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Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 1

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Delphos Daily Herald (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Delphos, Ohio St. John 0 Lehman Catholic Sidney 28 Elida 14 Perry 0 Paulding 14 Columbus Grove 8 Jefferson 0 Spencerville 28 thought for the Day Edmund Burke said a i do not know the method of drawing up an indictment against a whole Delphos Leherald weather mostly sunny and Cool saturday High in the upper 40s and 50s. Fair saturday night Low in the upper 20s and 30b. Fair and warmer sunday High in the upper 50s and 60s. Vol. Ii no. 106 phone 692-5050 saturday oct. 17, 1970 eight pages Price ten cents 25 Usu students indicted Ravenna Ohio up a a special state grand jury Friday cleared the Ohio National guard in the shooting deaths of four Kent state University students but indicted 25 students and a a agitators on 43 offences of a deliberate criminal the grand jury said the a overindulgence and permissiveness of the Kent state administration led to the Campus deaths last May 4 during student demonstrations protesting expansion of the War in Indochina. A the members of this special grand jury find that All the conditions that led to the May tragedy still exist a the grand jury said. About 500 students held a Brief demonstration on the Kent Campus after learning of the grand jury a report. They marched to the administration building to present president Robert i. White with a list of demands including one that the University align itself against the indictments. White was not in his office and the rally broke up. A bomb threat shortly after the grand jury announced its findings officials at Kent state six Miles Southwest of this Portage county Community received a telephoned bomb threat. Campus Security chief Chester Williams said Taylor Hall near where the four students were shot to death was evacuated for nearly an hour. He said no bomb was found and students returned to their classrooms. National guard adjutant general . Del Corso refused to comment on the report since the court earlier had ordered All principals not to discuss the matter. Gov. James a. Rhodes and White also refused to comment continued on Page 8 saw p 8 i i a what s happening f by Ora Cal crimped budgets Are forcing Law members to welfare by United press International the crimped budgets of striking United Auto workers Union members have forced Many to seek welfare Aid but officials report few persons have received financial assistance so far because of the lengthy process required to become eligible for the Aid. The Law strike against general motors which began sept. 14, has idled More than 64,000 workers in Ohio. About 25,000 of them have been furloughed because of production cutbacks in related Industry. About 3,000 workers have been Laid off at the Delco Moraine division of pm at Dayton and officials said a Large percentage have applied for welfare Aid. The acceptance of welfare Aid applications began oct. 6 for the Dayton area and shortly following that Date an Ohio congressman was called in to help straighten out the welfare process. The labor Union members were upset Over the lengthy process required to receive eligibility for Aid. . Rep. Charles Whalen Ohio met with Union representatives and welfare officials to discuss the situation. No specific action was taken but the necessary process was explained to labor members and the welfare department sent in extra caseworkers to help with the processing. To receive the financial support continued on Page 8 i if you yearn for the Days of the Box social and think it is a thing of the past you re wrong. They Are having one in Spencerville tonight. This is a Benefit Box social at 6 30 tonight in the veterans of foreign wars banquet room. Boxes will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Auctioneer services Are being donated by Gerald Coil. The older generation will recall that the fellow who bids the highest gets to share the Box lunch with the Gal that packed it. Her name is inside. Proceeds will be donated to the building of a new locker room and rest room facility at memorial Field according to the social a promoter. Joe Elev. Younger women should be aware that the secret of getting to eat with the fellow of your Choice is to drop a a a hints concerning the decorations on the outside of your package so he knows which one to bid on. A puppet therapy a mrs. Judy Hinrichs a Volunteer uses a doctor puppet to show patient Janet Russell 6, scheduled for Eye surgery what will happen to her on the operating table. Another puppet on the miniature operating table with surgical Light represents Janet. The program is called a puppet therapy and is used to ease the fears of children facing surgery at the University of California Hospital in los Angeles. Agnew campaigns in Florida Orlando Fla. Up a vice president Spiro Agnew said Friday gov. Claude Kirk a Defiance of court orders to desegregate Manatee county schools a served a useful purpose by focusing attention on the busing Issue. Agnew during a Brief news con Davis supporters seek governors intervention Ference that wrapped up two Days of Florida campaigning for Kirk and Republican Senate nominee William Cramer said when Kirk defied the courts last april a i did not agree with the tactic. A but i do think he did a Good Job and served a very useful purpose in bringing the situation to the attention of the people and prodding court action a the vice president said. Kirk took Over the Manatee school system april 5 to Block a Federal court desegregation order that required Cross busing of some 2,700 students. At