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Delta Democrat Times Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 1

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Delta Democrat-Times (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Greenville, MississippiHew outlines critical areas 2 Greenville Mississippi 105 years 1974. Ail rights reserved. 1974 no. 196 15 Saxbe would t talk by Owen Taylor Dot mid Delta Bureau chief attorney general William Saxbe coming to Mississippi in the Wake of Bis accusations about Patricia Hearst would not talk to a Delta Democrat times reporter Here Friday. The statement brought ire from her father newspaper publisher Randolph Hearst along with the president of the american bar association who said it was prejudicial and probably unethical. Fri director Clarence Kelly whose Bureau comes under sax he s department had an opinion differing from Saxbe a saying that he believed miss Hearst did not willingly participate in the robbery. An aide said that questions about the Hearst statement calling the girl a common criminal after being photographed in a Bank robbery would have to wait. Hell Saxbe have to Pill up with questions about the Hearst statement when he returns to Washington. Saxbe was the guest of sen. J Aines East land at his Doddsville Home and was supposed to stay with Eastland until today. Saxbe came to the Delta to Hunt look at cattle and enjoy the gracious hospitality he said at a party in Greenvill Friday night. But he did not come to talk to newsmen the aide said. He s Here for some said the aide Al the party Given by or. And mrs. Jesse Brent of Greenville at the Greenville Golf and country club. Brent a Democrat up the Mississippi Branch of the committee to re elect the president feted Saxbe his assistant Eastland rep. David staff pome by Stan by rfcs from left . District judge William Keady summer Saxbe and Bowen Bowen a miss. Along with a number of state officials Federal judges and state gop chairman Clarke Reed. The banquet with about Iso people attending was the Only Public appearance for Saxbe who sources said was escorted by three male and one female plainclothes Federal agents. Saxbe , though his aide did t he killed anything and also saw some Delta and cattle during the. Trip not been announced in Advance by his office. Eastland has entertained other top administration officials at Home. About a year and a half ago Eastland hosted then acting attorney general Richard Kleindienst and arranged for him to be guest speaker for the chamber of Commerce annual banquet in nearby Cleveland. Kleindienst like his predecessor John Mitchell and his successor Elliot Richardson took no action on a matter affecting Mississippi voters the state s open primary Law. A. The Justice department has to approve the Law passed in 1970, but. Republican attorneys general have left the act banging. Saxbe said recently that he planned to make a decision on the Law later this month an announcement that state attorney general . The party Friday was tantamount to approval. But the aide made it Clear that there would be no dramatic statements or announcements by Saxbe if in fact be spoke at All. About his really saying whether be killed told of looking at cattle farming operations and thanked everyone for contributing to his great time. He said the Delta Folk bad extended gracious hospitality to him and said that the area s Way of life is very hard work but also Verv rewarding Moshe Dayan a settlement is sought by United press Lite Natieal israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan said saturday his country is working toward a political settlement on the syrian front but is prepared for War if Damascus continues its attempt to capture territory on the Golan Heights. His statement came As righting Between israeli and syrian forces on the Golan front subsided to intermittent artillery exchanges after 39 Days of escalating tank artillery and air Force exchanges. It also followed reports from Cairo that Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger will visit the Middle East next week on his fifth try for peace since last october s fighting. In Cairo egyptian president Anwar Sadat said president Nixon and Kissinger have made peace in the Middle East possible for the first time since 1948. Sadat spoke after receiving the credentials of . Ambassador Herman Eilts in a ceremony held at the Cairo presidential Palace. The Wisdom of president Nixon and the continuous Effort by or. Kissinger have made peace a possible thing in this area for the first time in 26 Moshe Dayan up he expressed Hope that these efforts will continue to the end of the egyptian government officials said Kissinger will visit Egypt next thursday at the Start of his fifth Middle East tour since last october s Arab israeli War. They said Kissinger would spend one Day in Cairo for talks with president Anwar Sadat before going to Syria and Israel in an Effort to promote a military disengagement agreement Between them. The israeli military command said israeli and syrian artillery Crews fuelled on the mount Hermon front intermittently during the Day with one israeli Soldier wounded in shelling in the Southern sector of the Golan Heights. A syrian military communique said syrian and israeli troops on mount Hermon exchanged intermittent artillery fire throughout the night and Early saturday. We Are not looking for an All out War even if it gives us military gains because we Are expecting something out of the second stage of negotiations in a few Dayan said in a National radio interview. I think they the syrians will not try to open up an All out War Between now and the Start of negotiations unless they decide to. Refrain from Dayan has said he believes the syrians Are pressing the fighting on the Northern front in an attempt to improve their position prior to the arrival of Kissinger. It s been a quiet Day when you compare it to yesterday or the Day before one israeli military source said of saturday s fighting. Friday israeli and syrian warplanes battled Over mount Hermon and the israeli air Force also struck at syrian antiaircraft and missile batteries 25 Miles inside syrian territory in the deepest penetration since october 1973. As far As we Are concerned whatever they try to do they will find us prepared for a suitable Dayan said of the syrians he said Israel and Syria were still far apart in their proposals for a disengagement of forces on the Northern front but that Damascus had not made its participation in negotiations contingent on an israeli declaration that it would withdraw from the Golan Heights. He said the soviet Union was pouring Oil on the Bonfire in its Aid to Syria because they Don t like Kissinger s monopoly on the disengagement negotiations and i Don t think they re interested in