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Des Moines Daily News Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1908, Page 5

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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1908, Des Moines, IowaTuesday aug 4 lbs Moines daily news refill fat Ghent pm this plainv1bw Tex Auk Cial correspondence to the Dally country on account of its shallow water is in Many places making a Success of Alfalfa growing and you know what that perennial Plant of finest feeding qualities yielding from three to four tons per acre yearly Cash value about per ton feeding value twice that it makes Nutter milk eggs pork and horses to say nothing of Honey irrigated lands farther West yielding As much Are 560 to per acre to Tay nothing of the coat and trouble of ditches and handling the water All the grains introduced by the United states agricultural depart ment from Asia and Africa make immense yields and Are nutritious these comprise the Kaffir Corn mlle Maize egyptian Millet Jerusalem Corn Etc forty Bushel per acre of these in an average yield Indian Corn Lias made the same late rarities and Twentyfive bushels it can be counted on All sorts of vines seem to find this a congenial soil and climate watermelons pumpkins squashes peanuts Sweet and Irish potatoes Etc Are always a Success wheat Oats and Rye can be cultivated As paying crops when the new Comer catches on three years in five they will succeed bountifully As sown elsewhere but wheat Here should be sown on fallow land on which a Green crop of pea vines or weeds has been slowed under and afterwards the surface should be harrowed after every rain until time to Drill the seed in Cotton has made half a Bale to the acre and there Are Many gins doing a custom business on these Plains been brought in from the Rural districts however while the Bill does not possess the merits of some previous attractions yet on the whole h was Well taken no great Effort is required to recognize the of the different acts and what the perform ers May Lack in skill they make up in their Light humor for instance when one of the bicycle riders fell off of a Stepladder in attempting a difficult feat and nearly frightened the musicians out of their wits the audience fairly went into convulsions the sketch Given by Charles Wayne in which he is assisted by Gertrude de Roche co is very Clever continuity is Given to the various Steps in the skit by a series of moving pictures and or Waynes song of the inebriated is a Success Hughes and Mazie give a song and dance act which is creditable their dance and duo Logue is one of the Best of its kind that has appeared at the Park this season Sammy Watsons Domestic pets Are Well trained and his roosters and Little Pink pig made a great hit with those who Are fond of trained and Mal acts begged her not to revive double veil Cigar makers to have closer Unsin to Lions de Motty of Kalamazoo Mieli an organizer for the Cigar makers International Union is in pcs Moines in tie interests of his Craft sir Der Tutty will Ivory Amon the Kim Union shops of the City und will stir up enthusiasm Aiu Oug the Union men some dissatisfaction which has Arisen among the local men will also receive the attention of ill Dermott crops need Chile showers the past week tvs a Fine one for tie Iowa crops according to the weekly bulletin of the Iowa Xiv Cater and crop service Corn is begin aug to ii now the effects of the dry weather and Ralu would be Bench Lull in some parts of the state the bulletin reads As follows to weather during the gift Lcou was excellent Lor fled work and the growth of Corii a laying and harvesting Are Iichi Viii comp Litou nud turns blog Are becoming1 general thu temp Valure Dur lug the week was uniformly Gigli i capt during Tho nights Ali Ursiny and Friday which were modern Civ Cool Tjie Dally average temperature Tiu and from about Normal in the North invest to three and four degrees above the nominal in the Eastern counties the rainfall was lilo Normal in All districts and the Sunshine was excessive Light and widely scattered local Sli Owers occurred on the 20th Aud 30th which afforded