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Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 1

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Delphos Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Delphos, Ohio Thought for the Day Daniel Webster said a let our object be our country our whole country and nothing but our weather mostly sunny South partly Cloudy North saturday High in the 40s. Fair and cold saturday night Low in the 20s and 30s, Cloudy with Chance of rain and Snow North increasing cloudiness South sunday High in the 40s North to Low 50s South. Vol. 101 no. 136 phone 692-5050 saturday nov. 21, 1970 eight pages Price ten cents welfare Reform Bill killed Washington up a the Senate finance committee voted Friday to kill president Nixon a welfare Reform Bill the Keystone of his Domestic legislative program. Conservatives charged it went too far and liberals complained it did no to go far enough. The committee voted 10-6 to kill the $4 billion Bill which Nixon has called the most important social legislation since the new Deal. The vote came As a severe setback to the prospects of enactment of the costly Complex and controversial proposal in the closing weeks of a Congress Busy with other matters. But Secretary Elliot l. Richardson of health education and welfare predicted that the White House would Muster a about 60�?o votes on the Senate floor to reverse the committees rejection. A it is simply too important to the country to allow this legislation to James Kramer killed in car truck Accident a Rural Delphos youth James Kramer 14, it. I Delphos was dead on arrival at Wert county Hospital last evening following a car truck Accident at 9 18 . At the intersection of route 30 and Brickner Road. Three other youths including a brother of the victim were injured Only one requiring hospitalization. The Driver of the truck Danny j. Lewis 22, of it. 3, Frazeysburg Ohio suffered a leg injury but was to be released from the Hospital following treatment. Injured were John b. Kramer 16, it. I Delphos a brother of the victim and Driver of the car was treated and released Larry Kramer 15, of it. I Delphos a Cousin of the other Kramer kidnapper releases hostages Lisbon Ohio up a former convict who kidnapped and then released two police officers Friday was reported by Carroll county sheriff Dean r. Yeager to have released unharmed at Covington va., the two women and a Man he later seized. Police had set a Hugh dragnet throughout northeastern Ohio to try to get the fugitive believed to have fled in the car of the three hostages. Yeager said a brother and sister had telephoned their Mother to say they had been freed by the fugitive who then headed on South. The sheriff said the kidnapper still was sought. The sheriff said Joseph Plott 24, his sister Nerissa 17, and Connie Elliott 30, All of Minerva had been freed by James Edward Kelley 42, formerly of Akron and Cleveland. Kelley was described by his parole officer As a Genius with a 138 in. City police at Covington told the Ohio Highway patrol the three had been taken to Headquarters and were Safe. Virginia City police said the fugitive had released them and driven South possibly to Florida. Mrs. John Plott said she received a Call from mrs. Elliott who immediately put Narissa on the line. A we both started crying a mrs. Plott said. Quot she said everyone was the Mother said she turned the Telephone Over to her other son Sam 25, who then talked to Joseph who said the three had been released in Covington the Virginia Highway patrol was questioning them and he had enough bus fare to get Home. In telling of her Relief to hear the hostages had been released mrs. Plott said a you never will know How relieved i feel. I feel. I think in Mio feet tall right she said several neighbors had gone to her House to wait with her during the Kidnap Vigil. Boys was treated and released Steven Klaus 12, of it. I Delphos was admitted for possible Chest injuries. The injured were taken to the Hospital by Harter and son ambulances. John and James Are the sons of or. And mrs. Ralph Kramer. Larry is the son of or. And mrs. Ruben Kramer. The Klaus youth is the son of or. And mrs. Jerome Klaus. Van Wert patrolmen said the Kramer vehicle which was travelling South on Brickner Road either failed to Stop or pulled into the path of the tractor and Semi trailer. The truck was travelling East on 30. Patrolmen said the truck hit the left Side of the car both going off the Northeast Side of the Road into the Field. The car came to rest against a Power pole. The truck loaded with shingles roofing and tar came to rest on its top scattering the contents of the truck Over the Field North of the Road. The Kramer Auto was totally demolished As was the