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Derrick Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 1

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Derrick (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Oil City, Pennsylvania Should Campaign spending be limited read Story by Ray Mchugh on Page 4. The Derrick. Breezy Cool today Bolgi in 40s. Mild on sunday. Sunrise Sunset founded 273 645-1221 Oil City pa., saturday Horning november 21, 1870 two sections Loc newsstand -70e delivered plane crash near Franklin kills 3 n. Vietnam hammered by bombers bulletin Hong Kong a radio Hanoi reported that wave after wave of . Bombers at tacked North Vietnam Early saturday including a prisoner of War Camp where the station said there were a number of . Prisoner of War casual radio Hanoi said at least three . Jet bombers and one . Helicopter were shot by North vietnamese defenders during the attack. It said reports from other areas might increase the plane toll. Interrupting its regular Broad casting schedule for the bulletin report the official North Viet namese radio station said the air attack started at . Hanoi time. In Lisbon 0. Police Hunt prison parolee who fled with 3 hostages bulletin Ohio a three persons held hostage by a heavily aimed Prissy parolee were released unharmed ii Covington va., Ai Ohio Highway patrol spokesman said Friday. Lisbon Ohio a Agnew praises news Media i heavily armed prison was last seen with the two worn who handcuffed two policemen in and a men hostage on a stale to a Church sink then took three j his Way North of Carrollton. Persons hostage and fled was Kelly Ca Lier took two enforce Friday by stale and local ment officers hostage hand authorities Over a wide area of cuffed them to a sink in a Northeast Ohio. Church and fled. Officers said a Man identified by police of tie Arr cd with a 45 i lol and two revolvers take As Anson parolee James the of Kelly 42, Cleveland the first policeman he Cap it Jird. Sgt. Ronald Baracz 34. Of Brooklyn Heights a Cleveland suburb Tola newsmen i dont think hell harm them the Host but he s got a Complex about going to the bar act added. Maybe if its the Only Way Cut maybe he said of the possibility the Host Ages would be harmed. Baracz said he came upon red China gets foot in in door but still fails United nations . China got a foot in the . Door Friday by winning a simple majority favouring its enough to pull it through but enough to Force the United states to concede that a new situation exists. Kelly Early thursday morning in Brooklyn Heights and was told by Kelly that he was having trouble with his car. Bar act said Kelly s registration the general Assembly voted 51 in favor and 49 did t match a License plate on against seating communist the of did the declaring it would examine its Platts on the car floor j Bracz said he went to his1 Cruiser and picked up his radio Honolulu a vice China and expelling president Spiro t. Agnew chinese nationalists. Only in full consultation praised the american news lion of a .-backed friends and profession Friday As the a two thirds Vole sue the statement added that the microphone when i heard Tarn and finest journalistic in keeping the chinese United slates was not prepared me say please Don t do. Nln in hip Antiro and Mil drop its up position to Dcpriv-that.1 i locked up into the barrel ing the chinese nationalists of of a .45 pointed at my head. It was the first time in 20 its . Membership. I Baracz said that while 200 to in the entire and communists out. Said we Are far More compatible than we would have Indiana Man his wife and Mother perish Franklin an Indiana Man his Wile and Mother were killed yesterday when their twin engine plane crashed into a Corn Field near Wesley South of Franklin. It was the second air tragedy in Venango county in just Over a year. Two Pittsburgh men died when their plane went Down at River Ridge in october 1969. The plane would be in an state police identified the Miles Sou h of in yesterday s crash As Franklin and police said thai i Richard e. Weiss of was Only off about pkwy Lilc land the Pilot of the Craft. His the search was being Jagt was believed to be about reportedly Foad it leads off route 8 near the Southern Edge of Wesley. I am denounced As a foe of All he told an Audi ence of newspaper managing editors and their guests. I years that supporters of peking had won a majority and Many diplomats believed it m1ss world Jennifer hasten representing the carib this indicated thai the United i lice and in Yahola county Sher bean Island of Grenada won the miss world Beauty contest Catly was some Type of la pc Tyl Ilont vhf in up Ponti rear iliac i Trylch Fiir Lippi. _ _. U.p4n_ i received a Call about the wreck. His wife Lois s. Weiss. 51. The site the ,wa3 mrs. Florence b. Weiss 77, near a Fea an of Wattem ir.d., the of a mile off Weston Mother. There were no survivors of the crash which occurred about because of Ine area s Isda 2.30 pm during a heavy lion the darkness and rain rainstorm j an investigation last evening was called off Bat will be the bodies of the three vie i meat Tea this films were broken to bite and a the wreckage of the plane i a Cessna 310 was strewn j an aviation investigator with about a fairly wide area of me stale police in Butler and the Field. The Federal aviation Agency were joining in the probe. Certificates of death were i bring withheld by Theodore of Clintonville. Deputy i county Coroner pending a More i thorough investigation by police1 and aviation authorities. I i i i troopers said Here a death toll in typhoon hits 105 seating two years. Might be ready