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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - April 11, 1910, Des Moines, IowaThe Des Moines news Franke pleased Oliai Renu curl Frau face of Oie re publican state committee in Ilio City i Liis Way from Parkes Bung to St Luoius on business expressed himself ass Well satisfied with the turn of affairs in i politics we have a primary jaw he Spicl mid its very purpose is to give All the voters out of the Pavly a to express Hon selves on issues Aid Ewe of Eldh boy must Stum til Church notes to refute Tho wide spread state ments that Tho Church is losing its hold Rov 1 w Abel of Wosley 51 e Church yesterday cited h number of fads to prove the contrary greater Des Moines committee 1 will help conduct whirl wind Campaign till1 in Oritor in at Luious today in minors com Niikoe j the i today ihi1s princes p aunt grand s 15 it tin new girl orpheus Mai inc p comm pinned the is Lisp of the vake University Oolitic in Modi Cine Anil de idd to moot thursday Millu Pur pose ill Ursra Nivina a committee of 100 in bodies of ten to Condo i a com Puiesi for raising tie auf Levisie nets Simiry to retain the j if Artieal Collet u Standard fixed j not since Tho Good old Days of by the american medical us Soemy Edna the pretty typewriter and lion Bertha the sewing machine girl yogini a or presided the grand seen such a revival of governor Koniuk u Jackson and j indomitable will unassailable virtue Harvey spoke Empen tidally and spartan courage As that por of the importance of retaining Tho i traded in Nettie the new girl school both Ilic Laved it Tho l Resit est which opened a two Days engage Enterprise Ever undertaken by Tsuiji Isumu at tins popular play House last greater Des Momo committee1 night Nettie just misses death by president Hill m bed of Ilie unlit the Shin of her Teeth about forty sly of the Rolf Esre eleven times but always Insl As comptroller j h Stockm i of the i the Leissing villain sees Bis base University mid others spoke similarly schemes about to be fulfilled and is association a Trust getting his Mouth fixed to say president Liell Saiid he believed the now at last i have thee in my Ainer can Medl cil association to be i along comes Tom the a Trust by holy one he thought the Tumbler or whatever the last of his Standard fixed by it none to High and i name May be the Tumbler fits him i True to Mieir Promise made while i inmates of be Industrial school for boys at Aldora h k Robinson k Hayes and Raymond Wilkes Vej turned to the school last Friday Niolu and after dressing Hubert 1 Maher of Les Moines in citizens1 clothes succeeded in effecting his from the institution but All of them Iune to grief at the hands of the Des Moines detectives sunday and the three conspirators Are in jail while an Melc took Young la in charge Icv Arthur Metcalf pastor of the according to the three lads they ii Erin congregational can Rich bus promised Wilkins when they were accepted the Call to the Webster City released tent they would assist him can Racli providing his Large number of by University a Complete collect ton of Ameri can flags has been secured by cd word Odeas sunday school class of i to Calvary Baptist Church to decorate the Mirror theatre when fellowships and scholarships they give their play the Dawn of Liberty May 21 and 22 the flags i were obtained from the local chapter of the d a u j attorney weds wealthy widow born Lar Northwood april i Rhes attorney aged 55 was wedded at noon today to mrs Emma Islon Viko a wealthy widow at her Home at Carpenter she was about 42 years j old 10 Rock Island trims collide intr actress going to marry stage hand Waterloo april Lush Krac Kilt will known act Vosa Whoso stage name is Olulo do Lone i was granted a divorce january 7 1910 Stow she asks lir Cotrit to Al i Low Lier to wed William c Nash a Suigo hand Al Detroit who Sho Lias known for sometime nil who Sho Saya Wilt Anauo Hor a Good husband conferred on thirty five j men and women i Rev mouse Girior Flavin of St i City h j i Ambrose Church 1ms offered n University of Iowa has con i Dollar sold piece to the Holder of j feared honors upon nearly thirty Flo tie Luck number it the card part Toung men and women m its gun Dante to be Given by he women of his i Tho a 0 fellowships i so fuck by till six persons injured alien freight and passenger come j together vital statistics Flint eve evening 1rebs to escape congregation Here will release him i wednesday evening classrooms and research laboratories in s u i Tho list in full follows senior in xviii Al Len Kunz Albert Iowa Cru was struck by tie Overland Llin item at Tho depot this morning while crossing tie tracks he was imply injured but will