that time Kirk said that a forced new York up a some 150 supporters of Black revolutionary Angela Davis demonstrated outside the office of gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller Friday urging him to Block her extradition to California for trial on a murder charge. A member of Rockefeller a staff said no request had been received yet from gov. Ronald Reagan of California for extradition of the 26-year-old militant who is being held hereon a fugitive charge. Rockefeller was away from his office attending a lunch during the midday demonstration. David r. Poindexter jr., 36, who was arrested with miss Davis in a Manhattan Motel was released on $100,000 bail put up by his Mother. Heavy Security precautions were taken at the Federal courthouse where All but one Entrance was sealed off. Poindexter is charged with harbouring a fugitive from Justice. The demonstrators at Rockefeller a office carried signs indicating that they represented the communist party new York committee to free Angela Davis youth against War and fascism and the Black panthers. During the rally american communist party chairman Gus Hall told reporters that miss Davis had opportunities to flee the country but preferred to stay and face the murder charge at the a opportune Hall indicated thursday miss Davis might have surrendered after the november election a when the hysteria has subsided and gov. Ronald Reagan can to use it in his election miss Davis ousted last june from the University of California at los Angeles faculty for communist party activities was arrested by the Fri tuesday on a Federal fugitive charge. Reagan is expected to ask Rockefeller to extradite her to California to stand trial in connection with an aug. 7 courthouse shootout in which a Superior court judge and three Blacks were killed. Miss Davis allegedly bought the guns used in the shooting. An extradition hearing for miss Davis who is being held in the women a House of detention without bail has been for nov. 2. Nixon appearances cover 18-20 states Washington up president Nixon is expanding his Campaign appearances to cover 18 to 20 states including Hubert h. Humphreys Home state of Minnesota in a High gear attempt to win Republican control of the Senate in next months elections. This word from the White House Friday coincided with an announcement that Nixon a wife Pat who prefers to accompany her husband will travel alone next week to Michigan Minnesota and Nevada in behalf of gop candidates. Her son in Law David Eisenhower will Campaign monday in Charleston and Columbia . Nixon leaves saturday on a one Day swing through Vermont new Jersey Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where he ends the Day at a dinner for Green Bay packers quarterback Bart Starr. The White House said Nixon will be on the Campaign Trail two or three Days a week until the nov. 3 elections. The latest additions to his schedule were Illinois and Minnesota on oct. 29�?five Days before nationwide balloting. After a speech the night before in Dallas tex., the president will Campaign for reelection of sen. Ralph t. Smith r-ill., against Democrat Adlai Stevenson Iii. The same Day he will tour Minnesota for rep. Clark Macgregor r-minn., in his Battle for the Senate against Humphrey the former vice president whom Nixon Defeated in 1968 continued on Page 8 a better idea is hard to find. Save regularly at rhe commercial Bank member . Bangs bugs barometer sudden abrupt brutal says winter1 Peninsula Ohio up a old wives tales from Rural Ohio farmlands have provided mrs. Eunice Merton with the ingredients to comprise her annual Bangs Bug barometer which forecasts a a sudden abrupt and brutal Winter this year. After surveying the telltale signs of nature including characteristics of caterpillars butterflies and acorns the 77-Yearold mrs. Merton said the a hot Rich summer is Over and the Harvest Moon has this is the 61st year that mrs. Merton who has now lost her vision has predicted the inclinations of Ole Man Winter for the Public. A she started when she was 16 years old and lived on her fathers farm in Richfield township a said her husband Bob Bordner. A the neighbors were interested in it and each year they came around and wanted to know what the seasons would for the past few years mrs. Merton has relied on the neighbor children to describe the various signs of nature to her which she would then interpret on the basis of old wives tales. One Story passed Down through the years for instance claims that the Darker the caterpillars the tougher the Winter will be. In this years forecast mrs. Merton wrote a Sharp and hard Are the lines Between the Brown and the Black on the wooly Bear caterpillars that Hump and hurry across the roads. And the Black is deep and thick natures truest the weather forecaster said she has grown up among the signs of nature and that she continually observes them All year a round she writes her forecast twice a year in the fall and in the Spring she was Well qualified to study these signs of nature being the first woman graduate in horticulture from Ohio state University. She was a landscape architect for Many years. Michael stau of 708 Harmon st., May win $1,000 and two round trip tickets to Scotland As a result of scoring a Hole in one at the Delphos country club. He is entered in the annual Rusty Nail Hole in one sweepstakes a National Competition for golfers. A certain neighbor on East third Street is complaining about a Man Best known As Parnelli who caused quite a Racket Early one morning. Seems he ran Over his garbage cans with his Volkswagen. He got late to work too because he had to Stop and pick up the garbage scattered on the Street. Busing is illegal