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Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 4

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Delphos Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Delphos, Ohio Tup Mil 4al Kef Joi Unal tic a right r.mrvr.1 Oto p�u�c.-�-a�4. If Vilm the daily Herald saturday nov. 21,1970 Page 4 Jacob Davis to head citizens task Force Columbus up a Jacob e. Davis of Cincinnati retired chairman of the Board of Kroger co., has been named to head the citizens task Force on tax Reform by governor elect John j. Gilligan. While making the appointment thursday Gilligan said Davis duties As head of the task Force a Are extremely he called the forces work a the most important single task of this decade in Davis a graduate and former trustee of Ohio state University was immediately asked to instruct the task Force to appraise the existing tax Structure. Gilligan asked them to determine whether the current tax Structure could be expected to realistically meet state Revenue needs for the next decade. He asked that the group a recommend whatever changes the task Force determines Davis a Pike county native began his Public service career with two terms As Pike county prosecutor then served two terms in the Ohio House of representatives. Inside. Washington March of events congressional seat redistricting planned Agnew appears Safe on next gop ticket White House backing appears solid enough looks Job Safe by Henry Cathcart Central press Washington correspondent trash in Itono that vice president Spiro Agnew is in Dan a Lier of being bumped from the cop ticket in 1970 is simply hard to believe. This is the near unanimous View of Republican regulars Here and they make a sound Case for their Point of View. In the first place president Nixon was the guiding political hand behind nearly every move his vice president made in the fall Campaign. The initial Agnew attack on new Yorkus Maverick Republican sen. Charles Goodell was dictated directly from the White House. The vice presidents Strong attack on the Scranton commission s report on Campus disorders came Only after a trans Atlantic phone Call from president Nixon who was touring Europe at the time. The very concept of making the 1970 congressional Campaign a mandate against a Radical liberalism a originated with Nixon and his top political strategists. Of the Agnew Campaign lost some of its Appeal by late october this was not to be unexpected. As Nixon discovered during his term As vice president t partisan party spokesman will make political enemies. The kind of exposure Agnew obtained can last Only so Long without me form of backlash. A # some done to like him it is True that Agnew is no particle r favorite of such White House aides As Donald Rumsfeld the director of the office of economic Opportunity and John Ell. Liman the presidential counsel. But thus far in his preside y president Nixon has shown no tendency to turn to the moderates and liberals on his staff for guidance on political Campaign strategy. The press speculation that Agnew could be replaced on the 1972 ticket originated at least in part with a White House adviser but that adviser Iris never been known for his political influence in the past and there is no reason to believe he was speaking for the president. Possibly the crowning blow to this speculation however is the wide spread following Agnew has developed among gop conservatives. A if they think there is a backlash against Agnew just let the. M w itch the backlash among republicans if there is a serious move to replace him one Veteran Republican congressman declared when he was told of the dump Agnew speculation. O student campaigners failed to materialize As a political Force for democratic liberals this fall. In fact Republican spokesman claimed cop candidates received far More Volunteer support from students than did democratic candidates. One report noted that James Buckley the conservative party Winner for the Senate from new York had More than twice the number of student volunteers As were working for rep. Richard Ottinger his democratic opponent. Limited surveys indicate this trend could hold tru for Youthful voters As Well should the 18-yeas-old vote survive court tests. Ryong Republican spokesman of the gop National com Mitlee we like to think that the Type of Young person who plans to vote Republican will make it to the polls. In a not so sure the democrats will be Able to a turn on the Campus groups from which they get much of their Washington up strategy for redistricting Ohio a congressional seats before the incoming democratic administration takes office was discussed Here wednesday night by gop state chairman John Andrews and the states gop congressional delegation Scripps Howard newspapers reported. The newspapers said the secret session was aimed at remapping the state in favor of republicans before gov. James a. Rhodes leaves office Jan. La. As a result of the 1970 census Ohio is expected to lose one of its 24 seats in the u. S. House of representatives. Republicans want to draw new District boundaries that will protect the 17 Republican incumbents and give the gop a better shot at capturing seats now held by democrats the newspapers reported. Rhodes said wednesday there was Little Chance he would Call a special session of the general Assembly. A was of today there a no special session of the legislature being planned a said Rhodes. However during the meeting wednesday night it was decided the redistricting plan would be drawn up by Andrews three gop congressmen