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Des Moines Daily News Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1908, Page 4

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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1908, Des Moines, IowaOes Moines daily news spay aug 4 Des Moines daily news slut Des a noises Daitzi news co pm blurted every evening and sunday City by san sunday 1 cents a Reck Dally Only 8 week country by Only 2 Anil nod sunday a year entered in the oos Loftice it pea i Volnes Jit matter the c1r cd lion in Iowa daily Avis Tage for 1007 43085 cheerfulness a help and of duty it was a observant and Wise old philosopher who said that we begin life with the discovery that All Good things arc Dull and Are Apt to end believing All Dull things Good there is no Merit in melancholy on the contrary a grave Man is merely endured a sorrowful Man is Only pitied and a morose character is detested no on thinks it necessary to look upon a melancholy disposition As meritorious it is regarded As a nuisance lieu should we think that we Are promoting our interests in this world or commending ourselves for the next by an exhibit of solemnity Aud yet intense solemnity is about the Only morality or religion in a Large part of Mankind Over in Paris there is being established n school for the teaching of there May he question us to Hie Quality of humor to be developed in this Way but any Good nature or attempt at it however far Short of the real article is better than melancholy cheer up nature Lias made a sense of humor a distinctive Mark of humanity Man is the Only animal that laughs the dog that smites by wagging Liis tall and would laugh if he could has a better nature than the Man so melancholy that he could not laugh if he would daily Hui Vior de a r x 1vi e no labourer should help some Des Molnes Cuzens May have que stored he necessity of the Labouring mans subscription to the coliseum these same persons pretend to deny that improvement of lbs Molnes property helps every citizen in the City however they May believe that the benefits of tha coliseum will be too far removed from the labourer for him to notice any direct results to his Good it has been said that Success brings Success and it can be most truthfully asserted that failure brings failure if Des Moines Falls to erect a new coliseum it will fall in bringing Large factories to this City and would not that interest Labouring men i bleed the Man that is reasonable readily can see it and the Man that is not reasonable would not take n Twenty Dollar Gold piece for it Christmas present without turning his Back to you Long enough to bite the Coin before he thanked you for it if everyone pushes a Hittle our City will a a City but if some stand by and Knock there will always be More men than positions for them St Josephs Academy in reporting the Case of an incorrigible yesterday an unwarranted re Flection was made on St Josephs Academy in that it was inferred that the Academy is a Home for Lucor Rigi Bles St Josephs Academy is a boarding school for Christian Young ladies it is maintained on a High plane and is safeguarded by the strict est Christian rules and regulations indeed anyone entering St Josephs Academy must be supplied with the very Best credentials and these credentials must be examined and Veri fied by the authorities before the student is admitted the Dally news feels that an unjust reflection is made upon the Academy when it is inferred that it is other than the splendid train ing school for Christian Young women it is and this explanation is cheer fully Given write them a letter the news is in receipt of letters daily complimenting the new City administration upon its efficiency these letters will be printed from time to time and this reminds us have you noticed How mayor Mathis and councilmen Macvicar Schramm Hamery and Ash Are improving Des Molness and have you written them a letter telling them what you think about it this is one of the Best ways to boost let the City Council Biden know you appreciate them they will do better work if you do after Hercliff Minneapolis authorities Are forcing extradition proceedings against Frank Sherel Lff held at Leadville co for murder and have sent special officer Mcfetridge to Leadville in an at tempt to induce the Colorado officials to give up their prisoner daily Short Story lights hat by Stuart b Stone a dozen engine Bells Dingo need in the great shed in the last of the crowd came Arthur Windom the clubman and Little min Nabell of the Hill country Minna had a very pretty Pink in her Cheeks and the glint of her hair and her eyes were big Brown things that seemed always afraid it was the Pink and the glint and the