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Denton Record Chronicle Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 2

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Denton Record Chronicle (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Denton, Texas Weather fair and warm Denton record chronicle a Denton owned Independent daily newspaper 382-2551 is the 24-hour Phose number for classified ads 58th Vear of daily services . 151 Denton Texas sunday morning february 4, 1962 a a a a a 44 pages in 4 sections fifteen cents h pig Quot a my p m Yaj a a y v it owl try its vet s to Lei it Kennedy slips Trade noose around cubans action will maps Amara of Cost Castro $35 million showdown due censors convict tells rom la plot Robert Vernon Spears left picture serving time at Alcatraz for interstate car theft has admitted to Dallas television newsman Edmund Barker that a bomb he said was made at his direction was aboard the National airlines flight that carried 42 persons to their death in the Gulf of Mexico on nov. 16, 1959. This photo was made in november of 1960. A As Socie Prest the right hand photo shows a diagram of the workable bomb. The diagram was drawn originally by Spears but this copy was made by Barker from memory. Spears said he believes his cohort William Allen Taylor carried it onto the plane. The Story is at the Bottom of the Page. Washington apr president Kennedy tightened the la. S. Economic squeeze on Cuba saturday Washington a pfc sen. Francis Case . Said ordering a Complete ban on saturday congressional self respect requires a show imports of cuban products. Jown in a Row Between Secretary of defense Robert s. 22i? a on c0st Mcnamara and a Senate investigating subcommittee j $3i million a year. Mcnamara and the subcommittee were reported still i administration officials said at loggerheads Over the Secretary a refusal to Tell its that the embargo effective next members which Pentagon censors had altered the texts wednesday will be a severe blow specs fac anti communist speeches prepared for Deli to the ability of prime minister Usu officers Jet. Or rho Secretary said he would shoulder full response ran Roun Irir vilify rather than let subordinates face possible critic Villi v to ii in in. A v in. A ,. V r Ivy i a Turcy in fir it a a. A for having obeyed his Doliar come last far Quot As directives. He explained he Felt it would injure department morale to expose subordinates. Mcnamara has disclosed the censors names but not what Crifie censoring they did. Spe Byrd Subj rests Selling pile to Aid budget Washington apr sen har said is Only one of several Steps Tat ions to Hack their demands for k Byrd it a a., proposed sat under $100 million officials said so the new . Action will reduce it by one third this year. While clamping the embargo on imports. Kennedy specifically authorized the continued Sale of . Food and Medicine to Cuba. Officials said also that airline and Telephone sen ice to Cuba would not be affected the Trade embargo officials possible contempt subcommittee members. Case among them have been talking of possible contempt of Congress i sees of Oria Cirl sails seven seas on impulse i Buenos Aires Argen a sectors in the United states of Frondizi emphasized that a Houston apr girls Seldom a Apu defying his pow composing with a their direct and Gentina demonstrated its con answer the Call of the sea a erf ill critics at Home presi indirect agents in late amen can tempt for communism in Cuba by around Cuba Agatha Johnson 23. Is the sex Deal Arturo Frondizi de count be to Foster insurrection voting for the Resolution saying caption. The blonde Blue eved blared saturday Argentina a against the National governments Castro communism was i Compa lass always wanted to see the sea refusal to vote for expulsion which fight for the dignity and in Tible with the inter american sys a and of boy. Have i seen it a of Cuba from the inter am dependence of their . She said saturday. I Erica family was a blow urday that Congress direct president Kennedy to sell $3 4 billion in Frondizi takes stand against Cuba critics Kennedy and Secretary of state the information. Mcnamara Bai Dean Rusk Are planning. Their indicated belief that if anyone ii is to fasten a kind of eco to be cited for contempt it should ook piled strategic materials and nomie military Aud political be he and not any censor who stranglehold around the Island might refuse on country which All other american answer questions governments now officially regard As a communist beachhead in the Western hemisphere. His orders to use die receipts to balance the budget. Extending patrols tote . Government itself is understood to be strengthening and extending its air and sea patrols Over the International Waters committee in to assert the diplomatic efforts win be in ask questions a peace conference Between my if we could get Money from Namara and a delegation from the Din excessive