and the Republican leadership of the Ohio House and Senate Scripps Howard said. Each District would have a population of about 458,000 people. Four of the five most under populated districts Are now represented by democrats. They Are u. S. Reps. Louis Stokes of Cleveland Wayne Hays of Flushing Charles j. Carney of Youngstown and u. S. Rep detect James Stanton of Cleveland. The newspapers said each of those districts is expected to be re distracted in favor of republicans. One of them could be eliminated through redistricting. The u. S. Census Bureau is expected to certify its new population sometime in december. Redistricting must await that certification. I my new York n1 gop thinks students Back party Tom Poston they won t let him quit Rhodes appointee Columbus up East Liverpool attorney John b. Mcdonald jr., was named by gov. James a. Rhodes to a seat on the East Liverpool municipal court filling out the unexpired term of the late Samuel m. Cher Toff. Rhodes also named Walter f. Heer jr., of upper Arlington to the Ohio Bridge commission. Sex % in i 406north main st., Delphos Ohio Rector a student Camerion Italy up Italy a youngest Rector has just become a freshman in his own University. Pietro Perlingieri 33, Rector of Camerine University enrolled this week As a political science student. He said he wants a political science degree in addition to the Law degree he already has. He Delphos Herald published daily by the Delphos Herald inc. Phone 0o�5o6o Murray Cohen editor and publisher Robert chime and ver Tiang manager j. Carl Stopher Barbara Schmidt production superintendent business manager entered at the Post office at Delphos Ohio As Ted class matter. Subscript in rates by Carrier in Delphos and area towns or by Rural motor route where available 60c per week. By mail in Allen Van Wert or Putnam county $15 per year. Outside these counties $26 per year member Ohio newspaper association Inland daily newspaper association american newspaper publishers association Washington merry go round by Jack Anderson Washington a the special prosecutor investigating the Joseph Yablonski killings believes mine workers Boss Tony Boyle and other top Union officials were involved in the murder plot. Yablonski was found shot to death in his Pennsylvania Home along with his wife and daughter last january. The killings came three weeks after Yablonski had lost a bitter election for the Union presidency. Boyle who beat Back Yablonskiy a Challenge has vigorously denied any connection with the slayings. The United mine workers president has also denied that he even knew Silous Huddleston the aging local Union officer from Tennessee who has been indicted in connection with the triple killing. Nevertheless assistant District attorney Richard Sprague told my associate Brit Hume that state and Federal investigators have a detailed theory of the murders reaching High into the Union Hierarchy. A i have some specifics a he said. A i have a pretty Good idea of the Chain of does it reach the unions a highest Levels a he was asked. A it does in my opinion a he said. Questioned about the possibility that the conspirators might deliberately have kept Boyle out of the alleged plot to protect him. Sprague replied a i do not think he was out of mysterious $20,000 Sprague said also that a mysterious $20,000 in Cash delivered last year from National ump Headquarters to Union officials in Tennessee supposedly for a research and information a was a involved in the three Cleveland men one of their wives and Huddleston have been charged with the murders. They will be tried separately some time after the first of the year. Sprague said the government Hopes the trials in which the death penalty will be sought for each defendant will produce More information on the hiring of the alleged killers. A i personally feel a he said a that for the trials to be successful we have to find who hired them in the first he added that he believed Huddleston knew More than the other defendants about the origin of the alleged conspiracy. At present he said no trial dates have been set. The main reason for the delay is that an appellate court in Ohio has neglected to act on the appeals of lower court rulings ordering the extradition of three of the defendants to Pennsylvania. In the Case of one defendant Claude Vealey the court has declined to act on a government motion to dismiss the Appeal a even though Vealey a lawyers have Long since missed the 10-Day deadline for responding to the motion. Sprague said he did not anticipate any further indictments growing out of the continuing Federal investigation of the murders until after the trials begin. Behind the headlines rain is. Bomb a the air forces Norad Center built to withstand a near miss nuclear blast has received $94,000 damage from a rainstorm. The october storm caused and Rock slides at the hush hush Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado. The air Force has now granted a $94,000 contract to a private firm for repairs. An air Force spokesman asked by this column to explain the apparent contradiction in the nuclear proof Norad installation being damaged by severe showers said the damage Wasny to internal. Agnews Whit list a shortly after the election the politicos at the democratic National committee were stunned to receive a Call from the office of their Public enemy no. I Spiro Agnew. The vice president wanted a list of All the newly elected democratic governors and their addresses. The politicos fearing Agnew must be up to some new political Devil ment debated whether to furnish the