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Denton Record Chronicle Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 3

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Denton Record Chronicle (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Denton, Texas Page Tho the Demon record chronicle sunday August 26, 1967 in the news thai lathe out at confusion Bangkok apr Thailand possible for the people of snub Eoff go mid1�?~or to Liana rho a ast Asia to a Faith in you Man he out a fir Day at wha be a Aid in an to Tenifa with the a termed amen a s confusion Bangkok to and i amp a in South Viet the United state offers a r Pic ire of and self. Doubt a i of j a of Fud a boo the 1 amen a s to nor in inter Rig of your own cause National affairs is affected by in South Vietnam boy it an it be Domestic politics a Helton i Oman Khz left in crash apr mrs offers said her car skidded Temple Tex a f Ane a we it 25 of Belton on pavement a of k from a Brief Dot a 4�?~ifday in a Temple bos Shower her car truck a Bridge pics. Bor it after being injured throwing her from the be Juffe in a a raffle aside a Salado she a the daughter of mrsh a a How is a1 the Salado and mrs r e King of fair Stag oath inn Field Calif Senate Servey notified from Page it Banbury exper and i wont i of or id i senators my judgment against that of the run in a there is such widespread disc a Tif action w a the Way the War is going that r would be risky for the president to seek any formal endorsement of is position Asne did in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in a gut 1964 in Al the Congress Only sen Wayne Morse Dore and Ernest Gru Tong 1>alaska voted a Artst the 1964 Resolution by a number of senator including chairman j w Fui right dark of the Senate foreign relations committee have said Trey would not support such a commitment now still there teem no Kelse of that any attempt will be experts in John g Tower a Tex mad ins reply to the amass que non a do you generally approve or disapprove of president John ton conduct of the Vietnam War a the of Jas Job to announce he was leaving the rank of those who approved to join Tho who or approved he attacked what he called the presidents continuing and apparently open ended policy of gradualism in the War Quot and said it amounted to a never win policy he limply must begin immediately to apply unrelenting military pressure on the in my. Rad to put into operation the bombing All target of military machinery noted by Johnson significance and closing a he aircraft losses in met Nam War now total 2,573 Ai his news conference Friday that is Ava ladle any Tim Congress wants to rescind its 1564 a non most of the senators had Given their views to the associated press prior to the news conference in which John on noted the %4 Resolution could be rescinded by a simple majority vote in Congress without the necessity for his approval of Adion sen Thomas j Mcintyre a n h a d a still supported the s four. A but i must admit that i m shaken a Little a the mood of the Senate is changing Over Vietnam or. Said it s becoming uneasy a sen John 0 a Tore. Or i Supply port of Haiphong i believe it is important that we confront and defeat communist aggression in Vietnam and create a series of asian Buffer state around red China Tower said. But sen Russell b Long a la assistant majority Leader who described himself As a More of a Hawk than the president a said he was standing behind Johnson it seems to me that we Are in this War and have no Choice but to try and win it a he said sen John sternum Del amps who remains flaked a a Hawk it by Tot coif it i whits a District sch be Shoff David Binham. Top showed the grand Champion boar at the Sears foundation Swine show held at the North Texas Fairgrounds Friday he is from Waxahachie Susan Kaether of Alvarado showed the grand Champion Gilt at the county level Larry Monschke son of or. And mrs h c Monschke of Krum had the first place Gilt. He placed fifth in District Competition Donald Huaman Swine specialist at Texas a amp a judged the show Rains fall Over state Lui co Fere by the associated press Light to heavy thundershowers fell across Texas from the Rio Grande to the Panhandle again a a on saturday night after earlier the fusion of approving or div a i. And i Quot a it when a rain up s in he Sud a there is still no Clear Cut previously classed Ai a Hawk a by which allow the military. R. River Velev a Aid a i done to want to be put in to use their tones most effect a a Over xau a