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Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 1

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Delphos Daily Herald (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Delphos, Ohio Allen East a 8 Columbus Grove a 6 Lima . A 20 Columbus Mohawk a 14 Celina a 40 Ottawa Glandorf a 24 Marion local Parkway a 6 21 Lima Bath a 14 Van Wert a 12 Lima Shawnee Piqua 0 34 Paulding a 28 Delphos Jeff. Thought for the Day Oliver Wendel Homes said a life is an end in itself and the Only question As to whether it is Worth living is whether you have enough of Delpho Olf Herald weather variable cloudiness with the Chance of showers in the East portion saturday morning. Cooler saturday with highs in the 60�?Ts to Low 70�?Ts. Low saturday night in the 40 s to Low 50�?Ts. Fair and cooler sunday with highs in the 60�?Ts. Vol. 101 no. Too phone 692-5050 saturday oct. To 1970 eight pages Price ten cents wholesale prices higher than expected Washington up wholesale prices Rose More sharply in september than the government reported in preliminary figures last week the labor department said Friday. The Rise from the 0.4 per cent increase reported sept. 30 to 0.5 in the final figures resulted mainly from a higher rate of increase for Industrial commodities. Final figures showed they jumped 0.3 per cent in september instead of the 0.2 per cent increase reported in the preliminary figures. The september increase in wholesale prices was discouraging news to the Nixon administration which has been claiming signs of Victory Over the worst inflation in 20 years since wholesale prices declined in August for the first time in More than two years. The difference Between the August drop and the september Rise was in the farm products and processed foods and feeds. 1foreign substance no danger to City water says or. Wurst what a happening by Ora Cal a Mem amp. A a foreign substance in the water which caused the temporary closing of the St. Mary a foods inc., is not endangering the Delphos water Supply according to Edmund Wurst Delphos superintendent of Public works. A there is no need for Delphos residents to boil their water despite rumours to this effect a or. Wurst said. He said he did not understand what the problem with the water is but samples of the water from the Plant were taken this morning to the Ohio department of health at Bowling Green. Crash report termed a hoax by authorities Carlsbad no. Up the report of an executive Jet plane with an Oil heir and to persons aboard crashing into rugged mountains along the Texas anew Mexico Border Friday was termed a hoax by the Federal aviation administration. But it was several hours before the Faa and other authorities were Able to pin Down the phony report. A the whole thing was a hoax a said Ansel Winham assistant area Faa manager in Albuquerque. He said the Faa would investigate for possible criminal action. The bizarre Story began shortly before Dawn. By mid afternoon no one could find the plane and a search was officially suspended by the air Force. And no one could locate a Trace of the Oil heir his company fellow passengers or a Man who made the a a crash report Aliet edly by Telephone from Louisiana. Sheriffs officers there attempted to Trace the caller. They said they had a possible suspect but declined further comment. When asked How such a hoax could be perpetrated Winham replied a just like it happens to the Telephone company people use the phone to make hoax or. Wurst Jim Hodgson acting waterworks Engineer for Delphos and Gordon Pohlman maintenance Foreman for the packing company met this morning with r. J. Manson principal Engineer for the Northwest District of the health department. Or. Wurst said that Federal regulations under which the Plant was closed after an inspection by the representative of the Federal food and drug administration Are much stricter than state regulations. The chlorine in the City water will be increased immediately in an Effort to counteract any a foreign substance which May be in the City water or. Wurst said. He said that 212 degrees fahrenheit is boiling and food is packed at the Plant at 240 degrees. This was corroborated by or. Pohlman. Or. Wurst said therefore there should not by any problem if there is no problem with the City water and there Isnit. The company was told it would have to remove All Cross connections to the City water Supply and must put in a reduced pressure backflow preventer As a Check valve to keep the water in the company a private source from City system a Wurst and or. Backing into the cording to or. Pohlman. Or. Pohlman said this break in the connections was made this morning. Or. Wurst said there must be an actual physical separation from the City lines in Case the company Ever needs to connect to the City lines for any reason. Continued on Page 8 Law National negotiations begin Detroit up a for the first time since the United Auto workers went on strike 25 Days ago negotiators for the Union and general motors corp. Discussed a National contract Friday. Pm took its Case to the Public by buying advertisements in 75 newspapers. Law president Leonard Woodcock and his bargaining team met with pm chief negotiator Earl Bramblett and his squad for More than an hour. The company a last offer made sept. La and quickly thumbed Down by continued on Page 8 no Effort to be spared in Wichita crash probe Washington up in the Wake of the Wichita state University crash the government announced Friday an investigation that a will spare no Effort time or resources in determining whether every air charter operation in the nation is Safe. Transportation Secretary John a. Volpe announced the Start of what he said would be a a sweeping investigation and named adm. Willard j. Smith his newly appointed special assistant for safety and consumer affairs to head it. Volpe said Smith would not Only look at All the charter airline