recover j Odau april Softli Boumil train no his on Hie Hock i Lunil Roll Ulii with u double Heisler freight Al Cim Relson it this morning Northwest wreck which was n one j j announcements Airl Bililc in Luc no Fiot a f and a m 11 will meet tomorrow it kill it in to tier l Iwu Rikhi of Turret Cor in Hie be Cuil cd Preo All it hip ire Cort Olally Hult cil to of Milos Wollor Umi cd Challah Frea Laih of the sixth 1 a Ucb Mabel t i Jill Arius Tonc sociology Llowen Mary Charlotte a hits we ill limit Leforc snub Vittini to Nares a said Drake must meet it in quit the j because he tumbles into the water to i saiun1t morning and Are today be Money lie explained must be pledged j save a drowning i Orson with mailed out to till front cities before april so i much readiness As tie Ordinary Ner son would take a drink of lemonade i Forsooth he saves a Cutie just after tie villains live pushed her into the dark and Muddy current of the Swift River a number of cavalry at fort Des Moines address foil the sunday afternoon meeting at i the y m c a on stewardship Roach will direct music for baptists Orion to take charge of the Imi Sicat i it Oberta Montana los and Vort Ollun measure the first Baptist Church he will Jcj Antii made yesterday in Jack Ranize a Large chorus there no sue Visheau Glispin Iowa zoology l noun put up a pistol i scissor for or Roach at the Central j pro Christin Church has yet been chosen Hampton in april Hiller who was miss lip Fin several Days has turned up it ills Home near into mar a Corti Liconte of Deposit he had when lie left Home Ami kill Liili was economies and Sorl Ger Jesslo Rowa Huron Taylor Heth is i Liopo identifying him to name successor Watkins appeals for new trial on College Del i negotiations Lor tile Sale of High Jol Jolls with land Park College will probably be silence is forms brought to a conclusion one Way or f cd tank the other time this week there is a Well defined Rumor j rent today that the methodists Are i variety flavors the orpheus again trying to secure control of the program this week the seven College and that an offer of s200000 ducts As widely diverting As the has been made them by messes a j taste could d Struthers and Presl Well owners of the however cannot be 1 the Polk county Board of super staged mechanical devices add real at to Cir meeting this inti Rinir Ity to the scenery Madlyn Lourue o take the appointment of i i to Raj stated the card Long enough to hear Tho plot of her Voilla not reach the appoint Lac mean old unde to deprive her of her Mill lil e Luis when Eilt rightful Fortune just she out 111btead a Mug one of the claimed unit lire county attorney wits the villains and comes out View Cor the place will committed error in Liis speech to the tortious with a capful of Golden the candidates and leave jury j the Choice to a vote of the entire Board James has appealed to the supreme Ionut for a new trial Ami escape from Liis life sentence for murder Watkins killed John Weaver in ies Moines in a mix up Over was the husband of Mary lie Sel defense Ami i Tjit Sauro Lio Ivas in fort married to Chie f w t n e s s so e was i n compost to stiff Wigt Viust Litin it is also Ocnos lotto Pestle latin Lafle Irwin Bart town Hotona Vance Thomas Franklin top Helen a fire in vol English we Newert Eugene desire Dies in Kansas pity to m Stern wife of the founder by messes a i Laste Cociu desire sirs ii Stern wite of t tie founder sudent Lon the Geisha girls pretty and of the m Stern son wholesale and ollege this present native retail millinery firm died sunday at nnrmed1 music and in a japanese the Homo of her daughter mrs Dun storms is going to Indianapolis Lown Kavc Tnp press asks storms presi Dent of Trio Iowa slate Colpetro has us topic i Call of Hie Tentoni ave nue methodist Elui Reli in India Polis will go there september first to take tharge stage setting thit t Vistic presentation in itself an a the act Lyona at Kansas City to mrs Stern 1 pleasing and entirely different than j daughter and the usual run of vaudeville a Strong j Des Moines who succeeded Little play let is presented by the eras head of the firm miners i up at smelt item i the joint i Peting of the operators and minors of Iowa at 2 Oclock this afternoon will begin negotiations for a Vape scale and As the demands of Bath sides Are so wide apart it is feared that it will be several weeks before work 1u tie mines which suspended ten Days ago Ivill lie resumed among the demands of the miners in an increase of 10 per cent per ton for pick mined Coal and a corresponding incr Nso for machine mined Coal the weighing of Coal before it is screened and the Lonniee rent question is survived by her one son i Stern of de his Fath when