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Des Moines Daily News Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1908, Page 2

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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1908, Des Moines, IowaDes Moines daily news our entire Stock of two and three piece sum Mer suits that sold during the season for and Are now All the Good has been a great season for Rich handsome patterns Blue Serges unfinished worsted tibets Browns of All shades and patterns tans Grays Plain fancy a7id striped checks and plaids imported flannels scotch Homespun the very Cream and pick of our summer Lino at Only ftps to ship by i Victoria b c aug Nippon Yusen Kalahar a japanese steamship company will establish 1 new service commencing in novem ber to carry japanese merchandise to Atlantic ports of the United states by Way of Juhe Suez canal according to advices received by the Steamer Monteagle which reached port last night lightning cause of Many fires grand rapids Mich aug lightning during the most str Ere storm in years caused nearly a score of fires Here last night the new factory of the grand Rapida paper Box company was destroyed with a loss of accept decision no rehearing before the supremo court on the City Hall Case decision will be asked by Tho Council though Tho members have been advised they could ask such they will Call a Spe Cal election to submit the question anew next november to the voters whenever the proposition to in ilm the new Structure is submitted sep Olal ballots and Booths will be pro med for women old soldiers picnic Traer aug Prepa rations Are being made for an Lorl soldiers picnic on August 12 and 11 a reception Tor governor Cummins is planned and Secretary Wilson will probably he in attendance film visitors in be welcomed present did i not tske1ctioi miss Annie Catroni the free information Bureau that was a maintained in Des Molnes last year during state fair week will be supported Antn this year the greater Des Minos committee will Bear of Tho expenses and the two commercial clubs will Bear the rest All tie administrative work will be done by committees the greater Des Molnes committee will have for its committee m e Sherman chair Man p a Mot his and Milo Ward the work carried on by this information Bureau is firs class and is a great help to visiting Lowans i brother of Gen Byers Dies in West attorney general ii dyers has received word that Bis brother b g Byers died monday in Seattle or dyers had been sick for about six weeks and for a while ii w Byers was at his bedside or Byers was in the real estate business in Seattle and had been in the City for about ten years he lived in Iowa for a Miry years having gone West a boat ten years ago is hot for Vitor Hearst that the third party movement headed by w it Hearst will fall Al most Fiat in Iowa is the opinion of a l Uriel president of the state federation of labor since the recent convention of the third party men at Chicago or Tyriek has made trips to a number of the labor centers of Iowa and has Given Especial attention to the senti ment of the Ilion labor men with re Gard to the Hearst party i think that the ticket will have Little if any strength in Iowa said or Uriel to a news reporter today travelling Over the state i find that the Union men arc almost uni Nimons in their opposition to Taft to Nocom Pliski this defeat they think that their Hope lies in Bryan i do not think they will Divide their strength by giving Tho Hearst candidate buy support Many signing petitions to recall Hamery continued from 1age 1 e r telegraphed increases ability on right food anything that will help Tho r r Telegraph operator to keep a Clear head and steady nerves is of interest to operators particularly and to i lie Public generally As the waste of brain and Ner cells in Active work of his kind great it is important that Iho right kind of food be Regul filly used lord Piir the waste i have soil Grap Onule writes b r p operator for the past by or eight years daily buying it by the dozen pkg Friend of mine a doctor who had been treating me for stomach trouble and nervous Exham Saliou recommended Mer to leave off so much meat and use fruit and vegetables with grape nuts As the Cereal part of each meal so with Fine results and Liao continued drape nuts from that 1imn to Tho present i find in my work m r r telegraphed that i can do More work and far easier than i Over could on Iho old diet to any Man who is working his brain and who needs a Cool level head and Quick action i recommend grape nuts from Long experience theres a reason name Fiven by 1osluni co Flatt to Creek Mich read the Road to Wol Lvella in pkg i Ever read the above letter a new one appears from time to time they genuine True and full of human prevented an number of accidents v he has compelled a strict enforcement of the mulch Law he has eliminated the gambling houses several ceasing operations Ance he assumed control of the he has undertaken a crusade to enforce the Law and give Des Molnes a condition such As is provided for by the statute and he has done this in spite of opposition of political corporations and sporting elements desiring a wide open town he has worked out his convictions of right despite threats of personal violence and political annihilation he has said he would do what be believes to be right if lie never is elected to office again no one is objecting to Hamery but those who have Felt the in convenience of being Law abiding citizens one prominent Man this morning said if Maniery is Lien they have the definition of words twisted in websters dictionary under Tho in when the petitions have been circulated they must be ill Oil with the City clerk and if he finds Hie signature lire Hose of Hona Lide voters to will so report sind Tho Council will demand a recall election