operations in the nation but at the Federal aviation administration regulations covering them a with a View to correcting any deficiencies which May be Volpe ordered the investigation after the Faa lifted the licenses thursday of both the owner and the Canadian government demands proof British Diplomat is alive Montreal up the Canadian government demanded proof Friday that kidnapped British Diplomat James Cross 49, was still alive. There were signs that behind the scenes talks might take place to Swap Cross for jailed French Cana Dian separatists. The Montreal office of Quebec Justice minister Jerome Choquette said the government a wants proof that or. Cross is Safe and Well and had requested his kidnappers have him copy in his own handwriting the following phrase a it is now five Days since i left and i want you to know Darling that i miss you every if the terrorists could deliver the suggested phrase in Cross own handwriting it would be proof that the Diplomat was still alive. There were unofficial reports in Montreal that preparations were what a cooking at the commercial Bank member . Just about everything from our a a menu of Complete Bank services you can choose what you , checking savings and Flavoured with friendliness and helpfulness too. Being made to set up a room at the Airport for a telecast. One of the kidnapper so demands was that jailed separatists whose Freedom was asked in Exchange for Cross life be allowed to appear on television from the Airport before departure for either Cuba or Algeria. French language radio station Calm through which the kidnappers have been communicating said it had received information from persons claiming to be mediators Between the government and the kidnappers that negotiations were underway. The station said it was not sure the Call was authentic but was a the most serious phone Call we be Choquette a office would make no further comment on its demand for a letter from Cross containing the specified phrase. But it appeared to strengthen the reports that the government was moving toward an agreement with the kidnapper so on the grounds such assurances would be unnecessary if the government did not intend to take further action to Rescue Cross. The governments demand was immediately broadcast by Cal my which the kidnappers designated earlier As the Channel to reach them in negotiating for the Diplomat. In Ottawa a spokesman for external affairs minister Mitchell Sharp said Sharp had called British foreign Secretary Alec Douglas Home at noon a to inform him of the present situation a but would not give details. Asked whether he could confirm or deny the reports that negotiations with the kidnappers of Cross were underway the Federal spokesman said he could make a no comment at friends reported that mrs. Barbara Cross the diplomats wife was receiving calmly each report about her husband who was roasted out of bed monday by four gunmen wielding . Firm that supplied the Crew for a Martin 404 which crashed last week in Colorado killing 30 persons. The plane was one of two chartered by Wichita state University to carry its football team to Logan Utah for a scheduled game with Utah state. Faa administrator John Shaffer claimed the owner Jack Richards and Golden Eagle corp., which supplied the Crew had set up their business arrangement As a a a facade to Duck air safety regulations concerning charter operations. The firms both of Oklahoma City have denied any wrongdoing. Smith said the newly ordered charter investigation was not aimed at disrupting the a Many Well established and reliable charter operations but of bringing into compliance those that May be in violation of Faa the Faa has come under Sharp criticism for its role in the Wichita state University flight. The month before the flight an Faa inspector warned the University that the Golden Eagle corp. Did not have the authority to Fly air planes As big As twin engine Martin 404 which crashed. But apparently a the Faa took no further action to halt the flights. Or. And mrs. Floyd Pitsenbarger of Berry Creek Calif., travelled to Delphos and in parts of Indiana to visit relatives and friends. When they arrived Here on sept. 28 they find any place to Park their camper trailer. The local police department escorted them to waterworks Park and showed them where they could Park their trailer until they found another place to Park it. The Pitsenbarger said a the police Arena that Friendly and helpful in every town As they Are in the Day following their arrival they found a place in Schulteys trailer court to Park their trailer. They pull their trailer with a pick up truck. Or. Pitsenbarger retired three years ago and they said a we get in our trailer and travel around whenever we feel like it. We like to he served 40 years with the general electric company both in fort Wayne and California. Or. Pitsenbarger has two Brothers and one sister living in Delphos John and Lee Pitsenbarger and mrs. Andrew Grace dancer. He is a graduate of Delphos Jefferson High school. Devona his wife is a graduate of Southside High school in fort Way me ind. They met in fort Wayne when they both were employed at the general electric Plant there. In 1945 they moved to California. They have one son Gene who lives in Cupertino Calif., below san Francisco with his wife Patricia and two sons. Mrs. Pitsenbarger has relatives living in Bluffton and fort Wayne ind. Her Hobby is finding and collecting rocks and polishing them to make earrings and necklaces for women and tie clasps for men. On tuesday they will leave to go Back to the Southern part of California for the Winter. As recent As five years ago several towns in the area including St. Marys and Celina with the general Telephone company paid a Flat fee of $5.50 for a Multi party line. Often there were As Many As nine on the line. In addition these people could Only Call their Exchange without paying a toll. Residents of Delphos can Call