the Hannon Atwell company of four i elder Stern died a few years ago called the code Book the Story funeral services will be held at revolves about a japanese general Keokuk wednesday after Timon the who installs himself As a filipino in millinery establishment a Des a recruiting station for the purpose Moines will be closed until thurs of securing the code Book signals Day for his country he manages to Sivc the colonels life and thus wins favor his perfidy is not disclosed until an englishman tries to enlist in the office while waiting he sees the j japanese enter and recognizing him s an old acquaintance at port Arhur hides and sees the japanese pen the Safe and proceed to copy he code Book the encounter is a Rara Atic one and the american officers enter just As the Jap by jever use of Jiu Jieu bus Over pow red the recruit the englishman accuses the Jap but to prove his As friends and enemies his part in Etione confesses hts own identity j the insurance investigations also my that be was discharged from the 1 brought him Forward he was at English army for murdering the one time seriously considered a a Ohlman he found with his wife As presidential possibility is betrayer when be returned from he Boer War this however is no politics in overlooked because of his saving the country the loss of the code Book to Japan and he is sworn in As an american Soldier As the cur Tain Falls Clown Gertho presents a Good Aniie lost the Money train near a Bingo my not been paid u card same on Trio certificate aged Marshall Pioneer Dies Marshalltown april 11 Jolt Hauser one the earliest settlers died Here this morning at his Home Hoar it Scoufo he came to this county in 1849 he lived on the same farm for sixty one years he i was the father of mrs Elizabeth of this City look place of n Niiro Iid win 11 i Multi of orders or to the failure of the Crow Uthe passenger irate to re dive orders Al on Robson the most seriously injured was you Iain ihbm1 of Garritson Back injured my internally in Ureil May die the others injured live Irwin of Griir Letsou and Csc broken Nancy Lindil of untie broken l it mister of Minneapolis Bucu injured mrs win inline of on Robson slight in Bruise in Chester a film tiny act son bruised k n of Iowa conductor leg broken believe would be suicide is insane Iowa City april Tjie commissioners of insanity will probably Send b o Sneden com who Nettei noted suicide in jail to inc Fis Yhun Shedenhelm held ongo in to Lown county jail tried to Linn i himself Atli his s us ponders in his cell births deaths i Kibinian mtg my of or Mill mrs to 010 ebb were held cult works Hui pral s to tvs afternoon it Trio Rok i ouzo daughter of or unit mrs h 0 seventeenth Mill i Oik Flor cart ill Crl saturday even in y Denali was due in anaemia funeral Bacr races were Ziehl ibis fit Oclock from Rosl Dunco the interment wan e in Rigi Tel ill Heinc Terv switchman Falls under his train i Oskaloosa april an Iowa Central switch taken suddenly 111 fell from the foot Board of a switch engine beneath a of Venn 1rew i thu this hop Nung both legs were Cut off and he May die e Carnegie has offered to give 15qo for 1 Massen Nei Farmer uses Creston april de vote the mrs Senna Farmer who shot nrvq11 my stir on Day last wee but Carnegie to give Church an Organ Iowa City april Lieut m c Mimma is in receipt of reports from tie War in apartment at j Washington showing the results of the recent went intercollegiate ii i116 Organ for the new first Juleth floor Ritlop tournament Iown Imi Verj Dolst Church Here sity stands fifth out of a Lielot of near la fifty i m War at Lincoln the operators it is Refiko to concede cents understood will no increase Over governor Hughes has j31rthday the bes loved and bes cursed Man in sew York state governor William b Hughes today celebrated his 48th birthday at Albany born april 11 1862 his was a Public life almost from youth his fight against and final Victory Over Tho great race track interests Guilde him Many d Wight Lewis returned from Marshall and Tania counties where on behalf of the Neil roil to secured information As to what lie Farmers and others Siw of the Rock Island great Western train Accident the substance of what to got was Liat the spectators say the to nut was running very slowly that been Gines were moving along smoothly just before the Accident burglar robs an j Iowa City Home i Iowa City april in b United a Russ known burglar broke into the Home Lincoln neb april of mrs will Hedges sunday morning wets and Drys of Lincoln Are and stole a couple of Hundred do lined up today in lie most bitterly lars1 Worth of silverware including i contested License election Ever staged about Worth of heirlooms i in the state a total