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Denton Record Chronicle Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 1

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Denton Record-Chronicle (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Denton, Texas 7ist year of daily service no. 117 poll shows Bond Issue by John w. Moody City editor if polling can be any indication tuesday s election on the million Bond Issue wiil have a Light turnout and it will pass. But Don t Start drafting your petition for Street assessment paving yet because even at this late Date the election could go either Way. The record chronicle began in the Middle of last week conducting a Telephone poll on the proposal. The 103 persons contacted were asked what do you think the outcome of the dec 18 Bond election will be most of those polled thought the Issue would pass but this is not to be considered a majority. The answers think it will pass 42 think it will fail 24 Don t know 26 no opinion there is a difference in the Don t know and no those relegated to the Don t know column were residents of the City who knew the Issue concerns Street and drainage improvements but had no idea of the outcome of the election. Those placed in the no opinion category either were unfamiliar with the issues or did not know the election is being held. Lumping the Don t knows and no opinions together made up Well Over a third of the poll. Should a Large portion of these vote it would have a definite bearing on the election. At the same time it should be added that some who said the Issue will fail also said they plan to vote for it. And some who think it will pass said they vote against the Issue. Some who think the Issue will fail based their belief on the current Energy crisis. Others on both sides based their opinions on conversations with their neighbors. There were a few on both sides who were either ardently in favor or ardently against. By far. Most of those polled gave a pass or fail opinion with qualifications. Some of the samples going to be close. It depends on How Many vote. It might pass. I Hope i Don t think it has an overwhelming it will definitely fail. From talking to people i think it will Don t know if it will or not but i Hope not. I think inadequate planning is in really Don t know. I figure it will in a Way and then again maybe it won Hope it will pass. I think Denton needs to plan for the future before the future overwhelms Issue hot line open if you have a question on the tuesday s6 million Bond Issue for Street and drainage improvements in Denton one group of citizens plan to have the answers. A Bond Issue hot line is being set up by the citizen s information and advisory committee monday in the first state Bank building. Keith Shelton hot line chairman said that Basic questions about the issues will be answered. He added that questions about City matters other than the Bond Issue should be directed to City Hall. Hot line number is 387-8113. Denton. Texas sunday Mohing dec embed i. Esin 5sections ten cents 15 Ceils sunday time change signed Dpi telephoto president Nixon saturday signed a Bill returning the nation to Daylight saving time As rep Norman Lent. H-n.y., helped posh the Bill through the House looked on. Washington up president Nixon saturday signed legislation putting most of the nation on year round Daylight saving time to save Energy and authorized the use of internal Revenue service agents to enforce fuel allocation rules. Postponing his annual physical checkup until sometime next week the president met Foi one hour with administration Energy chief William and his John c Sawhill. Simon announced the beefed up Envoi cent actions at a news conference after the meeting. The Daylight saving time Bill a com Promise passed Friday by the House and Senate would go into effect at 2a.m. Jan. 6, and continue until october 1975. It was designed to save some Energy expended for lighting and heating. Simon who said he had Given Nixon a very positive report on the government s Energy conservation program announced that the 2.000 irs agents would begin immediately to enforce the allocation system and crack Down on Price gouging. The agents have been assigned on a full time basis for the next six months he said. Simon added that the irs agents also will train some new personnel to take Over the enforcement Job by the Middle of 1974. They Are going to train and supervise work for us at our direction on allocation Price gouging and any other illegal activities connected with any of these he we Are not going to tolerate any abuse and we will come Down on this very hard when it is found the Federal Energy office which Simon Heads had no far reaching enforcement program. Simon indicated that Nixon okayed the plans which he outlined. He said they also discussed a three Day old strike of dissident truckers protesting High fuel prices and lower Speed limits the question of rationing the present fuel allocation program