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Des Moines Daily News Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1908, Page 3

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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1908, Des Moines, IowaTuesday aug 4 is Moines daily news says Bot Spori Secretary commercial club analyses hearing before Railroad commission railways retrograde Points out the inconvenience caused by curtailed service and fewer trains in South the hearing had before the state Board of Railroad commissioners in the matter of complaint against train service Between Des Molnes and Southwest Iowa and the application for improvement of the same resulted in some interesting developments it was shown Hiat the Burlington Road by Purchase or lease has acquired three int lond properties in re c years one of them the Des Moines Osceola Southern leading from Des Moines to Southwest Iowa it was shown that following tie acquisition of this property and of the other roads tie policy of the burling ton has been to take Oft trains rather than to improve its service for example tile service out of Des Moises instead of extending through to Keokuk and to Cainsville As for Merly has been Cut at Wirt it was also Shawn Liat tie service instead of giving several hours in Dos Molnes As formerly has been changed so As to give but one hour and Twenty five minutes Here evils Are shown it was shown that All connections at Osceola Ami Van Wirt permitting per sons to come to Des motes and re turn in the same Day and vice versa have been destroyed it was shown the Burlington service is such now that it is impossible t6 come to Des Molnes from Points West of Creston or West or South of Van Wirt via the Burlington and return or vice versa Short of three Days it was shown that from All Points West of Creston on the Malu line the practice now is to go either to Omaha and come to Des Moines Over the in oct Island or to go to Charlton remain Over night take a Branch line train to Indianola change there to the Hock Island and come to Des Moines in order to make tie round trip inside of two Days round about Way it was shown that from Points South and West of Van Wirt it is the prac Tice to drive from seven to Twenty five Miles to Points on other roads than the b a Langton to get into Des Flo thus and return in two Days it was Shaw that in the Vicinity of Shenandoah it is the practice to false the Wabash trains to to and come to Des Molnes Over the great Western in preference to spending three1 Days in making the trip Over the Burlington via hed Oak or via Van Wirt it was shown that Twenty four years Anu the train service was better on the Humeston Slie Pandoah and the Des Moises Osceola divisions than now that there is hut half the passenger train then redaction in service the towns along Charles Jacobs Obs statement remarkable Success of Thrifty family on the Golden Prai Rie of Wyoming Carpenter Wyo july 27 1908 or j ii car neuter lumber Wyo dear we Buve now been in this country since february 20th and have put in some crops of different kinds we feel justified in letting you know How we ure getting along and How the crops Are doing first and above All we have been enjoying Good health since we came Here which is More valuable than making Money the number of Mem Bers in our family is the same As it was while we lived in Northern Jie Braska but the same hour Liln needs j refilling oftener Here than it did there neither have we Sui Rcd from in Somnia this pure fresh air and Good soft water arc great aids towards keeping healthy there was not a Furrow broken on this land when we came Here so we got Busy and turned Over some of this Virgin soil and put in crops As Fol lows wheat 27 acres Oats 115 Spring Rye 12 beardless Barley 8 Cane o Alfalfa 3 Corn 2 iotatoes3 Man gels 1 Beans sunflowers 1 1 held peas 1 tame Trees and Garden 2 acres when we say that everything we let on the Sod Lias surpassed our fond est expectations we Are putting it mildly in spite of the fact that it was All put in too late As it takes time to break Sod disc and Harrow it Down All to be done with horses As i did we put out Kijoo Trees shrubbery Etc among which were about 100 Norway popular cuttings simply stuck in the ground doing Fine the cur rants and raspberries bore some fruit this year i have a Field of Spring wheat that was sown May Lith most of which is now three feet tall with Good Heads filling nicely some Spring Rye that i sowed May Width is four feet tall with Heads five and six inches Long i have Rye that was sown june 4th Only expecting some Liny from it this Rye is now three feet tall and promises to give a Good crop of Grain we have oat beads leu and twelve inches Long i planted a Dent variety of Corn june 10th and there Are stalks five feet tall Tass cling nicely the Cane nah Field peas Are flue Cane that i sowed in july came up in three Days the tame sunflowers potatoes and the vegetables Are of the Healthiest color and the finest Ive Ever raised of ail the crops put out nothing has so agreeably surprised is the Alfalfa i broke the Sod the first part of May and on the 30th of Juny i sowed thirteen pounds of turkestan