tractor of the truck according to officers. Total damage was estimated by the officers at about $25,000. Funeral arrangements for the Kramer youth Are incomplete at Kolkmeyer Helmkamp funeral Home. Die a Richardson told a Capitol Hill news conference. He said a a anything would be better than the nations current a morally and fiscally bankrupt a welfare system which helps support to million people and which has been criticized by taxpayers welfare clients and administrators for years. In place of the administration proposal the committee voted 13-3 for a test run of the plan called a the family assistance plan a a and of up to five alternatives including Federal wage supplements for those who work at Low paying jobs. Richardson said a we would rather have no Bill at ally than the committees dry run proposal which he said would take years to administer and evaluate and would delay a thorough overhaul of welfare until 1974. The chief innovation in Nixon a Bill outlined by the president to the nation in a radio television address 16 months ago was its Promise of Federal Aid to the a working poor a those who work but still cannot earn enough to lift themselves out of poverty. The Bill promised a Federal payment of $1,600 a year plus $800 in food Stamps to every poor family of four in the nation if the head of the household would take a Job or sign up for Job training. One of every 12 americans would be affected. The measure sailed through the House with unexpected ease last april but it hit a Wall of conservative resistance in the Senate committee. As the administration modified its proposal again and again to meet the objections of conservatives it lost Liberal support. Sen. Fred Harris d-okla., a key supporter defected Friday. He told reporters he could no longer support the Bill because the administration would not guarantee Aid for families which included a father. Law ratifies contract Detroit up a the United Auto workers announced Friday its members have ratified a record three year contract with general motors which is expected to end a 67 $38 Twa loses in real fight Kansas City to. Up a the president and chairman of the Board of trans world airlines told employees Friday the International Carrier has lost $38 million so far this year and is a in a real fight to disclosure of a letter from Charles c. Tillinghast jr., chairman of the Board and f. C. Wiser president to a fall Twa personnel a came As the airline announced it would terminate or Lay off 1,500 to 2,000 employees worldwide by Jan. I. A the airline Industry financial situation continues to deteriorate a they said in the statement received by the airlines More than 10,000 Kansas City employees. They said �?o1970 will undoubtedly be the worst year for our Industry in its a we cannot plan on any help from the government nor sympathy from our they said the company must Cut costs. Million to survive a sacrifices will be required from All of us. Unfortunately it will be necessary to reduce the number of people on our payroll. This is unfortunate and sad particularly As it relates to those who have served to a faithfully Over a period of years. A but we have no Choice. We Are in a real fight to survive and we will win this fight Only if each and every person does his about 400 hostesses have been told they will be terminated a Twa spokesman said. Others will be notified in the next few weeks. Tillinghast and Wiser blamed the company is problems on a rising costs due to inflation aggravated by a Sharp slowdown in traffic in the United they said Twa had been unsuccessful in attempts to get fare increases from the civil aeronautics Board. Day old strike shortly and Start pm cars moving off Assembly lines. Settlement of local disputes at several key Points was the Only thing left blocking a restart of pm production after a strike that Cut the nations Auto output sharply and Hurt the National Economy. Once key local agreements Are completed a pm spokesman said resumption of production will vary at Assembly plants across the country As parts Are available. But output is expected to be Well under Way at nearly All Points in december. Law president Leonard Woodcock and Irving Bluestone co director of the Union s general motors department announced that 85 per cent of the production workers voting and 80 per cent of the skilled workers voting approved the agreement. The a awl a negotiating team led by Law president Leonard Woodcock agreed to the tentative contract with Gmys negotiators and the a awl Sam Council voted 3-1 recently to recommend approval by the rank and file. Twelve of Gmys 24 Assembly plants have reached local agreements and a pm spokesman said both sides were working hard right now to solve disputes at the other Assembly