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Deming Graphic Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 2

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Deming Graphic (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Deming, New Mexico In strolled traffic phase of the a Zevac 12�?� they were formed into 14-cr caravans for the evacuation exercise in Binghamton n. Y. Is 28-mile trip to the a reception upper inset cd a a Nill a i tall. J k. Page 2�?the Deming graphic sun., july 14, 1957 editorials still have something in sock Luna county business and civic leaders May have been worrying about economic conditions during the past several months should have found encouraging news in the financial statement of the Mimbres Valley Bank published in this newspaper last sunday. An examination of the report issued As of the close of business june 6, 1957, shows that Overall deposits were Down. But most encouraging was the fact that deposits of individuals and firms were holding up so Well at a time of the year when in an agricultural Community All is going out and nothing coming in. The report shows that total deposits ran $5,814,874.89 or $507,599.91 less than the total at the end of the first Quarter $6,222,421.56. U. S. Government deposits were up Only $533,091 while state and political subdivisions were Down $100,956.11 and time deposits were Down $100,956.11. Deposits of individuals and firms on the other hand totalled $5,062,727.11 at the close of the first Quarter and 84,634,662.08 of the time of the last statement Down Only $428,065.03. As is always the Case this newspaper Man wholly unused to handling Money or Money figures Hopes the above calculations Are Correct. One thing is certain if deposits in a towns Bank Are any indication and experts say they Are local people still have considerable amount of dough left in the old sock Over at or. Trowbridge financial institution. Authorities Call it apathy on our part. We americans were generous when we contributed millions of dollars to fight paralytic polio. We were triumphant when after years of research our scientists developed a vaccine against it and the number of cases dropped 47 per cent last year. Now we Are shocked to hear that according to a recent estimate 58 million americans under 40 who should get this simple effective Protection neglected to do so. What is the word for this neglect polio authorities like the National foundation for infantile paralysis Call it apathy. The dictionary defines apathy As a Lack of interest or but can anybody afford to be indifferent about polio when it strikes it leaves ruin in its Wake crippled bodies disrupted Homes wage earners unable to go on with their chosen work. Indifference in the face of this kind of risk is Folly. Better Roll up your sleeve and vaccinate before ifs too late often there is heard a complaint about a business becoming too big to the detriment of Small business. Those who subscribe to this theory contend that strangling of Small business also strangles the individual and individual initiative. On the other hand Are those who will just As stoutly maintain that big business is not dangerous per be. The question is often debated. The president of one of the nations great Oil companies recently spoke out for big business declaring that it takes both big and Small establishments to meet the requirements of the land. He said it has been Learned that no commercial organization and especially one of great size can exist without creating certain social influences and thereby acquiring responsibilities beyond those of a purely business nature. Then he added a among these responsibilities. Is trying to help to maintain an Economy in which Small and medium size business organizations can play their important roles. Large businesses. Are sometimes thought to favor practices which Are unfair to Small business. Nothing could be further from the truth. We Are As anxious to see efficient Small business firms succeed As Are any of the so called champions of Small business and we believe we Are somewhat More practical in our approach at there Are areas of work extremely important areas where the smal business can do the Best Job. Just As there Are other areas where the Large business Writh vast human and financial resources is needed. An often overlooked fact is that big business is frequently a major customer of the Small business. His theory is that the american Economy is big enough varied enough and flexible enough to require the services of efficient businesses of every size and kind. Industry like farming has undergone a tremendous revolution in this nation As Well As in Many nations of the world in the past few generations. There have been businesses which grew too big and monopolistic in their practices. Thus the Sherman anti Trust act come about to prevent monopolies. There is a place for Small and big business in this country. Big business for the most part recognizes that it must operate within the intent of the Laws of the current Argus. The Deming newspapers inc. The headlight since 1881 the graphic since 