sonic Relief from Trout by conditions Over the ens torn Yurt of the Batu the heavy Rains referred to in Tho bulletin of last week covered tie whole of the Missouri River Divide and worn especially Lenvy in the Viil Leys of the Ilac Coon and upper pcs to tics River Corn has made phenom dial growth during Tho past two weeks and Tiit huh was planted in Van Huron county Between june 20th and 25th is now to voc feet Leigh and growing rpt Day in Many of the Early planted Fields ears Are forming and win soon be in the roasting Cir Faye Iii a localities co Iii is to show the effect of dry weather but there has Ijelu no la Inge Ilone yet ruin would however he Linnet ice in All sections Ralph Bollea Ralph and Russell Carleson and will Yeager Tho party is chaperoned by mrs c c Shes and mrs b p Cottle Ami report All manner of Good times miss Ethel of Chicago formerly of this City is Nia Kliing a Short visit among her old friends Here mrs 1mniond Tomsk aug returned r cat or Day from a several wee its visit in Chicago shirtwaist choir is Des Moines latest Novelty even though fair woman bows Down to fashions Rule find wears every thing Tom the Directoire gown to the nine feet in Tiu Mctyr hat tis not to with Man sensible Maul what cares be for Stylce no com fort is his password this fut was demonstrate cd Hist sunday in Ono of the Large our chs of the City the men of the choir All no Carcil m Light shirt waists Goa less and comfortable the congregation commented but Nam Ivalou Aud the male members wih undoubted Fly follow the precedent set by the choir if the Mercury continues to race to the top of the Thev Minneapolis and at is now a guest at tie Home of her Slater mrs de Chase on grand Avenue mrs j c Hocka follow to Home from a several Days Talt with or and mrs d ii Bui ton at Buxton vow a Mesa Kathleen Hammond of eleventh Street has gone to Nebraska for n months visit with Freuda and relate tits in Omaha and Central City or tto beit Brennan has returned from menu Stouka where he made a visit with his family who Are spending the summer there or and mrs a b glue Sale and Little son Howard who have Heen visiting at tha Home of their Uncle or c h Hammond of Lile Venth Street Hare returned to their Home in Guthrie Center or and mrs c h kill Defeher Green Joying a trip on the great lakes and will visit i Kalamazoo before returning Homo miss Carroll Kennedy left yesterday for a months a lilt with relatives n Denver mrs Richard a risen and children of St Louis Are visiting friends and relatives in Des Molnes or George Jewett Una returned from a bus incs trip to Toledo Ohio i and mrs Carroll Wright and son Des Moines in Brief i officer la reinstated officer Lester Fil Paon the police officer who was suspended several Days ago pending investigation of charges preferred against him a a Heel reinstated of Tho Carrol yesterday for a soveral weeks sojourn at hates Park Colorado the social Calendar Char tar dance at Union Park miss Jessie pc a n k by n p Ron Alio we r for miss Mary Hussell in Suchite birthday Chih Wotli stars a p inv than hyperion club slug Pirty for visit ing Aud local Tennis players mrs Al Tonias lira Kunst for mrs Csc live ayi05 of Roux Aniis Clil Piu ulc at Greco Park for mi1 nud mrs k sinn 1ilsclun Canh with mrs Scwll old merry Ciohon Khuo Idery club with mrs Charles Ilhan omd in society today the by Cakfus Given this morning by mrs Al Thomas of Twenty sixth Street served most happily us Pur nose that of complimenting popular visiting women mrs George a res of Chi Scago and mrs if and unison of new York in lev yellow and Wilto were the hostess Melusen colons Loi Doco Nuion and those shades appeared in he Flowers and every appointment for the pretty affair Loren fast was served at mall tables it acct throughout 1hfi rooms mrs Philip Lydig the smart set at Newport were greatly agin cd the other Lay when mrs Philip m Ivy clog one of the handsomest matrons of tic ago Ai scared at the recent Tennis tour mini pm t wearing double veils of White Aud Brown which covered her face with Tho exception of the eyes Liyi irling i revival of the double veil which created such a sensation in Newport several years ago