to in sch would provide f b deputies aided by four and bloodhounds the Resolution to admit the for continued presence of the searched the area near his nationalists even if peking was abandoned Cruiser thursday it May Surprise you to learn communists and expel the a in London Friday. Miss Host in a disciple of yoga is demonstrating a Yega exercise on a table in the Britannia hotel in London during he contest. Seated. Officials of the administration of president non said Kelly drove to Edinboro pa., before turning Back into Ohio. Thai i believe there Are far Tion lists won 51 per cent of privately the entire situation Bracz said Kelly told him Mare strengths than weakness those voting in the 127-nation As-1 would have to be reviewed. Enough of his life i Sembly. There were 25 abstain it was Plain that the peking ii be Penitentiary and just i cars. I supporters insistence that did t want to go Back. The Only last year the Vole was 48 in nationalists be exp hed was the i Ihms he is worried about is _ ii a or Stu i s Tia Fiti inn Tinl. I i Agnew addressed the Asso misled press managing Edison association winding up us annual mooing in inn a iou Day annual Meeng in Hon stent ions Lulu. 21 a key to the situation. Many challenged. He had made member countries recognize be j up is was it to Bank manager robbed by Remote control explosion although it was not immediately determined whether the blast occurred while the plane was in flight or when it crashed. Investigators reported t h e Craft was in route to Youngs j Manila reports i pushed the death toll to 105 sat urday in one of the most destructive typhoons Ever to hit Manila and the surrounding Rich farmlands of Luzon the Philip Pines main Island. A. A this year Canada and Italy Jose expulsion of the l this the vice president not Jon to peking Ard their new thus the Resolution declaring Kelly who gave him c Menca s sensation Issue banking bag got in her car and drove through a blinding rain was cooperating with the Feder some seven blocks away. She Bracz said he was created Al Bureau of investigation was placed the Money aside a mail up a Iii u lie Iii Guing 10 Sakkis Bimini a. At a 19ffi and ant it seated but of d More Lime in the Iten. A Bank she 1 1 dvrs Alcinn to a atonal. S a rain a Nice. then began a search Tho Nom said. Here we have Amanca was rented in the vote. That the representation Issue greatest menace to the free United states reacted j was an important question re press in the eyes of your Ith a Cement that a i Quiring 1 1 two thirds majority profession eyeball to eyeball new situation had Arisen and won 66-52 approval. With censorship according to my crowd. I he suggested that maybe the managing editors will see fit to preside Over the reconstruction of my image with the news me the ape he noted has Long had self study committees that have examined the associated press report and called this a healthy practice. He went on to say warns opposition to Aid Bill Hurt i in the instruct Gars to strike. He said he was mole control. Tons returned to the Bank and nol bound but Kolly held two i the manager who police and notified authorities Bank office guns on him during the trip Bank officials declined to Ridenti a s said. From Brooklyn by received a Telephone Call at the Bank spokesman said the with the hand he used for Kline Village Branch of the manager had been informed by i in and one with his other hand. National Bank and Trust com the Telephone caper thai she i the Ohio Highway patrol said Pany of Central Pennsylvania would be followed by and the Privalo car in which Baracz the caller reportedly Ridenti that the cipris would be a town. From Laguardia official estimates of damage a inert. N y., when radio As High As million in tact with the Youngstown air 3 Survey of wrecked Harbor and port was lost. Airport facilities smashed Airport got in touch an4 battered crops. Sixty persons were reported missing. The red Cross counted 1.ui2 injured and Many thou Sands homeless in the Wake of typhoon Patsy that swept the Region thursday with 124-mile winds. Area the Mitchell found innocent fort Hood a _ was _ taken from Brooklyn tied himself As an Fri agent pretended As As they pick the Amerjan the Poullot group of is i lands off the East coast was hit j with the typhoon s Peak strength. The red Cross had no casualty said sketchy reports height b Rake in Thalji. And said that shortly thereafter up toe Mytri mat Bon. Area Early Friday and that an attempt would be made to Ai this was under the wag Timoc fat Kelly went to a restaurant in Rob the Bank and that the Bank threat of bodily harm to the b a flu tar Afler six the mounting figures of death manager should in operate. Manager m to the fact and distr Clion reached Manila Sivirn of 6. Col. 6 manager should cooperate. Washington a Secrel creases voted by Congress in if what Lutary of defense Melvin r. Laird the debase authorization Bill to vow e Wen o have done has further stimulate warned Congress Friday tha Ana other boosts sought by heed self examination within the failure to approve president administrate to cover Coulm manager thai the Bank might have been hours and 50 minutes. News Media generally i feel have done your profession nol Dia would have a an injury but a lasting sex teacher convicted in re trial we have ratified effect on the Progress of us. Is a troop withdrawals from Viet he told reporters Nam. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott said earlier that of. Troop withdrawals would be impeded by rejection of the off Elf she was still talk new "1h v a David Mitche and the govern a n of 1 the spokesman said u annoy fixed it Merit worked under Clear skies hip Raller. A Black mate in i a i ten lne Jur store n Dimus Cileu u called the exonerated him o an Asto recover from Patsy s Pound Salt to murder charge that had ing rain and record High winds been filed against him oct. 28, Catholic Church officials said 1969. They fell Urc the three Day visit Mitchell s wife Rosa Pope Paul i Starling next shouted. As the Friday would not be seriously caller a Black mate in Fri and dropped a incident a Isle on her desk detailing How Jan much Money was wanted and woman i where it should be placed. Apparently saw no one she could the note said a Bank official with he inc Ideal during. Said the Bank would be blown be time the Bank up and the manager might be Detroit map their new if be order tas met drove Section he Lold reporters. Killed it the order was not met. W d the downtown a or feb. 20. In presenting the ree year general motors con the specified original administration request tract overwhelming approved 1he woman went into the and termed it a Rock Bottom be rank an Fil Lea r so vault put in a a. Jury convicted former Dubois High school the United Auto workers will take it monday to Ford and i Friday s presentation did not Chrysler for Matching or belter i to this Bill is 1np Aid ing. To the continued steady re1uefted by earlier the Law announced late in withdrawal of Scott i eludes s-500 ratification of the Bik teacher Jon Yount 32, of first said. Linn to finance credits for contract by local unions and Ati Idy authorized and a series an official end to the nationwide degree murder Friday in his re-1 Senate foreign relations of items that will require a i strike in its 67lh Day. Trial on charges of fatally issued a statement and appropriation in-1 Bing an 18-year-old student and Fey . Fulbright eluding the million for life imprison-1 that at a session Cambodia. Million to Reim is april 27. Secretary of state Aid funds for the retrial before judge John p Rogers expressed Turkey that have in Rena s 1 j l j to Tiff. A. Pierry Dasiea Lour Days. Ine administrations concern been transferred to Cambodia jury of eight men and four Leaf a military As million for South Vietnam women deliberated an hour and. Distance program for cambo and million for a Hall before returning the ver Djerf pm m0" More than 10 per 1 eve diet. A. Baker a need for military advisers and subsequently by j Laird his warning to reporters Filer he appeared be Ore Senate defense approx p i Lions subcommittee to ask j verdict was read i affected despite severe damage George r. Robinson Mill the of Santo to judge banged his where the Pope will pre ordered sit Down in the sine Over a religious conference typhoon damage however u i u Mitchell returned to his seat Ager was about be years old and w d he a Large afro hair ii and wore by my i rouser a tight Jack r torn id 6, col a 10-Vear army the killed no Manson save on stand typhoon damage forced postponement of two in s. The col nce scheduled of Oner nex. Tuesday and the foreign ministers meeting of the association of Southeast asian nations Sel for dec 11-12. The previous strongest typhoon to hit Manila struck in is with winds of 113 Miles an hour mrs. Edith Clyde d. Band Rimers i or restoration of More than ton up i billion Cut by the House from Zewge a. Kab fryt Arf j ure Pentagon budget. Mrs. Umm e. Hett Ckuj Hesskew the Sac Ommittee to pcs Merit increase the House s Bil Herr Wiker f. Lamster Wii Nway Bill to billion 0., or tort i More than 1590 million Betow in. C. President Nixon s billion pm re 1 defense budget. Sank r. Mccomb Tea Jird noted that the new re re quest is actually 11.5 billion be to Page i Tow the budget because of in Derrick directory Church Page s classifieds 13, 14, is 12 1 ii 11 Crews to plants. It insisted however production workers hold off until j ratification made the new con tract effective monday. Calling off the nationwide strike that idled however. Does nol signal pm so immediate return to production j Law bargaining units without at lne Plant working agree ments. Which supplement the National contract were authorized to continue o strike. Ralf 119 of 115 separate pm Law bargaining units have i reached local level settlement. Bu1.letw los Angeles a the defense rested its Case in the 22 week old Sharon Tate murder trial Friday after a dramatic Surprise witness monologue by Charles Manson. Loh the he did Noi wish to repeat his Story for the jury. His Chase Bank Lowers prime inter a Rale new Vork a Chase innocent mrs. I Oaise Thorest Load unsent Friday of All ii the slaying to i three women a defendants then Manhattan the nation s they did nol wish to testify. Commercial Bank announced Friday it was lower ii appeared final arguments org Rorn 7r4 in the 23-week-old Case could Becan. O 7 per Cen effective it next week. Monday the women said thurs k-c1 that this reduction a that hey wished to testify should be undertaken in Light of los Angeles api against the advice of their Auer the further decline Charles Manson. Accused of or no said they would con m interest ates generally which Bering the killings of actress the women declined his occurred Over the past 10 Sharon to the and six others. To take the stand unless said David Rockefeller made a Surprise appearance on the witness stand Friday and jury was present Manson chairman. He would testify Hase reduced the Dow after Neady 2 two vital Planti still Are without Wai acquitted by a jury of to Houri of saying anything he them. 1 Tiv i anti us five wished in Bis deft so jul to w to m. I per from 7% pet Cert Joa Nev. U

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