accumulation of subcommittee ended Friday with materials flowing into the Tress both sides described As giving us mi8bl Abl t0 balance sign of budging. Thev Are to meet the bud8� and twp from a areas again this week. The debt limit a a a a the inquiry is in recess. Case told a reporter a the sub self respect will have Clear the Road for an investigation right of Congress to by a special committee headed by Byrd said in an interview. Byrd disclosed he has agreed to of members of the of Govi last year and 30.noo Miles ago for a the Basic principles of the California College student in self determination and non Terru ted a trip from san fran Cisco to new York to sign on a in a earning to the United norwegian ship at new Orleans states and As a mess girl. States and 3 latin american nations voting to expel Cuba at Pun since then she has seen the to Del Este Uruguay Frondizi said the death of these principles doomsday dawns in quietly enough Coral sea. Tile South China sea. The sea of Japan and a lot of Ocean in Between. A now i just want to see a bit of land for a change a she said with a sigh. Her ship the is Gina is docked in Houston now. The next Stop is new Orleans and the end i of Agatha a wandering for a an anti subversion strategy new Delhi India apr i Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Protection of red menaced coun would turn the hemisphere Over doomsday arrived quietly Satur and Saturn Are All lined up com tries particularly those in tin to a the Law of the Jungle Day and an increasing number of Parat ively close together with the Caribbean area. Frondizi spoke out in an and stargazers began to find mitigate Sun and the Moon. The conjunct dress at Parana at a time when my influences in the planet group tion will cause an eclipse of the he appeared to have settled a ing in the heavens which had been Sun monday visible in Borneo and de taken next week to get Canada executive Branch and other Allied countries trading Niento in my with Cuba to bring their policies into line with those of the United am my a and other american gov a sad dint d be officials Don t want to answer they could then organization claim a executive privilege is set for wbk cd Mcnamara has said he does wednesday. The United states and not want done a and the sub various other members will press committee then should determine a then for speedy action to devise whether the claim was properly for states j Ern ments. A meeting of the of american states sen Stuart Symington do of what Kennedy called the excessive stockpiling of $7 7 billion in War emergency items. The Senate is expected to be asked to approve a $30,000 outlay for a staff to inquire into the situation before the group begins hearings in about a month. Major blow crisis chiefs. Some said the prayer meetings going on All Over the hindu coun in ted states while. A a in be got to go Back to school a she said. With his armed forces seen As the Omen of evil. Angered by Argentina s so soft stand at the Hemi sphere s foreign ministers meet jerks 1>f Nodja and Nepal had pr0. Ing. They had demanded he break pirated the gods. One holy Man relations with communist Cuba. I said ule Moon h old aka far. Frondizi then summoned Home Able shift. She said someone suggested a it Amba Sodo. Julio Amoedo rom might be Good fun to work on a Havana and a communique an. P and a a a fit world so i signed lunged tha ui., would on As a a Ness a a vote to oust Cuba from the or she Watts tables in the Junior of american states officers mess. T. A a a i ran into a number of very n., 6 i h. Do coed Reat natural calamities romantically inclined Young Rous count 1 44 1 and manmade disasters for the men a she said. Period of the conjunction of plan but now his defiant defense of else eight by the hindu count in Argentina a position in the speech eluding Sun and Moon and an in at Parana seemed certain to set Aginar one of a representation of the crisis boiling again. Swallowing of the Moon by a Frondizi accused a reactionary Serpent. Out at sea in the Pacific. The eclipse will not be visible in the nevertheless millions of superstitious hindus still worried since the time of danger forecast by the astrologers continues through monday. The astrologers had pre a one individual tried to get in through the porthole of my Cabin by sliding Down a rope from the deck a she said. A the might have killed himself. Weather Centon Ano Vicinity today a i it for fog in of and South portion in the Early morning a Lite warmer in North portion. Low tonight 45 to 55, Hugn sunday 74 to 7v. Tempi Antusis Experiment station report nigh Friday 7s High saturday 82 Law saturday 38 Sun sets today at 6 07 r Iel my Day at 7 24 . Fishing excellent. Rainfall tap Ste gauge re gauge none Lite to 24 hours none none this month none 2-1$ set. Aver Aop 2.15 44 this year 55 2 71 last year 2 8 tile ban on imports was a major blow to the cuban Cigar manufacturing Industry at