within ten Days virtue of his office be councilman sought to be re in Lucil becomes a Chin Dionta to sue1 Ceil himself and in either hindi Tineil or recalled att be polls hears bad news As vacation opens Wilh All his preparations Nii div Tor a two months Bunting i Iii through Iho mount inns of Wyoming an which he was to have started enl Virday John Dnepr Nuiji this morning received a till Konni from his he Star at Shoshone Washington saying that her Hull Mill Boniti killed by Accident and Usk ing him to crime Torr Niqui his for the trip us fur us possible will leave tonight for Tho West Kansas is to use state primaries Topeka kans aug i a first time in the history of the state the voters of Kansas arc today ing their candidates at a primary and each political warty will nominate its ticket from United states senator Down to Constable Beer confiscated Cesar Lake aug fact tent a Largo Trade in liquor has been going on Here illegally is disclosed by the finding of Over three Hundred bottles of Beer the liquor has been confiscated and prosecutions win Drou Obly follow Olsten Bay n y aug the Mattoi of the dismissal of thu eight cadets from Ibe United states military Aca Riciny for in zing presi Dent Roosevelt has taken no no ton according to tie Rol Loning state ment which he issued yesterday after noon through his assistant Secretary Rudolph Foster no action whatever has Boon taken by the president in the Case of the cadets the statement that they were originally ordered dismissed and Bluit they had been ordered Kepi being equally erroneous tired of being taken for Bryan a c Klein Here is a Man who has been mis taken for William Jennings Bryan so often that he is getting very of it he is a c Klein travelling Man he travels to Al parts of the country and everywhere he has addressee As Bryan the re Scab Liucc is said to be very remark Able and is even More striking than he photograph shows Iowa ministers fail is Bible test Iowa ministers Aru not As versed in Bible knowledge As those of kilns is and Illinois at least the Iowa ministers in attendance it the Beth any Bible Institute at Indin Nopolis saturday a list of 150 Bible questions were put to the ministers and tin Irene ions from Iowa went those of Illinois and Boone notes thursday morning the Bachelor will give a reception tothe s s o m girls and the Delia Pahi it the borne of the misses Alice tand Ethel Hartman s the funeral of p s Brinnen death occurred sunday was Solil this morning to Vern the sacred heart Cli urch last week mrs d t Chandler and mrs John Reynolds gave a delightful week end House party Tho ladies of the swedish lutheran Church will give an ice Cream social tonight the Bachelor girls held a meeting last night at the Home of miss Maud Zimmerman Tho a o it club will meet woo no Day evening with mrs James Bettey John Bates who was injure Sun Lay by falling out of a hotel window is a let to belter today invitations have Boon issued for n breakfast Friday morning in Honor of miss Alary Hosteller democrats fear no Hoodoo number state Central committee meets August 13 Iowa democrats Are afraid of no lion too ten state Contra commit too Lias been called to meet Here August i3 by Sirato Clial Ninn Clint Price the he tag of a ilae for the slate convention was left with the state chairman and so rotary Lack Dahl on and will to decided upon prob ably he a alter of the Rcch Thoro is no Iii Salon but that it will in held in pcs Moines it the oily fun Psihos the customary convention entertainment Catarrh made life a Burden to me Jet iss Annie oat Rqn 927 main St Cincinnati Ohio writes As i have found Peruna a Blessing or a severe of Catarrh of the Bead and Throat which i suffered from to a number of years i am Only Loo pleased to give it my personal Catarrh such As i buffered from Nade life a Burden to me my breath offensive stomach bad and my head stopped up so that i was usually i rouble with a headache and Al though i tried Many Boc alled reme Llee nothing gave me permanent re Lief i wag rather discouraged with ill medicines when Peruna was suggested to me r i did by a bottle and before that twas finished there was a marked change in my condition much Bocc foraged i kept on until i was completely cured in a months time and i 6nd that my general health is also people who prefer solid medicines should try Peruna tablets Bach Tab let represents one average dose of Peruna Manakin the Ideal laxative americans Are taking up Pic Egnitis craze pouter which won a Soo 11 ddtr011 Mich Auk Cas latest sporting mania is 01 i using pigeons for flying Breeding and message carry ing of course there has always been Many Pigeon fanciers in the United states Bur we have just a sight Tho real fever germ came from England where the Pigeon Breeding mania is at us height Hinds Are bought and sold for so each the characteristic of the pouter is to Well out its crop to huge Dimen Sions and do a cake walk with its Fra toted feel Tho Bird pc f i ire won v 3 0 c i Rye 9 Al the s it i of sheer false Economy in Job printing Money saved on the Quality of printed matter used to interest peo ple in your goods is Money lost by malting it hard for you to convince the customer that Yon have a really firs class article we design and print the Kino that makes it easy for Yon to gel orders Homestead co 131 Mutual 58 Iowa have yoiil1 easy Eltag noted find train cd at still College of h2u2s Locust is Quirit Plum ii of Chr news Are a quirk medium feu1 placing for Sale rules kor ilou1 Nils help inn fool Nylk cti1 Olio cent i wont Sifes Ntuli Inoyce Voe trn sror Poncelet carbonated Best and purest drinking water obtainable delivered daily Poncelet water 00 Roth phones 28th Anu Des Moines National Bank i i reliable workmen every Man who employs help knows that the person who works on n salary or for wages and paves a portion of his earnings