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Des Moines Daily News Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1911, Page 4

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Des Moines Daily News (Newspaper) - April 4, 1911, Des Moines, IowaThe Des Moines fhe lbs monks nrvt8 co kit Mann and sunday by rvs Rlph k by mall do Lar Iboo in ally and sunday entered 1 Monnet 2qj largest 1aid in Ciciva w g e s the struggle for Trio millions loft by Mary Baker Kurty Lins taken in now form which will interest the whole Vest artless of Ali i inlay becomes of her Money the Bill in equity tiled by George w mover in lie Superior your it new Hampshire strikes la t he a and at ions of Liis in others Faith i work to denies that Christian science is Citler a religion or f charity1 us claimed by Iho directors of the Mother run Rich and Essen that it is a foe to society a violation of and opposed to in Lii policy tie Thi Irge it Tun Ilio Toju lungs and Pru tiie of Christ air science Are destruct ivc of Trio policy of Tho stale As to Hygiene a nitty lion Medicine and surgery and Are also destructive of said policy As to the care require to the nos Geuco forbidden in gift Cusp of every Yei son in his conduct toward and relations with other persons and Partite ii arly is to such Caro and negligence toward his children and outlier in fondant it is rather Iuie resting that such issues should he tried in to in gland Tho old Little around of religion where the witches burned and Williams do mined out of Camp Tho Case will he watched with keen interest not Only by All sort of religionists and medical practitioners but by thinking men Ami women throughout the world the questions involved go to the room human welfare both physically and spiritually in the meantime the3 things Are obvious of the surface the Fate of Christian science is ultimately to he Lerer mixed not in the courts hut by the common sense of Public it will stand or fall according As it squares or fails to Square the Stern test of All physical social or moral reforms does it deliver the goods whoever loses the Money the lawyers will get it after he Immor Tal precedent established by the court of circumlocution described by Dickens in Bleak House Xci York Sun in Nasui Ithoc of ils ancient policy of Triu i Lauglin Clown i Fonn Calls it tin Elt Rativo and tint goes just the mime fort five new pics Tel Banks creat cil and not our of them in a of any size poverty of the very Rich f you Cirei and left your family 520000000 would you Lio ii Roux of 1 them if they deliberately Lieut about tie amount in order 10 save paying the inheritance tax you unit you could feel your folks could afford the luxury of telling the truth a Boston Man lied in j10s the family reported that lie Hail left the measly sum of s3000000 the inquisitive Public know haunt taken a cent him hot tight he must have left More finally the family gave in admitted that their inheritance was four times tie amount they Iliad reported Ana painfully Narter with 5600000 More in taxes but it took a judicial Jimmy to pry pm Loose now they explain Why they kept the real figures Dack they hated to expose their private affairs they were afraid Thev Ifould be annoyed by those who wanted Charity they feared some old litigation would be required it everybody knew they had so much Thev desired to give the assessors no More information than they were re filled to do by so they say but the brutal truth is they were too mean to nay into the Public Treasury what they owed under the Law Rich in Money they Are paupers in the matter of citizenship out this voir after cant sue for hic Huid winners autobiography 5s to Cost l lying fallow forty yours slay stir up tie ghosts hut they i this Side of the styx amyl now for a fellow who int looking to buy Reu estate Ito Sevelt is Sui Civ set to up ruins Iii in California fighting the loan shark River body is Down on the loan shark who fatten on human need lint the loan shark will live until there is a substitute for Liim he meets a very urgent of the Man or woman who Nii isl get a Chi pick loan somewhere on Security that would not be considered at a Bank the favorite Security is next weeks salary for the loan shark caters to those who must eat their cake before they have it the trouble is that he