and legislation pending in Congress including a proposal to deregulate natural Gas at the Well head. There were predictions meanwhile that the truckers strike would end by monday. The forecast came from both transportation Secretary Claude s. Brinegar and Michael Parkhurst editor and publisher of overdrive Magazine which originally urged the . River rat Independent trucker who claims to be one of the protest leaders disagreed. He told newsmen he men that Are behind me. All across this country Are not moving their there s Only one Way that those men will move. That will be for me to Tell them to at this time we re sitting he said. We re not going to move until we have definite action. We re prepared to sit it Edwards said a could not estimate How Many truck Drivers he represented. Simon said the administration is trying to increase the diesel fuel Supply and has promised the truckers 110 per cent of the fuel Supply they used last year. He said he hoped these positive Steps we have taken wiil be accepted in a positive fashion by the the Energy chief said Nixon described the emergency Energy Bill which passed the House Early saturday As a Basket Case because it s got a Mere 200 Points of Dif Ference with a Senate passed version. By the associated press on Christmas Day 1968, nine american prisoners of War stood up in a Hanoi prison and exchanged imaginary gifts each saying i give to you we Drew names and gave each other mental said it. Cmdr. Michael Christian of Virginia Beach va., a pow for six years. We thought and thought about what we d like to give each other and then did imaginary gifts describing them to the Christian a handsome dark haired 33-year-old Pilot gave his cellmate a cmdr. Porter Halyburton of Atlanta a desk nameplate with the action it Means our dreams if acted on when we returned would turn into said Christian. Next week when Halyburton opens the gifts under his Christmas tree hell find a desk nameplate inscribed with those words. It s the real gift from Christian five years later. The former pos. Who were released last Winter say they Are finding special significance in every Small routine preparing for their first Christmas at Home in years for one Man. Writing Christmas cards or decorating the tree also recalls for Many the christmases spent in the Solitude and deprivations of a prison. The Walls seemed to close in quite a bit on Christmas eve and Christmas said rear adm. Jeremiah a. Denton jr., the first american pow to set foot on philippine soil during the dramatic Freedon flights. Most of the year it was solitary said Denton a Captain when he was held prisoner and a resistance Leader during his 7v2 years of Captivity. Often the Only Way we had of celebrating was the Exchange of a Christmas card tapped on the Wall to our next door said Denton 46. Through their communications system it. Cmdr. George Tom Coker of Linden n.j., also in solitary tapped out this message to Denton i Pray that the infant King and the Prince of peace will bring you and your family together and keep you together always. Merry Christmas and god bless you during a recent interview. Coker a prisoner for 6lz years said it s a striking thing to me that you actually Felt much closer to your loved ones at Christmas than you did at Home Good morning Loo enough by Joyce education writer although set up in keep the nation s Petroleum products flowing in spite of a nuclear attack the department of the Interior office in Denton s Federal Center is coping with a crisis for the second time since it was established. The last two months have really been the hectic Al Sweeney regional representative in the department s office of Petroleum allocation said. Whether it is a Denton county Farmer complaining about his Low Riesel fuel for this month or a Petroleum product supplier with conflict my directives they Call Sweeney. For a Long time i was the Only person hero Rind they got in the habit of talking to he explained adding there arc now in More staffers who can help them through the Energy crisis. We re still frying to get fuel through persuasion and he said. We re the link Between the fellow who has the problem and the fellow who con do something about the Farmers current allocations Are based on the amount of fuel they used in november and december of 1972. Which Sweeney explained were unusually wet months which Cut Down on their fuel con sumption. He said it was Likely they would get additional fuel for now but it would come from their allocations for the rest of the year meaning no actual increase in the amount of fuel but a re scheduling of when they receive allocated amounts. The Only other time his office s emergency capabilities were mobilized was in 1967 during the six Days War when he kept Washington advised about the flow of Petroleum products from refineries to Cim Simmerson the East coast and in Europe. We arc a Field office of the office of Petroleum allocation although our usual Job is defense mobilization