Elf Alan to the acre using a shoe Drill in three Days it commenced coming mail orders promptly Send them in your Money Back for the asking always still coi Iii the Power of the prices we quote on All Odds and ends is fairly making them Fly unabated is the interest at this the splendid values offered we have bunched the broken lots and clipped the prices to so Small a fraction of their real Worth that it startles the most Crit ical bargain like pm they know just a few items mentioned of the Many striking values on Sale mens suits underwear 16c Otic Kin Good for Only values Odds and ends of up to values o o k for Only soon Odds and ends unto in value Are i in this lot at Odds and Odds of 25c values for All Odds and ends of our Boc underwear including Nain Sook crepe Honvo and Balbriggan knee lengths handsome silk mixed Lisles extra Ordinary value for Only 37e shirts Odds and ends of Superior shirt values a go for Only acids and ends of shirts up to in value for Only w hats boys suits up to values for All of our straws including panamas go for Ricc Odds and ones in fur hats up to to or o Odds and ends soft hats up up to t a k values a to o Odds and ends Caps Odds and ends Sterling values Boya suits up to values go re for Only Odds and ends of suits that sold up to bunched in a lot and go cd 1 o o for 19c buys varies up to boys blouses and shirts new Spring patterns hand some in colouring full 50c values for Only Wash suits it Nobby russian styles slightly up to values and Sailor soiled suits 89c f n Simmons mgr members of tie Republican Stato Central committee Are is to what to Rio in up in the regard to up and went rights Jilong i tools n convention to nominate a Candy Square with me one Day and went out late Tor the supreme Bench in the Patch and bad no trouble in finding plants Twenty inches above the ground and yet not in Bloom i con Sider this a grand showing for Sod and on ground not previously prepared As it should be for no Tolfa you Are at Liberty to publish this letter if you think it will have any service now that was enjoyed it was shown that despite this the lines and the tributary country have been growing but in this Coli Necton the testimony was also offered showing that the train service in holding Back the development and growth of the towns it was shown that by tie Purchase of three competing Railroad properties the Burlington has established a transportation monopoly in thirteen counties in South West Lowa As to All but six Points which Are reached by competing some of obstacles it was shown there Are absolutely no facilities for coining to Des Moises from tills territory and returning ill the same Day if one has business to transact in lies Moines on the contrary it was established that the rur Iii ton Road is sapping the territory for the Benefit of St Joe in tendency whatever towards bringing some poor Man or renter to this Golden Paul re country where he can yet secure Fine lying productive land underpaid with plenty of soft water and Here he can build a Nice Home for himself and his family with a Small amount of Money but the time to act is now before it is Toolate As ill the new settlers i have spoken with Are More than satisfied so there is sure to be a Rush for this land i practice Tho pernicious habit of rent ing land for eight years so i know of the pangs connected therewith if you or Carpenter or anyone else Reading this letter consider it Breezy or exaggerated come to our place Southeast of Carpenter and ill substantiate All the statements made and what i have done can he done by any Farmer in this part of Wyoming and on crops Are no better than on neighbors yours truly signed Char Jacobson for free photograph of or Jacob Koivik Elf Alan Field and farm improve ments Wylli full particulars of the Thuo crop Chi inlay address the Federal land Fec Grilies co Luther Wyoming or to 210 nth St Des i i Moines Irumva is operated for i the Benefit of St Joe and Omaha a service Liat will permit to make the territory it was shown j there Are five trains daily leaving j Chariton Creston and Valisca and run1 Ning to St Joe on schedules permit Ting people from Otto own and Indian Ola on the North and East Anil All balance of the territory to the West and South to go to St Joe and return in tile same Day giving them from three to seven hours in St Joe Only two trains official publication a few members of the committee called to meet this afternoon favor naming a candidate by the committee it is doubtful however if this procedure is followed should it be Doc to selection would be made members say until All candidates were Given an Opportunity to canvass the Situa Tion some favor reconvening the old slate convention delegates and thus save the trouble attending tie hold ing of new comity conventions to name delegates to the third Conven Tion others urge that the next convention should be made lip of new delegates it is certain that if new delegates Are selected from the various counties they will be selected with Only the and Reship in View whereas assessment notice to whom it May concern notice is Heiby that reports Ami schedules of assessments Nave Broil Are pared showing assessments or tie North