charges so much for the accommodation that lie frequently reduces the borrowers to misery Massachusetts is organizing credit unions to take the place of the loan shark these unions consist of groups of people known to each other As residents of a Small town members of a common Church or society workers in a Given Industry Tho Union is both a savings Bank and a loan Agency for its Mem Bers u advances Money Only Tor real needs h charges reasonable interest yet pays Sood dividends improvident Thrift less people who want Money to i if in Folly can neither join the Union nor borrow from ii they Are left to fight it out with the loan shark ten militia of tick selected to study War in san die will he ice Al Ali by he Dutiful gems several ministers Ami c Ossa two minute vaudeville by Fred Schaefer has attend Yot Eliud How much is your Light Bill a month1 slap it int o Light a 1 heavy Bill they bar my 4s8 to run three jets i Dlf Lirt use thud paying thai is like pulling Teeth int if slap Yob especially when they dont give you Gas thud where is your brother now7 slap Hes a doctor Hes got a pretty his Job now ing the legislature to Ltd i didst i now it was sick that reminds Over hear Thorn Call Tho Roll in the legislature slap no i dont believe its done they rather have the Rol slipped to them quietly Slan did you know that 80 per cent of the people in the unite states Arent producers of food nun slap what do you mean by that thud i mean that they merely live to cat slap is that to Woll i know a lot of they Ijo to slay away from it they want to live thud Are you going to tie Coronation slap yes i Haven been invited then you Arent billed to go a a guest slam to in billed to come away As one do you know do orc thu4 you mean the King i know him As Wellas 1 know you slap a pity you and 1 Arent better i Uon Rte where i can get a pair of Falin knee breeches to Wear thud Why dont you Tako your wife Imrem Akert and Cut it o at Tho knee slap i cant its at the laundry thud Well then Cut it Oft at the laundry slap Lynh How would i look at court in a pair of breeches Cut o Tho laundry id he kicked out thud Well you can Tell them youre dressed As a Braw Mac land Lap of but then id be Kilt the Dos m01njds news what it Means to be Champion fat Man Nuoc Knox Luss april Yon know fat men a Hays Laush its because i lie work insists hint they shall just simply Rani boar id Sov 11 Tut Iii us in iwo us got to now heros Charles ii Johnson in Lar Ootton in told to All a ont How the world Hiis ill Oneilly insisted mint lie laugh Ulm lie lip pm Hes fat Ilo Welhs mis i outs it just series us it Folk Raul tent liar to sen a in trouble lie told nip it was Hie this t was Twenty Ihk Zimis old i Weis Lueil 7i pounds 1 used to work hard every Day and loved to dance every evening lint when f mar Ion Mother toward a mite of a Oman who was sitting at a Gnu Are Art to stay at Virmie evenings then 1 got a Job n Tho brass burnishing factory Wiere 1 got less Servise Ilian before Ami dining Tho Glrst year o tar Riel 1 gained Point is after that i r Sto Imell gaining in weight in Natl to years Aso i had to Stojin work 1 Lott Lent my Trousil a Quarter of a ton of flesh and work v you Haven any idea what a hard Job it is just the same As an invalid As far As work Ion Ernecl Mother did her Best o filings going l Ilia she Ami i Hail to h o of Eaine from her Iorli ii was More than a tight squeeze lots at he Imp 1 always left All right but i i Aron tul Anil Mother kept setting thinner and Nore tired looking things were getting Bretly dark about a month ago then one Day a solicitor for a news Aper happened out our Way and he asked us 1 e didst want to take his newspaper we didst be didst have the Money Liutas soon As he saw he Init soliciting for that Day and hustled t bark to hip newspaper office to Tell the Etli feb ont to then Folk began coming out to be me i had some photographs made of myi self and sold them Mother didst like it very Well it i told her that 1 was going to help her All i Only some prominent business men in Boston who re officers of the new Ingland fat mens club Sketl me to join its a famous club with 3500 members and altogether they weigh i on tons hey discovered by looking Over their Jala be arising the fat men that 1 was the Ehn Pion the attest Man they Ever had weighed