list. Impressed by the sheer brazenness of the request however they provided the names and addresses to a messenger from agnews office. A spokesman for Agnew explained to this column that the vice president is merely compiling his Christmas card mailing list and wants to mend a few yuletide fences with the men he campaigned against. Twisted words a a grave error in a supreme court transcript unfairly putting chief Justice Warren Burger in the position of pre judging a famous criminal Case has been discovered by this column. Copies of the transcript have been circulated in court circles making the chief Justice the subject of Sharp criticism. The transcript quotes Burger in a Case involving Black militants As stating a those Are serious crimes that they Are guilty since the suspects Haven to been convicted the statement would rank As a Gigantic goof by the nations highest Jurist. Rather than depend on the transcript alone this column located a tape recording of the court hearing. Burgers comment heard clearly was phrased a if they Are guilty a a perfectly proper observation. As a result of our inquiries the damning transcript is now being corrected. Fancy dollars a the babble of Wall Street rumours and fears of a Dollar devaluation have sent . Officials at Home and abroad up the Walls with denials of impending financial disaster. The . Has taken pains to squelch rumours that the Bureau of engraving is secretly printing up a new Brand of dollars and that the Federal government has All foreign Bank accounts of american citizens under individual surveillance. Another report with perhaps More meat to it is that Strong restrictions Are planned to prevent american citizens from opening new foreign Bank accounts. Fees distributed Columbus up a state auditor Roger Cloud reports Ohio a political subdivisions received $3.9 million in a second distribution of Road mileage Money from 1970 motor vehicle registration fees. He said the subdivisions have shared in an Overall distribution of $113.19 million this year. Pm Villi Imi. By Lester l. Coleman . Hopeful news in Medicine contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top record Holder in masters individual championship play by Mel Heimer new York a things one new yorker thinks about Well there la always be a movie House owner. A film in which the late Janis Joplin and Jim Hendrix appeared is now playing a local theater with the dead stars being headlined. Incidentally the generation Gap is totally real where music is concerned. Asking around. I found that a random selection of Over-40-year-Olds never had heard of Hendrix. Tom Poston a decision to give up acting and go into business has run into a Snag Quot forty carats a a in which he appears at the Morosco with Zsa Zsa Gabor still is packing them in and shews no signs of putting up a closing notice. Personal opinion Mary Hemingway did her late husband a disservice in having his Quot islands in the Stream Quot published. Offhand i would say it is even worse than Quot across the River and under the Trees a which Laid a Large egg for Ernest. New York had its shudder of the year during president Nixon a recent visit to the . To address the general Assembly. Someone tossed a string of firecrackers from an apartment window sounding just like Small arms fire. Financial cutbacks and a toning Down of the space program Haven t warped Nasa s sense of humor. The rocket they fired the other Day in an attempt to trigger lightning was called mighty mouse. The death of John t. Scopes storm Center of the famous Quot Monkey trial in the 20s, brings to mind h. L. Mencken a marvelous bitter articles about it. It was Mencken by the Way who paid the $100 Fine slapped on Scopes. The Parke Bernet galleries put up a Rembrandt for auction hoping to get a bid of around Naif a million but when $150,000 was the most offered the painting was withdrawn. A Straw in the wind where tight Money is concerned a Pete Mcgovern fur in years press agent for Jackie Gleason split with the great one or As Pete puts it he was a derailed from the great Gleason express Quot. Funny Book for Gridiron buffs Dick Hymans Gene Ward s a football wit and Humora. Johnny Mathis is headlining the Empire room at the Waldorf which is getting an $8 per person cover charge for its shows these weeks. Buffe Sainte Marie the Folk Singer land full blooded Creel is upset at socialites Quot wearing those $700 forgeries Quot of Indian dresses. Incidentally she a putting up $300 a week to furnish water to the indians who took Over Alcatraz. Mrs. Henry Carnegie Phipps who just died was a genuine Quot first lady of the turf the phrase so often is misused but even she like All horse owners blew one now and then. She sold the great sea biscuit Early in his career for $7,500. A Sam Levene who just opened Iii Ait off Roadway show says Quot i play anywhere. Ill even act in the or. As Mel Ferrer once told me Quot you go where the work is Quot. Artie Shaw in new York Quot this place is a Lunatic Asylum and anyone who chooses to live Here is out of his Artie lost me As an aficionado when he admitted he had t picked up his clarinet in i 17 years. For a real musician that sounds impossible. Up to sept. 30, More than 200.000 fire alarms were turned in in new York the majority of them false As usual. The Job must be permanent the Ray Nelson orchestra has started its 39th consecutive year at the Bear Mountain inn. Just North of big town \. Kids sniping and throwing rocks at Penn Central trains in the i Bronx and Westchester have injured More than 50 persons and a i broken More