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Des Moines Daily News Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1908, Page 1

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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1908, Des Moines, IowaThe Only Iowa paper maintaining the two great telegraphic services of the world state fair from aug 20 to 28 inclusive one and on half fare bound trip from All Iowa Points re Clubre service in Dea Mollei the newspaper Enterprise association generally fair to Leht and wednesday some Irlia cooler tonight last City edition lbs Moines daily news vol 270 Des Moines Iowa tuesday August 4 1908 one cent i re su3s for divorce petitions to ran number names necessary to secure special election will be obtained petitions in autos understood Many benzine buggies Are pressed in to use today or Hamery said today that should a recall be secured he would allow his name to go be fore the people on the new elec Tion i do not propose to be ousted by petition he said if the people do not want me i will gladly step out but they elected me and until they signify at an election that i am no longer their Choice i will remain and do my duty petitions for recall were today found in saloons and Cigar stores none were offered in business houses Banks or offices of professional men general opinion at the City Hall is that there will not be enough signers to secure a re Call and that if there should be it will be a useless expense As the record made by Hamery will insure his vindication and re election for the recall of Alder can Hamery being circulated Liy dealers who were compelled to gambling devices from to Beni Tores and automobile lists arrested Lor violating the Law Are not being re celled tilth favor by the better class people for the most part the petitions Baye been Nande put a Cigar attire borne have been liberally Sig Crl but the signatures Are for the most part by travelling men and Youba who Are not voters in the City the Law requires that the signatures be made by voters of the City considerable Surprise came to the recall agitators today when they passed omit their papers by men whom 1lamery has prosecuted refusing to sign the petition one Saloon keeper new pole in ice wife stands by him through murder trial now wants separation claims he was cruel mrs h b Dikenson who is baling her Nus Bana h Dickenson for divorce fought them m feed Sofii hand of Charity extended by boys in Blue to Veteran in Gray r Lee stranded with Early an Jackson one country Orie a race of Christian men thank god r e Lee pursued by the misfortunes of peace r e Lee of of Turmza a con federate Soldier today appealed for assistance in pcs Monics to the men notice placed in sheriffs hands for ing for Dickenson h b Dickenson who was acquit Ted in District court of the charge of murdering Irene Blydenburg by a criminal operation largely because of the loyalty of his wife was today sued for divorce the Little Blac haired Browneyes woman who stood by Dickenson when he wag charged with a heinous of sense has started proceedings to lib Erate herself from him the original notice was placed in the hands of the sheriff for service today she states that her petition for separation will charge cruel and inhuman treatment Anil drunkenness her loyalty 1 mrs Dickenson is the Mother of three right Little children and it was largely to protect them from disgrace that she stood by her husband in his trial for murder after his acquittal she went on living with him but she will charge that his conduct since that time has been such As makes him unlit for a husband according to the charges makes the bit Ter experience of having his life in jeopardy has not had a moral effect on Dickenson after his trial in District court Here Dickenson went to Nebraska to sell insurance after he time he returned to Des Moines and news Down Ait he May be of two ours Home Why not paper delivered to your he Farrd let the whole family enjoy it either phone 211 extra started a Sanatorium continued on Page 4 column 0 111 Blue he fought and cheerful assistance the namesake of the was Given noted con sign when he refused to by till circulator of the petition Why dont you sign dont you know he is lighting you Fel Lovys All the time and holding the Llyl Down doing his duty yes 1 know that was the reply but i know he is Only doing his duty us an officer and i