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Delta Democrat Times Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 4

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Delta Democrat-Times (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Greenville, MississippiDemocrats dilemma plus a seasick Economy make 1974 an inevitable year for Victory for the democratic party there is nothing in tiie cards now on the which indicate that 1976 will be anything of the sort. The democrats show few signs of having a program or a presidential candidate who can unify the country and restore the majority s Faith in the political process. There Are Only two democrats with enough National stature and party following to insure that they will go to the National convention with a Large bloc of votes. One is gov. George of Alabama. The other is sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. Kennedy can have the nomination if he wants it that is a statement of political fact. But Ted Kennedy As nominee could easily drive the entire right Wing of the party out into the and Ted Kennedy the Man of Chappaquiddick May not be exactly people have in mind As they search for a president who can take i lie tarnish off the White House perhaps that is too harsh a judgment. It certainly could be disproved at the polls. Every preliminary Survey reveals that the senator is the most popular politician of either party he could put together an awesome Campaign machine and his stand on the issues reaches a Broad Cross Section of America. But so does George Wallace the Only difference is that he is far More divisive a political figure than Kennedy. There is absolutely no question that the fact of a Wallace nomination would drive the entire left and Center left of the party into a third party or toward the Republican nominee assuming he was not an unacceptable representative of the top s right Wing. There is also no question but that Wallace has wide Appeal an Appeal surpassed Only by Kennedy s and touching a surprisingly Large number of he same voters. He Speaks directly to the people s resentments and fears. New Wallace or not he is still t i e c o n s u in a t e demagogue. If racism pure and simple is no longer his chief Stock in the politics of frustration still is. But Wallace stands with Kennedy in a category a approached by any other democratic party hopeful. The nomination of one accompanied by what the followers of the other saw As the humiliation of their Champion would destroy the party. The nomination of one with the Public Connivance and consent of the other would turn off literally millions of voters who would be unable to Swallow they perceived to be the most cynical kind of political expediency. It is not a Happy Prospect for the democrats but they have deeper problems than those posed by the formidable influence of these two Polar figures. What exactly does the party represent today what Are its policies and program what Are its unique answers to the rending failures of the political economic and social system the questions Are answered As they Are asked. The party is a majority in search of a unifying p a form a majority which almost any kind of pressure can fracture into a dozen pieces. The pressure will be applied relentlessly if As seems certain today Kennedy and Wallace both go after the 197g nomination. It will be applied Only slightly less relentlessly if Only one stays in the ring because neither is a unifier and neither Lias a new program to offer the party or the nation. So the democrats Are not exactly swimming in Long term optimism themselves in this dark night of the Republic s soul a few May seem to be whistling a sprightly time but it is Only because they Are walking past the graveyard into which history has chucked other parties which became irrelevant to their times c letters campaigners least i a weft off Luckek cot Uke Way jury considers action Washington the watergate grand jury is considering action against 1972 Nixon campaigners for using Federal funds to Badger votes from Chi Cunos. Blacks and other minority groups. The master plan for gearing government machinery and Money to vote getting is Laid out in a memo As we reported earlier stamped Eves written feb. 17, 1972 by Malek eff Cliency expert Fred in n were then White House aides . Bob Haldeman John Ehrlichman and Charles Colson plus John Mitchell the attorney general who was soon to become he Generalissimo of the 1072 Campaign. As Laid out by Malek the White House Crew would see that administration programs Are responsive to and coordinated with Campaign although Malek insisted to us thru the responsiveness plan was never Only put into operation we have now obtained evidence that among Blacks and a Pash americans at least the program was in full swing. The grand jury for instance bus zeroed in on the Case of Leveo Sanchez a Spanish american businessman with a firm called associates in c Jack Anderson every Penny counts and 1 to t it the Anonymous donor who gave million to the University of Mississippi exemplifies what Phila trophy can and should mean to education in this country. It also reminds us How dependent even Public institutions Are on private support for educational excellence and expanded educational Opportunity. Private colleges and universities Are suffering across the nation because of exploding costs and relatively Static endowments. For Many the annual alumni fund drives Are All that stave off bankruptcy Kyen such heavily endowed universities As Princeton and Yale have run in the red in recent years. Scores of less Fortunato colleges have had to close their doors. Public universities have found that declining Federal Aid and rising costs have severely curtailed what they can offer particularly to students of limited Means. The Ole miss