other exchanges such As Elida parts Omer and Venedocia free. But Telephone rates Are on the increase. According to a recent announcement a business phone one party is to increase 58.9 per cent with an increase of $5.60, with the new Price at $15.10 Over the present $9.50. A two party business line is going up 55.2 per cent with an increase of $4.55 with the new Price at $12.80 Over the present $8.25. Multi party business lines will increase 65.1 per cent up $5.05 from the present $7.75 to the new $12.80. One party residential phones will increase 41.3 per cent up $2.15 from the present $5.25 to $7.40. Two party residential will go to $6.50 and at present there Are none. Four party residential will increase 40 per cent up $1.50 from the present $3.75 to $5.25. Multi party residential will increase 61.5 per cent up $2 from the present $3.25 to $5.25. From one of Ohio a most respected Public relations executives Marvin Burick of Dayton comes this idea on promoting family togetherness. At Mealtimes you take the Telephone off the Hook. No More being called away from the table while the family enjoys its dinner. No More the food growing cold. No More someone having to jump up from the table to discuss tomorrows school work with a Friend. No More calling out to the teen Ager to return to the table to Complete the meal. For one half hour a Day a at least a the television repairman wont have to worry about tubes that fail to work. Quot die City official wont have to hear about someone a Street being torn up the Carrh la cd i teacher wont have to listen to a parental complaint about his child not getting will Nailau enough attention. The coach wont have to listen to a father explain Why his boy should play first string. It might make for better tempers All the Way round. Naturally Delphos physicians wont be Able to do this until they get that Central service people can reach when their physician is out of Contact but when they do they too might be Able to remove the phone from the Hook for an occasional uninterrupted meal. We thank you or. Burick for your helpful suggestion. For Billon its says stiffer penalties wont reduce drug abuse Ashland Ohio up television personality Art Linkletter said Friday a stiffer penalties for users will not reduce drug abuse and said the first time user should be put on probation a not jailed. A i think there will have to be More severe penalties on professional pushers however a Linkletter said at a news conference prior to an appearance at Ashland College. A i think the occasional user or the occasional experimenter should be put on probation if he is caught and i think it has to be a a the average victim of drug abuse is sick somehow a said Linkletter. A you can to cure him by putting him in jail. A you can to fight him by passing Alaw because he has been hooked on a wondered chemical Cave into which he can Retreat from lifes stress a said Linkletter. Linkletter a daughter Diane 21, was killed when she fell or jumped from an apartment win Dow while under the effects of a Hall eugenic drug. A my daughter was not on drugs per see said Linkletter. A she was an experimenter like so Many Young people Are. She had tried it and was unfortunately a victim of what is called an Ltd a this is a recurrence of the original bad trip that can come on unannounced for As Long As six to eight months following the original Ltd trip a Linkletter said. By United press International underground groups from the a purple Sunshine clan to the a Quarter Moon tribe rushed to take responsibility Friday for a wave of bombings on the West coast. Weatherman the most Well known terrorist group claimed to have set off the most damaging explosion which wrecked a courtroom in san Rafael Calif. The explosions thursday on the first anniversary of the 1969 Weatherman riots in Chicago also damaged a National guard armory in Santa Barbara Calif., and an Roth building in Seattle Wash. California officials attributed the explosions to Weatherman or similar groups and said a a there a going to be in unsigned letters to news Media in both states the bombings were called attacks on a the crumbling american Empire and dedicated to a Black prisoners of a no longer will the death culture freely use campuses As bases for imperialism a said a letter from the a Quarter Moon tribe claiming the bombing of the naval Roth building continued on Page 8 we thought the swimming season was Over but evidently some people just can to resist the temptation of the open water. Six local men went to Canada on a fishing trip last week we done to know whether they caught Many fish but we suspect Romey Brandehoff May have caught a cold. As we heard it Romey was standing on a Rock when he slipped and fell in the Mississauga River. According to one of his unsympathetic companions he did t stay in the water very Long. It seems everyone but Romey thought the incident was quite funny. We have carried Many different Hunting stories in this column but this one May go Down As the most unusual. As you know most Hunters take a gun and go out in the Fields or Woods to Hunt. One local woman has found a Way to dispense with All of that. In fact she just goes about her business on the Job and the game comes to her. Or at least that is what we hear. It seems Raylene Fischer was working the other Day at Grants when in flew a pheasant. Raylene just reached out and grabbed it. Of course being a Law abiding citizen and it not being the Hunting season yet she threw it Back out the door. Want to bet the next Hunter won t have such an easy time of it Raylene we heard about a Young Man who was doing some panelling at the place where he works. Did a Fine Job too except for one thing. As he was putting on the last strip of molding he drove a Nail into a hot water pipe. He nearly had to tear Down half the panelling before he got the pipe fixed. Looks Nice now Dick

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