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Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 5

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Delphos Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Delphos, Ohio Tri county court news Van Wert county probate court administrators appointed Marie e. Cowan est. Raymond m. Cowan. Marriage licenses Philip m. Kreischer . And Carol Rose Ryan Convoy. Robert Coil . And Loretta m. Wilson . David Routt . And Christina Lippi Convoy. James m. Mox Delphos and Mary b. Clemente Delphos. Gary Shea Scott . And Nancy Klewer . Common pleas court Rose l. Burnett is. William l. Burnett divorce and Ali. Elizabeth Wilson is. Lawrence Wilson div. And Ali. Annabelle e. Ausmeier is. Carl h. Allemeier div. And Ali. Deeds Dwight h. Jones dec to Martha e. Jones and Jane e. Lianez lot 65 and sub a 242-3 . R. Ruth Hull and Grace b. Alspach and Gordon to Larry r. Miller and Karen lot 2686 . Max l. Dickerhoff and Sally to Joyce m. Feathers part lot 134 Delphos. Joseph r. Moore to Eva Al Moore lot 3073 . Harold c. Beckner or and Ella to Harold r. Beckner and Pamela part lot 618 Delphos. Jack e. Brown and Grace to William h. Hetrick and Mary lot 3108 . Kim Patrick Moore a minor by Robert Koch guardian to Charles Mengerink and Marilyn lot 588 . J. T. Edwards to George w. Able lot 1880 . Verna Lenore Edwards to George w. Able lot 1880 . Harry b. Goedde to Albert h. Horstman 80a Sec. 14 a. Twp. Marian Schaffer Lavey to Max e. Roberts and Shermina lot 57 the almanac by United press International today is saturday nov. 21, the 325th Day of 1970. The Moon is Between its last Quarter and the new phase. The morning stars Are Venus Mars and Jupiter. The evening stars Are Mercury and Saturn. Those bom on this Date Are under the sign of Scorpio. French philosopher Francois Voltaire was born on nov. 21, 1694. On this Day in history in 1877 Thomas Edison announced the invention of what he called a the talking in 1925 Harold Quot red Grange played his last varsity football game for the University of Illinois before signing with the Chicago bears. In 1938 Germany occupied the Western regions of Czechoslovakia and declared All persons in those areas German citizens. In 1963 president and mrs. John f. Kennedy were greeted by cheering crowds in san Antonio Houston and fort Worth Texas. Trash bag stolen Dali As up a a Man insistent upon taking something from mrs. Valerie Kappertz reached into her car and ran off with a Blue plastic bag. Mrs. Kappertz told police it was full of trash. She said she had told the robber she had no Money nor a purse. Hard Rusty water Call Aqua Tek for free water analysis specialists in All types of water conditioning portable tank Exchange sales Aqua Tek automatic water conditioning Salt delivery service repair All makes Call 321-5236 a total water equate conditioning Gomer rd., Elida Delphos. Laura f. Stallkamp life est to Thomas l. Stallkamp Etal lot 18 Del. Donald l. Finks and Helen to Harvey Dean Hershey and Hilda lot 159 Del. Monty Kay Wolfe and Charlesjr Etal to Rad w. Emery univ. I part. Lot 79 Middle Point. Thomas j. Epps and Brenda to Donald w. Slusher and Joan part lot 1471 . Also assumes mtg. To . Fed. $4,635.98 Lynn yearling and Catherine to Charles d. Keipper and Hilda part. Lot 1552 . Orby k. Putman and Eudora to Robert j. Patton and Carolyn part. Lot 1452 . Robert a. Roggenkemper and Grace to Max d. Prichard and Margaret sub a 264, . Land contract Darwin r. Frederick and Kathleen to Gerald f. Ackom and Ruth part. Lot 829 . Robert Overholt and Lois to f. Elmer Schwartz and Priscilla lot 1779 . Annual drive for crop set in area churches congregations of churches in Putnam county have the Opportunity to participate in the Church Rural overseas program commonly known As crop. Solicitation of funds will continue through thanksgiving. The annual drive provides food for children in Over thirty countries. Food is used for wages for development programs and tools and seeds Are also used As wages for parents in self help programs. Donations May be made in specially marked envelopes in area churches or by writing to crop 18 West Spring St., Columbus Ohio 43215. Members of Catholic churches participate through their Catholic Relief services said the Rev. C. Reid Miller pastor of first Christian Church Leipsic. He is chairman of. The crop drive for this year. The Putnam county ministerial association has sponsored the solicitation for the Church build Long rate