is More reliable and faithful than one who spends every cent that to can get a very Young Man Shoul Deposit in part of ills income regularly each week or month with this Bank where h will earn interest at the rate of per cent com pounded cml annually a Lieja 1 makes escape Bay City Mich aug Elizabeth Hartlett recently acquitted of Tho murder of Oscar Peterson a Bachelor Farmer rearrested on a charge of forgery is reported to Hampo Scantl from sheriff Hartley yesterday in the Brush covered Sand ridges on the Shore of Saginaw Bay ten Miles West of hero and has been hunted unsuccessfully through the night by a sheriff and a posse of forty Farmers it is said that a Fugi Tive it provided with food could main Tain a Safe hiding in this desolate Region for three weeks Law May bar bum piano notes in a assemblyman Buchanan Atlanta aug piano notes and tuners of musical instruments who cannot Tell an octave from a castoffs Pewter ring will be forever barred from Georgia if the general Assembly enacts into Lawn Bill introduced by assemblyman Buchanan of Early county to create a Board of state to units for the purpose of exam ining All piano tuners members of the general Assembly have received Tho proposed measure with Tho broadest of smiles of approval and neighbors Are anticipating Theta Jewhen my Dearie will not Blu Jas if it were being played with the feet Day aug 4 1908 Ftp ply torture to prisms Victoria h c aug re capture of Tho City of Prokow from the rebels in Armani was marked with astounding atrocities according to advices received by the Steamer Monteagle last night prisoners wore horribly mutilated being tied to stakes and their Abdomens Cut open and Many horrible atrocities committed upon Tho living men until death saved them from their bar Baric executioners Japan to present claims to Russia Victoria d c aug is about to dispatch a representative to St Petersburg according to advices received by the Steamer Monteagle to take up sealing claims brought by owners of japanese sealing schooners seized by russian patrol cruisers rates to Pacific we can quote you Cut rates on shipments of household goods from All Iowa Points Blue line Transfer co 200 fifth St phones 138 Wakefield Blackberry Balsam is and has Baen for 61 years the most prompt and reliable euro for diarrhoea dysentery and cholera in fan turn As these diseases often come in the night every Home should be prepared to Check them without delay by having Wakefield Blackberry Balaam on hand it never fails All druggists sell it full size bottle 35s patois 118 sixth to p m Snyder orchestra hot eff Broadway an1 33d Street Square m y Chat to hts most Centt Talloo five Fer be Isje interest is a Good rate if you desire to loan your Money upon Security conservatively estimated at 150000000 and payable upon 30 Day notice for particulars address l m Grimes treasurer Des Molnes Iowa ideally located a nth capital City of Iowa Drake University Des Moises Iowa a Well equipped co Oduca Ciofal school More than students in attendance last year ten Well equipped University buildings More than one Loudred trained teasers in the faculty Good Library faculties departments College of education four year course leading to degree also two year certificate course courses for primary and kindergarten teachers mid teachers of drawing and music in the Public schools s2nseirybfor 01jvlli1j in voice piano and other music subjects the University High school classical scientific commercial courses fall term sept 14 Winter term Jan 4 Spring term Send Lor announcement of department react Mill we dolt v in which you Are interested address Una Lavt univ toll i Iowa candidate in jail his proxy Speaks ska talk aug Tho con so of a Spei King tour Over the state August Gillhaus of new York proxy format Tutti Preston Liboi candidate for president is in1 Seattle Preston As hns Bacn published is Jill in Nevada serving a Twentyfive year sentence for Norder Gillhaus was named As his proxy in Case it soul be impossible to secure the liberation of Preston one of the of the Happy Homes of today la a vast fund of information As to the Best methods of promoting health and happiness and right living and knowledge of the worlds Best products products of actual excellence and reasonable claims truthfully presented and which have attained to worldwide acceptance through the approval of the Well informed of the Avold not of individuals Only but of the Many who have the Happy faculty of selecting and obtain ing the Best the world affords one of the products of that class of known component parts an ethical remedy approved by physicians and com mended by the Well informed of the Worl Dasa valuable and wholesome family laxative is the Well known syrup of figs and elixir of Senna to get its beneficial effects always buy Tho genuine manufactured by the California Lig syrup co Only and for Sale by nil leading druggists Joy of the household for without it no happiness Cap be Complete Angels smile at and commend the thoughts and aspirations of the Mother bending sover the Cradle the ordeal through which the expectant other Fri list pass is such thai she looks Forward with dread to Sheho Urchen she shall feel tie thrill of Muthe Rhudd every woman she wild know that the Dan Gerald pain of childbirth can be avoided by he use of mothers Friend which renders pliable All the parts assisting nature in its work by its Aid thousands of women have passed crisis in safety 00p it miss Book of information to women sent free the Bradfield regulator co Atlanta go Ideal vacations in Minnesota thousands of Beautiful lakes affording the Best of summer Chicago great Western railway three fast trams every Day to St Paul and Minneapolis unequalled equipment e baby Khz City pass Cir act Wii nut sir car Dos Molnes order it Sii

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