plants and supplier plants. Seven plants were reported to be vital to a Start up of pm production. Of those seven five already have been in operation exempt from the strike because they make components for other Auto manufacturers. The two other plants considered vital were the Fisher body stamping c continued on Page 8 Senate adds $168.5 million for health labor programs Washington up the Senate added millions of dollars to the administrations request for health and labor programs Friday despite warnings it was flirting with another presidential veto. The appropriation Bill the Senate Mitchell not guilty it. Hood Tex. Up a a military panel Friday night found s. Sgt. David Mitchell not guilty of assault with intent to murder in the first my Lai massacre court martial. The seven officers who made up the military jury took just under seven hours to decide the first Case growing out of the deaths of South vietnamese civilians 2 a years ago. Mrs. Isaiah Mitchell the defendants Mother jumped to her feet when the verdict was announced and gasped loudly. She fell into the arms of Mitchells father a Baptist minister from St. Francisville la. When the court announced a verdict had been reached Mitchell was ordered to stand in front of the two colonels three captains and two lieutenants who formed the panel. The 30-year-old defendant did so and saluted sharply. Col. Francis Giacomozzi the courts presiding officer read the decision to Mitchell Short of Cash. In getting that new 71 Mudel or a better used car for the family then your problems Are Over just Slop in and see about an easy Low Bank rate Auto loan Well be glad to help you the commercial Bank Delphos. Homer member of. In a sgt. Mitchell it is my duty to advise you this court meeting in closed deliberations finds you not w Ith the sobs of his Mother audible behind him Mitchell turned around returned to his seat and Shook hands with his defense attorney Ossie Brown of Baton Rouge la. Brown who admitted he was worried As deliberations passed the six hour Mark bit his lip and tried to hold Back tears As the verdict was read. Brown in his final arguments had called the incident at my Lai a fabrication by those who want to a gut the a i contend this is an attempt by some segments of our country to gut the military and when you gut the military you gut this country a Brown said. A every time i look around some Liberal Bird is making a speech or writing a Book about it trying to destroy the approved 78 to 0 totalled $19.2 billion compared to the $18.7 billion that the administration recommended for the fiscal year that began july i to run the labor and health education and welfare departments. As members added $168.5 million for a variety of Antipoverty and health programs swelling the Bill to $480 i million More than Nixon asked a Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott warned a this is getting mighty close to the veto Nixon vetoed this same appropriations Bill last year contending it was inflationary. Despite his warning Scott himself voted to add $59 million in additional funds for the head Start program for pre school children. The additional head Start Money up to a total of $398 million was approved on a 44 to 32 vote after a spirited debate Between Sens. John o. Pastore d r i., and Norris Cotton . Cotton argued that the appropriations committee had already added $18 million to the House approved sum of $321 million for head Start he said this was As much As the committee thought it could finally get approved a if this nation can afford to give away another $1 billion in foreign Aid Why can to we afford to take care of our own poor children a Pastore shouted. Antiques have been both avocation and vocation for Mary Dray. She quit Selling them eight years ago but still enjoys collecting Antiques and mementos. She is shown above with her husband Elmer and part of the collection gathered Over the 58 years they have been married. Or. Dray who will be 81 in december is still quite Active. He retired from the a amp y Railroad in july of 1961. Or. And mrs. Dray 318 South Fredeick have nine children. Bogged Down machinery is not necessarily a lost cause if stranded in the Middle of nowhere by Sand mud or Snow. Even if the vehicle is damaged some common items May be Handy in the emergency. Three men can usually Bounce a wheel out of a ditch without help from the engine. By lifting the bumper momentum can be gained by an up and Down motion bouncing the vehicle out sideways. If there Are Only two people one can drive while the other attempts to Bounce the car. Go out at the same Angle As it went in. Done Trace the engine when stuck in mud or slush. Ease the car out slowly As close to a crawl As possible. Sometimes shifting from