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Denton Record Chronicle Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 1

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Denton Record Chronicle (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Denton, Texas Rangers bust Binge the Texas bangers put the skids in a i live game losing Streak let nipping the Tim ago Vav bite sox. J saturday night. See store on Page to a so Nim of Omi a St in it i / pm record i dumber one so the top the no 212 Dimon in ssi now a Ibn Ino. My i. Pui 7� pages in s or Tunis i in tents. La it rots Sunda City amends current budget for pay increase to John w mourn City editor caught Between Federal Laws and area City Competition the Denton City Council has approved a Quot it per cent increase across the heard Lur All City employees the action was taken at the weekend s close after the Council went info executive session Al its regular meeting tuesday declared a recess and met again Friday reconvening tin Council approved City manager Jim White s recommendation to add a ski too supplement to the current budget the supplement which will provide a a it per cent raise for All City employees was approved by n Ems in favor of trial by St o i i p bks malt Vav i Iii i delegates to the democratic party s county convention saturday voted Down a Resolution calling for the resignation of president Nixon deciding instead to pass a stronger Resolution in favor of his impeached of i he prevailing sentiments were that tin president honed Fie made to stand Trail before the Senate that Resolution among Many others passed saturday will he carried to the state convention in sept no her \ major portion of the i hour convention w As devoted to selecting delegates to represent Denton county at the state convention in Austin in september ism Majo Yarbrough county chairman announced that the number of state delegates from each counts precinct would he deeded on the basis of How Many people v of i in each precinct in fast to i k primary most precincts except the More sparsely populated Rural boxes were allotted one state Delegate spot the by people selected As Delegate Are Bob Nickel. Iva1 Glasscock Terry Moi Hinger. Ruth Davis Mike Bradford. John Thompson William Stupp Jesse t of Fey Calvin liar Bel son j a Riddle Perger i to d Odic. Herm Begum i a tonne Fusel i. J in Danielson t w King or. Andre Gerwulf. Buster Opp Fred Rodgers Merschel i Arrow i red Buerger Jerry Cobb. John Yarbrough. Far Mayfield Debbie Shelton Paul Gulley bullitt Lowry Don Smith. Bill liar Pool. Don Pickens. Chuck Keener. Jen Payne and Lillian Miller. Denton City councilman delegates elected at Large by the convention Are mrs Yarbrough Welton Stoker a member of the Denton school Board ton Iki Riey Justice of the peace elect of precinct i. Bob Nichols and to Ltd Bunshaw Bill Brannon. State president of the Young democrats of Texas was Bec Yal Antol la Page v the Council in order to comply with minimum wage standards recently passed by Congress the move is calculated to provide diff reent funds for the City to meet new wage Standard and to pay time and a half for overturn through january of next Yea at the same time Aud us the Council v it cd to Prev ii. Pell pay plan when preparing next White told the Conin ii soon now Are financed out tire Budge out of Rev Cuc sharing Aud souk Revenue sharing will be re a evaluated lie dal not stipulate which projects an a the Bond Issue program. Approved b ast december will not be affected Vole in motion the City s present i is budget i Jeet a u High Iii Hgt paid for Grani. Out of us. White s figure f s i oops. A or partly Ell or actually sowed that a Little it i 11 ii to Grant the increase a e in vacancies irs Many j fit Nils feel the $ .0.00 1 figure s r full hmm not be teen a consideration at this time. But we asked he did l Ira lot Iii depart men at Filiti he. I although mirth has repeatedly stud to the Council and in Public in the past that the City is uttering loss of employees through Competition. I increase was brought about by new minimum wage Laws White said that several employee Ware making less than the new minimum w Igi however he said that the adjustment a net Essav Overall bet a use the pushed some employees to a Par or near pm with their mime Liau Supe \ Moi pay i Lite added that the now Las now require that the City pay time and a half for overturn arrest in. The City pay True ghz Tim Toto Cit i me officials feel that the action Friday will plats the City within the requirement of the Law through the first of the Vear in the meantime in tip i a % a Abbadi la k in i is adm Fin Mujo Yarbrough cd Lon it permanent chairman saturday at the Demurray in county convention Brough s supporters beat Back a Challenge by to it cry \ i of linger a it a to Man in Denton mrs Yarbrough w ill also travel to Alist in in sept in to the state democratic con i tit in h.11 a. So i stat photo by i a of r y Bapp Dud it mini Chi \ Mon Denton county Republican chairman dram a col its Ltd elected to Lead the saturday Ltd county Btu lit Ion leads up proximately to delegates through a three hour session of state Delegate election and Resolution debate the group elected by locals to attend the stat sum Nhon and approved tour main resolutions transcripts Divide Gap leaders Vav Ash no ton f i the water transcripts left Republican leaders Dee divided Over president Nixon s future a what a mean tor the parly there were those who said Nixon is Nocent of any wrongdoing those who Cal tor or resignation or impeachment the Tsiz who re turned silent Blit according to a Phi pol of g leaders almost All of them were Dima by they rend ill die ii in rip ate ply my my it of a a a Ort a a Iii in at How Iii a indicate Mould Dent w ii i -1 ,1 \ h a Liber Ell Hon a least out of i a to i oui id i 1 a n Ai died by Teal about we r i a the it a up at tile poll i Rov Ute. Bovee of Indian. A t at r it a t pretty hard. To decide which i n alb to Nixon resignation were i i ii a a in m i la Ogton i Ive Gap senators ii a i hut pin Aden Boul step Down e o House Republica to leaders said they Bough it might Bra Good idea Abray More u a. Men added Attiat probably a inevitable in i Emu a n in Patty Churm in i a inuit Ltd Nixon should not re sign bu1 undergo tin to peat huns pox a and i dont think it will tear the countr up he said Vav cd la Bel or Republic an hous Pike i hard i Low i in main rot. In vet to Appeal for impeachment i a a n enough to ill credit the Man he Aid dung that Are revealed biter might Chan 1 that on a of Fin other Blit if has b. Re i \ ii Good morning Index w enter i ice president in Dallas Ford making Ino plans a amusements Sii business news 11 classified 2-71 ii i s i kiss wok Puzzle Jill i Esler it Fernan i. A i Lito rials i. To hoi Ost up in i Hest \ or i tilt k a Leidos Ope 7 a news in in mar \ 2 a outdoor news and a not a a head All about ii 7 so Begio ital news of is l k a i 1111 and squirts id of n ton and Vicinity a fair and cooler sundae c Lear to Par Ile c iou to Sianoa a r i f j t a at i d m o of a a n. R monday Mot sunday 7s to is i a Junda e puss to cd h we atm r re pout High it Low 6fl High year ago 78 Low year ago 9 Sun sets to Jay 8 Jim rises monday of 6 is a in Paino Al l i. Ast 74 hours Normal for month Soi total for months total for year 9 8? last year to oat is /0 be Hill it / i i o v d i a in let t ambulance intones 1x2 221 i and 1x7 Dau asap Alee in re Mont Gerald lord denied saturday nigh his staff is preparing contingency plans for a change of Power in the White House Jio uld president Nixon be impeached if they Are doing j they a tiding 1 without my know ledge or consent i do not sit around thinking about what rip what i do now prepare me for an 1 out 1 Agency Ford told reported upon ins at re. Ai of tin i Villas fort Worth Al pot for d hew to Daha for a $ in i a plate dinner of tor a waking earlier in Houston lit repeated earlier rentals that he will by a i Thi presided bul candidate lint hedged when a ked if in would accept a draft front the Republican party a i think for now i will stick to my earlier statement i Don t want Tomak any further comment now. Lie said brushing aside other questions amid his plan the vice president said it would be a War a of All if Nixon should step aside under provisions of the Tab amendment Quot the 251 h amendment is not designed to take it Are of this sort of thing Ford said the amendment dals with illness or mental incapacitation of the chief executive Nixon Fie said should not resign i Don t think lbs fair to 11 it president for him to a it Aga ugh the Ferem it that he might fee guilty when he does t believe he is glumly bord said Ford continued his support of former Texas Ltd of John Ltd a Bally whose name has been linked to an no ligation of a situated milk producers inc funds Ford said at Houston he feels Nixon is innocent of any w wrongdoing la Council expects to take a Long look of the pay Dun for next year j some employee the in Rease has already int effect i Hose whose pay was below the Legal minimum be Civ re an increase in May t in ii mordant w Ith the Law Whit reported to the Council that the City on flue to hav a rapid turnover in Many departments recall the City has been unable to meet the competitive Market in pay he toted that surveys in the mid cities area flows that Denton is one of the lowest if not the a invest a if in regard to pay gof interest growing by Roa mph i Iii 111 staff "1 ii it Hiu Dej gab ailed it a convention Tot a change and Pidgins i run 1 the i Pere to Bownie Delegate nomination my re Elution that of a to Affioti could i it i Denton county Republican i of a i j j to u p i j meeting saturday of fermion it the or Mon High so Bool auditorium no proximately Loo Gap Faith a a 1 hound a Brief address by i s rep Jim Collin of Holla coining no with by delegates and literates to the Tat too it if Ion and four in a 501 a to u 11 is >11 a foul term rear