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Delta Democrat-Times (Newspaper) - September 2, 1973, Greenville, MississippiPage from tide to flood at first it was Only a creeping slowly inching tide of pollution lapping at the Delta. A few dead Birds Here with their carcasses yielding up inordinately High concentrations of pesticides. An overnight fish kill forgotten almost As quickly As the rotting Bass and Crappie Sank out of sight or washed away. An Aerial applicator s mistake which killed a cow or two and made for an out of the Way Law suit. One or two belching smokestacks where once the Only Haze on the horizon had been caused by summer heat and humidity mixed with the dry dust of a Delta August. That was at first ten years or so ago. Now we have lakes suddenly going dead unfit for animals and fish and occasionally dangerous to humans As Well. Lake Washington is not the first and it will not be the last to suffer because practical men put first things the environment last. Other practical men still scheme to find ways to evade the new anti pollution Laws enforced from Jackson and Washington in order to attract industries which Are no longer permitted to be foul the air and water of their native states. In the name of that Bitch goddess which has destroyed the landscape the atmosphere and the streams of much of the Industrial Northeast Midwest and far West too Many men in official or civic leadership positions think nothing of trading off our precious natural resources and heritage for a mess of Pottage which will soon be Only a mess. Lake Washington proves it. The tide is turning into a flood. What was once taken for granted lakes clean air abundant soon go the Way of the Bear. Rather than searching for ways to accelerate the process to make Light of the danger to Calm Public apprehensions Public officials should be living up to their responsibility to the Public. That is our air our water our each must be saved. Tomorrow will be too late for anything except fruitless recriminations. To the highest court chief . District judge John j. Sirica has put the matter of watergate squarely where a majority of the american people and president Richard Nixon say it belongs before the courts. Strangely enough while the Peoples reaction has not yet Bee measured the president s is very dear. His Oft expressed Public utterances to the contrary he does t agree with judge Sirica that the court is the for matter of the watergate tapes to be decided. In fact he does t believe judge not Senate committee not Federal the right to hear those tapes unless he says so and his reply is a Flat emphatic no. Judge Sirica the Republican appointee whose conscience would not permit the watergate coverup to continue after the Small fish burglars were tried before him Bent Over backward to Compromise the opposing views of the president and special prosecutor Archibald Cox. He did not order the president to hand Over the tapes requested by Cox Forth with. Neither did he sustain the president s Contention that executive privilege and the of Powers require that he withhold the tapes. Instead he ruled that he the judge would examine the tapes in private and decide whether the grand jury investigating watergate should see them. If they were irrelevant to the investigation or if their release would endanger National Security the judge said he would uphold the president. But on the Basic Issue judge Sirica came Down squarely on the Side of Cox and by implication of the Senate watergate committee which in a separate action is also seeking Access to the tapes. The grand jury has the right to every Man s the judge ruled reaffirming thereby that the United states is a constitutional Republic and not a monarchy. The Burden Here is on the president to define exactly what it is about his office that court process commanding the production of evidence cannot reach this judgment was posed against the hard line White House position that the president can withhold criminal evidence if he it might be against the Public interest if it also destroyed the confidentiality of presidential papers and conversations and thus in effect while the president says he wants watergate to be tried in the courts he wants to act As judge jury and prosecutor when it comes to deciding How much evidence the courts will be allowed to hear. To us that is clearly intolerable and judge Sirica agrees. As he put it what distinctive Quality of the presidency permits its incumbents to withhold evidence to argue that the need for presidential privacy justifies it is not persuasive. To argue that it is the constitutional separation of Powers that bars compulsory court process from the White House is also there is no reason to limit the court s Power to obtain criminal evidence simply because it is the. President of the United states who holds the it is a thoroughly conservative decision resting on the fundamental premise that no Man is above the Law and no one of the three branches of government is Superior to the other two. It is conservative also in that it walks the Middle As judge Sirica put it Between immediate Access to the tapes by the grand jury and Blanket approval of the White House argument. The president has announced he will Appeal which is something of a Relief since there was a Strong faction in his staff which argued in favor of ignoring the order entirely. The supreme court of the United states a court now controlled effectively by Nixon strict must now decide whether the Constitution was written by men who intended for the president to be treated not like a citizen but like a King. Iliili Liling Carli a. Mrs. Ili by w. 1 ii Lishi a Irli a i Uli Mirr i in Timlin sunday sept. 2, 197h blur Kilinc Carter Iii Keillor John Limin. In rail Killor Only yesterday d president Nixon judicial privilege the Strain is showing strange shoving incident in new president Nixon grasped aide Ron Ziegler by the shoulders spun him around and gave him an angry has Washington whispering. Could the president be buckling under the watergate pressure is he losing his grip on himself