braked by Louis Cassels up senior editor rising construction costs High interest rates and uneasy consciences have finally put a Damper on history s biggest Church buckling Boom. Since the Boom got under Way 20 years ago . Religious bodies have spent upwards of $17 billion on bricks and mortar. Not since King Solomon 2 area men Are inducted two Young men Froni Putnam county were inducted into the army at fort Hayes in Columbus according to Evelyn Blossom executive Secretary of the selective service Board in Ottawa. Harold r. Roy it. 3, Leipsic and David a. Heitmeyer it. 2, fort Jennings have been forwarded to fort Knox ky., where they will receive their Basic training. Robert Patton and Carolyn to past several years within the Ivan Ramsey part lot 1452 . County. I Landers i dear Ann Landers i just got hit Between the eyes by a letter that appeared in your column. It was really your answer not the letter that did it. In a referring to the 16-year-old who signed herself a worried to you said a if some of you girls behaved a Little better you worry so in a a 16-year-old who has done More than my share of worrying. I started to go steady at 14. My mom was against it and we had some terrible hassles. One Day she sent for your Booklet a teen age sex and ten ways to Cool she handed me the Booklet and i refused to read it. I told her she had thrown out 50 cents and i did t need Ann Landers to Lead my life. About two months later i could have written you a letter and signed it a worried to i thought i was pregnant and i was going out of my mind. I started to Hunt for the Booklet and found it in my mothers desk. There were so Many things in that Booklet that applied to me i was spaced out. When i told Jim i thought i was pregnant he got like panicked not about the spot i was it but about the spot he was in. What would the coach say what would his parents do what about his future in his old Many a business he finally told me id have to get out of the Jam As Best i could because it was my goof. Two Days later i Learned i was not pregnant. By then i was ten years older and too times smarter. Ever since that scare in be been living a different kind of life and in a much happier. I can look people in the Eye without wondering what they think of me. I have a much better opinion of myself please Ann Landers keep telling teenagers that High school sex is overrated. Its a bad scene and not Worth the worry and the fear. All together now Lear All one word from you is Worth 1,000 from me. Kids listen to other kids. I Hope a few million will listen to you. Dear Ann Landers will you Settle an argument a Friend of mine who works in a mortuary says it is possible for a deceased person to move up to 24 hours after he has expired. My Friend also says the hair and nails of a dead person continue to grow. I do not believe it logic tells me that nothing can grow after death. Who is right a Money on the line dear Money you Are right but let me explain Why this old wives tale persists. It takes approximately 30 minutes for the circulatory system and other body functions to cease after death it is possible that a dead person might twitch a but not move. As for the hair and nails a growing a this is also a myth. After death soft tissue recedes. Hair and nails covered by soft tissue might appear to be longer but this is due to the recession of the tissue and not to growth. Given promotion vie e. Turnwald son of or. And mrs. Lawrence Turnwald of Ottoville has been promoted to the rank of specialist 5. He is stationed in Germany. His address is up. 5 Victor e. Turnwald 284-48-1899 93rd engr. Co. . New York . 09061. New address air Arlene Landwehr 1602 disk . In 741 Mcchord air Force base Washington 98438 Helms by he Loise Handy flame says. One cents Worth a natural Gas buys three times As much h water As the flame less expensive Way West Ohio Gas company dear Heloise this morning while in search of something different for a change of Pace breakfast i discovered an idea which i think is wonderful. I spotted some leftover Cherry pie filling. I added a Little sugar to it and spread it on our Toast. It was delicious. I put the pie filling on an English muffin and it was out of this world. Rita Sandbach a what a Quick and easy desert that would make hot buttered English muffins topped with your favorite pie filling. Add some nuts or whipped Topping and my Nim a. Scrumptious. Heloise pcs dear Heloise Here is a Little note for working girls who carry