poll of 11000 the More than 50 years old or Hedges in the history of lincolns was out of the City and Hedges estimate Mode by the Malinger of and her five Little ones were in the jibe Campaign two lairds of tie Vole House when the Man entered list been Cost it the noon Bour through the cellar her screams drove him off but not without his i Aderton Man killed Booty Alluh ton la april s j Smith 24 Wii struck on Tho Bead was thought dead to be recovering is i club is organized emmets Bung la april vouchers of Palo Alto county have organized a country life club the idea of the club will be progressive work in the Rural schools capitalists look now it c Ovek a City april Ting him on the Hea Campbell of London Fng is i am killed by a Railroad lie Here last Wal he Wils Lilb no tics when of of he let it Uresti cat Flo Ivers to allows both phones How and 3 boys for factory Woric Good wages Des Maiques inn Bontor co wanted paper ban Genji must be first class ration scale 15o per Day Art Iwald shop 911 Wai 10x24 built party to take new furnish or Tura in tie work on nud we furnish material in Fla co fl03 Locust nervous prostration said the 80ctois iat Lent sold should better be of cd Mal act he trained dogs Kennedy designation t e Flynn of the Flynn Dairy farm states that there is no political significance in the acceptance by prof w j Kennedy of area of that eighteen Well place with the farm company it had 1 through a Clever routine of tricks the act to especially staged and is a laughable of helping and entertaining one Altus Brothers j presidency been stated that the resignation was a Sham and merely for the purpose army reports on Giardot ibanies the report of inspector Mcconnel the guard companies of the two i regiments in Northern Iowa just received by Goh Logan shows the Fol lowing classification corps at cd Sufron my Petal corps it of fax mtg Biml t Iii Linn ids a furl Lort it rpm Lite Lupik a Nihon Webster Civ she Linn and so ii City prof Curtiss land the s presidency this is denied by or open the program with a club jug1 Flynn prof Kennedy was exceed ing act John Delmoro and Emily Ingy popular with the students Darrell present vaudeville behind the showing their method exp Ccecil Here Tunny Vruth August stiffen n i Avonport financier to look Fourr the prospects of the town City Ottumwa inter Urban Tui Huy Soiu Pany whith proposes to build a Road the Eom incr summer shramm wins Point councilman Charlea w Schramm ended a fight of almost two years this morning when the Council voted modern Index and reference sys tem for the department of accounts and finance the system will be sex Complete tended to the City clerks office i storm Lake la april new storm masonic Hall is now completed store the first floor have a Booster Day o1akjtox in april tons rooster Day last saturday be Lent s n Success in every any mrs 11 Carrol delivered an address the j indies who Hud charge of the Days program realized a Good sum which will he used to Huy a Street cleaner i rooms lire offices on is used by bodies of thai Surat Cal Tho sec1 the of City jury indicts Edwards Iowa Eie inc Creston april grand jury for the District court adjourned Friday bringing in Butone indictment and that against Thomas Edwards Tillman who shot James Creedon of Afton 1 auction a few weeks ago Edwards was charged with assault with intent to murder from Page 1 league gets to work Webster City la april the Webster City improvement league 1 organized n Short time Jjo is prep re Gils on Gardner tells continued pastor urges tests Waterloo to april vhf Herman pastor of the Walnut Street hip list Church delivered a ser Mon on seed Corn testing sunday night Farmers boy burned j Sexey in Ajril cd uncool 11 Ivris i Molly burned a few while his brother i Burn Corn at Silks to will recover of making up and concluding with a Black face act Berry and Berry pro Duce a musical act playing on a variety of both Spring and wind instruments the Carbrey twins do ome unique clog dancing the nov in pictures present the two dramas the Man on the Box and two orphans at the College and his resignation was deeply regretted of meeting Teddy Tor a Surpi sift to sent phone Tai Cin Orgo w us ill will Jeffries by Ami Luid no idea of what it was Lawrence Youn jiul Davvid Lnora Lynnn 1oov ctr of Timon Tahiti Lite Well known author will visit parents air u Sable the Well known author will arrive in the City wednesday for a visit with his parents or and mrs Henry Sable or Sabin makes his Home in Denver s Kain promised stain is prom soil for tuesday by Wallior Corot Tisiker George r can Pool if Tho prediction proves True Limuli Bon Clit will be derived by Ilju farm innels and tic gardens As Well As pasture