in Lorida and vowed he would not allow the court desegregation plan to be implemented until the Issue was settled by the supreme court. The High Quirt heard Oral arguments on the matter this week. Despite his threat Kirk on april la agreed to allow the desegregation plan to be put into effect after Tampa Federal judge Ben Krentzman threatened to cite him for criminal contempt and Fine him $10,000 a Day until the plan was implemented. Since that time both Kirk and continued on Page 8 it Isnit the town a its you if you want to live in the kind of town that a the kind of town you like you slip your clothes in a grip and Start on a Long Long hike. You la find elsewhere what you left behind for there a nothing that a really new. Ifs a Knock at yourself when you Knock your town. It Isnit your town a ifs you. Real towns Are not made by men afraid lest somebody else gets ahead. When everybody works and nobody shirks you can raise a town from the dead. And if while you make your stake your neighbor can make one too your town will be what you want to see. It Isnit your town a its you. R. W. Glover have you heard anyone complain about rules and regulations at work at his Plant or office lately if you have just hand him this list of rules from the a Good old Days april 5, 1872. You might especially be interested in the pension plan and automatic wage increase plan. 1. Office employees will daily sweep the floors dust the furniture shelves and showcases. 2. Each Day fill lamps clean chimneys and trim Wicks. Was the windows once a week. 3. Each clerk will bring in a bucket of water and a scuttle of Coal for each Days business. 4. Make your pens carefully. You May whittle nibs to your individual taste. 5. This office will open at 7 . And close at 8 . Daily except on the Sabbath on which Day it will remain closed. 6. Men employees will be Given an evening off each week for courting purposes or two evenings a week if they go regularly to Church. 7. Every employee should Lay aside from each pay a goodly sum of his earnings for his benefits during his declining years so that he will not become a Burden upon the Charity of his betters. 8. Any employee who smokes Spanish cigars uses liquor in any form gets shaved at the Barber shop or frequents Pool or Public Halls will give a Good reason to suspect his Worth intentions integrity and honesty. 9. The employee who has performed his labours faithfully for a period of five years in my service and who has been Thrifty and attentive to his religious duties is looked upon by his Fellowmen As a substantial and Law abiding citizen will be Given an increase of five cents per Day in his pay providing a just return in profits from the business permits it. It is too late in the Day for americans to try to win anyone with words and it is even More certain that we cannot win by giving. What then can we do we can win the world Only by example by making our Way of life As Good As we know How. Our main problem is not the world but ourselves and we can win the world Only by overcoming ourselves. It is a sign of creeping inner death when we no longer can Praise the living Erie Hoffer Bordner her husband of to years said he first heard about the barometer when he picked up a feature Story on it for the Cleveland press where he was a feature writer until 1965 when he retired. He said ohioans enjoyed it so much that it became an annual Story. A the neighbors loved it. The Farmers bought it. It turned out to have a general Appeal a Bordner said. A of course its just the Rural folklore of Ohio a he added. A she watches the season As it develops. The vegetation bugs and animals. She just uses All of nature both Bordner and mrs. Merton said the weather predictions Are usually pretty accurate after All it is taken from signs of nature. So ohioans had better Button up their Winter Coats this year. Mrs. Merton writes a get ready get ready All else that lives is doing so. The season of the Sun is a storm an Auto breakdown plane crash or getting lost can happen to anyone at anytime. Help May be near or far. What can you do until help arrives survival outdoors in Winter weather almost inevitably requires a fire either for warmth or signalling. Hot food or drink under trying circumstances will boost the spirits. Patience and judgment Are needed to Light a fire outdoors. You May fail Many times. Keep trying. Done to attempt to Light a fire in rough weather unless absolutely necessary. It will almost certainly fail. Collect kindling and tinder. Plan several fires and stay amongst them rather than one Large fire. This gives More warmth. Build the fire on stones Metal or a scraped area of ground. Keep the fire Small. A Large fire is wasteful especially if the fuel Supply is Low. If using the fire basically As a signal a larger one might be Best. Cook in a Hole or build Walls around the cooking fire. A reflector of rocks logs or branches will Bend the fire in towards you for warmth Light the fire before dark if possible. Save kindling fuel matches. Done to waste matches to Light a cigarette if any other source of flame is available. Collect Large amounts of kindling and fuel before starting the fire. Wet fuel will dry when put near the fire or if the fire is hot enough will Burn. Spill gasoline on fire before lighting it. Sprinkle Small amounts on kindling but never throw gasoline on a burning fire. Paraffin and Oil Are also excellent fire starters. Some fire starters Are candles matches car and pocket lighters Lens from camera or glasses Flint and steel friction and car Battery. For further tips for fires in survival read the a Book of survival by Anthony Greenback

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