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Denton Record Chronicle Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 4

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Denton Record Chronicle (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Denton, Texas Tuncav. February 4 i9sjthe Denton record chronicle fiery crash of 2 trucks kills Drivers haul Gigantic drug linked to Luciano Houston a two tank trucks one carrying 8.100 Gallons of High octane gasoline collided in a predawn fog saturday. Both Drivers were killed when explosions and fire engulfed both be hides Washington a . Treasury officials say the dead were William Bego sex Joe j gangster Charles Lucky Luciano had his hands by 40. And Thomas Bell 58, both. It i of Houston in a multimillion Dollar new York narcotics conspiracy Gregory had just started for when he died last week in Italy Bryan after loading his truck Treasury officials also disclosed that he was about to with gasoline at the coastal. R transport co terminal. Be arrested when he died at a Naples Airport Jan. 26. Bell s truck was empty. It be the death of Luciano reputedly a Leader of the Sicily longed to the uni co co. Of Ahi based crime syndicate1 ene known As the mafia was at j Accident investigator c. G. Tribute to a heart attack. Wright said the trucks collided As the Treasury officials said the empty vehicle made a left they had no evidence to the conium off u s 290 just inside hous tray. To Quot the vehicles a ins n8 italian authorities Are invest Gether then careened my. A Metthe Causo has Al it ulv p0 1�?T the link to the new York nor a i saw a Man crawling slowly Cotig conspiracy Case was re cigarettes help Chimp Barry Wales a when her mate died a month ago something in Melody seemed to die too. She would t eat. She drink. Then she began smoking. First a few puffs then a whole cigarette soon to a Day. Melody is a 3-year-old Chimpanzee. A smoking certainly soothed her nerves a said the chimps owner George Palmer who has to pay nearly $2.24 a week for her cigarettes. A but when i get her another mate i la Cut her cigarette i age the kor few hah Ere Choppy water mishap o i upset Over Cuba embargo Tampa Fla i a facture. A it a Cigar Man pilots fish out Kennedy party Rockefeller a wife at ranch outside Reno fact users at Tam a 0�np�?z, Honolulu apr atty. Gen. Baldwins recognized Kennedy. Win Eva a mrs. Nel disappointment at the Renouf the it a Robert f Kennedy and his wife took them to a Navy pier at Sand a a. Rock eff ller has settled president Kennedy his a wide n Ethel an 1 another woman were Island where a group of agitated n carefully guarded Teclu us dunked in the Pacific a it it Quarter a a Quot was waking for them. Nearby guest ranch to Tan mile offshore saturday when their they whisked the Kennedy Quot of but residency re i contacted said however Sai boat capsized a sch w seas away so fast that All we had timely fore seeking a i they would abide by the they were picked up several for was a Quick handshake and e Rorn new or 8 governor. The Tampa cry nov Hgt Navy mrs. Rockefeller announced deride almost Nii Raiv m r u Quot to were water skiing in the there was no official explant Brough her attorney that she Lacco Leaf Fofar cuon Are map de ply a end her 3,-Vear mar. The other woman was identified stiff winds and rough water had unofficial estimates put the cd on a a amp mrs Wilson travelling combined to capsize the Sailboat. Ban come from exported Tobac with tile Kennedy party on a a i did t ask him what Hap Leo at so million in 1960 and per d trip. Opened a a Soares said. A a Sailor. J aps More in 961. Of. . Ned Soares 25, of does t like to talk about things sources close to the governors j the Tampa Cigar Industry pm Fairhaven. Mass. Said he and it. Like 154-year-old wife said she was ploys about 5.000 persons mostly . St an Baldwin and mrs. The Navy Sailboat later was nervous and upset i of cuban descent. Baldwin of Pensacola fla., had righted and towed to Shore by a her lawyer. William k. Wood manufacturers estimated that spotted three Heads in the water launch bum said she definitely would there is enough filler and wrapper As their boat neared Sand Island asked Why the baldwins were not meet with newsmen during her tobacco to keep the Industry going Between Honolulu and Pearl har the first to recognize Kennedy stay. J for about 12 months. Bor. Soares said a they caught his a Woodburn said that if newsmen the possibility of importing Cut the Man waved to us and we cent. In a from Massachusetts persisted in trying to see mrs. Ban tobacco from another source went Over and offered our help. A and i did no to recognize the Boston Rockefeller the daughter of a a a Lii i a Iii t the space the Lens should reduce Distor was discounted by tobacco spokes Soares said. A they accepted and accent it s not an accent prominent Philadelphia family away from one of tile trucks a he Gorlod at a news conference by 5�cy p �.n5 ,0 it to a lilt it no a provide a considerably Man As we helped them aboard the to a a she la really go into said. A the was on fire. Then the he nov j Giordano. Acting com tiros weather satellite this week Dea or picture image who Ridge under Nevada a lenient divorce Laws in new York the wily ground for divorce is adult another shot is slated Washington a Hile pre fire surrounded him and i could missioner of narcotics and Dames the National aeronautics and Sej. Fhe relate by j cover a ii a a a a a a a a a a administration said the j it see him any More. Reed. Assistant this was the Driver of the Emp the Treasury. To truck Gregory a charred body heed and Giordano said a Man was found later in the twisted Thev identified As Henry Tubino Secretary of space m of the earlier satellites launching was scheduled in the near tiros in will he almost identical a wreckage of his truck cab. Five persons die As fire destroy s Home of Miami and new York was Dis to its predecessors except for a covered shuttling Between Loci j considerably improved Lens svs anon a Plush Home in exile at Natem for Ore of it two television pies and