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Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Delphos Daily Herald (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Delphos, Ohio A limit. A a at�5 Ohio a partly Cloudy and hot with scattered tim Ider is Lowers mostly Over the North portion tonight. Sunday continued hoi with scattered thundershowers. Low tonight 68-73. Herald Delphos latest telegraphic news by International news service daily Price four cents saturday evening. July 2. 1955 six pages vol. 72. No. 17.Eisenhower rates pravda front Page full steel production by tuesday Consumers for raise gained by steelworkers in Brief strike la s. Steel president says Iii a rear in Price of steel due to doth the roosts and rising Cost of purchased goods and services. State and local taxes and of new construction. Eisenhower orders new study on Dixon Yates Plant Pittsburgh a tin n Lions steel mill.1 in but producing it full capacity by the end of the Holiday weekend with u 15-cent hourly wage i c i e. E throughout the ind i try Bera cd on to Consumers by a Luke in steel prices. The Unno menu t of the i is i t at Lux Friday was followed six hours Latch by the release of the new Prier m de by tile United states St. Elm p., traditionally the Industry Leader the it>u111 % i i Gist producer a Ald the v i age increase effective july 6, i Ahi t i $7,511 per ton agreement in tween Quot big St to Quot and the United steel worker ended a 12-ln n i n a by we00< members of the Cio Muon. The five other major i Al companies Bethlehem. Republic do of d Laughlin Inland Ai Youngstown Sheet and tule�?-1 a cd with tile Steelworker Al Aday i ight continual of toe sink would i e e hated i i it oct in it it i of Sci c at of the nation s steel and gradually led to a shutdown of other industries producing Cvar Yulung from Bobby i i it. To locomotive. Although some of Hig steel s workers were Back on tin Jot before tin contract was signed for i tally 36 to 48 hours was estimated tin time acce Ary to get the Mills Back into full production. Lilt t were ranked thursday in preparation for the walkout which proved to by the shortest in the Industry a history. The 5.8 a r it it Price inert. E pushed the average Cost of steel from $123.50 to $132 50 ii ton. I. S. Steel president Clifford f Hood said the increase a due to Lith tin boost and tile rising co t of Purchard Good and Rev Iee Quot of Tate and lot to taxis and of new Eon the amount of the Prier Boom a about. $1 50 higher than forecast before the settlement. For consume it will mean of for example $15 in the Price of an automobile costing Between is Quot it 0 lid $3,000. For till 600 too who struck Friday it meant the average hourly wage went up to $2.38 an hour. A similar pattern is expected to be followed in negotiations on behalf of another 600,000 us members Iii the aluminium and Teel fabricating industries rile settlement which steel Union pre i clout David j. Mcdonald hammered out at Marathon negotiation St ions with u. S. Steels vice president John a Stephens was a by Ait 2 a cents Hight a than expected. It presumably will strengthen Mcdonald a Jwj Sitison in the us Winch next to the automobile worker Itile largest Cio Union Washington John Sparkman d Day there will b democratic efforts we it he called the a St a. Ala., Aid to no let up in to de Quot Sec Llvy Dix i it i Yah it t r contract. Spin Knout made the statement a e. Tine it grew among demo crat to i lock any new Goveia site t into. On the $1000 min i Quot a i deals even to a conditional basis. I in i met v it of democrats n actin w i touched off by in a it at fist Shower when he ordered a . Tudy to Del a nine whether tut proposed Dixon Yat pow Elpi a it at we Mem Lii Ark. V. Net cled. I id of the teat i set Valley i authority adv i of Mel Enli Owei it was Quot no longer necessary 1--Eausc tin City of Memphis to build a new Tower a i trility rather take Dixon Yates electricity lilt White indicated or. Eli St Ai Bower would reach a Doci a Sion Early next week on whether to it nth at or cancel the contract but tin question of building a $>.