Sweeney said. We be been dealing with the Oil Industry on a planning from May 23 through oct. 1. However with Sweeney Secretary running the office lie received an average of 400 Calls per month or .1.500 total from Oil companies or their customers with Energy crisis related troubles. And As october and november averaged see Federal Center. Page 2 a Index s-.9c business crossword or. Lester in farm Helen help movie news outdoor regional seek Denton and Vicinity fair and a Little warmer through monday. High sunday 55 to 65. Low sunday night in the 30s. High monday in the 60s. Staff photo by Larry Barr Energy planning Al Seceney. Right regional representative of he office of Petroleum allocation talks with Jerry Trahan of the department of housing and Urban development about the current Energy crisis. High saturday Low saturday High year ago Low year ago Sun sets today rises monday at rainfall last 24 hours Normal for month total for month total for year last year to Daft 53 33 49 . .00 24.74 Schmitz Floyd Hamlett ambulance. Phones and City takes Low profile municipal officials say the wording in one of the 63rd legislature s Reform Bills has left local government unsure of what it can or cannot do in promoting elections. The election in question is the 56 million Bond Issue to be decided tuesday by Denton voters. House bum the Campaign reporting and disclosure act of 1973. Specifies guidelines for corporations to follow in connection with their participation in elections. This As explained by mayor Bill Neu and City manager Jim White accounts for the City s adoption of a Low profile approach to promoting the Bond Issue. White said last week that after consulting other municipal officials in the slate he was of the opinion the City should keep the Campaign to information. He said that in View of the wording of . 4, cities arc not even sure whether coun Cilmon or staff representatives can make speeches in support of Bond elections however two knowledgeable attorneys Friday tort the record chronicle s Aust in Bureau doubted the Bill went that far Robert Lemens. Chief of the elections division in the Secretary of slate s office said no one has even asked the attorney general for an opinion on the matter. I have serious questions that the Bill was meant to apply to a City so As to prohibit it from activity in connection with a Bond said Lemons. As to the idea a councilman could t make a speech in connection with such an election he replied Riley Fletcher general counsel for the Texas municipal league agreed. While pointing out he had advised cities not to Purchase advertising with tax Money. Fletcher noted there Hove been Many cases holding thai when legislation refers to corporations it does not apply to . Corporations unless to legislation specifically says Henry Kissinger very frankly Amman up . Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger arrived in the jordanian capital saturday night for a Midnight dinner with Jordan s King Hussein after talks with syrian president Hafez Assad in Damascus. A High . Official travelling with Kissinger told newsmen the opening of the Geneva peace conference scheduled for dec. 18 would be postponed Throe Days because of matters that Kissinger has to Lake up with Israel. He would not elaborate further. Egyptian foreign minister Ismail Fahmi earlier announced the postponement in Cairo. He said there would be a delay in View of the contacts going on now to prepare for earlier saturday . Officials expressed Confidence the meeting would be held and would be marked by a ceremonial opening. It also was Learned that because of the delay. Kissinger will change his travel plans and visit Portugal Spain and France before the opening of the conference instead of after it. On his departure from Damascus. Kissinger said his nearly seven hours of talks with Assad were extensive and a rued to slay Useldi. Fwd tul Kyj i u ankle indu in close he said. Kissinger who noted he was the first american Cabinet officer to visit Syria in 20 years the late John Foster Dulles visited in 1953-said it won t be another 20 years before a Secretary of state comes Back High ranking . Officials said that diplomatic contacts Between Washington and Damascus would be increased As a result of Kissinger s visit but they stopped Short of saying full relations would be resumed. Kissinger greeted at the Amman Airport by Premier Zeid Rifai received a warm Welcome in Jordan where Hussein has Long maintained cordial relations with the United states the 38-year-old King showed exceptional Courtesy to the american Secretary during his last swing through Arab capitals in Early november. After some hesitation Over the decision of the recent Arab Summit conference to recognize the Palestine liberation organization As the sole representative of the palestinians. Hussein this week announced his intention to Send a delegation to Tho projected Geneva peace conference

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