Muny of the women approached mrs Lydig and implored her to remove it Slie graciously compiled will kill the Union Label today after a in elk1 ions guests in oyed a Nusl civil Ijar Gnim which was Given y mrs Ayres and miss Anna Oate t Wen is cordiality in moral ii to in the Homas and the Ytulve gues f mrs the her grandson m us Lor Cis lord Sis cd at the door or and mrs will Alec Kirti and Bod j it Liard Arfi enjoying n week of country life at Ros Conle a Tartu near Anbey mrs Bertha Tubbs Patrick tins returned Nool Lutlo and or William Robinson Wlms from n fortnights Outing at Lake Okobojo picked up deserter detective cabs Jackson while attend ing the state fireman tournament Ai Clinton up a deserter from the United states cavalry of fort pcs mollies it was a forge la hey who deserted a month ago Jackson fount the Man bal rebooted about Tuo streets of Clinton the arrest Bra spa to be office o d of Glove factory to build can Vale Glove company is planning a Artje its present factory at third and Vino streets they will either Puiul Art Dot Lotel a torts above their present lug or add a new Wing tha new depart ment for the manufacture of Plush lined goods Etc installed last sprint has grown to such to grit Slazo that Trio factory quarters Are not sufficiently Large to accommodate Tho increased business Stock Yards to open j l eng tid of inn meter who recently in sea Trio inst eighteenth Street Stock Yards was in the Uty monday and stated As Boon As they Tudor mild be made of multary in Coial Enuco with Tho order of dry cleaners and dyers Iowa phone 1307x Mut 1202 Ninor Hitti to Noti place tomorrow evening or and mrs Charles v Short added to i j la Light Ful evening company yesterday at their Home on nineteenth Street Golden ill Groat profusion give a id rip lit Toibb to the rooms mid during the even Given u t in Gnu Usu buy me from h Iii i informal music no program was 1 Inam h Iuo Mil miss to Cuttle and mrs Jessuls Mil my or ice is Seeburger of Chicago la spend is Vertil Days in this City As the uncut fall Avenue or nil mrs John Gibson returned res is motor trip through Hitler Nelson save excellent selections Ami it the Coli Cluelon of the program a Ofiesh ing luncheon served four teen enjoyed or Natl mrs shorts hospitality Naniong them being or Natl mrs o ii Ilund do and mrs w Nounon i and mrs Arthur Nelson Noil son Kenneth miss is Rico Hoath mrs Ziaee a univ miss Dool Ottlo or ill Vinson und or Neman of Avlona mrs Hho Ita Mother mrs molten can urals Tail Ului into the evening vol Nolc among the social events of we Al wins the Beautiful Lawn parly Glen last evening by mrs a m at lick Home on Kigh tenth strict the i Wii was Willii Mihalec with in pan use Liu torus i mid arranged settees nod i while indoors tie moms guru i trimmed Wlllie various Garden Musl Cul Electious and Rendl Nga f urls Hail for the guests and tit 10 Oclock refreshments were sewed on Liutti tie was assisted to mrs j ii Hodgson mls Arthur Cim Liston miss Markini Eric Wilson and miss or do Glit Gilmore who Una been visit lug ills Prouty or and mrs c x Gil More returned yesterday to ills Home in Spring Lould mass or James b Weaver or and or w o flu Lvuv resumed last evening from a weeks visit at tie Weaver collage at Luke oko Hull miss ill Hisiu Singer who has been spend ing several Weiks with friends in the Cuy ecu Irjud yesterday to her ionic in Omaha is Singer has been very popular during Hor stay Here and her Many friends will always jrivt1 her a cordial Welcome on her rat lieu visits or Karl mount who has just completed the department of Public safety they would to reopened or business Camp club makes plans Tho members of the local y m c a who camped at Tho association Camp at Lake Francis Minnesota this year met monday evening to perfect plans for Camp not Tho name ten in last night at a picnic supper at Union Park and forty members signed a charter hat for next years camping Narty there will be Somo revision of who old camping rules in the near future new building for Walnut a new Brick ill Ming is being planned Walnut for Tho rum Ter clock at ninth and Halcus the Introit crts la now occupied by ton of w k Clifford who