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Deming Graphic Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 4

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Deming Graphic (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Deming, New Mexico Page 4-the Deming graphic sun., july 14, 1957 Roy Rogers bad checks. Is feature at state fair continued from Page one on the local Bank with no account there. A warrant was issued charging him with issuing a rubber checks. State police Albuquerque a feature attract he sheriffs office and Deming Tion at the 1957 new Mexico a lice were alerted and conductor. A a j c �?z0 i de an intensive search for Ryder state fair sept. 28-oct. 6 will Anh his 1q4 a a a be Roy refers a King of the veterans act clears up Laws cowboys a who will appear in person with Dale Evans Trig and his Imi Chevrolet said to show California Reg i s t r a t i o n plates. When officers apprehended him Ryder could produce no Drivers License or other identification. Ryder was accompanied by a Man claiming to be Fred Odom. Odom also could not produce identification and is being held on an open charge until investigation can be made. At least four checks Are known to have been cashed by Ryder. Three in amounts of $25. $20, and $32. The amount of the his death. Compensation and pension pay ments to veterans and their dependents Are not affected by the recently enacted veterans benefits act of 1957, a said this week. The new act Public Law 85-56, is designated primarily to consolidate and make More uniform the Laws administered by a. It restates amends or repeals a Large number of veterans Laws some of which Date Back to the reconstruction area after the civil War. Effective january i 1958, the main features of the new Law include i establishment for widows compensation purposes of the uniform requirement that the widow married the Veteran i within to years after his service or 2 at least to years before fourth at press time was not known. Mountain lion taken Suver City a Large male lion j a. A. 21 a provision that a widows Rem Lamerce would permanently Cand her eligibility for a benefits a saving Dame protects no Rera armst wed tear on the Rolls. Pygus bugs will damage Cotton 31 Esrdbl-.-sc�?T. Semi at a uniform ext of oat generally was trapped in the fort Bayard Refuge on july 5 by jewel Buler of the department it of game under i i piss a Heel anti of the coalitions Ger his Golden Palomino Pat Butler reports Forest fire Dang of Iep Macao and age for Brady and the sons of the or very great with dry to Certani andean Nat sons. Pioneers in the fairs new $112 winds drying forests and 5 proviso to liar a May million coliseum Leon harms i streams. Provide medical treatment for fair manager announced today j a a a disabilities and i b cafe Hubbers Little league baseball it Larry Jackson 9 standing Elijah Robin team sponsored by the Hub cafe is shown son 12 Carl vocal 12 George Cymes 12 above l. To a front Row Clarence sea and Fred Hase 19. Graves of James Russell la John Lundy beware of Miracle Stock tonic claim would take much More than is in this tonic to be of any value. There is plenty of Fulfur in the Ordinary feed. If it were needed it can be bought for three or in four cents per Pound. Beware of paddlers Selling Salt is Salt Why pay 15 to 20 Miracle Dairy Stock tonics cents per Pound in a tonic the As used Here in a Shotgun treatments like tonic. They Are drugs used by your veterinarian Only when needed. The Anise also makes the mixture smell Good to the buyer. The Long list of vitamins is made up mostly of the b via this will be the Only per-1 the number one Cowboy Star hospitalization benefits to certain i mums e e and Rorm Ovton cetus per p the. Inv. Rel e re. Amie son eaten bicarbonate of soda is said to taming which the cow makes in relieve Stoma United states this year a harms through a fortunate combination members waive their pressure salesmen Seji you some More nor hav in Wiar not the. Tiwi j More or soda per Day in her Are not stated on the Label and Sonal appearance of the Roy harms stated. Retired members Rogers show in a Rodeo in the he has risen to the top rank Foroe. Without Rio the armed Cion it it Dicaro Onate or soda is saw to taming which the cow makes in it a requirements Aam Collegen to Jef Ash Slomach acidity the cow Graf Penty in her own stomach. College font let High uses an ltd re uses a Pound or the amount of the vitamins said a and we Are indeed proud of Many talents. As a Corr pay to have a show of this stature pushed actor and musician he 6 establishment of a uniform to inaugurate use of the new can ride like the wind shoot discharge requirement of a Sun coliseum and help the folks of with unerring accuracy and a1 Der other than dishonourable con new Mexico celebrate the fairs j in All he is one of a the film editions quot for eligibility for a 20th Capitol s Best All around athletes benefits. Roys Fame and popularity Are j he never makes a picture unique in the annals of Hollywood. He is the idol of millions without trigger his Golden pal modern office buildings costing Omino who is probably the half a million dollars have been of fans of All Ages his name j worlds Best known piece of finished or begun in new York is a household word throughout horse flesh. Trigger has a Reper City in the last to years adding the world his fan mail is the Toire of some too tricks All of to office space that was already heaviest on record and he is which Roy taught him person twice that of any other Ameri invariably picked each year As j ally. Can City. Is y0u Dot "f61 or. Which saliva. What she needs she there a no Assurance of getting cos More than it s Worth. Makes herself from the Salt she enough. If there a any reason to Stock tonics usually contain a eats. Think any of these is needed at of things that Arentt needed magnesium and sodium Sui you can get known amounts at the claims May Range from pre fates Are laxatives. When need Low Cost in Standard Vitamin mention and cure of mastitis to edit takes a Pound or More preparations. Clearing up All Breeding troubles for a dose few a cow. A part of As you can see. A Shotgun mix of your cows. A spoonful every Day will do no Hare such As this tonic gives a let s take a look at a Label Good. Is he of a lot of things that of a typical Stock tonic