Only 469 of ills and he died some time ago Mother and 1 Are beginning to see our was Lirong the Woods now what 1 want to do is o go to Boston next summer when the fat men old their annual three Day meeting and hear tie in All laugh i Tell you fat men Are Jolly Folk list Phung make pm be Charles h Johnson to weighs 53s pounds Byram 1car tras Iii Icilio As lie c March ill hard restive sent Viront u it Ibert m a candid jute n Roi test the result inf Lon in in president Tafi Iru also is n tie running the or Ron Iti tin Seii Itte and Lousy of represent Ai yes arc As one Nan for Lafollette they believe in e in boil k1 s the be Edea More than any other Inezi incr of their it is the idea of tie pro Rossics Ali at the ant convention amp Len Sii Ould he made without re Ned to consequent of it y lie a then it our daily discontinued Story Montrose jiul Herry was dining at he biome of his affianced for the iral Limo a guest of Honor and Ilao because they slyly wanted to give i in a tryout As a Domestic Nan they put it up to film to carve he Duck Mont Rose was no Carver but to Vas the Moat willing learner Yon incr saw swiping a the Blade across the steel n the manner he had seen the Delicatessen store people do Moi Rose made a witty remark to the effect that he hoped the Duck had been Well and confidently to attempted to sever the Birds Wing with one swipe As it Lay in front of his silk attired Mother inlaw tub 10ntj and disagreeable Light against the entrenched forces of Money and special privilege is always a hard Ami disagreeable those men Havo been making it now for two Yiirs Ami they arc agreed that sonic member of their group must make it in the big presidential game there has been i disposition to to link that president Taft would have the Noinin Niton by default those who talk so Are agreed that tafts nomination would be followed by inevitable Detent against this Idun the progressives hold that the people would not he getting a Square Deal if the progressive Standard were not raised if it is raised and the people Are g i veil an Opportunity to Rully abour it and to Send delegates to the not Lonuel convention few a pro candidate it will be to Weir fault if they acquiesce in the Manip of the machine politicians and he influence of special privilege and permit Tafi to be Reid nominated one of Tho tricks by whih great corporations defeat justic and Inake tilings hard for the Legal claimant Olio has a Short purse is the fail line one of dragging Ilii Gabion into the Fol cml courts sitting at loner Dis Taures from the place where the Liti Gant resides in order to Correct this Hijii stick nil carry tit the sni Linn of president tuft that should lie simplified Piui made loss rett of Tennessee succeeded in aug Untung tie jut Louil codification Bill when it was before the House in us Reinol session of Congress to be sued in any place where it docs business the codification Hill reached the donate lion Vetr there was Hasiy conference in tween resident Taft judges Lurton and Van de Vii Ter of the Sii Rreino court and senators Hoot and hey urn in von Sci Philice i conference report was Prepa red holding up 1 his provision and i the conference Momi told the Bonse members that it would have to he eliminated if the Bill was to puss he indicated what were Tho powerful influences making this to Wairt the House yielded ant the corporations were saved v in or tier that the United states army May be creditably represented in London at the International Liow some mysterious individual in now York has contributed upward of for the Purchase of Hal a do7cn fancy horses which Are to be trained and exhibited As War depart input horses thebe lost was Pur chased in Virginia at fron mrs g it Tompkins Justine Cost the same sum from Sowers Kite ii Hundred was paid for Hill top from Viliam be Kinder Pico was pin chased of e s Coope for and an unnamed horse was bought at t tie Sarao at Noimy from Richard Wallach it is understood that several outlier fancy horses have been picked up at n sum which Wil aggregate about 9 10000 these horses have went to it myer and Are being trained for exhibition is army horses maj Henry t Ailen o Tho a quartermaster general Doliar Trent declines to reveal the nil me of the benevolent soul who financing this fund on the foreign horse show