look of fright that had captured Arthur Wisdom the naturalness of Minna of the Hills bad Minna cared More for a weather hoarded place she knew in the Kosh Konings the town was a Glare and a glitter and a dazzle of course but there was too much of it All and Minna sighed again for the Click of the reaper in the Fields of waving wheal alone among the things of the town the Man by her Side had really appealed to her he had appreciated her had made her feel sure of her self and she had thought that with him she might Intima care for tin1 jangling mess of wheels and Bells and whistles the meteor flew past n labyrinth of doric that the powder and Rouge of Gas tanks and smokestacks into the j greenness of the suburbs and Arthur Windom leaned Over whispering you win be very Happy when you return to me we will be married in Grace Church and i will make you a Queen and Minna of the Hills sighed with the least my tie wonderment As to what Bud Wilkins would think if he could see her now two Hundred Miles of town Ami country hashed by and Minna grew restless Pulu Adville was the next station and the train might not Stop Jor it might not wait for her or a thou inn dire Ful things might happen Minna picked up the Bisi Jue doll she Nad bought and the Bay spun broke into a Canter the twins had invaded heir Popcorn and aunt Sophia was crying and Liui gling while Hud did nothing but stare at the yellow meteor carrying Arthur Windom into the boundless West there came the whistle of no Odd in the distance and Minna sighed onre time p ladles of the town had never done for tic clubman and now he held her close As they brushed through the throng of Bankers and married oui in and tramps past the Luul Liik Gatun inn and to the warm gloomy precincts of the car Genevra of the yellow meteor on track 28 Here they mowed their wonder packages from Llie scent counters and Minna of the us Lex sighed Long and deep for Trio Iron prow of no j there in the 1u Nero shed pointed homeward to the Cool Green Hills and the cow and the Corn the City was not to the Alkinc or twin Hill girl the lights were pretty nud Many pleasing colors but there were Loo Many of them the build were grand Piid colossal hut some laughs some thoughts most am thing what was the origin of the term Duy Tara is King of Annam an Orange will steady the nerves you can have a bicycle pump and still suffer for water remember the Sabbath Day to keep it pantheon was a Temple built at Rome by Augustus Caesar 27 b Sayyid Muhammed the persian orator who was assassinated probably said it too often guest is this egg fresh waiter Yos sir its a fresh egg Ive been saving for you two weeks when Lilaine Elliott recently played in Washington Sho was dined by mrs Roosevelt and the president housewives save your Cocoa cans enamel them the color of your Kitchen utensils and Label with slips of White paper the Cost is but a can of enamel no matter who is elected presi Dent we predict that the coming year will show the greatest crop of Willie babies Ever known in this glorious country Washington Herald in your opinion asked the member of the investigating com Mittee what is the cause of the evident unrest among the indians Comanche Pete the noted scout blew a Cloud of smoke into the1 atmosphere then he took his pipe out of his Mouth fleas he an Tribune Nix on the Suretyship is the precursor of ruin Catcher Frank Dowerman had the marvelous Fielding average of w 9do in 1907 Guizeppe mule 19 and mrs Angelina Gorilla 21 secured a License to wed in Philadelphia Yankee is from Endeavor of indians to pronounce word eng Lish which they rendered Yeng Hees John Yates an englishman round Hill Conn liked Boston baked Beans go Well he ate two quarts he died there Are neither Gold nor Sil ver chinese coins but mexican dollars Worth 60 cents Are commonly used in China detectives Are on watch in Lin Coln Avenue Pittsburg for a ghost dog they reported sunday it came up behind them said Good morning twice in deep tones and disappeared in a greenish vapor How did you find the Steak sir asked the waiter at the cheap restaurant of the Man who had dined by perseverance was the reply the morsel was hiding under a Brussels sprout but 1 tracked him journal Altenburg is a goats milk cheese made in Germany where it is known As Altenburger leg encase a cheese is eight inches in diam Eter one to two inches thick and weighs about two pounds j dans Patch e Josh Wise says if Canary Birds sing they would have to Hustle their own hemp seed space and matter one body can not occupy More than one place at the same Triue huh Levver see a fat woman in a Street car out of a Job hello exclaimed the first travel ing Man still in your old Hue i sup pose no replied the other no