Gulmire him for it the fact hint the petitions air being Liy men who Hait been compelled to obey the Lii shows the movement to be one of por soil enmity it is n lion for the councilman one cig Jiri dealer who is not mixed up with to recall Saui today i am glad they removed Tho there is one business Ninn federate general Hud been in St Paul visiting and started to return to his Home he reached Des Flo lines with was used 0t funds to finish his journey he knew of no Way to und n Confederate Soldier in Iowa so to sought the commander of the grand army of the Kop Blic he was Gray and showed age plainly us he stepped hesitatingly into the office of commander h m Velvel continued on Page 4 Colonni 1 transfers Given at the jul Nutson is shot in by efts Youthful prisoner escaped from jail at Udell Iowa h b Dickenson who was sued Lor divorce today on grounds of cruelty my Effi Ilure Dubuque la aug senator Allison dropped dead Here today of heart failure Man and wife ask for big damages mrs Rachael Goldenson filed suit i the District court today demand ing the sum of from the Street railway company for injuries she sustained in an Accident several months ago and in addition to this her Hus band m Goldenson filed suit against tie company for 55000 for to loss of her services by reason of Tho Acci Dent l cold water Man t coloured girl Tel be Phr racist Ankeny Man is accused of threatening l r Hough Holtie Hun Culson of Buxton Iowa a coloured Ghl is taking the examination at the stale House to be a registered pharmacist one other girl is tailing the examination a miss Martha Oliver houghs failure cause victimized Farnier would kill source of his ruin there has been some confusion among passengers of the Street cars since the installation of the new Transfer system the complaint is that neither passengers nor tin conductors seem to know where in us Points 1 trusted for Worth passenger should demand his Transfer of machine checks and now i cant collect the debt because it is claimed i Insp the University it was gambling the petitions charge of the ground for removal of or Tamery that or in Emery has do Ilion Stratch Bis competency to conduct the department of Public Macly is evident o the Law abiding class of citizens by the results lie Lias a Croni Lils Hud friikt1 assuming charge of the in Pii rement and despite nil i he annoy Ance and harassing of cell cites and corporations or Lamery Lias done Koine things for the betterment if pcs Monics morally what he has done he has removed from the Cigar stores All gambling devices and thus eliminated one of the great est schools of crime for Young men he has prohibited the Sale of intoxicating liquors contrary to the mulch Law in resorts he has cleaned out the police Force discharging such men As were incompetent and unfit for police that he has the courage of his convictions was made Evi Dent when he entered 3 Saloon and knocked a Glass of liquor from the hand of an officer in uniform he has enforced the Autori Obille Lav against scorching and thus continued on Zafiu Rohim 2 superintendent Owens stated Mon Day that Hie conductors had rec Ivad strict orders to Issue transfers tit Junction Points Only on these lines and that there was absolutely no reason for any misunderstanding at All laundry Man in trouble charged with having embezzle Orfio of his employers Money Ifil Clay n former employee of the Troy Buidry is on trial today in Justice copes court it is charged that Clay collected the Money while he was working for the co Munny and fallen to account if it lost purse May 8e Sheb Cliffs contains certificate of Deposit with a outlaws name for Des Monics police have been asked to watch for a jail breaker fro i Udell Iowa and a Reward of 550 is offered for his arrest a Telegram from Udell says that the prisoner a Young Man about 20 years old with Light hair and Bine eyes and weigh ing to pounds successfully jail last night Chase was Given Anil the youth was shot in the right breast and shoulder by one of the officers who fired a shot gun the boy How Ever made his escape into the and has not been Cluj get the old Way and the modern Way of a single Job of cleaning the Walnut Street Bridge the new commissioners saved the City nearly a thousand Dol Lars w d Carter has just completed the work and the Cost was to clean the same Bridge under the old administration the Cort was charged with an attempt to com Mit