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Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Delphos Daily Herald (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Delphos, Ohio Delph Osgy Herald daily vol. 97. No. 28 Delphos. Ohio -45833 Telephone 692-5050 saturday. July 16, 1966 six pages Price to cents Lone survivor says killer lulled student nurses before slayings Chicago Ipi the Lone survivor of a massacre of eight student nurses told police Friday the killer lulled his hostage victims into complacency by sitting on the floor with them and making them think he wanted Only Money. Corazon Amurao 23. Spot in ing in her closely Gin d i Hospital room also told investigators that each of her housemates voiced a a muffled loud cry As she went to her death by stabbing or strangulation. Deputy a Hief of detectives Michael Spiotto who questioned the attractive Phillip it Pine Ltd change student Foi two hours. Said a a in a firmly convinced this was the work of one Man he said miss Amurao told him she did not believe she had Ever seen the tall Young gunman before Spiotto said however that the survivor was a a very encouraging witness a a i think w Hen we bring the actual offender Forward she will be Able to identify him a he said. Spiotto said miss Amurao studied 180 photographs of sexual offenders and picked a four or five that sin Aid resembled the killer. Ile said big brother 20, to keep orphans Detroit a Ipi a Ronald Redman. 20, shouldered one of tin toughest big brother jobs of All Friday. I Man a Veteran of Viet Nam took the responsibility of raising his nine Brothers Ami Sisters orphans by the death from cancer of their Mother mrs. Patricia Foucher 42. Mrs. Foucher was buried Friday. Her husband. Rob of. A taxi Driver was killed in 19 >0 when a ear hit him As he helped a passenger unload groceries from vouchers taxi. Rodman. Mrs. Foucher a son by a previous marriage gave up dreams of a career in the Marine corps to come Home and raise the children who Range in age Down to five. The family lives in a housing project in suburban River Rouge. A a in a going to keep my Brothers and Sisters together a Redman said. A mom never mentioned my doing it she knew How sick she was but she tried to act like it was t serious. A but this is what she would have wanted a Redman. Now earning $2.ho an hour As a labourer said he planned to go to school to learn welding. A welders make $4 an hour a he said. A i Homie that Well continue to get help from social Security. A no matter what a pins though Well be Able to a about a dozen suspects had i in questioned but that police were confronted with a a crime in which you wot id never find a duplicate modes Operand in method of procedure. Tile renewed questioning of or Amurao shed new Light on the mystery of How one Man a mid kill eight women without any of them raising an alarm. A this Man had the girls quite at ease a Spiotto said a the sat on the floor with them. He indicated he was in need of Money. They gave him Money and thought that would satisfy a they obviously had no idea what was in his mind a Spiotto said miss Amurao told investigators she became Pilot has Lions for company Brussels. Belgium itt a tile Swiss Globe airlines plane was flying a mile above the but Vigian Countryside when capt. Paul Wuhrman Felt something warm and wet nuzzling his leg. One look at his visitor in the cockpit was enough for Wuhrman he grabbed for his radio Ami Calk d Brussels on the International emergency frequency. A Brussels Bru Els can i make an emergency Landing. I have three Lions in my thinking it was a joke the control Tower responded a just stick them in your Gas tank a frantically Wuhrman tried to convince the Tower there really were three Lions in the cockpit. When he put the radio microphone near one of the Lions and broadcast the growl he was Given permission to make the emergency Landing. The plane under charter to wot Germany a Lufthansa airlines was carrying the three Lions a two of them grown Ami the third a three month old cub from Frankfort to a zoo in lotion. Fearful a after he took the first or second girl she rolled under a bed and hid. Miraculously he never missed her. As each of Hor friends was led out of the bedroom in w Iii cd the killer had assembled them. Miss Amurao said Liore w so a Little scream More like a muffled loud it came a moment after the departure of Tho gunman and each victim she said. The survivors More detailed Story told after the first Shock Ami hysteria had subsided sent jail ice backtracking through the neighbourhood in a a a Arch of residents who might have heard the cries. Spiotto said miss Amurao gave investigators a a More defined description of the killer including the fact he was a a dishwater a there Are a few individuals who Are More Likely than he said. A we got More information about the description of the Man a the shape of his nose the Hospital offered a $10.000 Reward for information leading to apprehension and conviction of the Slayer. / crested in Hungary this couple from Seattle wash., or. And mrs. Busso Kenime is reported under arrest in Hun a accused of attempting to Aid defections. The lemme \ a on a trip to visit his relatives in East Germany. A l a relative said Hungary was not on their itinerary. A amp of go riots continue King Daley make pact we give fast Relief fast fast f rom financial distress with fast acting Loans to cure commercial