will continue to fight for the things we have fought for in the past for the reason that they Are just As important and the principles just As vital now As Ever the re publican ticket will be elected next november of that i am sure i right reverend monsignor Flavin Vurhl leave Des Moines on wednesday june 17 for new York and on the following saturday he will sail for Ireland he expects to be gone for two or three months while indie lie will visit his brother Cannon Flavin whom he has not seen for some time he has decided that owing to the lateness of the year he will to probably not visit Home Woodmen memorial services Sun Day lodges Honor their dead 1 i neighbors join Des Homes Woodmen and Royal neighbors will hold memorial services for their dead members sunday in k of p Hall i key Rowland Hanson will deliver memorial address arid every Wood Brien Camp in Des Moines and Valley Junction will be represented in tin services the mortuary record of the Camps is to be read by the recorders tale two organizations will hold Spe social services one for the Woodmen fend one for the Hoyal neighbors ready to turn steam into Republican presidential machine How cogs work the system by which a great party registers its Choice of candidates for presi Dency and vice presidency by Gilson Gardner stuff special to the news Chlu Alro june All republicans in the United states the territories and the territorial possessions Are supposed to Hare their voice and vote in the assemblage known As a re pub attendance now about 12000 s Miller presides Over the meeting in Tabernacle today Des Monck has Seldom seen Sulci h religious meeting As the one which was held in the Pavilion at the Stalo fair grounds today Kive thousand people men nut women from nil Over the United states gathered in tile great Tabernacle to hear the sermons from Hev l w Teeter find Rev j w Lear they had come hundreds some of them thousands of Miles to attend just such meetings As the one this morning and one could not hut i impressed Wilh the sincerity and earnestness of he Brethren on the platform in front of file great audience were 11 Hundred of the continued on pose 3 co Lunan 4 Chain of five generations mrs Margaret Illyff Gran Mouier of k c Humphrey of the fair store died today at the Home of her Daugh Ter 3407 third Street Highland Park mrs Illyff was is years old and had lived in mollies for Many years by the death of mrs i lilt n Chalu of five generations is broken she had Livin in Des Moi neg the Cihi Blicaus National Conven Tion will assemble at Chicago june 1c it will probably adjourn june 20 total number of delegates to be present 9so business the nomination of n candidate for president of the United states candidate for vice president of the United Stales the drafting of a party platform and business pertaining to the National organization of the Republican party Alcan National convention the assemblage which will meet in Tea coliseum in Chicago 16 will have its represent Latles from forty six states territories the District of Columbia Alaska Hawaii the Philippines Nikl Porto Rico the number of delegates represent ing each state is proportioned to Hie population the representation in Congress is taken As a guide and for each member of the House of repro continued on Pace 2 cd Emu 5 club House is t business men of Des Moines propose to have a place to entertain its noted visitors of the curia to com sum Chicago june is a View of Hie coliseum As arranged Tor a it was turned Over to nil army of workmen detailed to place h in Simpo Tion that nominated Roosevelt four years Truk logo wus placed at the Slid lie at the end As it appears in the picture the illustration gives n a cml idea of the vast Roii of floor space incl the great stretch of galleries there will in seats at i lie convention for about 801x1 sine tailors concert mid he condition in which for the convention at the Donvon tie Hall this year it will of in cilia e i torus n the Slot if the Hopes of the y w c a Are fulfilled will be garnered into the Treasury by Nightfall several big gifts of a number of thousands each Are pending and the association Hopes to secure i hem by j inf org committee that his Over More was and w win Fant evening ded to the fund this morning much of this was the contribution of Post office employees every one is working with feverish Energy today and enthusiasm is at a High pitch a Liberal donation from the Street railway company was Given yester Day sixteen order will be bluffed into gambling cd Jour dealers Thivan tint revolt Ngi inst Ilie a file Law shot Uin Clunes called on Chiin yesterday demanding that they be juror timed gets new trim in Echus u i la Ringolf n juror in the Case of mrs k m Randolph my inst the Cuttno Hospital and oth ers expressed his opinion before lilo Case was tried in court canned judge Miller to order