and cows ordinarily get Arch needed and enough to do Check it against the cow s needs Calcium in their feed. The Cai Tach Good of the things that one contains charcoal Fulfur cum phosphate in the tor in is that May be needed. Salt bicarbonate of soda mag not enough to contribute Bidi a a Nelium sulfite sodium sulfite to the cow s needs. Sale of religious books has i Calcium Carbonate Calcium pos Trace Mineral Salt can fur creased More than 40 percent in Pygus bugs rank second Only to Cotton bollworm As pests of Cotton. They can cause More damage to Cotton in less time than any other insect. Cotton growers can be glad that Pygus bugs like Alfalfa better than Cotton. Pygus bugs feed on Young squares and terminal growth. They use their piercing sucking Mouth parts to stick into Plant tissue and suck the juices. When they suck juices from a Young Square it usually drops to the ground. If your Cotton does no to seem to be setting any fruit you a better get a net and Check for Pygus bugs. If you find 7 to to per too sweeps its time to apply insecticides. Pygus bugs prefer Alfalfa Fields. But when Alfalfa is Cut the Pygus bugs move to nearby Cotton Fields. They usually stay in the Cotton about a week and then move Back to the Alfalfa however during their stay in a Cotton Field they cause extensive damage by feeding on Young squares and terminals. They also Lay eggs which produce nymphs. Because they Are wingless the nymphs stay in the Cotton and continue to damage it. Cotton should be checked at least once a week and preferably twice a week. Use 15 to 16-Inch insect net. Its impossible to determine a Pygus infection without a Standard size net. Make 20 to 25 sweeps Down a Row at 4 or 5 spots across the Field. Base your counts on the number of bugs per too sweeps. Economist predicts lower priced turkeys the 1957 Turkey crop will set a new record exceeding the 77 million Birds raised in 1956, says John o. Kling Extension economist at new Mexico a amp a col lege. Compared to last year total heavy Breed Poult production was up 17 per cent in february 3 per cent in March ail 4 per cent in april. A the economist Points out that a Factor clouding the Turkey Price Outlook picture is the 137 million pounds of Turkey in storage As of May in More than double a year earlier. Wholesale prices of Frozen turkeys in new York City Are As much As 18 cents below last year. M broiler production also continues ahead of last years rate with current prices close to the year ago level. Marketing of Young farm chickens late this summer will be Down from last year by about one fifth in line with th6 Cut in replacement chickens raised. This plus expected reductions from last year in red meat Supply May hold summer broiler prices at or every slightly above last years priced despite continued Large production. Dot Taxa Phene Bic dieldrin Aldrin and Endrin will control Pygus bugs. It is important to apply the right amount of Poison per acre. If you apply insecticide with ground equipment be a sure to Check your sprayer omm duster output. Done to try to Appl insecticides on a Windy Day. Thorough application is As important As the kind of insecticide you use. Phate suit ate of Iron potassium Ais the Trace minerals a cow the last four Vears. Iodide Cobalt Carbonate nut needs at a much lower Cost thaa Omica Quassa fenugreek Gin they re supplied in the Tome. Missouri was one of seven Ger. Capsicum Anise and a Long the nut Tomica Quassa states voting for Stevenson in i of taming fenugreek Ginger Capsicum and the 1956 presidential election the j lording to the Label the i Anise All have value when used j first time the state has not been charcoal is to absorb Gas. It for a specific purpose but not on the winning Side since 1904. You la Novor know until you i Beer i i i i i i i i i i i i a Mai sales figures continue to prove West picks Mercury save up to shop wards Over All Competition win of min Mercury leads again in latest sales figures Here it is the Sale you be been waiting for. Wards carnival of values and Here they Are the seasons top savings on summer selections. Play clothes Auto supplies Garden needs and More every item is from fresh clean stocks and every item is fully guaranteed. But be sure to shop today quantities Are limited. First come first served Mercury 3838 Oldsmobile 3170 Pontiac 3664 Buick co 2786 seasons lowest prices Here a proof women a 100% Wool knitted stole shawl. Was $5.98. Girls leather split strap style dress shoes. Were $4.49. Boys Nylon stretch socks. Were 3 for $1.29, now 3 for. Menus plaid tissue Gingham sport shirt. Was $1.97. Solid color Wool Blanket. Nationally advertised $16.95. Dacron filled comforter. Nationally advertised at $14.98 quot cotillion pattern genuine China. 66-pc. Set was $39.95 Kodak starfish camera outfit 2 free films. $11.45 value quot Royal item portable Royal typewriter. Was $74.50. Portable i i phonograph. Nationally advertised $79.95 10-in. Diag measurement portable to. Was $96.95. 5 he sea King deluxe outboard motor. Regularly $182.00 quot custom tru cold i he air conditioner. Was $209,95. Prices do not include transportation charges. Now 3.17 2.27 .87 1.45 12.94 12.44 33.88 8.98 59.50 59.88 84.88 159.00 199.88 Dodge a 3195 l Polk reoi.,0�?Tio"5 styling size features performance four Good reasons Why the big Beautiful Mercury/57 continues to Lead in its Field according to latest sales figures for the Western states. Westemeir appreciate Mercury a fresh distinctive styling As functional As it is Beautiful. Size the big m is noticeably larger in every important dimension than the others of its Price class. Mercury leads in features and performance As Well. Only the big m has keyboard control for example for ease of handling in traffic or on the Highway. And Mercury matches Western driving with a full Range of engines. Here is value built in not built on. Value that is even More apparent when you consider the Price far less than you would expect with our current High Trade in High volume dealing. Drive in today. Drive Home in your new �?T57 Mercury the West Stop car in its Field. A iii of 4 see a the Fine buys in our carnival of values circular Stop in and see a copy today i 108 e. Pine phone 104 201 West Pine 11 i j Roy Evans motor company darning new Mexico

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