-500, to a Ani Ion line fur the Dix Quot Yates Plant was left up in i the air. The pre ident requested that fund to t lathe private Power Combine to replace electricity j Taki ii from tva by the atomic i Energy commission. Probe opens on summer Camps editorial welcomes Ike s comment on easing world tension Ike Happy Over House of of Reserve Bill article Abo criticize Tine presidents statement that to Fere could be do real peace in world until soviet satellite Arr Able to choose their form of government freely. In s. Treasury launches nationwide investigation of alleged communist influenced childrens Camps expect to uncover tax fraud or misrepresentation. New Youk n a the Treasury department has opened a nationwide investigation of alleged communal summer Camps and their fund raising agencies for possible tax frauds. International new s s e r v i e e Learned inlay that to at Inen Are j a entering their attention on red tinged Camps and drives which claim tax exemptions on the grounds they arc philanthropic j charitable or religious Organiza i Lions. Washington a president Eisenhower was reported pleased j today w Ith House approval of a j modified military re Erve Bill. J Quick Cong re.-. enactment now seems certain. I legislators clo e to the president reported i. Feeling after i tin House passed and. Cut tin measure to the soil us Friday Mij Nus an anti segregation rider Winch had stymied the program j for six weeks the original Bill was shunted i aside after tilt House adopted a National guard non segregation amendment sponsored by rep. Clayton Powell d n. Y. Powell sought to tack i proviso onto the substitute but lie was rebuffed. 156 to 105. The House reversal apparently was due in a Large part to tin it views of the president who Montri i scribed hic Powell pit a a Sal de us under the Federal Law. Buttons to such groups Are Deduc extraneous. Tible from income tax returns and j risen Owci urged con ii is the organization itself merely files a it approve the bid without the annual Quot information returns with i a Crun it it Tiu ,10sram was the internal Revenue service. Essential to flu nation s Security. Earlier this u t cd. Dis i ills Puhy so is to create a trained editor urges government to relax housing program seems doubtful construction Bill gets go ahead by sub committee newspaper editor suggests liberalizing rules on loyalty and Security clearances a deplores i ass of key men in research work. Washington a a a hoist education subcommittee has Given the Green Light to a Compromise Clit <>1 con True Tion Bill. Tile full Hon Edue it inn committee will take up the measure on thursday. Tile Legi lotion combines provi Ion. Of president program and of school Bills Sjem Oft to in rep Cleveland m Hailey i w. Va., and Carroll it. Kell r a. It provide $400 million in outright Grants annually to states to build schools. The state will Huv it to Ovi by Federal dollars they receive from this fund with one of their own. Veteran actress Dies on stage Akron a a strike of some 2, Ohio Edison co. Employee v averted today a. Cio Utility worker tentatively Ace ted a 12.2 cent hourly package increase in Akron negotiations Union locals in be v in Ohio cities tor wage melt ases and the remainder for a pension plan. The company supplies Power to a million and a Hilf person Iii some 35 count in Hollywood actress Isabella Hon Lier collapsed an died on be at die cart my Circle tie Dei Friday night during a i of Onnalee of the pulitzer prize winning play a the Shrike. She had tile feminine it and opposite Dane cd a k and a tin i a life of tin plays author Joseph Kramm. Miss homier 47, was a Veteran of Many year Oil the stage. She we the Lead Iii the Nora Drake and right to happiness series on radio and had done Many important gut St appearances on tale i vision. Her Only picture work was the recent screen version of the Philadelphia a a com be Lieut newspaper editor urged the government today to its rules on loyalty and it in dear Anees and to relax restriction. On armament news. # Herbert True scr of the la nth re courant a cried that Quot inc Limati of intellectual Freedom i i this year than it in Bee for five y ear. At h ast. Lie told a pre confers acc feature of tin 7tilt annual Cut to n i t it t die american Library a. Quot elation in Philadelphia Howe Var that Quot regrettably there i. Much til that keeps us from a really healthy climate of Freedom. In promo. Aug that he Ai. It a i t ast d on per. On Quot in or near gov ennui it a Bruit scr said Quot when we become tin i my cowed and fearful a. We have been and till Are and try to Maki our Selve secure with Terecy we Iii bound to come out a poor second to the russians. The editor specifically deplored the loss of tilt services of or. Robert j. Oppenl liner one of tin i developers of the a bomb and or. Fritz Zwicky professor of astrophysics get the California l j of technology True scr continued a the of d to j v virtue no doubt of ii., to. In i oven a sensitive Iii withholding item from the people. In top of