a trial Kulnys tie aft on is a contest to break the will of the late jimmies Hamilton Ivelio left a Small Fortune to the Hospital if killed four killed six fatally la one of the most important Steps Ever taken towards i greater Des Moines was the announcement today that Busi Ness men of the City have organized a nonpartisan Asso Lialiou for the purpose of erect no a handsome new club Ottise the purpose of it is to pro vide the City with suitable quarters where notable visitors can be entertained in an appropriate manner and where siness men can gather to moot and entertain their friends in acid out of the City a Elul of this nature is one of the most so Rions needs of Des Moines and the one thing that has been n drawback n Hie entertainment of prominent Leople when they were Here every City in the United states of any can sequence can boast of one of these continued on Pongre s column 4 look outran due sunday Vienna june work allowed to install Lam Lii is of for men were filled and seventeen others i err f n Stu More or less seriously injured by an i explosion this morning in a celluloid Dick of the Little wheel Aro factory at Ottar Long a suburb of missed and their absence cause a not Vienna country press hysterical Over election result nolo decrease in Recci Pir the Deal ers want Vliem Hack again an organixiitiou1 of Cigar dealers and Oiler institutions not being satisfied with flooding the country Day after Day causing great loss old Jupiter Pluvus is going to spill Over again tonight and keep it up the greater of sunday in intermit tent periods at least this is what or Clu Ippel of the United states Jared by twister at Geneva his prediction j and thunderstorms to night the Ames times vol xvii no 0 Abies Story cot to Jowa thu Fiat Ide 4 the government at Washington still lives Hon w b Allison Iowa greatest slates pan Carnes inc Stalf in the primaries tues Day by 12000 majority the demagogue who Ever disgraced Lowi per Tinics buntel of votes its the republicanism in Iowa now 1 Ames redeems her self she is once Snoie Safe the std Ifill republicans carry every Uin in the cily except one and lox to Jat by Only one vote also take the township incs is at last where belongs the lit i if if i la a trial i part Cincis in k Raj or Cirr Hull is a Winner you cant Down a Good Man the re porn came in Yesier Ray p m that 1issuc Galloi prouly had won out Over Cipi a majority of five Ai 1 Oclock afternoon t he times Lep Honc the mf6rmahon capt Lead carried District by two and highly four votes not oficial every precinct in Llie District id been heard from and we Are now ready let yell Sape and sane Vas formed a few Davs ago to promote Iho interests of the Liuasi Uessie was its Idon other business men have Mieir Traile organizations one dealer said wanted one too Una when pressed for a More by Seilir statement of the intent of the organisation nothing would lie Given do you intend to Force Slot machines into use again he was a skin to not intend to violate any a we or replied will you make a movement of any kind to use ilium or to make a lest Case in the i do not know he sail Hamers ultimatum when Akril Iliou die or mimicry said yes his wanted to know my Posl Tion it Hie Matler Ami i Tel re Licin Taal under no condition Vonlil Slot machines he in not know what ii lion Hicy Omlin Phil hut i Nile Ulso i ill know Thiol Sll Ina Cliones will i it j offered tier be in dr4 a nines so Loni As i have of Ihus ctr input Hul wire Defrei Ilid Retler trouble Between mrs fora k Milnrt Lett nil her mrs in Nolc hair Lyell thai Lias been ing for Hie past eighteen years broke out Inlo the heat of Humes Loilyn by the filing of a suit no Aust the hitter demanding from her for Llie j Lle Nallon of her Linbi Nihls Alt actions lie is he Winil k Huirt lilt Telephone no Wilor for indies i incs Kllc di1 Purl nent and lives at Les Moines so ret the vomit mrs claims in lid1 thai her has Kcjr up a course of slump runs no Nalii Loiis Ink her to As to Polsun her Tiisha urls i nil a Lith in Liis i Carlill lick on Lluc ill Iliin of ill spill bit Ventrca lies to have dim remain her site says her ims Brintl is still in Iii possess Iii of Liis Biol bar Neil thai she can Iuit Yel in him so Aslo induce Linin in return to her damage done to live Stock and property Neva Nob at Leas i Nix Cloaca four fatally Hurt and several others More or loss seriously injured is the result of Iii Lily s Tov Mido j which swept across fill Moro Joo Unity arid Rio stroked Ovoy j filing in its path a list of the casualties follow Domestic in Home two Sill ill the Dean i111ii Smith of John Shovoly in Kab Shively daughter ioiiian1 Miles East of Shockley two Rulli Diirck of m North launch Kateah fatally in Urcil Lohn Morrii Uii Nour Shl Cilcy Ilia Elijah Aiken Bright loss Khz Lovely seriously hurl Btl Russell farm hand on solve Lys farm Lolini