goes was 11 cant ring Bells late at inight ice Cream Cone men must be noisy in dark strenuous compete 1 Tiou among ice Cream Cone vendors throughout the City has led some to King Bells Ai As 11 Oclock at night trying to attract Trade residents annoyed Dur ing their efforts to sleep have complained and superintendent Hamery of the police department has directed that such a nuisance be prohibited detective Andy Brackett Stop Ped one Man about 11 last night and ordered him to eliminate the Bucot the Bell death claims aged lbs Moines citizen Timothy Hollister aged77 a Lettua morning at the Home of o c Suer Man thirtieth and Adams streets or Hollister has lived in the City but a Short time death was due to dropsy the funeral announcement will be made inter Trio London club lev pay and Martin Bros mrs Bally very Hilow breaking two ribs and non Crous bruises Akers after Job county in be rent and in t a Kera is t re Lar to inn the sup or in tendency of the Council Bluffs schools made vacant to the mfr Leua t Tala mrs ii c Bally Mother of h his Law course in Chicago in spending n Holly the Well known attorney is very Kilt for were included Hinnd Al out lift the evenings enjoyment the Bun in at Elmhurst will give an Normal company ibis evening As a Cole Ira Tiou for the birthday of miss Iron a Ariaey one of the members 51 is 1c t Volar of Chicago wits the Iiri Craciun for in form ill comma ii gluon Llilas afternoon by mrs i Lillie hell it her Lime on thirty fourth Street thy sea sons Flo off Calvo he Coriou Tor the rooms where Twenty ladies spent delightful Tofte Rimoun Over then Titica Torii ads evening the hostess Scivon cd Arlous Lump you us Sis Ted by her a ugh Tor miss Lattig Koll miss Mary unwell Olio is having Matiy social ii roesies Puld her in plug Ilie Days ending her marriage the guest of hour at u Jolly Rul Najj party Given this morning by miss Klor Cnoc Olvinn the f nests assembled it the Home of miss i non for u Oclock breakfast nil n it to the hard Shower of tie Early morning on Joyed a Gallop in the country Thisu who Irple miss a lungs i Icsis misses pm past pleasures the of the hns Clorne Lirt Ilal party thirty enjoyed a plunk last saturday evening it Zulun Stirk miss Helen cutest Hluck a few or lands informally tit luncheon pc stir Eltiy us i coir pm line lit to Lou lao Itaw of Chicago is visiting Lur Ion Slu miss Mary Moore after Limel icim tie of was spent at by Bilge and six of urls re the recipients of mis a Klim int tors future festivities tie log nil Cululi will meet to Morrow pattern him mrs m West at her Home j154 Kruit mrs Nymn Turner Watson will give an Lii Oivinn Njus Icale thursday evening it ilm Huitt us u count by to her guest miss Grace Tinsley Ames asks Anna Henry will entertain in for few Days in the City with Hla parents real estate transfers a t Carter nil wife to j ii Schyll t is blk Chester Ileal a m Swigel to h e Krot 1 plat 1 fun pc add to n Des Lolam j to Sbol Uii by Igor and wife to m a 11 Levine Lut in t m walkers Klin Urove Dlton Shiyoo Fulton s walk or and Wilfo to Kermau holler lot 1st plat of Clinton to Jose Ali la of lot j5 link 2 North Westein trip ten Tina any him take Nossis Loii their new Home in Ilic Ai a closing pleasure of fast Wick was Tho i launch Ilsc null till Clay Piile at Tsiun i roti Gliss will was en1ovcrt by it in Rev of Perls with lays Nolle Len blocs men who compose the Klov it five n party Council to pass Ord Nancy repealing old stand at Tho meeting of tic City Coli ill this afternoon the ordinance Rupi Shnir Tuc old Ortii Ipince favouring printers bids where the Union libel is used come of for the third Reading and in Seigo Iii Senoli As the Miliny of judge lure Nan in District Point in do edited that pc Serenco to a Label was illegal the ordinance will probably puss Des Moines Mefs at National meet returns Centric and Iii Northern Les Trlcia show letter Al nods Bui All Grain than was Indi Atod by tie Early reports from Smithern District a the yield of Oats is hotter hum Rui i id i it nil daring Harvest hut below the average wheat Rye Anil liar icy giving fair to Good yields und t lie nullity of Gir Nhi is be Neviille Norl pastures and