1902 published thursdays published sundays David l. Watson. Editor amp publisher t. A. Hayhurst publishers assistant Ray Van Hennik City editor Hal Borden. Advertising manager second class mailing privileges authorized at the Post office in Deming Luna county new Mexico the big sweep Deming doodles the old soak see a Mebbie Munny done to grow on tree but Menny a Gal Hez done alright on account us Cio Ive speaking of kids. A five year old Gal came to kindergarten one Day dressed in faded Blue jeans Over which she wore a frilly Petticoat and a party dress. Pinned to her dress was this note from her Mother a i Hope you done to think this was my should be referred to As the reasons it does a strip tease in the fall goes with Bare limbs All Winter gets a new outfit every Spring and lives off the saps All summer. Never bites or growls but feeds the hand that bites it just another symptom of old age. A your feet Hurt before you get out of bed. If you want to learn How to do it yourself just try criticising your wife a housekeeping. And on the other end of the age limit. A Preston a tiny Village in England recently lost its oldest inhabitant miss Isabella Shaperd. She was 115 years old when she died and had often claimed that she had never married and had never had a Lover. However neighbors claimed that she kept hanging on in the Hope that she could find a Man. Xxx will Harrison s ins the capital . Box ibb. Tanta pc he a teacher asked me today if i had any Little Brothers and Sisters and i told her i was an Only a and what did teacher say Honey a a she said a thank xxx it has been said that a tree big business Little business. Boom for both Road position hard to fill Santa few the four state Highway commissioners Are in a stalemate trying to pick a fifth for the vacancy made by the resignation of Ralph Jones of Albuquerque. Two wont have anybody unfriendly to gov. De Mechem the other two wont have one unfriendly to former gov. John Simms. Now where in new Mexico Are they going to find a person who Isnit sore at one or the other of those Guys liquor chief shuts off drunks liquor chief George Franklin has imperilled the liquor Indus after paying several thousand in fees the Syndicate dropped the plan with the explanation that steel could not be obtained for construction. With sen. Dennis Chavez. The demo list for the supreme court 8-year term at $15,000 is getting Long under the Rumor that Justice h. A. Kiker will not seek re election. Among the hopefuls dist. Judge Jack Mcmanus Albuquerque dist. Judge David Carmody Santa be Dean Zinn Santa be Waldo Speiss Albuquerque. Statehouse Short takes tax collectors proud of gains among democrats retained in jobs by the Republican administration is one who a few years ago slipped off the straight and narrow and had to serve a prison term for embezzling Money from Sandoval county. He was pardoned by gov. Tom Mabry and has been on the payroll most of the time Ever since. Dick Everett the much discussed aide of gov. John Simms is indirectly Back in harness with the state. Press agent Cliff Whitehead who was engaged by try by forbidding the Sale of forseen. Hooch to people already tight. They re the Best customers. And Franklin says he will not accept the definition of a a drunk penned by t. L. Peacock month has turned the work Over to Everett also in Public relations w Ork. J. Of Gallegos Long a prominent democratic not drunk is he who from i fiure in Socory and Albu Quer the floor a can Rise again and still drink j More a but drunk is he who prostrate i lies a without the Power to drink or Franklin said he was aiming i at drunk driving in issuing the j regulation which goes beyond the i Law on the subject which Nihil sales to known habitual drunkards. He apparently has the authority to enforce the Reg 1 i a ablation which uses the language a obviously que is reportedly in line for a Bureau of revenues Are feeling proud about collections in their first half year on the Job since the change of administration. Sales tax Money was up from $14.4 million in same period last year to $16.7 million. Income collections were $4.2 million for a 9 per cent gain compensation tax Revenue $1.9 million up about $500,000, and the gasoline tax Money came to $10.3 million a million Over the same period last year. Most tax collections Are indicative of business volume in the state rather than Diligence in collecting. However the gain in compensating tax and income tax collections both of which require considerable Effort reflect favourably on the Bureau operation. A Man Down on his Luck reached the Point where he did no to even have the necessary Nickle for the pay toilet. A Friendly bartender loaned him the Coin. As he entered the menus room a fellow was coming from a pay Booth and held the door open. Later still holding the Coin the Man saw a Slot machine put the Nickle in and hit the Jackpot. With the five Bucks he went to see a Bookie parlayed his bets and that same evening he had Over one thousand dollars. Investing this Money in some stocks he returned to see the bartender a few months later boasting of a Fortune of More