their lunch to work. Try a shoe tote bag. It certainly is Roomy and much nicer looking than a Brown paper bag. It is much easier to carry and spills won t leak either. Sheila Marzucco a Letteri of laughter dear Heloise Here is a poem for any husband whose foot might fit the same shoe. I be listened to squeaks rattles and drips with Neer a complaining word from my lips paint it has buckled but Neath it All i have knuckled Down to my task which is Mother and wife it is the life i would ask believe me no other but ask you my husband you re a Man not a mouse Why do i love my Home but hate my House mrs v. Plympton dear Heloise when i stuff a Turkey. I put my fruit funnel the one i use for Canning i in the opening of the cavity. I have no More spilling of the dressing All Over the table or the outside of the Turkey. Mrs. R. N. Rooster a a a dear Heloise if you Cut a cardboard Roll from tissue paper or Wax paper Etc into Small parts about two inches Long and slip one part of it Over a shirt Hanger it will hold the Back of the shirt Collar up and rounded Over the roller. Mrs. R. W. Boler a a a dear Heloise while i was visiting a Friend i noticed that there was a bottle opener on a shelf in her pantry. I thought someone had left it there and asked her where it belonged so i could put it up for her. She said that it belonged right there on that very shelf. She kept it there to use on jars cans of drinks and other things. She said this saved her from walking to the drawer every time she could open some things right there. Mrs. Squyres ass dear Heloise i am always playing the tooth fairy and have found a rewarding Way to keep Little ones always brushing their Teeth. When the tooth fairy leaves Money the amount left depends on the condition of the tooth. If the tooth has a filling or cavity she does no to leave As much but w Hen the tooth is shinning White a Nice sum is left. I also get my big boys to help Chip in a Quarter and sometimes a tooth yields a lot of Money. Mrs. W. Tidd a dear Heloise when Little boys and girls Are hungry but done to know what they really we ant to eat. I have found that an Ordinary slice of buttered bread with a face dabbed on with coloured sugar is the perfect answer. They love it and its usually Good for two Servings. Mrs r. L a a a dear Heloise to simplify the fruit Jar with crushed ice in it to Roll out pie crust. I have found out that you May keep your rolling pin in the deep Freezer and the results Are great. L. E m. Imback in business Shobes upholstering is reopening their business and Are now taking orders Call 692-9129 bankrupted Israel 3,000 years ago to build a Gold plated Temple in Jerusalem has a nation been seized by so extravagant an ecclesiastical edifice Complex. Building rate braked Large sums Are still being invested in new or enlarged houses of worship. But the curve of expenditure which reached an All time Peak of $1.2 billion in 1966, declined to $950 million in 1969�?a drop of about 20 per cent. Commerce department officials expect this years outlay to drop below $900 million for die filet time in More than a decade. More precipitate than these figures suggest. Because of rising construction costs $900 million this year will buy less space than $600 million would procure five years ago. High pressure fund drives from the perspective of a local congregation debating whether to build the discouraging fact is that a Structure that High pressure building fund drive and also in All likelihood take on a heavy Burden of Lon term debt. The edifice Complex aside from such practical considerations a growing number of pastors and laymen Are suffering pangs of conscience about committing such a Large proportion of the churches the daily Herald saturday nov. 21,1970 Page 5 would have Cost $300,000 in 1965 Energy and resources to the would Cost $400,000 this year construction of Plush facilities and perhaps More. Remembering the example of moreover the interest rates Jesus who went about doing on mortgages also have gone Good without knowing from one up. Instead of paying 56 or 6 Day to the next where head find per cent a Church now counts shelter some churchmen Are itself Lucky to be Able to line up wondering whether a costly and a loan at 8 per cent. Self entered preoccupation All of which Means that any with construction is becoming congregation which embarks on to a Community which dares to some place to meet. But its base of operation need not be a $400,000 Church. Many congregations Are thriving today in storefronts school auditoriums movie Heaters the recreation rooms of High Rise apartment buildings and trailers converted into Mobile chapels. Another practical solution to the High Cost of Church construction is for congregations of several different denominations to share the facilities of a single building. A Little imagination and a bit of give and take is required to work out the scheduling prob the decrease in Church new construction these Days Call itself a the body of Success �?