his Strong showing before his press inquisitors at san Clemente has stopped the open talk but not the whispers. Richard Nixon has always taken Pride in his ability to control his temper. A Public official particularly a president should not show temper except for a he has told subordinates. In private he May display flashes of anger Over Small irritations. When someone tells a dirty joke in mixed company for example his dark jowls will flush. Or if an aide should do something stupid the president May explode. However he tends to bottle up any real Wrath. The anger boils inside him until he becomes bitter. He said a Friend. In trusted company the president May betray his inner bitterness by making Nasty cracks about those who have enraged him. This is one reason suggested an aide that Nixon is fighting against the release of the secret White House tapes. Some of his biting remarks about the High and mighty apparently were recorded. While he is dealing with adversaries he holds his emotions in Check. Not until the crisis is Over does he let go. I get real letdown after one of these he confided to a Friend. Then i begin to think of what bums they but even for a president who keeps count of his political crises watergate has been an extraordinary ordeal. Sources close to him have seen signs of the Strain. As the watergate wreckage piled up around him he became drawn and Distant. His periods of brooding lengthened his private remarks about his tormentors became More ugly. In new Orleans his self control finally cracked under the pressure. A safety valve gave Way and he blew his the shoving of Ron Ziegler however was t the first time Nixon has Laid hands on an aide. During the 1960 Campaign frustration and fury built up inside him As the polls showed him falling behind John f. Kennedy. Nixon could sense the presidency slipping from his grasp. As he prepared for his election eve telecast the inner storm was ready to break. The late Everett Hart a to production specialist approached him with some last minute suggestions. Nixon did t want to be bothered and gruffly ordered Hart to fetch his military aide. When Hart demurred Nixon gave his to adviser a hard shove against the Chest. The incident might have been tragic Hart was recovering from open heart surgery. Members of his family still bitter Over the incident told us Hart had to go Back for More heart operations before he died last january. He also lost patience in 1960 with another Campaign aide James Shepley who is now president of time Magazine. Witnesses remember the furious Nixon telling Shepley i Don t want to see you on this plane once the Campaign the same sources recall Nixon got so upset that he threatened to leave the country. In the privacy of the White House the president occasionally flies into a rage and invokes the Powers of government against his adversaries. But aides insist he usually calms Down and Calls off the Federal forces before any damage is done. In 1970, for instance he visited his Mother s sister the late Edith Timberlake at the Beverly Manor convalescent Hospital in Riverside Calif. He fumed afterwards Over the accommodations. Recalled a former aide the president stomped around chewing out everyone in sight. He fired off directives in every direction. He ordered a search to find out whether the Hospital received Federal payments. He Damn Well wanted them but later he paid his aunt another visit and was so pleased Over her care that he sent the Hospital a letter of commendation. He has a habit when provoked to categorize his enemies and threaten retribution. Although some aides ignore these full nations others have taken his threats seriously enough to draw up an enemies list. Some people on this list have complained of Federal harassment. Confidential White House minutes in our files show that the president lost his temper when the Senate opposed his nomination of judge Clement Haynsworth to the supreme court. Unless some new fact comes in " he thundered i will stick by Haynsworth even if he gets Only one vote. Will i withdraw him i will he vowed retaliation against the senators who crossed him. It is rare however for the president to show his temper. Those who have penetrated his seclusion have found him to be warm and Friendly. He usually expresses anger with a cold silent fury rather than a sudden outburst. When anger flashes across his face he often catches himself and turns away. In Public he will sometimes break into an Exxon Tiger smile. After his ailing father died for example Nixon asked sympathizers not to Send Flowers but to contribute to a health fund. An aide told us the president was accosted at the funeral by a Florist who scolded him for setting an example that could Hurt the Florist business. Nixon s eyes blazed and he started to blurt something. But he bit his Tongue and turned on his Heel. President Nixon meanwhile is still in a Black mood Over watergate. He keeps largely in seclusion in the various presidential Sanctum. In his private conversations he expresses More anger against his accusers than against those who committed the watergate crimes. His erratic behaviour in new Orleans caused a lot of Tongue clucking. Many people reminded us of his visits in the 1950s to a Park Avenue psychotherapist named or. Arnold Hutschnecker. All to know is that the then vice president exhausted after a foreign Trio went to or. Hutschnecker for treatment and was Given some our report on his visit brought this emphatic comment from or. Hutschnecker during the entire period that i treated or. Nixon i detected no sign of mental illness in him. As i came to know him Over the years we developed a trusting professional As Well As amicable personal always impressed me As a Man with Superior intellect and keen 5 years George Ricks son of or. And mrs. John r. Ricks of Cleveland is one of 10 College freshmen in the stale to be awarded a Carrier scholarship to the University of Mississippi. Lake Village Carlton vice president of the Bank of Lake Village spent several Days in Fayetteville last week attending a banking seminar at the University of Arkansas. 