a Small but important decision Hai been rendered by tie interstate com Moryc commission incidentally Thi interstate Commerce commission is i mighty Good body with its new pro members a Short time a the Washington Alexandria it Vernon railway which carries tourists front Washington to Vernon to Sec the Tomb of the father of it country and the historic it Vernoi residence asked permission to in crease its rates contending that in Dor the present rates it could pay More Ali air per cent upon it Cupi Tal the commission invest muted and found that the capital a mostly and that in reality Tai Road was making n profit of Lipe cent the permission was Rof set thus com i Salon creates a pre recent for Basing rates on physical valuation former senator Money announce it is into lion to return to his Farn Rise to inquire who is to do i cats am Riih autos april Connie Mack Nii Ithker of he com Penn Alii Kirlic hns non Annceil Hal not of his players will Mako the Winter trip to Culm on Wiir Lii is Wilsa delivered an Ulli Nia tinn o his Liin Cvrk he scarier there will he it do into in tin Ilni Violl he believes i Hal line it facts the nerves and has in sly Nirid his players tent in Iho ii Liiro they a Bill Iohp he is reel cars the Slippery sidewalk in a Tivit Unoji to kit lows 133 kinds of Coffee tested by taste there arc just 133 commercial varieties of Coffee grow some arc extra Fine some Good some poor and some very bad which Grade do you use Yon want the Best but do you get it the surest Way to obtain a Coffee of extra High Grade is to ask for old Golden Coffee m is a famous blend of lit Gli Grade old crop coffees Rich in the aromatic oils Liat produce the delightful bouquet the ennui Sale flavor so much desire of old Golden Coffee is selected from dozens of samples of the Best coffees each lot is tested by Asle to secure uniformity the blending is the roasting just right buy anal try a Pound of old Golden 30c at tone Bros of to Ftp bran Sec Hort Neuper were lounging Riboul corridors of Trio Ort nos Toffee 11 tiding and watching in cantly but lie Olic Voltl postoftiil1 Lix Turos Ait oin ploy in then Uno one of Illein a skid Sny when docs this bios Tolvizco hit Ive Kiihn for a Ulii Lulf hour and i vol flow have lion Iii i in in i Itu Trio inside this is a i Posto Tut i think Yon will go to cd ibid Anil Yon will Liml u Offitt hint is this is no us Ollre holes tit floor and not Mihir Ustiy Trio to Iron lied net Tusly on of Lite dour Mill Down 10 slroi1 a Nuudi in a i Rand venue oar lung to was sitting on tie first nut seat Moro him to thu Tovo n Doit if khow Khouw he Ooi isted Wiksoe Iund u Little Pru Iii of Blini ought Aurl inn do sonic Todo about it Tho Young woman sidled Ivlow he coughed again Tho Young win Usu Laid her 111iv then Over 1ainlll Pleil him by ibo and Trivi is Lead Side Vito Thorp Yon she said rough i you want to but dont Couglin in my of the pass outer roared Aud hip Man ill the Lousy got out two men stopped my i Cicil into downtown window it a which my Marhlon i Fures and a lusts v to lotto in live u hic Tourn fully As though it Timic Cron Ohio dior lost soul the sound sust to enry of the Jio Ople in on Mana our Toliu l Cameron was on tote land testifying Anil exist after lie narc a stale sent Lii of to worn to Irneth Ilie we Mojo Ruth in i nothing but Trio he dull1 fill Wail so untied col Johnston the Bailiff jumped rout his Soat and looked Over i Ooin a coloured gentle urn who Ivas is Lening to the proceedings began t Remblos Ami Star total for the door after a search it was disco Voreis lint the no inc came from Donn on Tudor Tho Waves the noise a i tarted the the air shafts in i Way hint to was greatly judge Charles s Bradshw of the Oik county District court tells a Lory of Prosperity that came of when a Farmer jury Man asked to by from service at the preen Erm of court Yon cd judge we have jus Jur based a new automobile and Raj Ife and t want to Learnt Sperat t she will be awfully disappoints f she Doest get a Chance and lie judge says lie saw the couple sailing Down Walnut Street a few lays later in their new machine Onn for their Lionie near Altoona Josei wish Hays von tin Illus Tell a rim Ken Fanner by i leathers in Hilr a max1 taken up by lie police and Char get with p d came to and Ouk daily Ink Thuya Vashty you know