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Delphos Tri County Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 1

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Delphos Tri County Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Delphos, OhioMcaa slaps Texas Christian University with penalties �?paqe6 sunny with highs in mid 70s. Clear tonight with Low in mid 40s. Mostly sunny sunday with highs in mid 70s. Delphos Herald Good morning its saturday May 10,1986 35c a copy Young far wives gives Library a keys for kids a keys for kids is a learning packet for self care children and their parents said Kay Hoersten Delphos Young far wives president. It is an educational game that will help families confront problems dilemmas a i decisions that children May face when Home alone. The object of the game is to travel through the House and finish the game with the most keys. Players Are awarded keys when the questions they draw Are answered correctly. The game handles such topics As How to react in an emergency dealing with strangers be Safe with fire How to answer the phone when alone a a in a glad to be me and health and fitness. A keys for kids provides guides for both the parents and children for More detailed instructions and answers. A playing the game with your children accomplishes two things. It enables you to spend some Quality fun time with your child and also lets Kay Hoersten left president of Delphos Young far wives and Nancy Mericle. Director of Delphos Public Library try their hands at the a keys for kids game. Each individual family set up their own guide lines for what could and should happen while mom and dad Are not Home a Hoersten said. A the Young far wives thought the game proved in interesting and educational. Go to the Delphos Public Library and Check it a mercy lift to bring pills powdered milk to Poland Norfolk Southern raises bid for Conrail Washington up a Norfolk Southern corp. Said Friday it will raise its offer for Conrail from $1.2 billion to $1.9 billion at the request of transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole who is trying to keep the proposal alive in Congress. Norfolk Southern chairman Robert Claytor said he hoped the higher offer would change influential minds in Congress about his company a bid to buy the government owned freight rail Carrier which has been endorsed by Dole. Much of the Price hike would be financed out of Cash now in Conrail a offers specifically $360 million in extra pension funds for Conrail workers and $140 million in a a excess Conrail Cash. Norfolk Southern would contribute $200 million of the enhanced offer. Claytor also agreed to submit the merger to the interstate Commerce commission for review and possible remedies for any ant competitive problems in Northeast or Midwest rail markets where Conrail and Norfolk Southern now compete. A a in a pleased to go the extra mile to get this thing through Congress a Claytor told reporters. Claytor said his company a $1.2 billion offer was a reasonable a but that improving economic conditions a especially interest rates a made a Price hike necessary. However the obvious reason for the Price increase and the inc review was political Dole needs something new to persuade sceptical House democrats that a Sale to Norfolk Southern is in the Public interest. The Senate already has approved the merger. Even with the changes though Claytor acknowledged Norfolk Southern faces a daunting task in winning Over rep. John Dingell d-mich., chairman of the House committee overseeing the Conrail Sale. New York up a workers loaded a cargo plane Friday with a a mercy lift of More than $1 million in powdered milk vitamins and iodide blessed by the Pope for the people of Poland threatened with contamination from the chernobyl nuclear disaster. The Mission was organized by Amer cares foundation of new Canaan conn., whose honorary chairman is Zbigniew Brzezinski National Security adviser to president Jimmy Carter. The shipment weighing an estimated 12 tons was valued at Between $1 million and $2 million said Amer cares spokeswoman Mary Tavon. Donated by foundations corporations Catholic groups and members of the polish Community the supplies were to be distributed through the Catholic Church in Poland. The flying tigers Boeing 747 carrying the Relief supplies was scheduled to leave Kennedy International Airport Friday evening and arrive in Warsaw saturday morning. The flight was delayed by an hour because of the huge amount of milk and pills that had to be loaded on the plane. A Cable from the Vatican to Amer cares said a this mercy lift has received the enthusiastic blessings of his holiness Pope John Paul ii and his Eminence John Cardinal Krol on behalf of the polish in a personal statement the Pope who is polish said a this mercy lift is a magnificent humanitarian Endeavor on the part of the United states of Tavon said it was the largest Relief shipment sent to Eastern Europe since an explosion at the soviet unions chernobyl Plant first spewed cancer causing radiation into the air april 26. The cargo included 100,000 pounds of protein enriched dried milk which amounts to 1.4 million pounds when mixed with water 100,000 pounds of sterilized High protein enriched milk which requires no water or refrigeration 1.3 million multivitamin tablets and 9,000 pounds of potassium iodide which equals 600,000 doses. Flying tigers workers aided by forklifts Laboured for hours in the Sun to Load Bales of Relief supplies onto the cavernous plane a this is a humanitarian outpouring from the people of America a said Robert Macauley president of Amer cares. A milk milk milk that is what they Are mainly asking the people of Poland have been discarding their milk supplies because they fear their cows were contaminated by the radioactive Cloud that spread across their nation from the nuclear blast. Senate investigators say Fri uncooperative in Presser probe 200 to graduate May 31 at Elida president of Elida local Board of education Chris Anthony will present diplomas to 200 