15 years father Eamon Mullen former assistant pastor of St. Joseph s Catholic Church today begins his duties As pastor Here succeeding monsignor Martin j. Moloney who has been transferred to our lady of the Gulf Church in Bay St. Louis. 25 years Lake 0. F. Townsend was named chairman of the Chicot county chapter of the american cancer control society which held its organizational meeting Here in the court House tuesday afternoon at 2. Lydia Chang native of Shanghai China now in the u. S. To study at Southern Baptist theological Seminary at Louisville ky., was principal speaker at the annual House party for the members of Baptist y. W. A. Of Delta association Here last week. F letters j dedicated leadership to the editor Here on the Gulf coast in Jackson county where the rapid growth of Industrial development has brought with it the usual problems of Community development it s Good to know that the Overall leadership of Mississippi has an interest in this area. The Success of our shipbuilding activities employment now and expected to increase to within a is an example of what can be done when government and private Enterprise join together. The most recent example of this kind of cooperation was demonstrated last week when members of the state legislature composing the Highway study committee held hearings in Jackson county to become better informed on traffic problems and Highway needs in this area. The purpose of this letter is to express the appreciation not Only of Ingalls but of All of Jackson county to the citizens of Washington county for sharing with us the leadership and dedication of one of your senators who served on this committee. Sen. J. K. Buddy Gresham chaired the hearings held in Jackson county and his extreme personal interest in our local problems was quite encouraging. Washington county has reason to be proud of sen. Gresham. Indeed til of Mississippi does. We certainly appreciate his help in South Mississippi. Sincerely Jerry St. Be director of Public relations Ingalls shipbuilding Pascagoula do we have a right to end life the la a Mininn. By irn or Levi in by Molur Colv Nim Lumi Livnah imn ,117 few pc Hir i mor Irv , j Fullr of in in i Ost in Fin of inf hot ism today s Public forum contributor is mrs. D. E. Eakins of 1773 Marigold St., Greenville. In january of 1973, the u. S supreme court ruled 7 to 2 that a woman in the first six months of pregnancy can have an abortion on demand. While there is still some controversy in some states regarding abortion on demand the Law of the land is that abortion is Legal during the first two trimesters of pregnancy. There now comes a ruling from u. K. District court judge Ornia Riith at Oxford miss on August 3, that Mississippi state regulations regarding welfare benefits for unborn children is in conflict with social Security and i he regulations promulgated judge Smith said rules of the social Security administration stipulate that a child meeting other becomes eligible for benefits under i lie Aid to dependent children program once it is medic Billy determined die Mother is pregnancy can be diagnosed by slide approximately 7 to in after Conception and Liy Pelvic examination ill approximately six weeks Public forum now the supreme court the judicial Branch of our government decrees that the precious right of life itself May be terminated while another Branch of the same government recognized the fetus As a human being and extends benefits toil. I am not in agreement with either of the above stated decisions but rather i want to Point out the fallacy of some of our Laws and also to speak Mil against abortion. The Congress find tin american Public seemingly arc More of human rights at i he present Lime than they have been in Nimy years. The Congress cries out in outrage no inc intrusion of our privacy with devices and tape recordings and cd one hardly hears a word from Ili Csc name people he rights of an unborn child. While i cannot prove thai life behind at Conception it him been found in medical research that 4 chromosomes Are evident. As or. Eugene Diamond so aptly put it the genetic material of a human embryo is unique determinative and Complete. All it needs is time and nutrition. There Are Only two possible courses open to the fetus it can become a live human being or a dead human the following Are facts established by medical research and published in medical literature. Did you know that at three weeks the embryo s heart is pulsating the fetal Organ systems Are present and functioning including the nervous system at ii to 12 weeks. When the upper lip of an ii week Felus is stroked the neck has been found to flex. An Electroencephalogram tracing done at ii weeks has shown brain Waves not unlike those of the at weeks gestation Hie fetus May Swallow suck his Ilia in or and will withdraw from painful stimulus such us some of he procedures used in i he performance of an abortion. In Lher words to fetus feels whal is being done to it. And this tiny bit of humanity has been called by some an amorphous Maun or a Blob of if we decide we can terminate this life process then would not inc hopelessly incurable the retarded or the elderly be next when i talked with head of the of gyn department of one of our leading University medical schools in october of 1972, who by the Way is pro abortion i asked the above question. He said absolutely not. However consider the following the press service carried the following Story on june 211, 1973. The president elect of the american medical association said thursday that mercy killings May have place but the individual doctor should not make the decision this question came up after a physician was indicted for wilful murder in what was described As a mercy killing involving a person wild terminal cancer. Have our altitudes become so liberalized or have we become so apathetic thai we do not believe dial life is a pc claim gift have we become so presumptions thai we believe we have the a Lulu to nay when life should end think Boul ii

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