potatoes Reni Nln in Good condition it would he by rain Coco m cola ill Section director wipe says husband tried shoot her James c Graham a Printer is under arrest on a warrant from Justice copes court grahams wife says that of tar n quarrel her husband Drew a Gnu and tried to shoot her Graham is now out on Bonds at Ingersoll Park Ingersoll Park this week presents a diversified Bill it begins with a bicycle act and ends with legerdemain the interim is occupied with n farm Yard scene and other scenes which May have bargains in meat tomorrow we offer Choice boiling beef per in watch this space tomorrow for another bargain Handy Market ios mayor maths and councilman Mac vicar to Omaha mayor maths and wife and coun Cilman John Mae vicar and possibly other City officials of Des Moines will attend the meeting of the american league of municipalities to be held in Omaha Nebraska septem Ber 30 or Mae vicar was for years Secretary o the american league paving held up Legal opinion asked on value of 0 awards the Flint Brick company a mints 10 begin paving second to Laird Center streets postal and Enos avenues Init Many alleys Miner to Lien lint Nfn ild tie time provided for tie completion of the Worl has Len Psid and whether tie Cunt its with the City under this Sulu Pitlon Tio in Gail in questioned tin matter hns Lieen referred Liy Council Man Mike vicar to the Leguil for in opinion if the Worl can legally done it will be com inc1 need at once if it cannot new bids will be advertised not enough suits patronage at Bath House last nigh exhausted Supply that tie oily Imti Liouns is rapidly in popularity was Demon Hitri itch last evening when Hie of suits was Neil Man Olio would Onte Itlie Coollick Waters of Mollod to sit on the Frank nil Ratcli tie it Liuch spans i coins Illmann Osloy Asli tins morn sold it would sary to buy Nodl Llonel suits to the demand of tie to tie round or ii yet for miss for her girls suffered with itching eczema which simply covered Back of Heads baby had a tender skin too All promptly cured by wonderful ointment i or i1 k Fly tie old settlers of Boualy will Holt j an Jill Liy a Kirilc Tuu borrow at a Ltd Park j a Huun Loiis picnic biippei1 will 1m 1 Liy insists and u Buck time a Proina 1 Elj miss pm Iii Ahtou will give a Honan by Shower a Raduy angst 14 Jih u com i input to Illus Mary Hiu Sll nil it of til Lio Julur a rides Mary Mim will jul into ainu Ink lion Timur tidily at Hor Hiim to i a erect us a Plim Santly for her Coli flu i Oulu Kii Wuy of Chat Jig win Solus auxiliary Unow it Ruurd to ii Kim Iiley will Enlar Nln the of the n a i r k lome Nojir inc j Niji j or find i lie Somo years ago my three let to Girla j very bad form of o enema itchy ing Trupti formed on the backs of their Heads which were simply Corrod before 1 a card of Cuti Cura i used to try almost everything hut they failed then my Mother recommended Tho Cuti Cura re Modiest i washed my childrens Heads with Ontl Cura soap and then applied the wonder Ful ointment cd Ticora i did this four or five Ternei and i can say Hattoy Havo been entirely cured i Hare another baby who is so plump thet the folds of Byln ohls Nock Wero broken and even bled i used Culi Oura soap and Cut Cura ointment and Tho next morning Tho trouble had disappeared i pm using Tho Cuti Cura yet when Everan of my family have any acres i can Nover recommend Cuti Cura sufficiently it a Indiano Nanable in Ivory Homo i cannot find 1u equal memo Napoleon Dueppe 41 Duluth St Montreal quo May 21 1907 in cupids court mrs j Kimit Hrh Ninon in sic Nuvil of Ali eur a Jim in inert to or Walter us Jalc to i Flor Grace is Well Ity and a list of or lands 11 at the borne of Lur Durh Crft in Mitu Street mrs Pally now a cars of Nee and on account of this and a juiced Agaj some fears for her recovery Pio Hois a leap on watch officer Jacobs was found Daleep in Tho a pith utile Vlf san Talon Sun Fly Mcdonald the nil tar has Miccu Ruport Cal to chief any woman Breaks ribs Mik Man Smarn fell from the vol it Nanako at Tho state Callol fall announcements Woulard w c t 0 will meet we Lei duty at p m Mca a Flatt 1113 Morton Street topic pair work Leader sire Howe talc Union