than fifty thousand dollars. A a done to you think in a entitled to at least half the profits a asked the bartender a i gave you the Nickle that started it a give you half a exclaimed the big Winner a the Guy who should get half is the fellow who held the door xxx the minister returned the used. Car to the dealer and was asked a a what a the matter Parson can to you run it a said the Parson a not if i want to stay in the recon its just human nature to think such Wise things do such silly ones. Xxx n a marriage had gone on the rocks and the couple were in court seeking a divorce. The judge tried for a reconciliation but they both stood firm. A Well a said the judge a if you Are determined on divorce everything you possess will have to be divided asked the wife what about our three cd Dren a this stumped his Honor for a moment. A a we la have to work something out a he said a but i repeat everything you have will have to be divided the wife looked at her husband critically and then came to a decision. A come on Henry a she said. Then turning to the judge added a but Well be Back next year judge with _ % Here lies the body of Elvis Spode he watched the signs and not the Road. Xxx people who live in Glass houses need not go out of doors to sunbathe. Xxx see by the papers where at last we Are doing More for the indians. Getting Mem into houses. So now All of us Start cooking out of doors. Xxx seems a lot of Fellows carry a stumbling Block around with them All the time. They Wear a hat on it. Xxx two Luna ranchers were Riding Down the Highway. Side by Side they sat both looking worried and both silent. Finally one gave a deep sigh. The other looked at him for a moment and then said a a you re telling me a xxx the strongest sex is usually the weaker sex because of the weakness of the Stronge sex for the weaker sex. Xxx perhaps a Chance remark might be defined As anything a Man could say while two women were talking. Xxx a your Teeth Are like the stars a he said and he pressed her hand so White. He spoke the truth for like the stars her Teeth came out at night. G xxx takes a lot of will Power to quit a bad habit. However most any Fellers wife has a lot of will Power. Xxx its picnic time the hot dog never bites or howls when anybody sights it the hot dog in answer to the age old question a what Reading matter would you take with you if you were to be marooned on a Deser Island a the not too dumb Youn Gal answered a a Toto oed xxx sign noted on the rear of Large truck a crime does no to pay. Neither does in 4 additional telephones Saloon people behaving selves in color subscription rates both papers in Luna and adjoining counties $6 per year. In same area $3.50 six months. Elsewhere in u. S. $7.50 per year $3.50 for six months. All subscriptions payable in Advance. To cents per copy on Newsstands. The liquor office inc Dently j has been mighty quiet recently. I there Hasni to been a complaint filed against a dealer in nearly i two and a half months the last being on april i against the Hill j Crest club of Tucumcari for Sale j to minors result 14 Days sus pension. The office which has had three 1 directors under gov. De Mechem has handled a total of seven j complaints since the first of the year. In addition to the Tucumcari Case there was one License i revocation one 60-Day suspension one warning one Case in which an owner was Given time to sell his bar and two dismissals. The prosecution record unusually Light for that office caused one democratic observer to note that it was no wonder that Pancho Padilla the president of the retail liquor dealers association praised the Mechem administration for its cooperation. If the prosecution seems Light its probably because George Franklin is getting his feet on the ground. The old Fri agent is not Likely to be soft when he gets going. Race track nears Lown As autos of route 17 moved up in me rive wows now Tram we Contr out by re in it re Jim pfc a lie checkpoint Arrow and lower inset where auxiliary police. Air photo associates photo for Dona Ana Santa be is full of rumours concerning the Long discussed Hoss track at Anapra in Dona Ana county near Elpaso. Two prominent Santa be and Albuquerque figures whose Nemea do not appear on the application Are being cited As pushing for its approval. A source within the racing commission approved a similar request made by a group headed by Bill Prestridge of Alamogordo As handsome As they Are practical Deming business a a directory a appliances service appliances co. Radio and to sales and service 206 s. Gold phone 18-w automotive amp tractor automotive amp tractor parts and supplies batteries a accessories b amp b Auto parts 316 e. Spruce a phone 519 insurance the general Agency be sure when you insure insurance is our business 112 e. Pine phone 239 Loans Bob Beckett mgr. A lumber building Foxworth Galbraith Fhay Van Home improvement Loans phone 70 Deming new Mexico a service stations products Gas-0il-tires 5 stations in Deming 220 e. Spruce a 702 w. Pine 220 e. Pine a 301 e. Spruce Roy Evans distr. 201 w. Pine

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