first to reverse and Back gets the car into motion enough to pull itself out of mud or Snow. A Nylon stocking or Belt tied around the wheel can help give the car either Bounce enough to get out of a rut or traction in Snow or mud. Put stones ashes a Blanket or whatever is available in front of a rear wheel to help give traction in Snow or ice. A Nylon stocking can also serve in place of a broken fan Belt. A hairpin or paper clip can replace a blown fuse. Nail polish will prevent wire from shorting on a Metal Frame. A Nail file makes a Good screwdriver a plastic bag or rain Scarf can be tied around a leaking water Hose. Face powder will Seal a leaking Radiator. For More details on How to get a vehicle out of a bad spot read a the Book of survival by Anthony Greenbank. Picking the family Christmas tree can be a big annual event. Getting the wrong one can cause a great Deal of irritation. One solution is an artificial tree. If your tastes run in the direction of a real tree perhaps the following tips will help. Select a tree that is As freshly Cut As possible. One Way to do this is to choose one from a tree farm where your tree can be Cut while you watch. If this Isnit possible try to pick the freshest one on the lot. Some Are Cut later than others. Did you know its Best to choose a fertilized tree one that has been fertilized in the Spring with additional nitrogen will hold its Needles up to twice As Long As one which was not fertilized. For easier selection look for Trees on stands. The branches will be in the Normal position rather than bunched you can also walk All around the tree and see if it looks As Good from the other sides. This is one time when it is All right to sniff. Sniff the Needles to be sure the tree gives off the Aroma of Pine. Watch for color. Many Trees Are artificially coloured. If not the tree May seem Gray and some of the ends of the Needles Brown. This indicates the tree is not fresh. Stroke the Needles to see if they come off. Do this gently but if the tree is fresh the Needles should not drop off. If there Are Many Needles on the ground around the tree look for another one. After you bring the tree Home it might be Wise to put it in a preservative. The sooner the tree is Given moisture after it is Cut the better. A simple homemade preservative can be made from Light Corn syrup chlorinated household bleach and commercial tree preservative mixed with hot water. Before you put the tree in a stand with preservative Cut a Diagonal Cut with a saw at the base of the trunk at least one Inch above the original Cut. This helps the tree to absorb moisture. Of course if you Are not going to put the tree up immediately leave it outside. When the tree is indoors Check the liquid in the stand daily and add More As needed. Keep the tree away from the fireplace hot air registers and sunny windows. Have the room As moist As possible. For added safety use Only fireproof ornaments and approved electrical Light sets that Are in Good condition. Discard those that Are worn or frayed or repair them before using on the tree if you Are using a spotlight keep it Well away from the tree. a a we heard of a Little boy a few years ago who loved school so much in the first Grade he did no to want to stay Home for Christmas vacation this boy is grown up and married now and the teacher is retired. Any teacher that could make school that interesting to a Little boy must be great How about that mrs. Conlon you be heard of people living next door to each other in big towns and never getting to know their neighbors would you believe two former classmates and Good friends could live a half Block away from each other for two months in Delphos and not know it until they went to a Parent teachers association meeting and met each other the one woman had lived for several years out of town and had moved Back Here. And they talk about women being Nosy How about that Jeanette and Ruth a with thanksgiving Day just around the Corner everyone can still make quite a list of things to be thankful for. Such As living in our beloved country of the United states of America the Home of the free and the Brave Hopes for peace soon Freedom of religion and the Many friends and relatives who Are still Here to gather on such a Day. Our country has come far since the first thanksgiving Day. Lets Hope anyone who travels Over the coming Holiday can be thankful for a Safe trip Christmas decorations were being put upon downtown Delphos streets this week in preparation for the annual thanksgiving Parade in which Santa Claus arrives for his annual visit. A Little Bird told us quite a few local area servicemen will be receiving Christmas packages compliments of the rustic

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