farm policy is i revealed approving our Vietnam policies a tee country toe Senate the intellectual Community is split Down the Middle on this Issue and it r not a healthy sign sen Edgard Vav Brooke r a i. A Aid Hwa i tour aged Washington tap presi my with a Well executed plan to i defeat him. Or fore him to the Donl Johnson has univ Quot up it i a a a a table darkness fell and red from new farm policy while standing i think it is bad policy for us j,.h�?oa"t0?, Vlf la by 10 Pat on an Oid pm a icy for Viet to keep sending mor and More a / a Nam Mon to War in South Vietnam a has list broadcast�?T1<le-Asl while we fail to do All we ran Over it d part of the area news conference in 54 months while we fail to to All we an b0ijndpby Poms from South Johnson said he thinks a the tio wide audience been Able to look and listen in on a Johnson news conference from living rooms and rocking chairs across the country. The conference entered pretty much on Vietnam and to a lesser extent on Domestic of Saigon eap four vet Cong suspects emerged alive from a Tunnel in the Hills 27 Miles Southwest of a Sang saturday because i s. Marines used not Cottrel Gas rather than More deadly weapons in one of the minor actions that now typify the ground War. The explosion of a grenade bearing chemicals that induce tears and nausea caused three men and a woman to crawl out of them hiding place after they had stored Orews from leathernecks of the 5th Marine regiment to surrender associated press photograph Rick Merron who was on the s enc said a search of the Tunnel by masked marines yielded Field packs canteens and ammunition for a communist assault Rifle. Highlights of other developments a i 5 pilots hew a rear record 156 multilane missions Friday in the recently expanded air War against North Vietnam this a second Only to the record of 157 missions set aug 3 communist Supply lines were the prime 4 a gets. A in a periodic updating of aircraft losses in the War. The los. Command said 2,573 planes and helicopters had been destroyed from All causes planes downed in combat Over North Vietnam totalled 647. Over South Vietnam 199. A a Marine reconnaissance team near the demilitarized zone spotted 15 North vietnamese soldiers in Green fatigue uniforms busily building bunkers. The marines opened fire and without suffering a casualty killed five of the enemy and routed the rest. A paratroopers of the 1st brigade . 101st airborne division. Had three fights Friday with guerrillas and North vietnamese regulars near tam by about 340 Miles Northeast of Saigon. They killed 9 enemy soldiers and lost 3 killed and 34 wounded. Though ground activity was widely scattered knows american casualties from the Days Field reports were 9 dead and 99 wounded infantry air and Artiller firepower were reported to have toiled 165 of the enemy. Both the allies and the communists use nonlethal gases on occasion it a become routine a Sharp change from the International juror raised when experimental tests by the South vietnamese armed forces with u Gas came to Light in the Spring of 1965. Tax report it continued from Page i tax a there u Mere misunderstood about the sales tax than there is Reynolds said a to of merchants who make 5 and la cent sales think they have to Bear the sales tax Cost of All the Small Noo taxable sales. If they keep a registered tape on this business they wont have to pay the tax to the state a a current pm Elt a re is for merchants to Send a Check to the state comptroller amounting to two per cent of total retail Sale merchants with a lot of safes under 25 cents can total those sales on the tape subtract them from the total retail sales and then Send a Check for two per cent of the final total minus the Small sales. As far As Whitson a suggestion of lowering the property tax rate i concerned. Reynold said. We should weigh the lows eng of property Taxe it against additional improvements which Are needed a it a been estimated that Denton would receive about 1250.000 the first year from the sales tax and More each year after that As the City continues its growth trend. The total Revenue realized by the City from property taxes is about 1900.000 for this year a even if we did no to lower the property tax rate the City sales tax Revenue would help to postpone the time when we must raise the property tax Reynolds said. The abundance of property exempt from property taxes to Denton costs the City thousands of tax dollars both universities. All governmental land and office buildings in