Side of Douglas Between us and ugh North Side of Lincoln Between Aud 10th Bouth Side Venter drive be tween 1nrk line Ami Joule Vnod cast Side Kust 24ui Street Between Wil nut and North East Sytle Kasl Inch Street Between grand Avenue and Walnut a Tel that said showing the sep rate Lota and parcels of ground subject to assessment therefor arid lists or schedules of the names of nil owners of such prop erty so far As known and the amount Loho assessed against each lot or parcel of ground Are Lujo in the office of Tho Elty clerk of pcs Solnes Iowa and hint within 120 Days after the first publication of this notice All objections to Inch assessments or to the prior proceed Lues on a Comil of errors inequalities must he in do in writing am filed with tic said clerk in order that errors if any Tuny do corrected unless within Silil period you App car Ami 111 known any such error in said assess ments Nihsen silents he made in a Cor Linice with Mich Stu Lules by he City Roii kill mul deliver Cal to the county and Llor is Prover Ted us in Fulte of Glrst july 2stb docs time for objections expires August oth 1003 Ioor Max City clerk Anbu Blind in Dos Moines Dally Tribuno and Dea Montes Dally news july 28th Neil a gnat 4iu 1sxs notice of of Gallt to whom ii mfu1 concern Ollre la hereby Given Tinl the co part non till firm known ivs the port Ines grocery company composed of p me Thomas Robertson Hurt ii Ileo nmn u tills Wilny do solved the Wald v 11 Newll Llamia from said uni Htit the bus Lnch will be continued by tie Mcm cirs of said firm and ill debts one suld lorm should be paid to Liim to till no Conata and Usu or to become do from said Flim presented u them for payment August bad k r ill Milams Thomas r01113utsox l ii i Ekckman sues the City Harvey a Jones Olio Sims Tulumd per sound injuries several in Cocks to by full engr into n Dittli on twentieth Street today filed suit in the District court Agni list the City for claiming negligence do Yon want a Domestic a want and one cent a wore1 in the news will procure Poncelet the old delegates were select pm to factional hues Dpi Iii cause of of her issues stockholders in coliseum to meet largest stockholders of the new coliseum company will hold n Nigel ing at the Silvery hotel thursday mid will study some plan by which the of coliseum Stock May be one Rich business Man my Nike a big fee subscription that time in it under stood Thiu he is almost ready to subscribe and if he does the project will receive n hug boost amusements beit drinking obtainable delivered Dally Ponvele water 00 both phones Ash and i Donoll vaudeville de Lux the Only show in town cilia irks Wayne assisted Cir Shudic inks Iio Cizik pc co Sammy Watsons Kahm v acid Talir Kivist count do i junk Wjk Nilo Hugi iks Maxik Anita rail Mhos Henry and Kiln soak on Hilt no Olson Matin co Bic Silun and a woman work 10 inter filed i feb of t the w o Ima vet whirling Spray the new Byr Frei eel on and suction 10 inter filed should know c t the w on Derfun 1 Coli try Sci Ilcus will Inteli i to room no Lioanel col muh better let Vliem read your service Liao Imp ii of to nuns storting i building of cities out of the state the is show that by the failure to from Iowa and running lost Joe and Omaha and return and so scheduled t As to take travel away from Otto own pcs Moines Fra Elton Creston Keo kult and other Iowa towns we Are convinced we have proven on ase May not get Relief from i Charlton cities As j Clcil the right to compete with provide an eastbound local service the Railroad commission on the ground from i oils West of Creston during the service will not prove Reimmer the first half of the Day that Crest i Nilve hut if we do not we propose to j Otto own and Oiler own i take he broader ground that the Well As Des Molnes Are Dei Lington Road in acquiring a monopoly i of the transportation facilities in West Iowa other Ihan stage illicit Wihs i assumed an obligation to provide Asci Whitte service that it assumed but obligation toward pcs in tics when it acquired the Osceola persons to return in the same any i Merit of its Branch lines to the timetables offered in evidence Aiho pieces so that Good service with prs asking that it compel Rains by legis How that the service in Nebraska Cut track conditions is almost Lui Poa la five enactment j for the Trade of this territory Omaha it was shown that there arc two having a westbound Lonal service Dur trains runic Iivo from tills territory to Omalin Neh Day saving from three to tie curly morning hours h was shown that the right hours in that City and permitting 1ms allowed the Maln Lanance Deparl try called manna j Toa sties toasty flavour the special makes the taste linger two sizes Loc and 15c once 113 soft tiny Cereal company limited Battle Creek mix our precedent is a sible it was shown that in its Ati recent Case from Wisconsin holding tempt to throw dust in the eyes of lie that train service is a proper subject Railroad commissioners the in Wirlington for legislative enactment Lias extended its Van Wirt train to i je1s my Togo a Lull no population while if the train had been operated three Miles farther it would have reached Lagnoni a City of wooo population it