Bank 1968 car models could have new safety standards Washington Upit a the government announced Friday new Auto safety standards that could apply to All iwo models sold in the United states. The major innovation is a soft instrument panel to reduce deaths and injuries from accidents. The standards set by the general services administration specifically apply to the 60,000 cars the government buys each year. But legislation Landing in Congress would adopt the Osa standards As interim Federal safety requirements for All new autos. Both the Senate passed Auto safety Bill and a measure being drafted by the House commune committee would set interim standards for foreign and u. S. Cars Jan. 31. These standards would be for 1968 models that appear in the fall of 1%7. The Gaa standards Are intended to make ear interiors safer for persons being hurled about in the a second collision a the one that comes a fraction of a second after the car crashes the major feature is an Energy absorbing instrument panel and dashboard made of thin Steed and covered with padding which deforms when struck. Sunny and mild saturday High 78 to 86. Fair Little warmer sunday. A it it a Lone survivors father Felt a shiver in spine Manila Ipi a the father of tile Lone survivor of the Chicago nurses massacre said in an interview saturday he was jolted awake at the very time his daughter was in danger. A i Felt a shiver in my spine and my breast pounded Ignacio Amurao 58-year-old father of Cor Azon Amurao told the Manila chronicle. A i did not know what caused it. Hut something Back of my mind kept telling me there was something wrong with a member of my family a he said. A i do not know what to do a he added a but thank god she a alive a miss Amurao 23, escaped death by roiling beneath a bed. Her eight companions All student nurses were slain. 23 contribute to recent Good Fellows club a Complete list of contributors to the Delphos Good Fellows club has been released by the Delphos Jaycees sponsors of the july 4 Community Day Here. Contributions to the club financed the stocking of the canal with fish for the children s fishing Derby held on that Day according to Mike Lehmann chairman of the Derby project. 1966 contributors were As follows Delphos Coon and sportsman club Niedecken carry out Ray Mckowan Rod Tiernan a. Friend Delphos Herald inc. Delpha Chev Rolet Buick j. Frank Shumaker Otto g. Voeger commercial Bank r. B. Rozelle eagles Stipp Bill looser j. V. Deweese Westrich store Pat Linder shunt Iker plumbing Bockey motor sales Lehmann a store Ned Fry Peoples National Bank Shenks Chicago it or. Martin Luther King a. I mayor Richard j. Daley reached a a Cooling off agreement Friday but a fourth night of racial violence already had begun and National guardsmen moved into troubled West Side negro neighbourhoods. The civil rights Leader and Daley met for 80 minutes at City Hall on King s demands negro youths stoned firemen battling two raging fires in the riot zone and police struggled to control a surging crowd of 1.000 persons. Daley and King hammered out a pact covering a number of civil rights grievances but the effect of the agreement remained in doubt As hundreds of National , armed with risks and with bayonets fixed cruised the streets. Police arrested three teen age negro youths for dropping bottles from an overpass onto cars speeding along the Eisenhower expressway. At least two youths were arrested in Rock throwing incidents at the fires. Fireman finally put out the fires. Police reported rioting broke out at a drug store near the american legion opens conclave Columbus up a some 10.000 american legionnaires auxiliary members and wives were Here Friday for the opening of the 48th annual state convention. A joint convention banquet was addressed by National commander l. Eldon James Friday night following committee action on a record 74 resolutions which decided what ones warranted a general vote saturday. Some of the key issues to be considered were a authorizing legion membership for Viet Nam veterans who saw action on or after the aug. 6, 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident. A reinstating a program of distributing free cigarette at veterans hospitals a practice which was halted after the u. S. Surgeon general a report on smoking and cancer. A emphasizing the legion s stand opposing civilian police review boards. A urging the . To use unrestricted chemical and bacteriological warfare in Viet Nam. Resolutions passed become convention mandates at the National convention in August. Point where rioting first erupted tuesday nigh. Police with riot guns rushed to the store and surrounded it. Hundreds of guardsmen rolled into the riot zone at 6 . Cd. Trio Sands More were held in Reserve at armoires. The guardsmen were ordered to fire Back if fired upon. Guard jeeps in pairs a four men to each jeep a cruised up and Down Pulaski Road. They Rode with their fixed bayonets pointed skyward. Justice Douglas marries again los Angeles Ipuy u. S. Supreme court Justice William o. Douglas 67, married a blonde 23-year-old College senior Friday night in the Encino Home of a couple they never met before tile ceremony. The Bride was Cathleen Curran Hefferman of Portland ore., a look alike for a Peyton place Star Mia Farrow betrothed of Singer Frank Sinatra. 