that and departing from wartime practice i when things were either censored or not it wants the new Palm somehow to div int what t n y should Cen or oven in tin Washington ins the fat. Of president Eisenhower pubic housing program a Pix mod i doubt today As a result of House rules committee Del i Ion to stymie the omnibus hous my Bill. The committee by 6-6 vote refused Friday t a id t a Bill to tin floor for. L Ion. In addition to Luolie housing the measure provide for More military and def Cost housing and in ii Asci mortgage insurance authority for the it Dei a1 housing administration. The Bill already cleared by the housing banking committee authorizes construction of 90, Public housing units including 20, for tilt nation. Aged per sons. Holiday travellers Jam roads National safety Council sounds grim note to Highway travel predicts 380 persons will die in accidents president dear born urges nation to turn to prayer to Holt Down traffic toll. Mutt by Lebanon o ins Evert Quot Richardson 29, of South Lebanon has been found guilty of main Slaughter in the killing of a 56-year old world War i , allegedly for tile Many a $66 put won Check. Richardson said Iii in own to that he was drunk when to shot Russel Smith also of South Lebanon last Jan. 2. La has been charged with first degree murder but the Jill v Broil by in a \ enact of first Dee rec manslaughter which carries a 1-20 Yea sentence. Items the government allow to by published. , Plu direct supper Dous by the , keeps tin american people Iii the dark i crucial matter. Like the relative strength of our air Force and tin russian air Force. Yet any soviet spy Worth half Iii can. By working at it die out or put together the information out own people May not get lir Ueker i included Quot Ihas to allow All to speak to to to preach revolution nit Vita by leads to a free growing strength that no be ism hip no totalitarian government can an tint dec dented army of travellers took advantage of t Ltd three Day fourth of july Weck i lid today h it i. Cd Are Cist where. City a i. T i t to it to t try my the Tuata a Rev a i St d k sons in Rural communities headed for metro a it Taii an As. They jammed rail air and by terminals Iii the Rush for an Early Holiday weekend tart some to Anillio to it o were on tin move. The nut id i safety a of undid a etim i it it the to travel during us 78-Iiour mobiles Al Council Highway period from c of clock Friday in lit until Midnight monday i y i t dieting 380 persons will die in accidents. The weather i i to tied hot and amid Over no t of the country t ast of the Rockies. Int greater portion of t it tat a in ported highs Friday in list 96. West tile Rockies cot Ier an Nova red the Northern half of the arca with t a Praturi in the. 50 and its. Ill tilt the Cit Soi Ithoc i the temper Turi hovered near the too degree Mark. Hie Pacific Northwest listed Shower and thunderstorms and even Snow at both closed that at least 50 communist tainted summer resort for Chil j Droit and adults Art in business i throughout the country. Some of thi i Camp operators have la cd on the tri a Ury de Partsc nth a official listing of tax exempt it was understood the preliminary probe is concentrating on certain Camps in new York. California new h imps in my new Jersey. There Are it least 30 communist-1 to ged re marts Iii new York four in new Lei i a five in new Hamp Shire and thro Iii California. Under the Federal statutes if fraud or misrepresentation is uncovered the government can be i Gin criminal or civil suits to recover unpaid taxes impose fines of up to 91 it cent of the Back 1 taxes due and end the tax cheats to jail. The new York state joint legislative committee charged with investigating red tainted Camps in tin Empire state appeared to be i getting ready to hold Public hear togs. Meanwhile the House in american activities Comini tet a s ii id twill Issue a Quot comprehensive e re port on the programs and managements. Of Many com Muni to h rated Camps after his group concludes nationwide Public hear i togs. Chairman Francis e. Walter d ., has announced new hear togs will t i t in a l Diego july 5. Ready Reserve of 2,900,000 men by july i 1959. At Prest nit. About 700,000 Reserve to Are undergoing training. No Progress in search for lost u. S. Airmen Washington a it. Of Vera Buchanan d ., was re-1, Airt cd Quot somewhat unproved Quot to in. A by offic ii. At tin Navy medical Center in nearly Bethesda Tokyo a fit a Phi lies. Ships and Crews joined today in tile search for two Nils my u s. Marine airmen whose plane wont Down in the