Sjirk car Tho re solar meeting Sll Ragetli Smith Camp Royal neighbors of America will be held wednesday evening at 8 Oclock their Hall eighth and streets goo4 bread la not Only whole omit Bat Dolic Loio and appetising its easy to make Good bread you Start l right today by Usmar of be Muir Gold us due no shot n distance act out feet Lio event a word if Yon Ato Loob lne Lor a situation a want Tut in the Newa will bring the result one Warwick lot j5 link 2 North Walein n t i Fmura Slagle to t b Sampson in v a Viau it or k 02 to Jot i s d lot at us Lun v Lam Luh us o i lots 1 mid 1 Thom Gisoti Cal nut in knights of Columbus t 1 shouts and Wilfo to Dertke i her ill n 50 it lot 272 University incl it Nold to v f 3000 Ai Clui widow to incr ninth lot 2 blk 74 Torti of do mrs m r mfg Huiyung widow to mrs Oval so m Aurura x 3 it lot 0 we s vol Caoniba Aill 5100 10 s anon null Hiir Lintl to a i me Rcw lot l blk a 1 c in Vojs Neil St Louis aug More than 1000 visitors and delegates pres ent the 26th in tial convention of the Kun rats of Columbus opened Here Tooy in Glennon Hall knights of Leolun tub building after a Parade crore Forest Park to archbishop Glen Nous residence Tho principal event of the Days program is the banquet in the evening in Glennon Hall a Cooling drink one of the most delicious wholesome and of late years highly popular summer beverages is iced Postum boil according to directions on the package painful ulcer on foot for a year healed by two Selof Cut Cura had an ulcer on my foot for a year or More and it wan very painful of it was a running sore i had a doctor but is treatment did not heal it about eight months ago i commenced to fid Cut Cura 8oap Cuti Cura ointment and Cuti Cura pills i used two and it in now All healed up mrs e f Ryder West brew iter maw april 29 co Matte 7ntrroi1 truth to for every humor cd in find children and adult Shaf limn the a Ken Cintli left Oln Turnt ice to Cill Triin rain Lynnl Tif Kim coaters Piu 3tc per ii Orvitta j of go to purr the Nood per Sola broach nut Uio world Jotter Drill a Cheta Cool it with cracked in ice add sugar Cream a suspicion of Lemon and a whisper of Nutmeg simply sugar and Lemon juice if you prefer it Clear theres no prohibition movement against Postum in any state because it is made from clean hard wheat skilfully roasted contains no Coffee alcohol or other injurious substance it is Good for ail and Young when boiled properly All the nutritious elements in the wheat Are brought out including the phosphate of Potash grown in the Grain for rebuilding brain and nerve cells theres a reason for Postum Ali eur future Home in Iris k Loci it non ounces the Marr Irige of to or Kra Urla Huff the wll Dike place no just Here and there miss Ion Len Iii Vlf of is Rinji Tik u Jet Llu qty us tin1 Kochi of Ner can Iron Mary i ton re Tey in n Smith and null lie hit Kuett of Honor 8cviril Cro panics Sjur her Biliy in Ilic Cuy mrs b t Oulaw of Cheraso h spin dirty Tho in llw4 Riv is i icel if mrs Urti and my Porter a Rohani of Hlonia ctr is Vlad tier mint m Iol Rorn r a with Vantti and Var truth us Cut miss and win Luis returned from it two wcflis1 visit with Las Chehi Ilsc Orinko of Asitim Jitian Lown Mhz Mcna Nunra rent Rod i lip to olm no Roll find sin talc and other Polnyj tin tie count or and mrs jus Lille of in Norih City Arm a few i Vijh in the crts Tho Cut Htu t mrs 1 w Hunt of a Lxi Herret in route to Una mollies they n Short in fort mus my Iilah fiend Crayon in a ii ouch in girly in Bonner of Era Hart of Mon Teliin it her on and is Tenn ivc Insp Ilner client h fire m Bikih of court in if or acc word Era Horn and Lottie or Ami Ulhard ill Lunf returned1 Yeste Driy from out up it the a Ken Helena Ken ten of uni Ibex Cuy lint i Home of or and mrs be Burl Var run or Aud mrs hurry Anont Huntley in the to at the by yeah of or and k n of a Rand a Venua or j 1 Al Deldre of was an Over Fiu tiny giant in Molne or and Fred Mccord and no Loren Philip Pine try fail Furnin to a lilt me a ii irly left run writ of qty on Lii Lvi or in comparer of attn Rulx Roffan i Hin Dean Viola Iron Bud Manura buy Auto

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