addition to the City a Public schools and Many churches. Reynolds said the adoption of the sales tax in Denton would be of other benefits to the City also. A it would Aid Industrial development a a he said. A industries he to locate where cities done to depend entirely on the property tax for financing the City Reynolds said the advantages of such a tax Are that it is easy to Levy and easy to collect and a is the Type of tax that follows inflationary the sales tax is considered by state and municipal leaders across Texas As being the fairest and most equitable tax in existence. The tax is not applicable to groceries Medicine or work clothes among other things in an Effort to Benefit the Low income groups. Necessities Are As a whole eliminated from the sales tax list. Reynolds Points out that the majority of the 20,000 University students Don t pay any taxes in Denton but spend a lot of Money Here while attending the two universities. A if the Council gave serious consideration to having a sales tax election we would conduct our own Survey on sales in Denton and get a closer determination of the amount of Revenue we would receive a Reynolds said. Heart Monitor by the Way the a Hart been and should a doing in bombing is 0, we Huju Faus t0 n Miles m Shin end of is going but he put great store in North Vietnam Southeast of Par to nut North ��.?, j y 7, f a similarly in tam o 5�u_n am 0 in Ort the stick and should have the to the extent american Cound miss said a we ty3 i71. ?0, right to bargain collectively for be is sought and advice Fol make a today Quot the president said a Rythma we can to see that we a the Farmer gets a smaller per have an orderly free and fair the Putnam election i land it tidily or i Eastland ��?��.,>. Min a at the Sam Tim show bitter for thir Dro duds Lowed a we Are in a Lido eve did in mar re when i said that i ought to do what is necessary to Felt Jan in Mexico Outh prices Iori Neir pro auns Lowed we Are Golfe o an eve Reju Tan Fly my port our present end the ability of North Vietnam Wes 0f Brownsville to Mooter military Jumon in Vietnam. To fight destroy their food Rey 3nd Back ,0 the a Laredo he Saidye gov rom a prod id on. Hem military pro Vlon to along the Rio grand zip hat i produces for us i Lort a i would hop the do non. Smaller Rains fell from South to. No Nyber to period i would he negotiation with the sen Strom the a r West of to Cleburne Ould a Quot Muth the John l of re flan Darken j Greenville joining with the administration at some Date in senator and Paul j Fannin. R-artz.,Icell of rainfall Ai mount Vern at some add w left and with Hanoi a another freshman Howard Bakerjr said i wont express or Duap Proval but the reasonably near future election Quot in Vietnam said Joha son. A but it is not our election. We Are not running things a said the president in apparent response to congressional fears r-tenn., lid the provident was not doing licht rain fell also in theal m Lalu dam it in Ine could find some legislation that that the sept 3 South vie twill sex. Sen. George a Sodher. D Archer City Graham and North z uses a a Quot Quot a by approval enough to win. Mcclean and Vici Nitie of Wichita Falls would give 0 the Farmer a pres support i have grave Fla. Said the bombing of the and West into new Mexico and a and Quot Rohe Dively Quot Mermit ih4 re in my Leary regime misgivings about the War from North should have been expand no to rime but i am not a de two years ago. Across some South Plains areas. Workers to do i other rams Owen and some a j in a totally different thunderstorms were reported Fie a Johnson told a Congress Southeast of Tulia near Ozona rumbling with More complaints Sheffield and Midland North of ill s % / on a Rea deaths Sheffield and mid Anil North of than Praise that it has a built in Ere Sion a a Tyler Southeast of pans. And remedy if to thinks he has Ham ter a8resslon As for his present assessment of the Vietnam War the president said that a a your policy in Vietnam is the same we Are there to de $0 it h we St of Bay City Palacios vietnamese War or. Marv veal and Seadrift in Bays Fust Baptist Church in Boyd survivors include wife. Wise a at Bureau Blanche Horn of Boyd sons n by Ati r it re it re tiv Gian Horn of Houston Burl u 7, in Hon of Houston Karl Horn of pain veal 73. Ai 2 a Phenix Aru daughters mrs continued from Page Llvy Friday in the de afar runic g0b Farmer of Arlington mrs or Over treacherous enemy ter overwhelm Tinsly Hospital Ater a Short illness. J a a a a a a a a 1 mrs v