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Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 25 1990, Page 1

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Delphos Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 25, 1990, Delphos, OhioOilers wins fifth Stanley cup a Page 7a Puco trims Columbia Gas rate increase Page 3b j weather weather rain tonight and saturday. Low tonight 55 to 60. See Page 2. The daily Dei Ehos Ohio i Bald Friday May 25 1990 St. Barbara Parish Hall Cloverdale 2 sections serving fac to count area 350 per copy Delphos water system explained editors note this is the second in a series on Delphos water situation. Facts on the existing water system and the Overall operations of the system w ill be presented. Options a Reservoir water from Lima and Wells a will also be discussed. Further questions from citizens of the Community will be addressed. Questions May be sent to Rick Schuck water department superintendent or the Herald newsroom Schuck said a you can see using the formula that the City does not have the recommended amount of water to meet All contingencies. Granted these Are Only numbers on paper but in reality our records can verify during the shortage years Days when we were using 100 percent of the water our Wells would give us just to meet the demand for one Schuck says a your records can further verify Days when usage exceeded what our Wells would give us. When we Are using 100 or More percent of our Supply for Normal Day to Day usage it Means we have no available Supply for unexpected usage such As fires leaks or mechanical breakdowns. In these circumstances it Means the Only water available to meet unexpected demands is from our storage the Clear Wells and the he said a it is these times when shortages exist and we must ask for conservation measures. You May say we never ran out of water we be always had water when we opened our spigots. This would be because of the efforts of the City employees to prevent that from happening. Many times we were in fact Only hours away from running the system dry whereby you would not have had water the next Day. We have been fortunate that nothing major has happened to cause this situation from becoming a reality. All that would have been needed was a major fire and we would have run out of water. A it is because of the shortage situations experienced in the past that we have been trying to resolve the Issue by presenting the three options Over the past few years. Through dozens of meetings and countless hours of study three alternatives were presented a to Drill additional Wells to construct a Reservoir system or to Purchase water from the City of Schuck says in order to assess the Cost of the options the City had to review the needs of each alternative and try to align each alternative so each would be related to the other in terms of specific operational requirements a a in essence to compare apples to apples not apples to a was such we determined that each option should Supply us with an average daily usage of 2.0 million Gallons per Day with Peak Days of 3.5 million Gallons per Day. We also determined that each option should have High Quality and soft with these primary goals in mind he said he was Able to break Down the costs of each option. A to assess the costs involved we had to decide How to present the numbers in a fashion that would allow us to come up with ultimate costs that would affect the customers who would ultimately have to pay for the improvements. Quot we determined that we needed to know the estimated construction costs the financing Cost Over 25 years the debt per month per customer averaged out the operational and maintenance costs per month per customer averaged out any additional costs such As the Purchase of water and the total estimated Cost per month per customer averaged out a following that analysis the following was determined Wells option total project Cost $2,k Kkt. This includes drilling test Wells conversion of test Wells to production Wells installation of a water line from the Wells to the City estimated liability to repair any damaged private Wells and water Plant improvements which includes softening and filtration. Water Plant improvements would be to the existing facilities at the North water Plant with the removal of the South Plant from service due to age. Debt for 25 years $251,300 per year or $8.37 per customer per month based on 2,500customers divided by 12 months for 25 years. Operation and maintenance s21 per month per customer averaged out. That figure was derived from the latest operational costs projected for 1090. Including the 50 percent rate increase currently in effect. The operational costs of the upgraded treatment Plant Are expected to increase by 50 percent Over existing costs. Existing costs Are $14 per customer per month averaged out. Based on the 1990 budget. Under the present rates $14 per month will allow you approximately 1,700 cubic feet per Quarter. Total estimated Cost for the Wells option $29.37 per month per customer averaged out the actual Cost per customer will depend on total usage said Schuck. To be continued in tuesdays Herald amen is named candidate for National coaching Honor St. Johns boys basketball coach Bob amen is a candidate for the National High