9 Day heat wave ends by United states International Cool air moved Over Tho Midwest and East Friday ending the nine Day heat wave which claimed nearly 200 lives. Hot humid tropical air mugged the South with too degree temperatures the heat death toll in the St. Louis metropolitan area which had six straight Days in the 00s, reached 133. Weather Bureau officials said it appeared the worst was Over. New York City a nine Day string of july Days in the 90s came to an end. Falling one Day Short of the All time record set in 1896. At mid afternoon the Mercury was at the Low 80-degree level. A string of thunderstorms from the Carolinas through Nebraska and Iowa to the Rockies separated the Northern a a coolness from the Southern heat. Weather cleared in Ohio after three Days of floods and winds that claimed four lives and caused at Lead a million damage. Government acts in interest War Washington do pm a the government acted Friday to slow Down the interest rate War Between Banks and savings and loan institutions that has dried up the Supply of mortgage Money for Lime buying. The Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit insurance corp. Put a new calling on interest rates for a consumer Type certificates of Deposit commonly known As cd a. Starting july 20. Banks May pay no More than 5 per cent on such a multiple maturity deposits of 90 Days or More. And 4 per cent on those of less than so Days. Banks have been paying up to 5.5 per cent on these types of deposits. Deposits now in Banks will not be affected by the action however. 2 Popes one step nearer sainthood Vatican City tip a the cases for sainthood of Popes Pius Xii and John Xxiii have cleared a major hurdle informed Vatican sources said Friday. The sources told United press International the roman Catholic churches congregation of rites approved the beatification applications for both the late pontiffs thursday. Beatification is a necessary step toward canonization but does not always Lead to it. The whole process can take As Long As 40 years a As was the Case with Pius i who died in 1914 and was canonized in 1954. Pope Paul i Bogan proceedings for the beatification of his two predecessors last year. He appointed father Antonio Cairoli As Post Lator for Pope John and father Paolo Molinari for Pope Pius. It is the task of the Post Lator to steer the cause through the congregation of rites. What a happening z i Stretton i l l Bri her by 0cu>f>er fir when those new j or by fit harder 10 see at night by us dim kiwanis club selected this years winners of the two $400 scholarships at a meeting last week. One went to a girl from Jefferson High school the other went to a boy from St. Johns. Congratulations to both winners. A the travel and adventure series sponsored by die club provides the funds for the scholarships. A a Bette Ludwick thought the heat had gotten to her last tuesday afternoon when she nearly got hit by a snowball. Seems cubby Wiechart had saved some in his deep freeze for just such a hot Day. If he had known he could have saved the snowball. Later in the Day there were ice cubes failing All Over. A a a next monday about a dozen local people will attend the Ann Colone show in fort Wayne. Don Long and Marilyn Armstrong will be on the show representing the fur fanciers club. The occasion is National Rabbit week july 17-23. Others attending will be Paul Armstrong. Sally fair Mary Kaskel Cleo Edwards Nadine Cooper or. And mrs. William Reynolds of Spencerville Joan Lewis of Middle Point or. And mrs. William Longstreth of Ottoville and Kay Martin of Monroe ind. # or. And mrs. Harold Harpster and daughter Diane were on a weeks trip to Denver colo., and the Rocky mountains. Or. And mrs. Carl Dienstberger and son Carl jr., from Wright Patterson were vacationing in and near port Clinton last week. Cruised the lakes and up into Canada. Ran into quite a few squalls but managed to do a bit of fishing. Or. Dienstberger likes to play Tennis. Says he will take up Golf when he gets old. Heard that another form of vandalism occurring is the slashing of bicycle tires. Not to mention theft of the same. One boy was asked How he had recovered his stolen Bike. Said he had spotted it knew it was his so he stole it Back. Maybe that Calls for a comment but we re stumped. The wheel inn Golf tournament is still in the Semi finals. Tod Spieles and Gary Miller Are tied. The Winner will play Denny kill. Denny says he has already made space in his room for the trophy. Mark Miller and Jeff Moorman lost out. A a a a a sometimes tricks can backfire. We heard about one. Someone donated a huge. Old Iron stove to or. And mrs. Thom is Pohlman. They took it Back to the donors placed it in the Middle of the Lane along with a a for Sale sign. It was brought to the donors attention when someone called to ask if the stove was still for Sale. Cost a Small Fortune to have it hauled away. A a a a Jaycees Are panelling the ceiling of toe shelter House at stadium Park. Or. And mrs. Wilbur Ayers have returned from a visit to Houston. Texas. First p Ane trip and first Chance to meet the grandchildren. Had some delays on trip out but very pleasant trip Back. Or. Ayers says it is hot there too. A a a we hear some of the fishermen at the july 4 fishing Derby were quite a bit Over age. Rather unfair Competition for the Small Fry. Or. And mrs. Ben kill Are vacationing this week part of the time will be spent helping son. Bob and his wife and five Chi Wren move to san Bruno Calif. Bob is now the Northwest regional director for Beatrice