Eal was born Ort i mum w it numu., no Lux aggression ism or Hie hip Huo Don Taylor of Rhome on the sortie that earned Hima n k a Tim in eid county. She used of the a f w Horn of second Der map an Ray. Not since March 9 had a a Hui Bard Sisters mrs Ola Mae a Forward air controller with wisely or improperly. That would be to invoke a provision for cancellation in a 1964 Resolution adopted after us warships were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin. The Resolution backed the air strikes within to Miles of red China do not in fact a pose any threat to that nation Are not intended to and a we believe that peking knows the United states does not seek to Widen the War in a four of his top generals think that what he called the continued from Page i ment and the rest Are expect the patient can usually Erato Reg machines can keep the de to have it within the next it to the Hospital. Heart and other body functions five to seven it ear. Doctors can administer drugs going today even if the brain coronary heart disease is the or use electrical shocks to pre has stopped functioning or. Number one cause of death in vent the second attack from be Wright said. Uhe . And it kills More than log fatal. If the heart starts if the machine detects the 500,000 americans annually beating at a very rapid Pace it tiny electrical charges the brain about one every minute. Can cause a disruption of is still functioning. I the heart monitoring equip circulatory system and death. As a venous pressure trans ment is expected to reduce this doctors have recently disco Ducer the machine can Tell if a number of fatalities sered that an aesthetic Corn in the intensive fare unit at Only used by dentists can be flow heart patients Are Hook injected into the bloodstream to de up to a pacemaker which slow Down the racing heart s monitors the heart beat. If the electrical signals. Major vein and connected to the heart stops the machine can another method is to touch venous pressure transducer restart it with an electrical an electrode to the heart con while transfusions or other is burst. Taming As much As i too volts Milar operations Are conducted there Are two pacemakers Tai to Knock out the hearts flee As an arterial pressure trans the unit and three patients can trial impulse. Somehow Doc Ducer the machine is used in monitored by each. Tors say the heart starts beat cases of Shock when the a reseal a is cont acted ing normally then. Hems blood pressure is too Low a bos Peter l Bem by resides saving patients in Ham Hospital for the care of a Quot a a it it do tors at the heart patients. These �?oearly-1 a a sign Hospital predict that the heart is being overloaded by the administration of fluids including blood. A Catheter is inserted into a to be measured by More conventional Means. Again a Catheter is placed in a Din a dinner is Pircea n fad Letl a have monitoring equipment even a major artery and attached to tended Tejere pocket sized a eventually will the machine and it then Mea sum the blood pressure. The cardio scope being a duo pocket sized a eventually will Jan Logan of Arlington or Story to locate the missing i president in preventing further ,a.utlu7r quote i Roger Thom of Phoeniz. Annlot in ression Toat the War is a style a1 a. Aggression. A a a is nothing More than in Decatur for 40 year or thu 1 Peter of rid a wih met Ruby the Iloh up it a a infantry Art mail injured Repin Church in Decatur Applegate of fort Worth Broth a de took off in his unarmed ,. Survivors include daughter Eri Rorn 0f Frost Bob Light Oie Bird dog spotter air Iii Acci Cecilt mrs jewel Gladys Bush of Horn d i it no View 20 grand Craft under heavy mortar at Denton sons William Preston children and four great grand tack although he was the tar a Wichita Falls Man receive me hens of Graham. J d children of Nemy fire. The captained a broken Collarbone in a veal of Elpaso Farl veal of funeral services will be repeatedly made Low runs to one car Accident on Texas 24 Rhome. Earl veal of fort head 3 30 p m sunday at the pinpoint the enemy Emp lace at the Wise county line West of pact of the Cost of War Johnson mate 1 a More and More the enemy a is less anxious to engage our troops in combat a perhaps because a of the losses he has suffered and the position in which he finds getting into Domestic affairs Many of them feeling the in Worth Billy an veal of Plain first Baptist Church in boat a mans his courageous action Denton at 6 30 a in. Saturday Salij vie la grandchildren two with the Rev