murder and carrying concealed weapons on Federal properly Ben a Ivon thy cattle owner or Ankeny Iowa was arrested last Naglit by Deputy United suites marshal by dwell and brought to Tho Polk j county jail he had a preliminary heaving be fore commissioner Mcarthur and was bound Over to the action of the Federal grand jury almost a tragedy Wagner arrest resulted from his alloyed attempt and threats to kill l it Hough the bankrupt Louk Yards Man who had la Ceeil blk out of si800 this incident occurred at the time Hough had his preliminary hearing before judge itch Rulec in the Fedora Hill diet Tom first week in july he brought a revolver with him la Ilio court room and when he Pullou it from his pockets Wlllie a threat Tom going to kill Hough he Wuh immediately Inkon from tie room by tin marshal hut not placed under is in fat is needed magnate eats bowl of Rico and milk for breakfast at Omaha icon b Chattin Cand Dale for president on fro Hibl Tion ticket who Speaks Here tonight mite for president Corr Ouight Eugene w Elmlin will get count Zeppelin makes Long voyage through Valley of the Rhine he travels swiftly Speed record for Long Dis Tance is thirty Miles an hour has big Welcome Bio audiences Omaha Nch aug we want la Coop Nillon and rationalism sold e h her roman As he sat la Bis seat in his private car tills morning eating to bowl of Rice mid milk for his breakfast Chicago was too much for Harrl mini yesterday and his stomach has gone Back on him the big Railroad magnate was Lulf Way Nick tills morn ing and spent a restless night How Over ill lie nil Reghl in a couple of i lilys he said As his Iraln pulled out ill for the West How is Bunin Nils in your Terri tory or her Rimini was asked dont Call it my territory peevish by answered birr Lynn in nil my Tor Llory just is its any other ninth territory its All the temperature thousands greeted prohibition candidate it Oskaloosa aug cup w Chaflin of Chicago and prohibition candidate for president s expected to arrive in inc City tonight at from Gran null where he of punks tills afternoon Chaflin will be met at the train by n Largo prohibition delegation Gnu will be la ten immediately to the Chamberlain hotel where he will be entertained Liy 1 i Kern Anil Kern of Washington d c who arc old friends he will give bin address tonight at inc v m c a auditorium and a Large crowd is anticipated Many per sons win outside of lies Monics will hear him can fun spoke to 3000 people at of Kaloost Hist night and is irn Wenj Inge crowds everywhere he Speaks by associated press under Ideal weather conditions count Zeppelin wit i his great Airship emerged from tie swimming Dock fat Frederic Usheff it this morning the huge vessel Rose from lift Waters of the Lake to u height of 400 feet and at arrived at this City it was the plan of count Zeppelin to continue to Marcuz along the Rhine and there return to Metz across the Stuttgart and return if the Veu Liei conditions continue favourable the shores of the Al Niue arc Black with people for the news of the flight has preceded the navigators and ill the spectators wave messages of Welcome and Good will to them reaches Hohen Weil at Stein the Valley widens and forms the Lake of Zell within this expanse the Airship Rose Hiipfl then clime Down to a height of 1000 feet it then continued until it reached the Valley of the Rhine River near the famous Castle of Hohen Weil this stronghold unconquered for a thousand years until the coming of Napoleon was it mute witness of this crowning achievement of the no Poleon of the Ulm the Airship sped swiftly Over the old Feudal Castle and the Moats and turrets Unsod their greetings to the intrepid sailors at Stein the vessel quickened its flight and for some time went at the rate of thirty seven Miles an hour the weather continued Good and the Airship reached Makenz Long be fore the expected time it is believed that the count will have ample time to return to the hike of Constance by Way of Metz and Stuttgart detective got gun Tiu orge Mcnutt City detective who was in the room no Tho Lime assisted in taking i he Gnu Nway from Wagner and test Nind to hint i acct during tin preliminary tills illumine 1nilril slates Mai Siml Hammond and Bis Deputy Frank Al Clio testified to tie same effect when Wagner Wanh or refiled at his Home in an Keity Jast evening tie Sloe a so Alt Czetl his wife Bluit thrown Viilo Hysqui rfcs incl is now in