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Denton Record Chronicle Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 5

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Denton Record Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Denton, Texas A Good place to save. With Friendly interested people to serve you. Meet our Lovely efficient Teller Carolyn Clark Doris Pannell Hazel Ric Heynorth Texas i savings amp loan association224 Lewisville shopping Center a Lewisville Texas w. Oak and West Hickory at Piner Denton Texas equal House a Lender paying maximum interest on your savings Tex directors Are elected Ben Ivey. Bill Brady and mrs Tom Jester have been elected directors of the Denton county University of Texas sex students association. The election was held at the group s annual meeting Friday night at the ramada inn. Retiring directors include Lonnie Yarbrough mrs. Robert Caldwell and Harry Williams. Jack Maguire executive director of the state exes association addressed the a gathering of about 80 persons. Food prices causing greatest concern by Roy Appleton Iii staff writer with inflation and reported Supply shortages mushrooming prices left and right the pocketbook begins to resemble a Sieve. Everything from gasoline and Beans to paper products and Blue Denim consumes the budget in spiralling proportion. But As far As Many Denton residents Are concerned. Most coins in the Sieve Are falling through the Hole marked Quot grocery rising gasoline prices dominate the headlines but the soaring Cost of food was the prevailing Gripe of local respondents during saturday interview s. Bicycles and feet can combat High fuel costs but when the Staples of life and a healthy diet Are at stake the problem smacks the consumer in the face. As the saying goes Quot you be got to what a person eats depends on individual taste lifestyle and ability to Purchase particular items. Whereas food prices were the general worry individuals were concerned with the rising Cost of various products. Mrs Ernest Stateson has a Large family and first on her list is the climbing Cost of meat and milk Quot before it Wasny to noticeable but it seems that prices Are rising daily right before your eyes Quot she said mrs Stateson rates Dairy products particularly cheese As an important part of her family s diet. She notices and is concerned about the products continual Rise. Quot one particular cheese has gone up about 50 cents in the past year Quot she said. Quot but i still buy it because my family needs it and they like it. You can give them just so much the rising Cost of vegetables and potatoes has the biggest effect on Pat Hamilton who says she can get by without meat. Quot sugar and Beans Are High too Quot she said. Quot it s getting where you can go out and buy meat for almost the same Price As Beans and potatoes. Quot Beans and potatoes used to be the poor Man s food but not anymore Quot she said. Quot id like to see milk and meat lower Quot mrs e. S. Harding said Quot the meat Price is just out of the hardings Are particularly aware of the Price of Beans Bacon and Oatmeal. Quot they Are putting the prices up too fast. We noticed the Price of Oatmeal Rise la cents in two weeks Quot mrs. Harding said. Quot that s too much. Quot it seems to me like they ought to sell out of what they have at one Price before they raise it again Quot she said Quot one of my worst gripes is to have something raised that has been in the warehouse for months Quot Dee in red said. Quot you go into the store and see new prices stamped Over the same item several picture the Temple Quot filmed on location in Jerusalem Quot the Temple brings powerful new insights into biblical prophecy of a critical time in feature tonight Asbury United methodist Church 7 00 . 1919 n. Elm Quot a must to see if you Are to understand the latest developments on tho world a a Lindsey author of Quot the late great planet sunday. March to. 1974 the Denton record chronicle Page a i hot checks causing $2 million damage continued from Page one the two universities themselves have problems with hot checks from their own students according to James Terrell assistant business manager at its i. The school received some 2.hoo hot checks Worth about sl.58.0tmi from students last year and Ellis Thomas cashier at Texas woman s University had no figures available but said his institution experiences a Large number of bad checks like Denton merchants the two universities require identification on checks but the hot ones still slip through and at that Point extra time and Money Start being spent by All involved the Banks Are the first to Deal w Ith bad checks and All four Denton institutions have different policies regarding them. But All agree that it takes a Good bit of time to handle hot checks. At first state Bank some 25 Man hours Are required each Day to process an average of 120 bad checks according to assistant cashier Tracy Burkhalter on an average Day. The Bank s hot checks will be Worth some $20,000 some three to four hours Are required each Day to handle the 200 too had checks that come through Prist Denton county National Bank assistant cashier Annabell Walters said the Dollar figure on hot checks varies each Day. She said adding that the highest amount recorded was $445,. Two employees at Western National Bank will spend about half a Day working with bad checks which usually total about 70 daily assistant cashier Doris