~7ntnbeof a on Ach by fas been must be prepared to conduct a a congregation does require communities. Area Church guide let us Praise god from whom All blessings flow you Are cordially invited to the following area Church services St. John Catholic Rev. Albert Otta Wallar pastor Rev. John p. Rinser end Rev. Prank Echart associate pastors sunday masses 7.00 . 8 30 . 10 00 . 11 30 a in. 5 00 . Saturday mass 7 30 . Fulfils sunday mass Obi loaf Ion weekday masses a to . 1 00 a in. 7 00 . Confessions Dally 7 45 . And 6 45 . Saturday 3 30-4 30 . Baptisms sunday at i x . Marion Baptist located in Defiance Road and Bloom lock Rood Rev. Doyle Snow pastor Bernard Stockton superintendent sunday 9 . Sunday school to x worship service 7 4s . Evangelistic service wednesday 7 45 . Mid week service 7 45 children service in basement Landeck Catholic Rev. Robert w. Donnelly pastor sunday 7 x am. Low mass to Ahi. High mass weekday mass 7 45 am. Confessions saturday morning after mess and saturday evening at 7 x Mandale Church of Christ in Christian Union Rev. Orvin Brenneman pastor sunday 9 x . Sunday school 10 x Arn worship services 7?. Young Peoples service 7 . Evangelistic service tuesday 1 00 . Prayer meeting a inspiration 2 of pm. Second sunday of each month. Missionary service 7 30 . Last tuesday of the month. Bethel mennonite Church 803 West clime Delphos. Ohio Rev. Edwin Hartman sunday 9 x . Sunday school 0 . Morning worship thursday 8 00p.m. Bible study and prayer United methodist Church Columbus Grove Rev. Paul Cramer pastor sunday 9 x . Sunday school 10 x . Morning worship St. Joseph s Catholic Church Rev. Herman Fortman pastor fort Jennings Ohio sunday masses 8 00 . To x . Saturday 6 00 . Trinity lutheran Middle Point George w Dittmar pastor sunday 9 25 Church school 10 30a.m. Church service Ottawa River congregational Church Rev. Norman Greenawalt pastor sunday 9 x sunday school 10 x . Worship service 6xpm. Youth meeting Ronald Price superintendent Melrose Mission a 00 . Junior and senior methodist Ziy a Troy Moor pm Tor youth Fellowship. Sunday. Church Lanai Inho Rev. Seerge w. Witmer pastor sunday 9.x am. Morning worship to x am. Church school following morning worship a trustees mooting will to hold Tor Tho purpose of acting upon the final recommendation of the Organ committee and to consider redecoration of the Sanctuary vestibules and prayer room Rushmore United methodist Church of. I of. Jennings Rev. Jack t. Carn pastor sunday 9 is worship service to is . Sunday school first Assembly of too Rev. Robert a. Hangout pastor sunday 8 00a.m. Morning prayers 9 x sunday school 10 morning worship to x am Junior Church i x . Youth service 7 00 . Royal rangers woman s missionary Council meeting Brid tuesday of the month 7 x . 7 x . Many a Fellowship meeting 7 x . Evangelistic rally wednesday 7 x . Bible study and prayer i x . Bible study and prayer 6 x . Choir rehearsal saturday bid and 4th saturday l x 7 x pm. Mission ettes. 3nd Friday of month i 30 Wesleyan Church Rev. Hugh n. Mosher pastor sunday 9.x . Sunday school to. morning worship 6 45 . Youth service and Junior service 7 . Evening service wednesday 7 up in. Prayer meeting United Church of Christ Spencerville Rev. John t. Miller pastor sunday 9 . Church school 10 x . Worship service immaculate Conception Church Ottoville Rev. Louis Huffman pastor sunday 8 00 . High mass 10 x Low mass saturday 7 00 . Mass fulfils sunday obligation weekday mass during vacation will be at 7 00 . In the immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Middle Creek Church Emmaus United methodist circuit Southwest of Rotem sunday i 45 . Church 9 45 . Sunday school tuesday i of . Prayer and Bible service Zion United presbyterian Church Venedocia Rev. George Witmer pastor sunday 9.x Church school 10 45 . Morning worship including special communion service. Jehovah s witnesses 417 Taylor St Van Wert Ohio sunday in am Public Bible talk subject science the Bible and your Faith xxx