Ralph Stovall of and Drain were credited with Tany Smith also received a a about half the too adminis great grand Hilden fixating assisted by the Rev. Breaking the attack. Possible broken leg and is at ration measures have passed Iune Rai services will be held Eugene preen of Reno. Burial die 19a7 a Al acad flow memorial Hospital. A Congress and he expects Many sunday at the can will to in boat a cemetery with a Raia re Llu passenger Donnie Anderson 1 of the rest to come through in Nan Hin a it Home Hap i with Christian funeral Home in medals for sustained Superior was Unm ured. The closing Rush. So he did no to the a Tor of the first Baptist charge pallbearers Norris a in help f the Volkswagen in which seem to be buying a reporter s Chiph the Rev f Arter Lyle Spencer. Lloyd Hinkle Jne a of hip Niph they were Riding overturned. Observation that his Domestic Ork latin by tat will be Quot in Petty c j Harrison. Erbie 3�,rv� j 1 a be about the same time West of program appeared to be foun Oaklawn cemetery in Decatur Lee Bedwell. Clayton a gets son Hoa air base \ Moje. Roanoke a car and pickup , with Christian Mineral homely a ii i i Northeast of Saigon. In charge Riti Tinct 1,1 a the Captain is now assigned As i m i coffer services head a Fly Long safety officer at 2 36 pm 7hursday at the Tab defense command head Quad Boyd it spacial a Wuu Ernah Baptist Church in Roa ter4 the accumulation of fatty de a ave he let posits in the blood vessels thai have survived the first heart Trace scope can measure two Quot Ouirl a the heart of muscle usual attack years later things at one time. X hrs a int ats later. <4it always my usurps the heart attack. When the build heart rate by Means of the Tach up de twits and a clot in of Meletz or. Wright said. A it the bloodstream Combine to can also measure at the same Sut off the flow of blood to time either the arterial or Ven p31&Quot a be heart muscle a Ous pressure and the patients Eart attack occurs Electrocardiogram on the scope doctors say that this is the during an Only a a True heart attack and with a new attachment the that a1 other a a second heart machine will be Able to measure attacks Are merely Complick and record the patients body Lions of the first attack temperature or control it for if Only a Small portion of the various types of surgery. By at heart muscle is deprived of Taching the machine to the a blood As a result of the attack,1 Tiente a veins the patients body temperature could be merely a turned up or Down by turning a Knob instead of packing him in ice. About 250 of the nations 1.200 major hospitals have this equip a Choice selections a Frish fragrant a for every occasion Linwood Roberson Florist 382 2561 Soi w Hickory i Ramey amp King salutes lived seriously injuring a Euless a on measures to help Correct Man Tom Parker 47, the a Urban slum conditions 15 or 20 cadent occurred 2.1 Miles West Are pending to bring about pm of Roanoke on Texas 114 the pavements. Congress has not pickup going West was driven j seen fit to act yet but he is la i to Xii i i 7 1, pm nok with he Rev la v it it a Apt in rays a graduated ll2 thursday in the Fridg port Lins per and the Rev Billy Ray is from Denton High school in pita aft a a Short ill Sac officiating burial in Auto 1952 a attended North Texas or Horn a born fun 27 a it a i by in Wise 1900 in Pike minty Ark a pallbearers to h Cam to i a. In 1921 and to Loyd coffer. To w b Ivd in 1935 a operated a Walter offer Jesse lumber Yard business for 36 John offer go a jews he was a member of the Home in charge county stat University prior to enter coffer. My the naval Academy coffer. The Captain is married to the coffer former Elizabeth Roberts funeral daughter of mrs h d Roberts 2415 Crestwood place Denton. Son 26, from Cleburne was go be called essential Bills dealing my East when they collided with crime control civil rights head on on the North Side of the economic Opportunity Model Road i cities rent supplements and rat Parker was taken to flow control a memorial he Pill extent of United finance company Andersons injuries was no Auto amp appliance i Loans known. 307 n. Locust 387-1113 monday Friday open 7 a 8 pm til 6 pm a Furdy Wallings Barber shop Aap supermarket Welch St. Between Hickory end Oak Robert h place who hoi been Nomad president of Tho University drive kiwanis club Ramey amp King insurance i a Quot your Hartford agent Quot Marvin Ramey a Terrell King a first state Bank bldg. 382-9691

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