calming the the Mere fact that Kissinger is going ahead with the tour is in itself an encouraging sign egyptian officials said. It is not in Kissinger s nature to undertake a Mission like this unless be is reasonably confident that he will achieve results they added. Shooting incident reported by Elna Christopher div to staff writer shooting incident involving several Parchman Security personnel who had been illegally drinking was at first later the prison Board by Parchman officials the Delta Democrat times has Learned. The incident occurred March 2 in a Bouse on the prison farm where a Parchman guard lived according to informed governmental sources after about five Security personnel had been drinking there. Under state Law it is illegal for employees visitors or inmates to use or possess any alcoholic beverages on Parchman s grounds. A gun lying on a Dresser or table was discharged by maj. Pat Mooney one source said and the Bullet struck the front Wall of the House. No one however was injured. During a meeting of the prison Board in March supt. Jack Reed was questioned about the incident and said be did t know anything about the source said. He called Mooney in and be denied a report on the incident however was later Given to the Board at its meeting april by Security chief Robert Streif. The report verified that there was in fact a shooting and that Mooney had shot the the source said. The report said the gun was discharged due to mishandling of a weapon after some bad More to drink than according to sources. One of the sources said both Reed and Mooney lied about it during the March meeting. They denied it up until three Days before the report was Given when one of the five Board members asked about it again that source said. But then they came up with the Reed wild not comment on the incident or whether be bad denied it at first. I m i going to talk to you about it. Anything that goes on in your House is your business and it s. Sun., april 21 the nation Kissinger asks cooperation Atlanta of state Henry Kissinger told the organization of american states Oas today that the world had seen enough of pressure groups and called for a spirit of global cooperation. In his 24-Page report to the Oas Kissinger amplified on his desire for a new dialogue Between this nation and latin America but he said it would not be a Concession by the United but rather one in which All parties Convene As our special relationship cannot mean the formation of an exclusive he said. The world has already seen enough of pressure groups exclusive spheres and discriminatory banker escapes captors fort Lauderdale Fla. Albert l. Dantzler said he jumped from a boat in the Atlantic and swam ashore saturday after deciding he would be killed and tossed into the Ocean by kidnappers who held him for 25 hours and demanded Ransom. A massive search for the. Assistant vice president of the City National Bank of Hallandale ended at . Saturday after police found him exhausted and lying at the Gate of a beachfront apartment. The the Bank assembled in Small Bills and placed in a specified trash Container was never picked up and Federal agents apparently had Only a vague description of the suspects. After intensive questioning by police and Fri agents and several hours rest at the b or Ward general Hospital Dantzler reluctantly described his kidnapping. He said however Federal agents had asked him to relate his ordeal Only in general terms. The state Nixon to address Mec Jackson miss. President Nixon will be the featured speaker at the 2kb annual meeting of the Mississippi economic Council Mec Here april.25, Mississippi Republican chairman Clarke Reed said. Reed called the visit "non-political1 and said the president would address a noon lunch in the Mississippi coliseum. The White however has not announced the president s intentions. But Mec general manager Bob Pittman said an Advance party from Washington was in Jackson Friday. It. Will be the president s third visit to Mississippi since his some five years ago. The mid Delta Keady s ruling is upheld new St . Circuit court of appeals Friday affirmed a decision by . District court judge William c. Keady paving the Way for the construction of the Tennessee to Bigbee waterway. Keady of Greenville had ruled that an environmentalist group opposing the waterway failed to show that the . Army corps of engineers did t comply with the National environmental policy act in determining the effects of the construction. We find no error in the District court s conclusion. The three judge Federal panel wrote. The record demonstrates that no mistake of Law and no Clear error of fact in the District court s holdings that the corps satisfied Nepa s various procedural the panel said. They said the environmental Impact statement on the project had stood up to a thorough airing in Washington and Congress determined that the waterway should be built. While the corps study and statement does have slight imperfections the breadth and depth of the Effort made evidenced sincerity and Good Faith the panel said. The objections to the navigation project were filed by the environmental defense fund inc. Glen Allan facility to be dedicated Glen gov. William Winter will be on hand at 2 . Today to help dedicate the new Glen Allan Community facilities building. The building which contains a Public Library and health unit is located across the Street from the old building housing those facilities. Inside today sea. Jota Teanis sees the need for a new Federal programs. Story on Pace Agency Energy nobody s business about things that go of in my Mooney could not be reached for comment of the incident saturday. The incident occurred in sgt. Fred child s Boose according to one source when Mooney allegedly fired a shot Over the Bead of sgt. Charles Cole. Two or three other officers were also present the source said. Childs was one of several guards accused of beating inmates last summer during a series of night raids for contraband. . District judge William c. Keady in january ruled the beatings did occur and that guards did excessive Force in some instances. But he refused to cite top prison officials for contempt of court for the beatings As had been requested by civil rights attorneys and the . Department of Justice. Cole was accused of kicking an inmate Laverne Yarbrough in Parchman s maximum Security unit Hsu in a motion filed by civil rights attorneys in january alleging a series of beatings in mus. Copies of the report were to be placed in personnel files of those involved in the drinking shooting occurrence a source said but there would be no disciplinary action at this Board chairman Charles Riddell of Canton contacted by phone said the Board planned no disciplinary action continued on Page 8

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