donation will fill a real need since income from the principal will be used for Low interest Loans. But no one should think that Small contributions Aren t needed. There Are very very few people who can give million but there is no College in this country which does t Welcome the contribution. In higher education today every Penny counts. Raon e had the audacity to refuse to kick in to the Nixon Campaign. After the refusal Sanchez was asked to lunch by former White House Spanish american aide William Marun Ialo who reportedly was unhappy with the turndown. Memos in the hands of watergate sleuths show Marumoto then conferred with Sha official s and within Days Sanchez was Cut off. There is some evidence however that sea acted before my Ruanto could get to them the watergate prosecutors under Leon Jaworski have also gathered data on the responsiveness plan from both the Senate watergate staff and a House banking subcommittee among the House material mostly assembled by subcommittee Curtis 1 ring is the Case of acc co tool company headed by Joe Aceves then chairman of for n Ixo Only the fortunate Aceves got the largest single business development Grant Ever awarded by the Sha despite objections from the sea professional staff. Aceves denied to my associate Jack cloth cry that politics was involved. Another Case now under the watergate prosecutors scrutiny is a lucrative noncompetitive wrecking contract Given by sea to a Washington firm which had not previously done any wrecking work. It did not even have a wrecking Yard however it shared office space and worked closely with the pro Nixon Black silent majority group. The House investigators also turned up a dubious sea handling of Cade services inc., of los Angeles whose Secretary treasurer is the former of White House Black Robert Brown. A local sea official asked for an audit of Cade s relationship with an sea funded management firm sea in Washington killed the audit. Besides the valuable help from the House subcommittee the Jaworski probes have been poring Over hearings on responsiveness held by the Senate watergate committee. The Little publicized hearings show the White House used everything from a Promise of a Federal judgeship to a prominent a Loicano to federally supported Campaign trips by Nixon s daughters to get minority groups to vote for the president. Footnote sea administrator Tom Kleppe has repeatedly denied any knowledge that his Agency was used for political purposes. Marumoto has denied All wrongdoing in testimony before the watergate committee. Sex while House aide Brown did not return our Calls. Malek told us his plan was mostly a talking tape trouble the sanitized transcript of the White House conversations showing tantalizing statements As unintelligible and inaudible flies in the face of testimony by the Man who set up the taping system. He is Alexander Butterfield a former while House aide who is now Federal aviation administrator on july 1c, 1973, before the Senate watergate committee Butterfield said that the equipment in the president s offices would pick up any and All conversations no matter where Hie conversations took place in the room and no matter How soft the conversations might have Butterfield also swore the machines were checked at least daily and were always working yet the White House has been trying to convince the Public that the recordings were made on makeshift equipment that frequently malfunctioned. Washington whirl the new armed services marched to new Orleans a few Days ago to urge school Counselor to help them recruit students. With some 000 in exhibits and 200 servicemen the i Pentagon sought to pressure the american personnel and guidance association convention into passing the word that service life is just another form of University Cleveland once ran on the slogan we love him for the enemies he has the same could be said about Henry Kissinger and sen. Frank Church a Idaho who have recently Beem attacked by right Wing publicist ii rank Capell. System is now obsolete to the editor fifteen years ago our sewage and drainage system in Washington county was antiquated now after the building Boom we have experienced for the past four or five years it is areas which where once water Sheds Are How mails and sub divisions these areas were built up with tons of dirt imposing even More of a Burden on our drainage canal. After Many meetings with the Board of supervisors and the Riverside drainage commission we have found that the Only plans for improvement is that within three or four years the main canal no. 9 will be dredged and possibly enlarged. To my knowledge it has not been cleaned in 17 it is impossible after a heavy rain of several hours to go downtown to the grocery to the doctor or to take or pick up our children to and from school. Thousands of dollars Are wasted each year on cars damaged by this Flash flooding lawns and landscaping ruined some Homes have been damaged and the failure of commodes , dish washers and washing machines to Drain due to the inadequate sewage elimination. It seems that we. Only have two alternatives and even if it is necessary to heat a Bond Issue and increase county drainage taxes it would Benefit All residents and that being to either build an auxiliary canal or a pumping station. Building a civic Center would be a tremendous accomplishment for All of us but let us put first things first and that is to make immediate plans for draining our City and county. Sincerely mrs. Milton g. Acker ii 498 Idlewild drive Greenville we can everything put 5 years John Young insurance Agency in Greenville was installed As president of the Mississippi Mutual insurance agents association at the organization s annual meeting in the Edgewater Gulf hotel near Gulfport Over the weekend. He will serve As president of the Iso member group. 