Pacific Oil t ast contral Japan last sunday night. Navy and air Force a re latties Friday found tile body of a third Marine flier who a lost tuesday while Hunting for the two lost sunday. Lie in t i t Ala m Mcallen of Yonkers n. Y. His body was recovered from the wreckage of in fury i t tighten on the a lox of a Volcano on Oshima Island out Side Tok to Bay i the Navy Rej wired tin morning. That Quot All available information a in i dilates a fourth Maline airmen i was drowned when the sea re ii i helicopter of Winch lie a a Crew member crashed at sea we toes Day. But the Navy aided that aircraft i still arc Seare Liing tin. Area where j tile a copter Era id earlier today t a i c in aired that Kola t a cd Thuu have la in thrown into the Mas Ive six Day old search for the lost airmen. Even Ida. Itai Pedi Mullen i. Pass a ii. Some rain fell Iii tilt lower Mississippi Valley the mid Atlantic states tile Ca Tern great lakes my the norther \ .i.ta in myfla., i and 2.81 Imie of j to. Safety con. Ell Preuh it Ned h Dearbo Rii urged the nation turn my. Or the i i Moni Lier condition i proved and vers Buchanan was admitted to Pital wednesday fur Neu spokesman said today a somewhat in Ati a cots. A that Bec a i was Aret d t a in to prayer to Helju hold Down die Holiday traffic loll. Lie Aid Quot i earnestly ask every Motorist to begin his Lio Liday trip with a i prayer that to May not become an instrument of harm or destruction to other or to Hirsi of a Cincinnati Marine Walter is Mouth found out rejoin the Eta four dependent aged no. He in however they within a week. The ardent Oldie in Friday Itei Ikumi his red haired wife a wife said Quot what ii want a a i Mieir tin be Childre i Steffi 2. Aud Rummy presumable concur Wilt it of ports could t. Marl Inch to tat cum to w a hit a Vickie 6-&Quot o la urn a to. Sex i Moscow its a the official soviet communist party news a a at earned a front Page editor Ial today which welcomed president Eisenhower s Quot just and valuable proposal to repudiate the cold i but the pravda article also sharply criticized As Quot at variance with this proposal a statement by or. Ehen How or that there could be no real peace to Hie world until a soviet satellites arc Able to choose their form of government 1 freely. Both stat mints were made by the american. Chief executive at his regular news conference wednesday. Tile president also referred to the a a Riddle of who ruled the soviet Union. The Eison lower statements were published i lengthy Tass reports appearing in russian newspapers without comment. It was believed tile first time since tile Start of the cold War that such a embellished and apparently fair reports of u. S. Positions on International problems were made available to the russian people. The pravda article today said 1 in part a soviet Public opinion accepts with satisfaction what or. Eisenhower said about the need to relax International tension with the Airn of guaranteeing peace Tsirou ghost the world. But it would be wrong i to a s Over other statements of 1 the i yes Ide it which Are at Vari-1 Auer with these sensible tile newspaper declared the Eisenhower stand on a satellites showed the a United states still into lids to seek changes in existing governmental social order in countries of tile people s democracies although experience it would seem has shown convincingly enough the Fruite. Slit. It of such Western observer. Expressed belief that pravda e of the general Tom of president Eisenhower a comments confirms the great hoax s the Ilu inns have in in action at tile forthcoming Iho four meeting in bringing the world problems nearer solution. M icy also Aid pravda a Public Welcome of so Many Points in die Al. Benhower news conference has much greater significance than the expected reaction to the a satellite a comment. American and British Diplomat earlier had expire. Of Surprise mingled with caution., satisfaction Over partial publication of the new conference text. They. Aid nth Obj Eutivi publication cd tile we to in View j joint in the soviet pin mowed the net <1 Russia attache to Ca. My inter National tension. At tin e tune tin diplomats tit Sod the t soviet authority. May Only Wmk to Impre on in Dan readers the wide Gulf existing Between in. Inn and Western View to make Triem realize agreement on Many Point May not u Jai Ible at the Geneva Parley. Marist to a u. A Kenneth Alton pile i 35, of Marietta was killed Friday when the tractor lie a. Driving went off tile Road and rot led fit in ii a Hill

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