hands w f Smith dead w f Smith 4fl manager w p Smith wholesale jewelry company seventh Street and grand Avenue died this morning at his Home 1021 eighth Aroot of typhoid Ever a widow survives at the opera houses xett1k Tiik new swirl grand Tom get Fiir Iii him wily void should sop a Ottar lip is Karl Vlist mis a mini n Tii Irsic is in1 slur second Hern Nir i Otis written by join Immerm to ill list Kienit nil iri7zoli Aro nuns Puliti any Idiol the Star Koi Irmi Ilpo Ninipo tues i Juliea 15 it nil Joo itunes in skills Hufford Sells drug store Georgc lil Hufford for years a druggist at Twenty fourth Street and University Avenue Tori a Sohl is business to h m Gibson and c e Pickering Libson was in business for twelve years at twelfth and High streets Pickering at West lib erty Iowa no to clean up the City a list of old buildings and Sigu boards which it wants torn Clown will be presented to the City Council at its next meeting Develin wins out by untied press Washington april 11 the i it finally reached slates Cal n i10 Cash Bond Senato committee on judiciary today11 must in pc been n Gnirss what decided to recommend the can Nrma vill Wool Wrang and loss of sleep what counts in the w9rld today is results the skillful diagnosis and treatment of drs Findley co make Marvel Ous cures Many who suffered pal continually six months ago Are now enjoying Good health due to tie accurate Dia Gnosis and scientific treatment of dra i Pulley who for Twenty years in Dea Moines have been climbing Ernes of chronic disease in both men and women if Yon feel nil worn out have pains in the Back and Side yellow skin dizzy spells poor circulation headaches Gas or Pilin id the Stoni Nch constipation or Jufu in the bowels and von have failed Oget re Lief drs Findley co the famous 1 specialists want to Sec you Thor Success in the cure of the above symptoms is Little Short of Inlet Mcclous rend the letter below the original is on Ille at the office Nak to see it Rorax Index 13 icoa1 Dis null pm co Dix Morhim is for Ilof Orp liking your i xviii not Lilc to Liny work tout that my heart Maui in Insp Renil lir Porry Aville mob 1 for a Long urn a i Haara be exx nicked with what the doctors called nervous prostration but it seems to me that it could called nervous irritation nervous that life Ems at Tobt 4 la Ery to me and it Tumea i was both ered a great Deal with and almost constant numbness alarmed me a great Deal As i feared it was commencing paralysis f i had been treated by doctors were considered the beat in Tala part of Tho i was treated by one doctor constantly for one year and by others for greater or Leas periods i was treated by All Rocta of methods electricity Etc but through All this Long a life of treat ment 1 was gradually growing Woree a last i heard of the doctors and we it to them As a last when Uliey examined me i realized that i had at last found a specialist who could cure Ine Tho examination was and thorough that i knew they could find the cause of my trouble and when the doctor explained my Case to me i i new at once that the nervous trouble for which the other doctors1 had been treating to was merely a symptom and not the cause of my trouble at All now after having taken Tho Don tors treatment 1 can truthfully any that 1 feel absolutely Well and have Felt so for some time my Peryea Are As Strong and Normal As any twin after your treatment Foi Oppl Butler Ami learn Jean mining fiver nil about but he got through Iho copy j arrested for intoxication amur Tony j Morlini nil time Mill Ait in the rate of so i Ortts an hour i Tiffit fulled to respond to heir names j working every Thant lib you for your 1 would like to have seen flu stuff j in police court today and each j am six these charge Wotli Hilj for their examination and a Lviv hut a f 511 woman i am not troubled Wotli numbness any More and the head to or aha she Olla a Cornea to the fire nil War incs Cluny nil in the wearing of Thren Alifi Trimp of Trio Plav via Sug to Fol lib a sent out la Hie or Luimit Hir intr Llic orly part of the Nanc Tontti Century Forth Tibuc tie of nay put riot in lit Rol Smyrl tie Jiu Thor hits ills Linro this in hut he docs nol permit a nip Linn his pent on i Tzoc Rex rat 7rc Al net i a Tell lion Init ironic Ltd Liv hip Al g Flom of fritter Munh Rcw Inkiow Taliej Ivill nor sent it Fosters Wilnes Altir afternoon nil even liar there Are fix to Flo Lincic Cro singers nil Coniff Lynns in inc Ctm Hinny Kils on silent Sappio grand it today no Illey in recent Holb line Marc Imp Pipprt air part Nore he Nurt Public i Linn i tiny thit Ever was written will he at Llin Grain in 1rlflnv Fenil sch irony Mill hit inlay inn Thipe prices to Lii no Mil Halls Anele tour Onlin for