a Spanish hideout of cameras three defendants in the narcotics Case who had fled the United states. The three men. Who forfeited Bonds totalling $110,000 when they skipped the country last year. Were described by Giordano As a the main ones in the conspiracy a a cast texans wind up tour Shippensburg Paap a widower his Fiancee and three children burned to death saturday when fire destroyed a one Story Frame House in three Square hollow a Small Community about to Miles North of Shippensburg in Central Pennsylvania. Dead in the fire which Cavel aped the Small Home of oomph Ona and it stature mown. Flukey about 50, were Finkey his son James. I daughters Dix the weather Bureau announced that a few hours after tiros in goes into orbit information from it would be on the Way to weather Bureau stations around the world. The Bureau said that Cloud photographs sent to Earth by the first three tiros satellites on Many occasions have revealed information that led to significant improve a ment in current weather analyses. A to the forecaster the greatest i value of the satellites is their ability to observe weather systems East Lover the four fifths of tile Earth s Indianapolis concluded Friday a swing surface oceans deserts and Unin they were arrested by Spanish through the Midwest seeking to i habited areas where there ii lit authorities a few Days before la win new industries in a visit with tie or no conventional meteoroid Ciano s death and were due Back in Liana business leaders tical information a the Bureau in new York saturday to face the 73 texans representing the -sdk1 East Texas chamber of Commerce started Home after a dinner for their hosts e. B Germany president of the regional Chandler and of Ione Star steel co., was sponsor of the tour. The visitors also received they were identified As Vin Mauro and Frank Caruso. Yorkers arrested in barrel an italian who had been living in new York arrested on the Ifland of Majorca. In 15. And june. 14, and an unidentified woman from Harris j an indictment charging the Trio meter proposal from Indian Apo Burg mrs Ellsworth Shaver a with jumping Hail was opened by Lis Mavor Charlet Boswell Stepsister of Finkey a id court judge pm Quot we have Tho finest Industrial woman was her step brother s few Quot Lyl d a so own Friday ii male h the in Centra Indiana the Treasury tonal stud ital j d police and fire officus said the police have been to dog re wow a Welcome a 0n us victims had no Chance in the hmm since shortly alter Lucianos your subsidy i and Quick sure adm fire. Which was death new Pian she discovered by i Inkey s Don tile narcotics Case was Trig spokesmen emphasized the East Ald. Who lived next door. Gered in october i960, when texans were not a trying to take Donald said he was unable to Treasury agents and Westchester away existing Indiana industries enter the Home to try to Rescue na., county police arrested four but wanted to present their really of his family because it was men with 23 pounds of heroin Gjoni a advantages for establish a mass of flames firemen from valued at million on the illegal Nicot of new Branch plants or slip Rensburg and the tiny com Market Unity of Newburg rushed to the eventually 12 americans and scene but found the Home de four canadians were charged with strayed when they armed narcotics conspiracy. Eleven police said Finkey was a la were convicted last dec 27 and Borer for a tree trimming firm await sentencing. Mauro. Caruso he had six other children All i and Maneri jumped bail my away from Home. William Holmes of new York flukey and his three children was found dead on a Bronx Street at Home were living univ tem aug. 8 Albert Agueci of Toronto Pora Rily Iii the Frame dwelling was strangled and burned near which went up in flames. A new Home was in the process of construction not Mam Yards away. Outlets. Wato Mon lost 25 pounds or. R. J. Rogas 201 ave. A w acc Texas is another grateful user of Barren trate. Or. Horas wrote us As follows a i am very pleased with Barren rate. I first started using it to lose weight. I used a or 7 bottles and lost Between 2,5 and 30 pounds. Now i take it for its tonic effect. A it has helped me very much. I used to suffer with acid indigestion and heartburn almost ail the time but since taking Barcen trate i never have it any More thanks to Barcen tract. It is Barren trate can be obtained from any Texas drug counter. Money Back guarantee on very no bottle. Denison barks Ion allx paper Rochester. Nov 23. I Giordano said american agents tracked Mauro. Caruso and Monett to London where they lost i them. The trial was picked up when Ruhno was discovered making trips Between Naples and their Barcelona hideout. Giordano said Rubino. Who had Denison a the Denison Jeres s with Mauro in new Herald has editorially endorsed and Miami night clubs was John formally for governor. Taking Cash l0 the fugitives the Herald said this week that the officials also said that la sadly enough it is not too often Cajano Jia j been questioned about that men of exceptional ability the narcotics Case by italian make themselves available for police the Day he died and had Public office. Therefore it is in been instructed to return the next deed refreshing and encouraging Day. To see corneal in announce As a Luciano emigrated to the democratic candidate for Gover unit it states when he was 9 a nor Kingpin racketeer he was con the editorial added a a person evicted in 1936 of running a 12 of very High intelligent warm million a year vice ring in new personality lots of common sense York and sentenced to 30 to so and All of the attributes of Leader years he served 9g years then ship. Lie has a great Deal to rec was paroled by then gov. Thomas Erom Eod him to the citizens of e. Dewey on the condition that j our he be deported. Help select Denton s outstanding Young Man of 1961 by submitting your nomination deadline eeb is 1962 qualifications. Age 21 to 36 must be resident Denton county i name address f j City i phone i s i Church membership approx. 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