graduating seniors May 31 in the Kraft memorial stadium. The ceremony will be in the Elida fieldhouse in the event of inclement weather. Participating in the graduation program will be seniors Pamela Brunk valedictorian Jill Schiffke salutatorian Kristen Anthony class president Jenny Evans Andrea heft Eric Porter Blain Brock Amy Perez Burlin Sherrick Donita Swartz Meagan Walsh Jennifer Colgan Nicolle Mcgahan Shelly Medsker Monica Myers Kevin Turner Christy Kunz Francie Fields Laura Hill Laura Rice aretha Smith. Continued on Page 2 Jill Schiffke Brunk Washington up a Senate investigators said Friday the Justice department was not under political pressure when it rejected a recommendation to indict teamsters president Jackie Presser for embezzling Money from his Union. But investigators said their own probe of the departments handling of the Case involving Presser a longtime supporter of president Reagan was hampered by the of big a refusal to cooperate and provide information. Investigators Howard Shapiro and John Sopko appeared before the Senate permanent subcommittee of investigations on their investigation of the Presser Case which involves allegations that Presser embezzled $700,000 from his Hometown teamsters local in Cleveland by paying a ghost employees a associates on the payroll who did no work for the local. While Fri director William Webster discussed the Case with two committee members the report said the a of big a Overall attitude toward the subcommittees investigation can be fairly characterized As one of obfuscation intransigence and the subcommittee opened an investigation nine months ago after it was reported the Justice department had decided to drop its labor fraud investigation of Presser president of the nations largest Union. Contest Winner Pat Klaus of dolt Road Delphos won the grand prize of $100 in gift certificates in the mothers Day contest sponsored by Delphos and area businesses. Related Story Page 12. Report says . Policy helped Banks Hurt farms Washington up a . Policy in the debt crisis faced by Many latin american countries boosted profits for some big american Banks but seriously damaged the Domestic farm Economy a congressional report said Friday. And the report concluded policies implemented by the Reagan administration a have done Little to permanently resolve the debt the study was conducted by the joint economic committee staff and a clearly shows that since 1982 the administration has pursued policies that in effect rewarded the big american Banks whose unwise lending policies helped precipitate the crisis while penalizing american Farmers and other american exporters a a just say not clubs help children feel Good about not using drugs by Jeff Leimbach editors note Jeff Leimbach is drug and alcohol prevention specialist at Allen county health department. He can assist with starting a a just say not club in the area and can be contacted 8 . To 4 30 . At the health department office 405 East Market st., Lima 45802. Substance abuse by Young people has reached epidemic proportions in our country. In fact drug use among Young people is higher in the United states than in any other industrialized country. The most frightening statistics show that Young people Are beginning to Experiment with drugs and alcohol at a very Early age often As Early As the fourth Grade. Two reasons often cited for the persistence of the drug problem in the United states Are a perception that drug use is a a Normal a even acceptable part of growing up and pressure from friends to use drugs. To combat drug use then that a a Norm must be changed and Young people must learn How to resist pressures to use drugs. The a just say not clubs do both. A just say not clubs Are peer groups in which drug use is seen As neither Normal nor acceptable. They Are made up of children mostly seven to 14 years old who Are committed to not using drugs who support one another in their commitment and who encourage their friends and classmates to make the same commitment. Club members learn about drugs and the harm they do to Young bodies and minds. They take part in social and recreational activities that allow them to have fun and make friends without getting High. Continued on Page 2 said committee chairman David obey a wis. In 1982, when it became Clear that about a dozen latin american countries had borrowed More than their economies could repay on time . Commercial Banks held $83.9 billion a 25 percent a of those Loans. A year later the administration won compliance in devising a plan to ensure payments loan extensions increased exports and reduced imports new Loans used to pay interest on old Loans and essential economic reforms. A thus far a financial catastrophe has been averted which was the initial goal of the policymakers a the report said giving the administration High Marks for maintaining International fiscal stability. A the evidence suggests in fact that the policies which were implemented have permitted . Banks to maintain and even increase their profitability a the report witted. Nona Genaria Mary m. Hohenbrink fort Jennings holds one of the colourful Latch rugs she makes. The Spry 90-year-old still walks a mile each Day. 90-year-old Mary Hohenbrink still walks a mile each Day by Ruth Wrasman it is difficult to imagine Mary m. Hohenbrink will turn 90 May 11. Her neat Snow White hair trim figure and ready wit belie that she was born near the turn of the Century in 18%. Her hobbies include making Latch Hook rugs walking a mile each Day and listening to records of books. She likes to travel and has flown Many times to visit her children. Although her birthday is May 11. Mary a family will be getting together for a special dinner May 17 at the elks Annex in Lima. An open House will be 1-4 . May 18 at Mary a Home in fort Jennings where she Hopes to meet Many of her friends and neighbors. Mary was born in Lancaster to John and Catherine Cooney. She was the tenth of 11 children nine girls and two boys. Continued on Page 12

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