Morris said some $80 non s usually involved in each Day s Bot checks the situation is much the same at University state Bank where at least one person spends halt of every Day processing bad checks according to cashier Mike Grandey the Bank usually has to Cut about it per cent of its daily checks. After the Banks process the checks they Are usually sent Back to the businesses to which they were originally Given most businesses have a general procedure to follow when a Cheek comes Back from the Bank marked Quot insufficient funds Quot most Fry to reach the party through Telephone Calls or certified letters and in the majority of eases those efforts pay off la when said from 15-90 per cent of All hot checks Are collected through the merchants themselves. Those found in collectable Are brought to his office for Legal action the taxpayers then Start to Shell out. The county District attorney s office has one1 full time employee. Ruth Ewan and a Par time staffer who devote their energies to working with hot checks through that the staff Quot Law Hon said. Quot you can see the amount of time that has to he spent on these a when a bad Check comes through the office one of two things initially happens. Either a letter is written to the person or a warrant is issued for his arrest of a warrant is issued the constables a sheriffs department makes the arrest Law Hon said. Through these procedures some 75 to per cent of the hot Cheek cases arc cleared although i a Hon had no figures available some jail terms Are assessed hoi Check writers while tines in that area totalled $8,419 last year. At the same time restitution is made in a Large portion of cases that come to the county District attorney s office during 1973, the office recovered $80,595 out of the approximately $100,000 in hot checks handled the 1973 restitution figure is More than triple that of eight years ago. When $24,388 was recovered in had Check cases. Restitution is not something that is forgotten however As soon As a hot Check writer pays a Fine or goes to jail one store manager said he received payment of a Check last week that had been written Over two years ago. Restitution even if they go to Lawhon said. Quot we do that because putting the injured party Hack into his original condition should he encouraged in any area of criminal Law Quot penalties tor had Check writers who Are Fried As thieves and punished As such Range from a $2<�o Fine for theft under $5 to a 2-20 year jail term for theft Over $10,000 most Denton hot checks Are in the $5 $50 category he h can bring up to one year in jail Andor a Fine of up to $1,000. But most people who write hot checks wont consider themselves criminals a a and the majority Aren t. Law Hon classifies had Check writers in two categories those w to make honest mistakes and Clear up their errors my those who write hot checks tor fraudulent purposes. Most hot Check writers he added Are in the first category. Quot when a merchant goes As far As he can and is not Able to get a response then if becomes More and More obvious that the person is in the latter category Quot Law Hon said. Quot just Plain old honest people who Don t keep Good records Quot w rite the majority of the had checks at buddies manager Cox said. Hard to Tell who writes hot checks ant who does t. Quot they re just anybody Quot to Enney a manager Swami said Quot there is no Way in my opinion to Tell it Vnus re taking a Gimp a Cheek or a had one Quot Quot it s across the Board Quot Sears Parker said there i it no typical person some make honest mistakes hut some have a tendency to live off insufficient fund Cheeks and pick them up at the end of the the Large majority of people who end up with had checks also fend to make them Good fairly quickly. Quot nine out of ten will he Here in the next Day or to o w Ith the Money after we notify them Quot Cox said of buddies experience. Of music it s that smaller percentage castling a loss All the Way around tor Denton merchants Hanks and taxpayers. But Lawhon says that with All concerned working together some headway can he made in putting a Stop to the problem. Quot the sheriff Constable and Many others help on these hot checks Quot he said. Quot of takes everybody working together to continue to accomplish our the goal of course should he to make the hot Check Racket unprofitable to those w House it for their own gain. Quot we encourage people to make but there is also agreement that it s but ifs fortunate that most done to. Pair purchases top share John w. Porter of Krum and Frank e. Brown of Denton have acquired controlling interest of the first state Bank of Mckinney the Purchase from various individuals was announced by Paul Hardin chairman of the Hoard and Bank president w. Jack wean Porter is chairman of the Hoard and chief executive officer of the Farmers and merchants state Bank of Krum and also the first National Bank of Sanger. Brown was elected to the Hoard and to the position of vice president of the first state Bank. He current la serves As vice president of the Farmers and merchants state Bank of Krum and the first National Bank of Sanger. Brown was formerly senior National Hank examiner for the Lith National Bank Region District with Headquarters in Dallas for the past 17 years. Prior to that he was assigned to the eighth National Bank Region having its Headquarters in Memphis. Tenn. Of of or

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