a in watchtower Bible study subject the kingdom of salvation available today tuesday i n Bible study groups meet Murday pm theocratic ministry school service meeting Ross pm Christian Church sunday i x . Sunday school to x am morning Sarvice Elida Trinity lutheran Church Rev Stephen j. Foster pastor Robert Lee superintendent of sunday school sunday 915 sunday school to x a in worship service 9 x sunday school 10x . Morning worship 6 45 . Young people s service 7 x . Evangelistic service thursday 7xp.m. Prayer meeting first United presbyterian Rev r t. Hill pastor sunday 9 of sunday school 10 15 . Worship service first and third sundays i 30p m. Youth Fellowship meet in Church. Wednesday 7 of . A inspiration and dialogue service thursday 7 00 dialogue with John i x choir rehearsal saturday Frid amp 4th 7 00 men s prayer breakfast St. Paul United methodist v. I. Sullivan pastor sunday 9 of a in. Church school 10 x a in worship to x . Boys and girls Fellowship 7 up in. Youth hour alternate sundays wednesday 7 x prayer i x . Choir rehearsal St. Peter lutheran Church 422 n. Pierce St. The t. T. Baumgardner pastor sunday to x worship o x sunday school holy communion 1st sunday Elida St. Paul United methodist Church Rev. James o. Kuhn pastor sunday 9 x a in sunday school 10 Xam worship service o x youth meeting thursday 7 x adult choir rehearsal. 8 x . Junior choir rehearsal women s society of Christian service first wednesday of the month a la x a in women s Christian Temperance Union third wednesday of the month at i x first Christian Union Church the Rev. Gene Miller pastor sunday 9 x a in worship service 10 Xam sunday school 6 34 pm. Christian Limon Endeavor 7 30 preaching Rev Gene Miller Gomer United Church of Christ Rev Robert Quillen pastor sunday 9 is Church school 10 morning service 8 Johs Early worship St John lutheran Church it. Jennings Ohio Rev Donald Hare pastor sunday 8 45 . The than offering service of St. John s american lutheran Church women to of am. Sunday school tuesday 7 x . The catechism class wednesday 7 30 . The thanksgiving service Trinity United methodist Church Delphos Rev. H. Eugene Ruch pastor sunday Sermon topic the name of Jesus reverend Kenneth Crowe guest Minuter or. Jack Whitaker Lay Litu Gist 130 . Spoken service and Sermon 9 15 a in Church school and membership class 10 x a in worship hour and Sermon 7 x . Senior High u m be. Monday 7 x . Board of trustees meet i Church parlor. Tuesday 3 x . First year confirmation class wednesday 7 x adult choir rehearsal. Thursday 130 am thanksgiving Day worship service % Friday 6 x p in wedding rehearsal saturday 8 of a in confirmation class Advent breakfast 2 x pm Cochensparge Liggett wed Ding Trinity United methodist Church Spencerville Rev Marvin o. Schamaun pastor sunday 9.Xam Church school to x a in worship service too , Junior and senior youth Fellowship Morris Chapel Rev Dennis e Persole. Pastor sunday 9 x a in worship service 10 to i in. Sunday school William Baxter. Superintend t Immanuel United methodist Church How main St Elida Clarence l. Carnahan pastor sunday 9 to sunday school 10 Xam morning worship 6 x youth Fellowship 7 x evening worship wednesday 7 x mid week Bible study prayer Light of life Chapel i Miles East of Delphos across from Walnut Grovo cemetery Rev Donald f Hostetler pastor sunday 9 Xam sunday school 10 30 morning Worsnip 6 45 . Young Peoples service 7.x evening service wednesday 7 to p in prayer meeting it. Patrick s Church Spencerville Rev Robert w Donnelly pastor sunday 8 x Ana to 15 a in confessions 7 xand9 45a in on sunday 9 x p in wednesday High school class wednesday 8 x p in Grade school classes. Sunday 9 x to 10 x a in open door Baptist Church Conant Road Norman he tors. Pastor sunday 9 x a in sunday school combined sunday school and worship service to x toll Xam 7 x p in evening service wednesday Bible study and prayer t 6 x pm this schedule is brought to you by the following civic minded businesses Fischer implement co. A new idea sales and services 226 s. Pierce phone 692-6826 Delphos Ohio Harter amp son funeral Home Paul Harter. Or. Phone 2-8055 Delphos. Ohio Meyers Iga food liner Delphos and fort Jennings everyday Low prices Vana Matic company automatic and hand screw machine products 127 s. Jefferson Delphos Ohio kill Bros. Co. Manufacturers of Gravity i Grain bodies Hydraulic i Grain augers i Delphos. Ohio re >97 West West Ohio Gas 109 e. Second

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