15 years Emmet n. Thomas chapter order of the Eastern Star of Greenville will hold its fiftieth anniversary Celebration Friday at 8 . At the masonic Temple. The Celebration will Honor the chapter s past matrons and past patrons. 25 years students of the 1949 Cleveland High school graduating class Are Charles Eudy Frank Mcpherson Mary Catherine Kiley Emogene Storey and Hazel Brannon. These students will be Given important parts in the various class commencement programs. 111 i i ii Jive j Brady makes a commitment sunday May 12, 1974 Page i Hodding Carter. M a. Mrs. Billy w. I birr. John a John Ibson. Dentral manager l in hmm. Managing Zdilor published Dit Moon monday Truu Ruddy Ana sunday by he Tiei company it ii h Broadway. Greenville. Miss 33t01 Memir of the uni cd press is entitled exclusively to the use Lor republication cd ill local a this newspaper As neti As All up dispatches All news and advertising consent of try Delta Democrat times ii copyrighted and reproduction or use is prohibited entered As second class Matte Al Ine Post office Greenville. Miss under Tfir act of 8. 18 79. Sub notion rates mail Das month 2 57.25 1 300 i 375 mail on Requil to no. Tar miss your paper d Promp Liv to your by Andrew Kkt so Jackson tax commission chairman Charles Brady has made a personal commitment to doing All i can toward an equalization of property assessments but he admits it be an easy Job. Wide variances have developed Over the years in property assessments among the 82 counties but efforts to Correct the inequities have met with Little Success in the past. Reassessment was among the major issues of the 1971 legislative session triggering a spirited floor fight in the Mississippi House. When it was All Over however very Little had been accomplished. The House rejected a measure calling for a statewide reappraisal of property the first step toward equalization of a warning by supporters that the Federal courts May step in if the legislature failed to Deal with the problem. The House later adopted a Resolution instructing the lax commission to enforce Laws requiring uniform assessments. The Resolution noted that the state Constitution specifies that taxation shall be uniform and equal throughout the slate that properly shall be taxed in proportion to its value and thai properly shall be assessed for taxes under general lasts. And by uniform rules and in proportion to its the Resolution died in the Senate c Raj Witol of meals finance committee. Sen. Ellis Bodron of Vicksburg the committee chairman recalled at the time that the Senate passed a Bill in 1973 providing a uniform method of properly assessments but it died in a House committee. Hadron said the Senate already was on record in favor of equalization and did t believe it was necessary for the Senate to act on the House passed Resolution. Roth Chambers did agree however on an appropriation of about to i he lax commission for reassessment work. Brady who look Over in january As tax commission chairman discussed the commission s role in property tax equalization at a recent meeting sponsored by the Mississippi economic Council. The Mec has Long been a leading voice in the push for equalization contending that present methods of assessing property for and Valorme taxes is the single most important weakness in Mississippi s tax Structure affecting capital investments in the Brady told the Council that the allocation can be a Good beg mining but that is All it can be he said it would enable the commission to at least make a Start he added that he Hopes several counties will voluntarily reappraise during the coming fiscal year. I believe the tax commission has not Only the responsibility but the duty to require equalization of Brady declared us Reg my tenure in this office i will be dedicated to doing All i can to bring this Brady went on to talk about some of the problems including stubborn difficulties confronting the commission in attempt tag to Force equalization in our political he said the Force of stubbornness on the part of the taxpayer is probably the most serious problem in tax equalization. The taxpayer May have come to the Point where he feels that he is discriminated against or that he does not want to pay his share of property taxes for other reasons. Y after All he votes for the peer who run our tax programs Brady said the tax commission is authorized to deny lax Roll approval for Lack of equalization but it is hard to do so when we do not have the Force to accumulate Date that will sustain our he said his own inclination at times is to get Tough and notify counties that equalization must be accomplished by a Given Dale or their tax Rolls will not be approved but he said this was like using a Shotgun and you can Well imagine the chaos that would follow if a taxing agent had no vehicle for collecting taxes because the commission did not approve the he said that every Effort should be made to bring about equalization but m an orderly Way. Prudence must being and with limited funds we must continue said. Some legislative leaders contend that equalization must accomplished eventually either by the counties under the guidance and supervision of the tax commission or under terms Laid Down by a Federal among those keeping close watch to see what Steps Are taken by the tax commission is state president Claude Ramsay. Ramsay warned earlier the labor roup May bring Legal action if fining was done by the legislature on equal nation. He said the organization was now in the process of gathering information and looking the whole hmm Over and probably will discuss the matter at an executive Board meeting in june. But he said there May be no need to go to court if a sincere Effort is underway to resolve the Pesky problem

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