Tampa. Fla. Cuban tobacco const it used about do per rent of the $35 million of us. Purchases from Cuba last year. White House press Secretary Pierre Salinger said Secretary of labor Arthur j. Goldberg will provide All help possible to the a a >.000 or 7.000 people involved in manufacturing cigars made from cuban the embargo announcement made formally by Salinger shortly after noon declared that a on humanitarian grounds exports of certain foodstuffs medicines and medical supplies from the United states to Cuba would be excepted from this embargo Senate Republican leaders had urged Byrd a conservative critic of Many administration policies Case said refusal to accept such to undertake the inquiry through a claim and a continued deadlock the joint committee on reduction could bring contempt action by of nonessential Federal expends Congress. Tures which he Heads. Inside Toi a s paper a bit of nostalgia passes with the tearing Down of part of Denton sold opera House. Page to. Sec. 2. Denton High has 157 students on tile Honor Roll this Story is pm the Denton High Page. Page 6. Sec. 2. White your congressman that s an Oft heard state menu but do you know the Best w a to do it a an expert gives you advice on Page i Sec. 2. State rep. Alonzo Jamison has an opponent in the democratic primary As local elections begin to jell. Page i Sec. 2 school Calendar changed As a result of bad weather. Page i Sec 2. Page Sec. .1-3 j 7 j 4-5 3 .8-9 2 7 3 amusements Book news building news classified Comus editorials family weekly sports to log women s news Page Sec. 4 i 116 4 6-9 i 2 3 2-4 2 survival keyed to education Kennedy expected to make this plea for education Plait Washington apr president Kennedy reportedly will stress to Congress tuesday the important of education to the nation s Surv vial without unveiling any new proposals. Informed sources said saturday the special education message will spell out in More detail the need As Kennedy sees if for programs already outlined in the state of the Union and budget messages. The presidents budget message put estimated expenditure for existing and proposed education programs during the year beginning july i at $1.5 billion. New appraisals persons familiar with the forthcoming message said it will carry new appeals tor these programs a Aid for classroom construction and teacher salaries for Public elementary and secondary schools a three year program estimated to Cost $6 a it million the first year and a total of $2 i billion. This legislation foundered in Congress last year largely because of a controversy Over Aid to Church schools. Its 1962 prospects Are not regarded As Bright. Al ians of to million annually for five years to colleges and universities for coast auction of academic facilities and provision for four year scholarships and Cost allowances to the institutions. The House has passed a Bill to Aid the institutions in construction programs but the scholarship program was omitted. The Senate is debating a Bill containing both proposals advanced study a improvement of educational Quality through provision for financial Aid for advanced study by teachers of elementary and secondary schools and for Grants to colleges and universities to strengthen teacher education programs. A reduction of adult illiteracy through provision of giants and contracts to develop teaching materials and methods for use in instruction of adult illiterates. A a 10-year program of Grant for construction of medical dental. Osteopathic and Public health teaching facilities along with scholarships for students in such schools and Cost allowances to the schools. Additionally the budget proposes increases of about $31 million in existing education programs of the office of educates and increases in other education programs handled by the National sconce foundation and other federate Taylor carried i Lull la says Mati Rop Spears reveals bomb undoubtedly on doomed plane by Edmund a. Barker written for the associated press j Allas apr a convict told me he believes a bomb undoubtedly was aboard the National airlines plane that vanished into the Gulf of Mexico with 42 persons aboard nov. 16, 1959. Robert Vernon Spears now in Alcatraz says he watched a Confederate walk into the airline terminal at Tampa. Fla., with a package bomb under his and head for the doomed Airliner. These Are the grim facts outlined saturday night on my Krei news broadcast and in a copyrighted Story in the Dallas times Herald. William Allen Taylor an old prison crony of Spears got on the plane in Spears place using Spears ticket and Rode to an Ocean guava my taped interviews with Spears now in the files of the Fri indicate. Parts of to bodies and hits of aircraft were recovered from the Gulf a brooding Waters but a tremendous search yielded nothing i More Spears a Dallas Naturopath who had insured his life for $121.