was charged this is a deliberate attempt to make it appear that the service is not profitable and to deny a town population of Over ii too on Twenty three Miles of Road from Togo to it Ayr an adequate service service poorer it was shown that except on its main line All service in the Tou territory is poorer than it was Twenty four years Ngo or Elf teen years ago or ten years ago and Ibal All additions that have Licon made to tote 4 k new Tor by c w Host compant Walnut Street de Len Nej Iowa up Odate gentlemen de Mand immaculate Linen they want something exclusive and out of the Ordinary to those we recommend our High Grade laundry work there is a striking difference Between the Ordi nary laundry work and the work you get at the Des Moines laundry the finest summer drink in the world is t High Bah made with Good old bottled in Bond you should have a bottle of this rare old whiskey i your House All the time Lydia e Pinkha nature and a woman work combined have produced Tho grandest i remedy for woman ills that Tho world has Over known in the Good Days of our grandmothers tiny relied upon the roots and herbs of Tho of self to cure disease and mitigate buffering Tho indians on our Western Plains today can produce roots and herbs for every ailment and cure diseases hint a hello the most skilled physicians who have spent years in Tho study of drugs from the roots and herbs of the Field Lydia ii Pinkham More than thirty years rave to the women of the world a remedy for their Peculiar ills mom potent and efficacious than any combination of drugs Lydia k i uphams vegetable compound in now As the Standard remedy for woman ills sirs Lier lha Muff of 516nc St Louisiana to writes Complete to health Means so Mich to me that for the finite i of other mister info women i am willing to make my troubles Public j twelve years i bad been Biff for ing with the worst forms of female ills i during that time i and eleven different Physil Cinnlt without help no Tongue i can Tell what t Bill trend and at times i j could hardly walk about two Yeara i ago 1 wrote my for Olvice i 1 followed ii and can truly say that by clip k ill slams Voget Lilu com i Pound and mrs Pink Nins adv co re Ito Rcd Lic kith and strength it front to Monn Iann of told to but crony Lydia k Pink hams vege of Ioimo did Jor Sam Muff Vil r Illif Des Moines marketing place Mcquaide phone any department 312 to 320 seventh St Northern Cream flour i fancy watermelons each 25c Poleh Cutcli hot weather cuts is Dyo sulial Miia Liml Crosse us Rickwell vinegar 22 hires Hoot ller bottle Welchs uni pc juice pint Wal Chi Drupe juice to invt 44c Lees Grille juice pint 1nw Siuw grape juice Kalcl Ilku Hoot Beur Iii met Kini ill pull Enurla water Kirge water Liot tics co Aux water256 Fie Ketuny for to Mali bottle White Hock water White Rock Winer pint12d White Hock Ginger ale inert 226 White Hock Ginger ale ilnits j lied Mineral hugs bottle 106 i boxes mntclich106 flu coiled box106 2 prs Miil Tii vlln15rt Quaker onto pkk106 mothers outs pkg1o6 2 Choice celery 56 it my so Luluk tomatoes pounds dry onions1o6 Sweet turnips Peck 17i6 extra Lemons new Honey very fancy per frame176 picking spices Pound 226 cottage Home made bakery goods is too Liot to Lulic try our mint Minuth ill Ovid Diomei Milic Tukys lies Etc Linns 56 ii it vis co Tiik a Labud i inn vex Mimi Motyli i lived 256 it layer chocolate Usu inuit or i Rainel cuke 2 Down Cotton i Noi Kiln ally re Ivi Oil la Lyrll Cilich icily Kulls Ici Ikin coins Viii Lii Iii hrs 2 ilex 156 in ruin a Fuis Dox 2 Down ask Orcil Cui Ikles 156 Zeniou linger Ilner Tuxen wine Cueli 56 Salt for the table Suiker i irks in Cut 1s6 Hulk Holt found ice Creciun kult 12 ibs 106 car Rel new Lanui suit 8119 Unile Hack i Odlini suit 486 fill a Dolvy Salt 446 suck Dairy suit 246 now air Koto thu Iii 156 1 ins seedless rnlslns256 a ibs i2xtrn irunea56 ibs in trn Ulce 256 soaps washing powders 8 Bare White water witch256 s bars Diamond o sonp256 11 bars Caln act Twenty team Borax Sony for 236 s bars White laundry soap2t6 2 a nigh Lulu mcniicr156 7 pkg White line rowder276 1yrainid pm 3 t6 2 cans merry War lye156 2 cans bowls lye156 3 cans Star lye1o6 we Ivory no powdered starch 56 celluloid kit Rich 9j Jelly classes dozen Jar in Beers 3 dozen for 136 2 Doz Loc Jar ilubbers156 extra Jar Caps dozen336 Mason jars pints596 Mason jars quarts696 Mason jars i fial896 Tea Coffee spices extracts tethys Tea san Flower Brand size can216 size can 396 Doc size ran 796 size can 8199 i50 size can in Tii and Black Tea specials for ice Tea special Coffee pound2o6 Lender Coffee Pound 5256 no 100 Brand Coffee Japan Tea soft lairs Pound 1o6 All varieties perfection tens Pound All varieties no 100 teas Pound 6 20 ibs granulated sugar with order sanitary Market meats fish milk Cream cheese Snar cured Bacon in 146 in 1 hums in 156 Melni Tot boasts in 66 no 76 ii his kit re Boll air beef 256 Hollud i lasts in 2 is extra Steak kit in Ilond Steak in sir loan Steak in Porter House Steak in Block Swiss cheese Wisconsin Cliece extra Brick cheese 17vj6 156 1o6 12i6 Send your tall order packed awl delivered to Lepot free of charge to Yon 1

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