what Are you in hard Luck co very smart was it a Fash lovable wedding of extremely the Bride denied the engagement right up to the altar and the Bride grown had hired seven cameras to smash the main Point Bill Peak is the orator of the Day he has a splendid delivery but has he anything to deliver remedial i see that fleas have invaded a portion of your City said the san franciscan yes answered the Philadelphia by United press Vancouver aug by slav miners Aco Dlug to reports Here is causing a reign of terror All Over the Koo Teul Valley martial Law Hiis been declared n Ferrule and the other fire swept towns the fire is now sweeping West to the Montana Hue it is believed thai but few additional lives will be lost from advices received from cran1 Brook Calgary it is indicated that the towns of Hosmer Michel and Are destroyed fight for lives at the lust report the inhabitants were lighting for their Homes and lives they had faced the fire for thirty six Junirs the refugees arc pouring into Nelson and carry pitiful ales of suffering and want according to a dispatch received it Winnipeg the lire in the Vicinity of Lernie has been extinguished and the committee is restoring order Xit Over fifty have been killed in Fernie it is thought although several Hun dred Are missing at the present time is cited for contempt in h Hough former owner of the Union Stock Yards a manipulator in frenzied finance and at one time the possessor of a Quarter million Dollar Bank account must answer to a charge of contempt of court before judge Smith mar Persou the Cita Tion was issued today resulting from houghs failure to appear when his hearing on bankruptcy proceedings was called before judge Ethridge Hough disappeared shortly after he filed his Bali erupt papers in the j Federal court Early last month and nothing has been seen or heard from j him since his wife says she knows nothing of his whereabouts elks 200 Strong go to Waterloo with a delegation 200 Strong the Des Moines elks will leave the City tomorrow in a special train for the state convention at Waterloo the special train will leave the Union depot at in the morning the Loius will All he garbed in White hats with purple bands White shirts and purple neckties they will March from Ihor club House at 8 Oclock headed by the Iowa Vitato band their special train will to held at Waterloo until thursday Seigle will put lid or City b Cigle who owns a pawnshop Oil West Walnut Street is going to put the Ltd on in pcs Moines in u hurry if he is not prevented in some Una Riseon Way Swigle has been arrested recently for keeping his second hand store open on sunday and he says that to is going to make his fellow merchants live up to the same Law attorneys Blair and Brammer of this City have been retained by Seiglie to prosecute Nic offending persons and some surprises arc expected Baldwin Hopes to Ike flight this tote floor Washington aug pointed because he could not make the flight in his Airship at fort myer yesterday capt Thomas s Baldwin is today making every Effort to have his machine in perfect condition so that he can make a flight late this afternoon that flight was not made was largely due to the fact that much de pends upon the Success of Captain baldwins Airship not Only from the builders viewpoint but from that of Secretary of War Wright and the officers of the army who realize that the action of Congress in Aero nautical appropriations in the next session will be largely affected by the results attained at the trial outbursts of Everett True of re eco 4md Viky How do you treat them in san fran Cisco j Well said the san franciscan some people make harsh remarks to them but mostly we scratch Dickenson in new role in divorce Mill from Page 1 says Dickenson gave him beating Succour Man who fought them in the Days of 61 continued from Page 1 you insist upon the finest in other food products now get spices that you can depend full of strength and unsurpassed in Quality the Best spices arc those that arc Best in lilo beginning selected and ground and sealed with great Here in the lust of the ill lion hi1 Road App Haldy said a Squero an Derson once More and they the Rocky Hill on the other Side of late nuts it was an hour later that Rud wll Kins first found his Tongue the crowd was peeling apples but Minna sat without on the Low front porch n Vav cry cites a mighty flue place i reckon Minna to ventured with in lilo Hope Uliann Shook the Glinto Froid head taint half As Hie As Down Here in the Sticks Bud and us handed Minna the big Gest reddest Apple of All it was the Token of the doom of i Insom the Felt Iii 11 clubman every particle of their season in very life very o is retained in the airtight package always uniform to arc