school athletic coaches associations coach of the year Honor. Amen is one of eight regional nominees for the organizations top award in boys basketball. The association will present its Twenty fifth annual National coach of the year award june 29 at its convention in Nashville Tenn. A a it a Nice to recognized like that a amen said. A a it a a tribute to All the players of the past. You have to have the wins to get the award a nominations Are based on tenure record tournament performance professional honors and professional service. A obviously the title coach of the year is a Little misleading a executive director skip Morris said thursday from the associations Maitland fla., offices. A a it a a career title. A coach who comes straight out of College and wins three state championships is not going to win the award. You have to be around for a the eight nominees have a combined 217 years experience 27.1 average3,700 Wias 463 average and 1,485 losses 186 average. Amen has coached 40 seasons 643-258 record .714 winning percentage. His teams have appeared in five state tournaments 1954,1973,1982,1983,1990winning a title in 1983 and placing second in 1954 and 1973. Continued on Page 7a Iowa explosion called Accident Washington up a scientists told the Senate today the a plausible cause a of the explosion aboard the battleship Iowa that killed 47 sailors was an Accident caused by Over ramming powder charges into a 16-Inch gun barrel. Members of Congress and families of the dead 47 sailors bitterly assailed the Navy for its conclusion that the explosion was probably the result of sabotage by gunners mate Clayton Hartwig who died in the blast. But defense Secretary Dick Cheney in an interview on Cable news network said he was reserving judgment on the Navy. A at this Point id like to keep my powder dry so to speak a a Cheney said. Scientists from Sandia National laboratories Albuquerque n.m., conducted an Independent analysis of the Navy a original Iowa investigation at the request of Senate armed services committee chairman Sam Nunn a a. In its report to the committee Friday Sandia said a we conclude that a plausible cause of the explosion aboard the Iowa was a higher than Normal Speed overran of the bag charges into the rear of the projectile initiating one of the Forward bag the scientists also said that substances found in the barrel of the Iowa a 16-Inch gun that the Navy said was residue of a Detonator placed there by Hartwig could not be determined to be from a Detonator and that some of the ingredients were found in other gun barrels and on other battleships. The scientists testimony to the Senate committee came one Day after the Navy ordered a halt to the firing of the massive 16-Mch guns on its battleships and reopened its investigation into the april 19, 1989, explosion. Coach Bob Arnzen at St. Johns compiling a Congress approves Aid to Panama Nicaragua Washington up a Congress passed and sent to president Bush a Bill sending $720 million in emergency Aid to Panama and Warner Cable announces Channel changes Warner Cable viewers will notice some changes in their channels. Warner will offer a two tier system which will go in effect june 1. The 31 Channel Standard Cable service will be priced at s17.95 per month plus local fees and taxes. Current fee for the 31-Channel service is $16.50. Standard service will consist of two tiers a a 12-Channcl Basic service priced at is 3.95 per month plus local fees and taxes and a tier of 19-channels at an additional $3.50 per month according to Cable manager John b. Carson. Changes on channels include Channel 2, formerly int Turner network to will be Ewen to with Access to the local Channel. Channel 3, Wane lbs fort Wayne Channel 15 and Channel 4, Olio Abc Lima Channel 35 will remain the same Channel 5, formerly the family entertainment network becomes Span Congress in action. Channels 6 through 13 will remain the same. Cable exclusive Channel 14, formerly Nicholo Deon is now Espn-24 hour sports. Channel 15, formerly Usa network is now wtbs/1 and sat Atlanta Channel 17. Channel 16, formerly the Nashville network is now Usa network Channel 17, formerly webs ind sat Atlanta Channel 17, is now int sat Turner network to. Channel 18. Formerly 24 hour music videos is now Nickelodeon. Channel 19, formerly vol sat is now wgn/1nd, Chicago Channel 9. Cable exclusive 20, can. Remains the same. Channel 21, formerly 24-hour sports is now discovery sat. Channel 22, formerly win ind sat Chicago Channel 9 is now entertainment television. Channel 23, formerly arts and entertainment is now ivc. Channel 24, formerly Cnn-2, is now Nashville. Channel 25, formerly the weather Channel sat is now arts and entertainment. Channel 26, formerly fun financial news is now the weather Channel. Channel 27 can Cable value network is now family entertainment network. Channel 28, lifetime 24-hour network is now can Hon. Channel 29 movie time is now vh-1. Channel 30 discovery is now fun financial news sports. Channel 31 is lifetime-24 hour. Channel 34 spa Congress in action is 24-hour music videos. Premium service Channel 38 Disney Channel Rema Iris the same. Channel 40 remains the movie Channel. Channel 42 remains Showtime. Channel 44 remains Hob and Channel 46 remains cinemas sat. Standard service is $17.43, Hob $10.95, cinemas $10.95, Showtime. $10.95, movie Channel $11.95 and Disney $9.95. Remote control is $3.95. Basic service and Remote control with special packages arc available. With one extra Channel $28.95 two extra channels $34.95 three $43.65 four $51.50 and five $58.25. Prices do not include franchise fees and tax. Quarterly Trade deficit lowest level since 1983 Washington up a the . Merchandise Trade deficit decreased to $26.4 billion in the first Quarter the lowest deficit since the fourth Quarter of 1983, the Commerce department said Friday. The Trade deficit stood at $28.7 billion during last year s fourth Quarter. The department said both exports and imports were at record Levels during the first Quarter. Exports increased 5 percent or study to see How farming systems affect groundwater Quality Columbia to. Up a the Goodwater Creek watershed will be one of several areas in the Midwest tested to find out How different i arming systems affect surface and groundwater Quality a University of Missouri Columbia official said thursday. The a Goodwater project a which is named after the watershed in Central Missouri was made More important by a finding from Dennis Sievers University of Missouri agricultural Engineer dial several Wells in Northern Missouri had High nitrate Levels. The study showed one third of the Wells had nitrate Levels that exceeded the standards set by the environmental Protection Agency. Nitrates have been suspected of causing health problems especially in babies said Tony Prato a University agricultural economist and one of the principal investigators in the project. One of those risks is a Blue baby syndrome in which the ability for die blood to carry oxygen to the body is interfered with he said. The project which will concentrate on the 24 Square Miles of watershed that Are on the Border Between Boone and audrain counties around Centra a. Has $7 xxx in state and Federal funding for the first year of research Prato said. A a we re not out to identify agriculture As a culprit but rather to get Good solid information on the extent different farming systems influence water Quality problems a he said. A we done to know the cause of the High nitrate Levels. It could be from livestock wastes poor handling of chemicals during the loading or unloading or some other the amount of nitrate in the water frequently changes Prato said. A a if you Spray or inject the soil and then get a rain then especially in the surface Runoff you re More Likely to see chemicals in the water a he said. A if you Spray or inject and done to get rain for a couple of weeks things done to get As continued on Page 2b $4.3 billion to $96 billion with gains posted by agricultural and non agricultural products. Imports increased by 2 percent or $1.9 billion to si22.4 billion the department said. Petroleum imports increased during the Quarter while imports of non Petroleum products decreased. The Trade deficit with Japan decreased by $1.9 billion to $10.4 billion during the Quarter. Trade imbalances with several other countries also decreased. The . Trade deficit with Canada narrowed by $1.1 billion to $1.6 billion while the deficit with the newly industrialized countries of the far East was clipped by $1.8 billion to $4,6 billion. The deficit with Mexico increased by $800 million to si.2 billion and by $800 million to $6.7 billion with the members of the organization of Petroleum exporting countries. Nicaragua Early today after months of delay that the White House said put the two new .-backed governments in Central America at risk. The $420 million for Panama and the $300 million for Nicaragua is the Centrepiece of a $4.3 billion supplemental spending Bill that also provides Money for Domestic purposes ranging from food Stamps to flood Relief. The House passed the Bill crafted by a conference committee 308-108, and the Senate approved it by a voice vote shortly after Midnight. But the easy margins masked the fact that the measure was held up for months by disputes Over issues As disparate As abortion and military Aid to Al Salvador. Bush went so far As to urge Congress to work through its memorial Day recess starting Friday if it had not completed action on the Aid. Administration officials said Nicaragua was bankrupt and that both it and Panama desperately needed Money to rebuild economics ravaged in part by . Actions intended to oust the nations previous governments. Meeting changed the special meeting of Delphos City Council which was previously scheduled for May 29 has been rescheduled for 7 30 . June 5 in Council Chambers. North canal Street mayor Harold Wieging announced. Purpose of the meeting is for bonding arrangements for sewer work. Correction the poppy Queen for the memorial Day Parade was incorrectly named in thursdays Herald. The poppy Queen will be Karen Mahan daughter of Gary and Laurie Mahan 124 East Union St., Spencerville. The Herald reported her As Mahon. In Case of inclement weather memorial Day activities in Gomer will be held in Gomer United Church of Christ. Donuts shop opens Brian Sidel has opened Delphos donuts shop at 327 North main St. Donuts Are baked in Wapakoneta and brought to Delphos daily. The store is open 6 . To noon monday through saturday. Story Page 5a

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