a it Teal million tile arrest of Lar Hoisl Saiid liar just been prefer led by news Tyml ii father was Neil lentils clou1 find tilt to Ming Kether was much for her Wagner Bonds were placed at 5 club a nonpartisan mooting of tin Shermain w Morris is the mime of i Mirron of William j Lar Yiuzi will be a Curtin Cnoc of Deposit in a Cimon Wood Missouri Bank for fifty Ilo hrs payable to Sherman w Morris was found in n purse at Hie Corner of Xintu and Mulberry streets yester Day by in employee at the o o iat Riik livery Ile sides this therens in the pocket Luik ton dollars in Hills and a return end of n railway ticket to go Finwood of j Holly Kink Sho Cliffo now in jail to Adville Colorado a writing iia on on old Elmr Fie of in ruler i Crocker Bull dint at h r lock e Inlang under the of Ilic Young Mcdaniels dead j mens Brynn Dull word was received in Dos Minos today announcing Tho death of Thomas Mcdon Lols in Puorro 8 i my my Dan Lyls was formerly a resident of on thin occasion live Vlco presidents of the organization lie eluded who will be sent out to organise nou clubs in Tolfe interests of lilo this City her body will arrive u 1 great commoner throughout Tiu Moino wednesday afternoon i county flys my Brittn of Repi Millns fair View Lincoln neb aug h Schmidt of Dayton Obi 67 j speculation As to whom petitioners if successful will Spring is ii in Thill he opponent o Siperl humid int hair airy Havo a program All out lined and have selected Tho candidate it him in Rase Hoy of cipro a to i Call is Trio report Emir Brut Telny h was sold by some that Lity prof Iso to or try to name of Henle Snaw lit take Laljer vote Newny from Len United press 4 Ohio representing Harvey Garber the National comm Teoman of Ohio consulted or Bryan this morning to presented to or Bryan a Rich rain conceived by or Garber for or Bryan to write n personal letter to every voter in every doubtful state Bryan sold that he was willing pro Elded the Campaign fund will stand j for Tho expense of postage or Schmidt left this afternoon to present Tho plan to Mack at Chicago or Brynn said today that since or Taft had adopted the plan of using the phonograph for reaching the Vot irs that he supposed the Republican press would Cimic ridiculing him for employing the biome method v he Salil the republicans seem not Only Bent upon imitating our platform but also our Campala to our lion i in it eleven year old boy wins Stoner prize the big new department store to he opened soon in the Iliad building will be called the grand this name chosen today by the management of the store after More than a thousand names had been canvassed Little Paul zen an 11yearold boy living at 1310 cottage Cercet a the Lucky one who will receive the Reward offered by or Stoner Des Molnes and Iowa people took a great in naming the store answers having been received from More than 600 people Many of them cent More than one answer to that altogether there were More than a thousand suggestions made Severn people had names of Milne to the one chosen but none of them pleased or Stoner a Well Job the simple name the grand some of uie names much like the one chosen were the per Lect grand the Owa grand the grand department store and stoners grand the led who named the store will receive the Check for this afternoon cooler fair skirt but cooler weather to night Antl follow do up by of the Atmos Phr re fur at two Days after that i was thu glad till Nuj sent out by or i chop Pul 1nlteil Fita Tei weather fore Cihlor today the Cool Aimos Horo will not Only Mir round Des Monics but will cover a j Good portion of the Northwestern states whence it originated the Rool wave this Nioni lug brought along a refreshing Shower of rain which started at 7 Oclock Ami Las cd i for about two Hourel Tho rain cover Eil All of the Northern part of Tho i stall Eastern North Dakota Eastern i South Dakota and Nebraska an exclusive Law jul it is n Well known fact the news has a More exclusive circulation than any other paper in Des Molish that to Roach this vast Nuin Lor of cos paying customers the Mero Luimit must use the news columns this coupled with the fact that the news has the larg est paid circulation in Iowa leaves Little room for doubt lit Tho mind of the prudent space buyer which paper offers him Tho greatest value for his Money if you want re sults advertise in the news v

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