this j Ken ii Emily is a ii arson As j o v error of Liidi Piui lie stirred the state from one end Trio other Vith graft t i o a s and things of hint sort forcing Trio i Eligiia Ion of some t Stute offic tvs and recover ing Tonsi Nils of Dol Hirs to t be state he i hates k c y us he does be s a y s i there both i the Sninch Unyi Way a u i Iii de thu ick Slature i n t through a local option Bill under which whole slices of Lii Iony have been made Wilry ties forty eight years old to Day to did not know whisky Ivas intoxicating lie docs now visiting no Feasor tells ctn can that Eano Rennit is a flue food to told this to the right town you think prof Illch brow has a look of r Calm of it so 1ms a Oyster time Man who never hesitates for k word generally Hast anything very important to say says tub in Ellko Man next door if Hie Navy wants any worn out warships to practice gunnery upon maybe Japan has a few those americans who wont be Low the line to help Tho peons Arent sending Homo Many picture Post cards Are save foot Man reported lost in now York Mayhe to found him self so Short hat his height made him indistinguishable put your Trust in god my boys and keep your powder Blacker poultry and Fine eggs arc advertised in the poultry column of the news each Day look them Over backache is quickly relieved by using 1 Sloan s liniment of ferns 3sc 3oc and too toy Manx of kills boy Coe 12 made i Cannon out of a piece of pipe loaded it with powder and nails and when it exploded so seriously in ured him Liat he died Filoon after wards work As a member of tie Naomu monetary Comini Sion and whethei1 ii la to return from the fibrin at in Merrals to draw the salary which goes with the Job sincerely Kairit How to look Young test Home treatment for removing wrinkles and renewing complexion the Wax treatment is now used instead of painful or tedi Ous methods to renew the skin and remove wrinkles this is applied at night like cold Cream but not rubbed in and the next morning off with and warm water followed by a dash of cold water the Mer Colyde when combined yith Wax and applied to the skin ii Holifi and gently removes dead cuticle at the same time freeing the skin of freckles Moth patches and other blemishes occasional use keeps the complexion in perfect condition you can get Mercoli Zed Wax for a Small sum at any drug store but care should be used to buy an orig Inal the quickest simplest cough cure Euler Nua cheaply made Home Szvcs von 92 this recipe makes a pint of Foueti to last a family a Long Lime buy As much or at cough syrup for let t i co partly duo to laxative stimulates Tho appetite simple As slant Relief Ard of Stanato cough in thin t is it gives almost in usually in 24 rally duo to Tho fact that it is slightly stimulates Tho appetite and excellent Tonto effect it la incas ant to Ilka it an excellent remedy too for whooping cough sore lungs asthma Throat troubles Etc mix out pint of granulated sugar with pint of warm water and stir for 2 a mites put ounces of Pinex fifty cents Worth a Phi Bottlo and add Tho sugar it keeps perfectly to pc every one two of Throo hours Fine in one of Tho oldest and Best known remedial agents for Tho Throat membranes Pinch a Tho most Valu Able concentrated compound of nor Way while nine extract and in Rich in Eula col and Al Tho other natural Henl Init elements other preparations will not work in this formula the prompt results from ims Recin have endeared it to thousands of hound wives in Iho United states and Carmen which Cpl Alan Why Tho plan has Beon ill Latch often but Novor a Kii Adranly of absolute satisfaction or Money promptly refunded Gow with this recipe tour druggist has of Knox if not or will feet ii for you if not Ner th6 Pinex co i Wayne ind it fits your system the Remington Wahl adding and subtracting typewriter will do All your writing and adding in your Way visible adding Remington typewriter company incorporated 208 fifth Street the Best pastry in the City the Elliott j i try Struc a a Stirn Tif a Nair l paths 118 uth Vve the Insl the cheapest the Flenn Ett in lies Molnes tables for ladles and gents tire Wei Lino ton cafe try a tier Kunei Iosi mens Jimh from 11 30 o in p m we Jungtou up count from Safe to Oclock a Jcj service very Bent 1

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