foods company. Ben and Bob Are making the drive through to California. Their wives and children will Fly out next week. The Tri county democratic club held a picnic at waterworks Park last wednesday evening. A a w state american mention is being held in Colum bus this weekend. Delegates from Delphos auxiliary unit Are mrs. A a a mrs. Catherine Bair and mrs. Fred Allemeier. Alternates Are mrs. Del Cochensparge mrs. May a 1 to Gandhi Kosygin talks ended u. S. Sign closed for two weeks u. S. Route 30n will be closed Between Beaverdam and a Delphos for a period of two weeks starting monday july 18. According to Norman Conn Ohio state Highway division one Engineer the Detour will be interstate 75 and 30s. Thi b amp o Railroad crossing will be out in Cairo. Moscow tip a Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi ended her formal talks with soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin Friday without persuading him to tone Down russians toughening stand on Viet Nam. Her soviet hosts gave no indication of complying with Lier request that they use their position As co sponsor of the 1954 Geneva conference on Southeast Asia to reopen peace talks for ending the War in Viet Nam. Mrs. Gandhi and the russians came closer to agreeing on communist China throughout her three Day visit she kept up a steady Stream of criticism against Premier Chou in Laid a regime. Mrs. Gandhi had harsh words for the chinese at a Kremlin dinner Given in her Honor by turn to Page 2 new trial site asked for Sam Dayton Ohio top a or. Sam Sheppard will be tried again for the bludgeon slaying of his first wife sometime after sept. 8, Federal judge Carl Weinman ordered Friday. F. Lee Bailey Sheppard a attorney said he would ask for a new trial site. A we Are asking a change of Bailey said after an hour Long conference with Weinman and Cuya hoga county prosecutor John Corrigan. The judge ordered Sheppard to appear in Cuya hoga county court in Cleveland sept. 8. At that time his Federal Bond set at $10,000 when Weinman ordered Sheppard a release from prison in 1964, will be revoked. Us May pull out support troops from Europe Washington id a the United states is considering a plan to withdraw about 75,000 of the 225,000 . Army troops in Europe starting late next year or Early in 1968, it was Learned Friday Autho Rati a sources said the american rooms of lie withdrawn would be second Rehelen support units which would not be needed during the first phase of a european War if the troops Are pulled Back to tile United states their equipment would be left behind in Europe and they could be returned by air to the continent turn to Page 2 the state american legion conv a this weekend. Delegates from it Edwin Lemke mrs Carl Behringer mrs. Catherine Bair Fred Allemeier. Alternates Are mrs. Del Cochensparge Mard Koester mrs. Syl Hotz and mrs. Joseph Rekart. Or. And mrs. Lawrence tyo and daughter Patty spent last week visiting son. Or. And mrs. Robert a. Pease and grandson Randy in Kansas City Kansas. Saw Many sights in Kansas and were surprised at the number of Ohio cars seen on the trip. We hear Many merchants and some Home owners were Busy wading through water in their basements after tuesday nights storm most complain if the clean came Only after heavy rain but in in my places the least amount of rain causes a in jnt0 basements. We can to quite go water and sewers to Back up into along i h the reasoning of not building a to the problem. Basement As a solution or and mrs. Joe Richards Diane and David of Bellevue visit cd fest weekend with or. And mrs. Oscar Ireland and other relatives Here. A a a we re betting a certain fellow who sometime s umpires out of town baseball games might make More of an Effort from now on to find out who he is arguing with. You can to Tell a Book by its cover. And you can to Tell a priest without his Collar. Or and mrs. Al Hageman spent their vacation a a Lake in Indiana with daughter or. And mrs. Dennis sorg and their three children. Had a bad storm there too. We hear Bill link is still rubbing his head after walking into that Glass door. A lot of other people were rubbing their Heads from trying to figure out who he was. Forgot to use the name. Sorry about that chief. A a a we Veall heard of those funny stories about anxious fathers. On the fourth of july one father sort of surprised his wife when. Be a lure of a garbled message he hurried Home with an ambulance. Both father and ambulance Driver tried their Best to talk the Mother into going to the Hospital but she refused. To oui knowledge she Hasni to gone yet. It parents please warn your children of the dangers in firing by guns at Homes or people. It is against the Law to fire a gun of any kind inside the City limits. Police and sheriffs departments Are investigating the firing of rifles into town at the present time. Some animals have been killed and there was one instance when a Man narrowly missed being killed Iii his own bathroom when a Bullet was fired into his Home. it be better to prevent a fatal Accident or loss of an Eye than to punish the guilty afterwards two couples acc Dently met in a restaurant the other night alter some conversation one mentioned a birthday on the 13th Day born in the year 1918 two others out of the four had birthdays respectfully 18th Day born in 1918 and 17th Day born in 1917 quite a coincidence a v

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