Shively and Hia a in inner of other persons Aro known to have been injured bal their names Aro nor known to the Coroner Tornado splits the tornadoes were apparently Climax Ami a i Cave rain fell Over the state this Nion Long causing the gauge at the be Devil building to Register 113 inches at Boone Titi of in Inch fell and at it Dodge it was 42 the River stood at 100 this morning but will not go any higher owing to to Small amount of rain that fell in Llie upper Valley hugged Regis Given an i hit Ilin Ile renal n Vii at nor Lime no rules of smaller storms which have Lup Assed Over Western and sonic Well r i kick n in Idle n Ilijin i in Chi rail in such Seal cd Kii is Fin old a ii herbs a Ifil lust thousands of did Llie machines lint Brun lawful prep inv isl Rani Iii in Carroll wins for governor Hadley wins for county attorney Warrick leads for sheriff but the required of top thirty five percent hence this nomination will be settled atth4 county6onvention once More i Hows this gl4d to get rid of pm Domestic flops things began to brighten up for major George this morning la the military court martial at fort Des Moines when it was pretty Well bought out by the detente that major George had been perfectly Frank and open in his replies to major Gal health when the latter first charged him with fraudulently using mileage major Galbralth is the general in Spector who is bringing the charges against major George he was on the stand n brisk fire of Examina Tion and Cross examination a greater part of the morning at the request of the defense the i Conn martial adjourned until 10 i Oclock next wednesday morning j h is thought that the defense will Spring some surprises in the Tesla i Ninny brought out by some of tie witnesses first used by the Prosetti lion Copper King White dead Dot float Mich Lime Peter while of Marquette one of the most prominent men in the upper Peninsula of Michigan and a Pioneer they moved North he Copper and Iron development everything in their1 of thu comfy dropped dead hers to Day in from of the City Hall heart f disease is supposed to have been ih9 cause of death pm Nebraska luring the past two Days ant were the most Delaini Clave j of any that visited this part of Tho strife Starling in Iho southwestern part of Iho county the Tornado Clouds lie came larger As i Easl los Irving Izaih apparently separating tha two Lior Nailles in kill Liore swept separate paths across lie county leveling farm houses killing Slock land destroy Long crops they fell sep Hiatt was third married june 27 1901 separated october 1904 reconciled november 1905 separated february 1906 reconciled june 1906 separated Augusi 1906 reconciled october 1907 separated june 5 1908 Wyllo the lies a nines rep Wilkins Lam split Olny Civ incl enl Over resort 01 fun it is evident from a perusal of the country Prex ill we knew Ali Oil evil lenient the ii Iove in is n nil Ink and All of the Lisl Page of the Ames times los Rcck the paper is evidently pleased to Methling its said i ii ruler i keeper of a Rolls at Llie police Sia Tlell i hit we never have Camph lulls of no Iii i Liler lius Banuls i car thai Ihrer Hii Shands have Aba Donil Iceni nil never n chirp comes from n Man when his wife leaves him 1 or Avci Nhi Wax tabulating a re Jort of nor cols Ninde during May one i Man wan Seii lanced to jail for wife i Dinert lon mis ilii1 Rii r use Iii lir in Ohio one of lie met in Fri Piialii t Libin Argen Lerichi was killed in his Home and John mar Nama fatally in juiced family perish j moving inward Fri Iilva the velocity of the comls Eicr Fusell until they is Ruck the ground half a mile of Here entirely Ioctl Royln the Home of i John Shively the family did not have Lime even to save themselves i i f j c liars the daughter Wasj Insi Nutly a tiled he a Hying Timber and an Oliver soil Shively re Irka Lilc i injuries rom which he the ill probably die mrs Shively also was Thirn to i ii Lii Thiol i Iii Ever Leisi Iii of Ili Slid court in n injun it and her Hus hand divorce Callon Hadly hurl 1nui Kinith the domes ii came la Litlie i in a he was in in upper room and Hor be Litton my Cue Illicy is Klimik for body was found several Hundred feet an Ali Zolule in unit 1ioni liar i nil i from the ruins on the Lochri Lenl in ii no Iniel unil the ruin that followed tins swollen injun Iii 1 real Nicol whih coins loud All streams and Nerr Lanfrom a Little of Iii ii a Mali won mime real flows Lurl was drowned while her father n i Piini Elonies Tinolli Rowlin toll Zieph Vla Mlp was Lily or to save i family from a Siref Toener Noil 211 Telephone either phone your copy for sunday want acc should reach this office not later than 9 Oclock tonight if you can not bring them use the Telephone special attention Given to Telephone orders news Good results Are getting l

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