in att pc rom the no my he Ludwig oath i ohm aum v. Touched on a growing momentum a or re Punu att par1 in h r Mother a states a i infused up or Cion in reference in Hie i Quimi r .4 f to Chi of x in a i to fiscal responsibility a lining inflation and i it a Nonomi a 1 a on the democrats part pointing i foreign Aid programs a an exam i of the government a pending m obey u Hoe no hav aking h Doilia Worth i a Abd a a Collins said i few. Alt How Torii b Aid program Bee a us it re Row my on our in by in and this make a of Union go higher and higher Quot a pc got to pay our Wayand we need .1 balanced budget he Aid Quot besides we have no friends to show tor All our foreign Aid democrats demagogue i la 1 them mixed no Mer \ e gotten us into trouble a a i jul j that it Hie Issue for i 1 Ullin Aid duty nut mrs approved by tin. To to delegates to attend in a include d a sup Kii t and com no a Saturn of pie ident to Hun i m Nixon in the a Norman of his duties tor the promotion of a world Ste til pm by k ans a a eau Tinpui defense Effort comes to Oklahoma president tells sooner we never give up Vance air Force bake okla a president Nixon brought i anti impeachment Campaign into am noun s heartland saturday night and told a Friendly Airport crowd of 0,000 Here he was not about to give up Nixon who came to Oklahoma to give a commencement address Shook hands with the crowd for Al out five minutes and then thanked them for telling him to Quot hang in there believe me that really does your heart Good Quot the president said lie had Quot that old okie spirit deep Down inside and added. Quot we never give up the presidents party included his wife Pat. White House chief of staff Alexander m Haig or and press Secretary Ronald a Ziegler the president s Long scheduled trip to Oklahoma stat i diversity in Stillwater came As criticism from Republican members of it on press fuelled rumours he want planning to resign minors firmly denied by the a bite House the commencement address in the University s spacious football stadium was Nixon s first Campus appearance in a year and ins first Public appearance since the surge of resignation requests As the president prepared to depart for Oklahoma the White House stepped up its Eli Orts to counter suggestions that Nixon step Down the chief executive e s daughter and son in Law. Julie and David Eisenhower held a news conference in the a bite House fast Garden to report that the president had told them Friday night he would Quot Lake this con test Down to the wire a Julie said her father a prepared to fight impeachment ill the was through 1 Senate trial Quot it Only one senator believes in Bun asked win Hie Hie Quot were any circumstance which would bring Nixon a resignation Law student Eisenhower responded no absolutely not when i a i ame que a in had been posed f riday in an associated priss interview with White House chief of staff Alexander Al Haig or the presidential adviser replied a i hunk the Only thing that would to Init resignation on hic part 1 the president would be it a thought that served the Best interests of the american people Quot at this juncture i Don t see anything on the horizon which would meet that criteria admittedly that a objective to w on my la Art. And i hunk it is one the president Hare very to tenuously subsequently in an interview with the Washington Star news Haig declared Nixon does not expect to be impeached fix the Hou a tint that it he is. In will continue to tight tor vindication in the Senate Quot it is not in til Best interests of the american Jie Ople tor the president even to insider Haig told the Star news of appearances last week in Phoenix Anz. And Spokane. Wash. Nixon faced mall but determined bands of Demon orators and hecklers Campus Security forces in Stillwater were reported working hard to prevent the Grade ution exercises from becoming the scene it into Nixon demonstrations alter the speech the president planned to return to washing toll Kite House aides say morale is High Washington i Plav bite House aides saturday rebutted a barrage of rumours ranging from presidential resignation to presidential illness with the words wrong absolutely wrong Quot they insisted morale is High and there is no panic at the White House in spite of the runaway gossip there s no panic Down one White House official said Quot everyone is concerned yes i sense More panic outside than inside Quot die momentum of th1 resignation Rumor especially built no through the week As one Republican Leader after another suggested the president step aside and one a int House aide commented on the Rumor wave with some exasperation i Don t know How i can emphasize Quot he said Quot that morale is High Here and the president is continuing with the business of the people Quot the president believes that watergate is a constitutional problem which will be settled in the House and if not there then in the Senate a i

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