nine aural Mettle Adaine for Lars april 1s Ai Hinr Arll la Forf Loicl april 3127 a Annelio Walsh Foat Cre april 20 m Fis n Chance to Roo Var Pix Ancial stkki4t a Kwh York april 11 the mrs a b Hornick dead mrs Anna b Corn lok of h h Cormick died sunday after noon at nor Home 1525 Liast ninth Street survivors Are a husband and one son Leon funeral service will be held Fol 2 Oclock tomorrow from the residence Intermont at Laurel water Case postponed because of Hie illness of special j Piaster in chancery George f Henry issues were Liia morning lie hearing of inc water j fit in Tho Federal Conn was Post Point at Nic lion cd until tomorrow morning at 10 3 ut9 Oclock Douglas urn Ham the o Engineer Vaunie the witness i Suaid at Lii at time Inman for Senate to succeed Foley Tion of Nobrt t Devolin As United cml states attorney for the Northern District of California Man drinks strychnine april of Nlelio no in cd i Well to Rio Resi Dent of this place Sun Lowed a Large Dinso of strychnine with suicidal in tent homed leu wore Ini mod lately in Nini it is hcljcvcu1 the Junu on nod t u Dekosta in Rio do loan the italian shot Mij Polty Loren w Hii iian of Marble Rock has filed papers a n candidate for the state Scinto from tie Floyd Clit Knarit District or Indian is at present from f cd Robert Baxter of Calva 1ms filed nomination papers As Democrat in candidate for the legislature from Iua county t first Al Toen into Tim wit i Pilips of in i to syncs i owing lit sos ranging most of twin i lift Early Insaf r but Jirl trn Motcie Zionts null urn of tills wore in of Ikuto tovprnmcnt3 inc Liangru of lick Honius Tull after tar first lion tic Market became extremely Dull nil tit mail any Thoro Nils rom nyc in prices american Cotton fiver 2 the lint the Onwu Trust cases us ill be rent Gucci there was scored of in Ltd cd Loii Iff inn after Nii Nulph of inn link prices rain Clad partly under Viront Klaif l i was nil in the Best of literary form big lotto several weeks and it is not easy to write and con from the Hophn this Moni Dimso in a Stei imy hut where and accompanied by his wife and top return to his Home it Novlyn our enables nod to bid Fine will kor to this Evon Riff to Tonk and citing Buck to Tho River i to made our Way Down to where the i Del was tied up Tlell Evl me we j were Randy for something to eat let i lit the dinner was picturesque i n Tubie ivies set on Ludeck of the j in urge and inc colonel sol it lie Ciul 1 it Himl him were the Flat shores of the f Nile lit no Liy the Niiro of by axing Groiss the ships Piott Cpd the rest Ruhe inters were in their working clothes and the guests in the Clamour or Mitlee Buill in a Day it a Cost of 50 Trio suit j i dress by hut Toniuk Ilio top Lilton of my shirt and milling a Tarcen Sill Jtimo Tho Oppl Anicil i the food t a sled quite 1 mourns nud Kernit Luid gone us Horn land big pad some locks the housed n lot of live a Nils and tie Swiss Steward Liml spread himself the menu card was his Flag done in and Vail Pencil Wotli appropriate inscriptions the talk was from and interest of ire Gridiron aches have entirely a reappeared for this great change and return to health i owe Ray Thotis to Tho United doctors when i went to the United Doc tors i paid to lick Cash in Advance for of ing tint As Hie dinners Elul Ihorn no reporters pre sent m Ai Liidi Firlit we went on boil no the Abbas leaving Ilir Dallo n More less i imply trip Down to Khartum yes i a Tould Sny i1 k to tin Saino Only move so it soundly 1 aug quite Falls Llyd Gas service is this news to Many Avo found upon n tour of inspection Flint too Gimilla a percentage of our Consumers the Comfort jiul convenience of the Many bin All appliances to be used with a Gas Range for everyone know of a cake griddle upon which hot cakes win he nude quickly and perfectly a Waffle Iron which eliminates the trouble from making waffles they areal nys the same Crisp and Brown a toaster for making a Small stack of Toast quickly just As you want you want it there Are Many Cost hut a Smrdl sum my add immensely to your modern Kitchen Des Moines Gas company known the year i am thoroughly their business them absolutely that the Money 1 Hest investment i life any sick Siors know More Khoii tors and their Mei is Welcome to com mrs the Olio pc is on of similar cases i United doctors Dei it 413 sixth Aven incurable cases an every patient Assn j these specialist i eases of All Chroni ing diseases of skin Hoart Uver Seyfi rheumatism Ralgin loss Oil nation clo Sirej d bloating i eczema scrod in and diseases f the grand f be Foll inn Tion free Insull j treatment exc it tie Mcd Clr who Call on t ton May it of is Una Adel a

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