- xxx disappeared after the tragedy. Since his name was on the passenger list and he had actually validated his own ticket it was presumed he perished along with 41 others insurance companies were preparing to pay the claims when Fri agents cornered Spears at a Phoenix ariz., Motel january 20, 1900. He whipped a bottle of cyanide from his pocket but an agent caught the hand before the bottle reached Spears lips. There was enough cyanide to kill Soo men. Experts said. Spears is in Alcatraz prison. Ironically serving time for stealing Taylor s car. It is his ninth term in prison. He has been arrested 28 times on charges ranging from armed robbery to abortion. I have interviewed him Many times for a total of More than 60 hours. He is the toughest Man i Ever knew with cold hard eyes and an evil Leer. He now is eligible for parole. Spears said Taylor a 6-year old Tampa. Salesman made the bomb for him at his re quest Spears explained to me that he needed a bomb to a take care of a woman witness who upended to testify against him in an abortion trial at los Angeles he and Taylor were to meet in Dallas he said and go on to the West coast. Taylor had intended to drive his ear to Dallas but he was suffering from a sore neck and shoulder and wanted to ride on the plane. Spears claimed so it was decided that tailor would Fly from Tampa to Dallas and that Spears would drive Taylor Star to Dallas Spears said this is what happened the two drove to the Tampa Airport shortly before Midnight on november 15, 1959. Spears went into the Airport and validated the ticket then he came out and gave the ticket to Taylor. Taylor had a Small suitcase that could be carried on the plane tile bomb was in a rectangular pack age on the Back seat of the car. Taylor got out of th1 ear with the suitcase and tucked the package under an he walked through the door of the Airport and headed tor the plane which had come from Miami and was scheduled to Fly to new Orleans Dallas and los Angeles it was National airlines flight 967. Being operated w Ith Delta air it pays to listen to Kent 1440, ,9 43 a in lines equipment on an interchange arrangement. Taylor had a two hour timer to connect to tile bomb Spears told me. The plane took off from Tampa at 12 25 a in Eastern Standard time nov. 16, and disappeared from the radar Scofie at the new Orleans air traffic control Center exactly one hour and 26 minutes later. It went into the Gulf 109 Miles Southeast of new Orleans and 109 Miles Southwest of Mobile Ala i said to Spears a this is a very tragic thing Isnit it a a he replied a terrible thing a a what Are your thoughts about it now a a they Are the same now that Thov eave been All the he answered in one of the taped in ten of ii they Elam that the bomb went off accidentally and that would have been the Only re on for it to go off on the plane. I am implicated in it. Indirectly i m responsible for it. Because when you Trace the whole thing Back if it had t been for me. He would t have constructed free ice Cream yes if your name appears in the daily classified and. You w ill win a free quart of Dairy Queen a Tii in Arnold wins t f t quaff o 0 v our la Wigt Dur a pack up 24 Hayti 520 s Elm. Remember record Chron icle classified ads Are the easy Way to buy sell and Trade. For Low Cost and Quick results try a record chronicle classified and. Dial 382-2551. Day or night including sunday to place your and of yes. Remember to Check this and daily. You May be the next Winner it in the first place would t have gotten on the plane in the second place. I m still of the opinion that the plane something else happened to it. I Don t think the bomb went Spears said that Taylor built a test bomb before he constructed the one that was carried aboard the plane. Spears and Taylor detonated the test bomb on a lonely Road near Tampa stars told me. Spears knows How to construct a bomb. He Drew a diagram for me arid let me study it. But he took the diagram Hack and put it in his pocket his diagram was so Good that i Drew it from memory for the Fri and agents said i had drawn a workable bomb. There Are some obvious questions did Taylor really build the bomb did he know that tile pack Schmitz Floyd Hammett ambulance phones 382-2214 and 382 ,4147. Adv age he carried aboard the plane was a or did he think the package he carried aboard contained a bomb without a tuner a further the authorities have asked themselves this a what if they had not Learned that Taylor was aboard the had they not Spears might have successfully disappeared and remained in hiding until now. So. How did authorities warn that Taylor was on the plane this is How. As he entered the Airport at Tampa that night to get on the plane tay Lor passed one of those insurance vending machines. He apparently Felt in his pocket and found three quarters he bought a $37 300 policy. When this turned up Days after the plane tragedy stunned officials traced Down his connect Ion see confession Page t

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