than 5,000 windows. . Officials Are trying to get Federal helicopter patrols to Battle the trend. Or. Coleman the medical Wisdom of mothers and grandmothers has always intrigued physicians. They can Tell a child a fever with remarkable accuracy simply by touching the brow with the Back of their hand. An axiom taught to medical students is Quot when the grandmother says that the child has measles the child has or. Eugene Weinberg of South Africa Learned from the mothers of his Small patients How to recognize an infants cry and correlate it with an illness. Or. Weinberg has collected More than 20 distinctive sounds than an infant makes and he uses them for the recognition of certain types of illness. He has made a recording of these sounds in an Effort to teach other doctors this added diagnostic insight. Children who cannot yet talk do make characteristic sounds that help the doctor and the nurses to recognize the needs of their Little patient. A a new radioisotopes Are being found and used each year for the Early diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases. Isotopes made radioactive by atomic fission have been used with particular Success for the study of the thyroid gland. Iodine made radioactive has also been used for the control of excess activity of this gland. In a similar Wray fluorine when activated is used for the detection of tutors of the Bones. Or. Galliano Bru Cagnin at the Ospedale civil Riniti of Venice has been using a new artificial element technetium for the Early detection of tutors of the brain. I was privileged to witness the presentation of a Large number of cases by or. Bru Cagnin and his colleague or. Pietro Avo Garo. The accuracy of diagnosis with this new element was astonishing. In the United states Many universities and medical centers Are utilizing these byproducts of atomic Energy for the scanning of the lungs the liver the brain and other organs. The Early recognition of malignant disease Means of course Early treatment and a greater possibility of cure. A speaking of your health left Over medicines from a Long forgotten illness Are usually worthless. These columns Are designed to relieve your fears about health through a better understanding of your mind and body. All the hopeful new advances in Medicine reported Here Are known to doctors everywhere. Your individual medical problems should be handled by your own doctor. He knows you Best. South dealer. Neither Side vulnerable. North k q to 7 7643 j7 j62 West East 86 53 a k j to 852 a 9 8 a to 64 3 2 k to 9 4 7 3 South aj94 2 q9 k 5 a q 8 5 the bidding South West i Dale pass Dale 3 opening Lead King of hearts. The bidding by the opponents often serves As a Road map that leads Declarer directly to his destination. Assume you re Declarer at three Spades and West starts out with the a a a of hearts which you Ruff. It is obvious from the bidding since West doubled a Spade and also doubled two Spades for takeout that he is bound to have the Ace of diamonds and King of clubs. North East 2 pass pass 3 it follows that if you play the hand in the Normal Way a that is draw Trumps and Lead a Low club from Dummy to the Queen a you Are Likely to lose five tricks and go Down one. In fact if you did this you would go Down. You cannot sensibly play the hand in this fashion if you want to make the contract so what you try to do is organize your play so As to take advantage of the knowledge you gleaned from the bidding. You play a Trump to the Queen at trick four and Ruff Dummy a last heart. When you then Cash the Ace of Trumps and both defenders follow suit you Are All set for your bid for Fame and Fortune. You Lead a Low club towards Diu fails Jack putting the is Simely up to West. If he i Rose of with the King you make three club tricks and Are Home Safe and sound. So lets assume he plays the four instead. In that Case you win with the Jack and return a Low club to your eight. West wins with the nine but is stymied. It does not matter whether he returns a club to your a a or leads the Ace of diamonds a either Way you lose Only one Diamond and make the contract. Daily crossword keeper meets Friend from new Guinea a keeper Joseph Lombard gets acquainted with one of two full grown tree kangaroos presented to the new York zoological society at the Bronx zoo. The kangaroos from new Guinea Are about three feet Long at maturity. Across i. Declaim 6. Statutes 10. German City 11. Different 13. Command 14. Gaze 15. Holy Mackerel 16. Understand 18. Kids game 19. Yale 20 make a Blunder 21. Mineral Spring 22. Vitu Perate 24. British carbine 25. District of England 26. Hooray 27. Girl Friday s station 29. Iterate 32. Noun suffix 33. Taste of 34. Indian title 35. Loss 2 was 36. Wriggle 37. Twenty Hundred Gross 38. French City 40. More or less 42. Tramp 43 ancient scandinavians 44 catch sight of 45 trifled Down 1. Brides party 2. Convict s goal 3. Bits of lore 3 was 4. Mexican tree 5. With succinct Ness 6. Hard Luck Goy 7 Legal adviser i abbr 8. A familiar inquiry 13 was. I 9. Mexican Blanket 12. One of Lear s daughters 17. Before 23. Kind 24. Fall Guy 26. Seed once More 27. Administered 28. Complete 29 regret 30. Excite m a la a a Miia i i a r a s e rho be o so i in p l e s i Imojon h a Pho e. P e n o p l a i n pm a s i rms e n s Esq t o p Sylne e d v i ii Veiler Dij i Asir to 31. Coloured 33. Shabbily dressed 39. A of luxury 41 scary utterance i 2 3 4 s n to i 6 9 Roll 12 is i a is Roll ii 19 to 21 22 25 24 in. Is 20 21 26 29 30 is 32 33 34 35 3o a 36 39 40 41 42 43 44 45

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