pm two kinds tones nil Otto try Cik amok tone Bros do Molnes i Oki i was a Soldier of the South said i fought in the Battles of Gettysburg Malloru Hill wilderness Spott Sylvinia and the first Battle of Bull Hun the War is Over and the Side i fought for was god the Northern men were Good lighters and fair men they treated us right in War and i would rather ask i old Northern Soldier tot1 a favor than any other Man me explained his predicament he was a Veteran of the beaten cause he had enlisted in the seventeen Ali a Lii infantry under col Mark Hall of hit fifth army corps he fought under general dec Longstreet Jack son and Harly he saw the worst of the Grent War from the losers Side and Learned to Admire and re sped inc men of the North when lie told his sad plight this morning it required but a few minutes before a members of he grand army Hart raised a substantial fund for him As the old Man accepted the purse Given him tears came into his eyes and rolled Down Over the age wrinkled face ills hand trembled us he took those of the of d soldiers in Blue to say goodbye he paused at the door and raised his hat disclosing his while Imir one country one flair and a race of Christian men thank god to said and the of cd Man left showered with blessings and Well wishes from those against whom to and fought i yours gone by announcements enl tits i which or Kerr Fly of the to Iron Loop pm Omi it i Lawn bowl no Kofr tier evening it Llie Home o c h Banner to Asili it to pc Center Street car Aud get off Toh St defendant in murder trial is again charged h b Dickenson defendant in the sensational Blydenburg murder Case yesterday became defendant in an As Sault Case when information was filed against him in the court of jus Tice Livingston at Saylor by s Levitt or Levitt claims Dickenson was indebted to him and that when he went to collect Tho Bill Dickenson beat him and kicked him out of the House he has attempted to associate with the detectives and police and it is claimed by some has held out that he had a pull Woltil the authorities his been absolutely mrs Pic Kenson has a wealthy father who Attaei Vtipil of Dickens is trouble furnished the Money for his defense ungrateful Lor this assist Ance and for the loyalty shown him after his trial mrs Dickenson Bays he has failed to prove himself a Man worthy the love of a Good woman and she will ask the courts to Grant her a divorce mrs Dickenson filed her petition in the clerks office this afternoon chars ing her husband with being an habitual drunkard an accuses him of other offences she Suys that lie would leave Home and remain away for several Days and she believes that he spent his time in notorious resorts on the cast Side she asserts that he uses vile and pro fancy language in the presence of their children to such a extent that he is not a fit companion for them a demand is made for j200 temporary Alimony and per month per manent Alimony and tile custody of their three children Walter aged 1 Rosa aged i and h b Dickenson or aged 3 i or and mrs Dickenson were mar ried in Ottawa 111 december 27 1sos marriage licenses Danio find residence Hoy Johnson Dos Moines Annin Larson Des Moines 1lunips nil Ori Igei it Lam Murray Grimes Politi skin Lorn dts Moiscs Mii Blo i nov Kofr pcs Moines b i in Rohli Van wort m Gould vim wort Mason City aug family of j t Tupper monday night barely escaped with their lives from a Liro which destroyed their Home Here the loss will amount to about it is thought that the fire was caused by a lamp explosion As a result of Tho use of gasoline instead of kerosene Muscatine dark Muscatine aug re pairs Are being made on the cites electric Light plonk this City will be without lights and Street car service the condition will probably be relieved in Twenty four hours editors to meet Sioux City aug Corn Belt editorial association will hold its seventh annual meeting Here this week a Large attendance is Antici j ated and an interesting program Promise mayor on stand Dubuque aug will take the stand today in the trial against the liquor business in which he is said to be interested it is sought to close the concern by in Junction proceedings while mayor Schunk denies owing Stock in the concern he admits that his wife does to improve levees Keokuk in aug Tel the unsightly condition of the levees is being Given by the members of tha Keokuk motor boat club it is the de sire of the members to beautify the levees and make the Landing Here one of the most attractive on the Missia Sippi goes to Clinton Marshalltown aug h p Roney who has been assistant to the pastor of 31 Maya Katholi Church has been ordered to Clint As chaplain 10 St Claires Academy

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