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Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 1

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Delphos Daily Herald (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Delphos, Ohio House clean while in the mood a by Heloise by Heloise Cruse i want to make it Clear again i Ain not an authority on Spring housecleaning because i Don t believe in it of your House is kept Tup cleaned then this allows for deep cleaning when you Are in the Mooi whether ifs Spring or not. Gals take advantage of the strength you have when you Are angry or annoyed at the Woald in general and who does no to have those Days. Use this Energy to clean closets Wash blinds Wax furniture sort clothes get. Rid of clutter. Especially that storage closet garage and the attic sweep under your Beds vacuum the drapes i done to care if ifs Midnight clean those shelves and your sewing Basket. When you Are in the mood or mad. Then you wont have that heavy Spring cleaning. But done to go by what i write. Or what anyone else writes. Or says do what you want to do just because it. Is Spring and your neighbor is doing her semiannual meaning does no to mean that ifs time to do yours. Maybe you neighbor has had troubles and has decided now is the time. Maybe it is to her. Your Spring might come in the fall. Or mid Winter who cares i done to. I know lots of women have rigid rules for Spring cleaning. Slip thought for today Woodrow Wilson once said a the highest and Best form of efficiency is the spontaneous cooperation of a free dovers for instance Are a very sore subject some people wide that they remove All their rugs Alif put on their slip covers Al a eel lain time of the year so. It is a must for them hut just Peru use people put on their slip covers in the Spring does no to mean you have to have you Ever thought to put on your summer slip covers in the Winter i do i find that it is a Relief to put my slip covers on every two months or so. Winter or summer hugs Are another sore subject those of you who have a a heard that you have to have summer and Winter rugs ask yourself Why if your living room is used mole in the summer and you feel that it is a waste to use your Best Rug in the living room switch rugs and put that living loom Rug in Yoni bedroom for the summer or any season for that matter and get relict and change. I have. I like changes it relieves boredom. Sometimes i want to work in the Garden so i work for a Day and Plant seeds. Other Days i am in the sewing mood then i Patch All the Linen and sew. Other Days i am in the mood to Cook. Then i really fill up my Freezer. But always remember dear Darlings most things that Are done Best Are done when one is in the mood if Spring housecleaning hits you on your birthday and your birthday is in february. Do it tie if do what you want to please Yoni family. This is a wife s first duty. Hone try i it and to Tell you what to do you May la married to a p re Elionai to i am though he s not a fanatic anymore or you May want to please your neighbors or you May be trying to make an impression on the Boss s Wile or just believe that housecleaning is the ii t thing in your life it just happens that homemaking is my first thought i am not going to Tell you to sweep under your Bod every a Lay i dont i unlucky if i int that spot once a to k hut thin i Don t ins where there is a lot of dust i have Star pets the tilt to is posed who ii solve lots of dust problem Sand i done to let my work tack up of you live win r e there is a lot of dust and have a phobia about dust under your Beds sweep under them six time i Day if it make you feel better the to i a real answer i Ach of ii is diff a lit and lives under different conditions a for Down Beds and cleaning slats and Springs again Conn the ame answer in Eop e who need this outlet let them have their Spring cleaning let them tear the Bouse apart we Don t Ca i la not our problem we have or own yep we All do i do not believe in doing laundry on monday ironing on tuesday baking on wednesday Etc who knows if you Are going to feel like doing laundry on monday it just might to raining or you lust might not feel like it so let the laundry stay in the Ham Poi who Tares As Lor As you have clean clothes7 do it on tuesday that just might be the Day you Are Iii the mood when these moods hit you should clean House get those closets clean gel rid of old clothes mend Wax floors and Wash venetian blinds hut whatever you decide about Spring cleaning do it Yoni a remember you a Aoi and others Are others he yourself Don i compare yourself with anyone do what you can when you can. Hut most of All done to work yourself to d alb or Mem i a that if you die tomorrow it e. Likely another woman will take Over your household whether it to a new wife a Mother sister or Kotlier in Law i and she will use your Best in n and China and Wondi r Why you saved of use Whai 7�u have today live today keep your family Happy ladas the Point of All this is to put you at ease and make you Happy in your own Home a d As for that old Spring cleaning Don i Ever forget All the furniture polish in the world won t put a gleam in your husbands Eye love always 9 j Delpho a county daily Herald weather sunny saturday followed by in creasing cloudiness saturday night warmer saturday lit Quot or to is neat Lake Etie mild saturday night vol. 95. No. 248 Delphos. Ohio 45833 Telephone 6925050 saturday. April 3. 1965 eight pages Price ten cents Wallace orders accounting of state owned explosives Birmingham Ala. Ufi gov. George c. Wallace in a move apparently aimed at Birmingham a bombers Friday ordered tight secur Ity a to prevent the theft or improper use of state owned dynamite. The governor acted after officials disclosed that an undetermined amount of dynamite was stolen from a Road department storage building prior to the discovery of three time bombs in this steel City thursday. The governor sent an executive order to All departments instructing them to take imme Diate Steps to safeguard explosives. He also ordered an immediate inventory of dynamite and other explosives and a report to the Cabinet a effective this Date a the older said a fall departments of the state of Alabama which store handle use or otherwise Deal with dynamite or other explosives Are hereby ordered to immediately review All procedures with respect to the storage transportation use and or handling of such dynamite and to immediately make regulations to insure maximum Security to prevent the theft or improper use of such explosives. A fall state departments Are further ordered to effect immediately an investor control system which will show the amounts and quantities of dynamite which Are purchased stated transported and or used by such departments and to report to the Cabinet Mem i in charge of such department at tin earliest possible the explosives which were stolen were taken from a building at Talladega about 45 Miles cast of Birmingham. Talladega sheriff Luke Brewer said when he checked the building thursday he found that a Strong lock had been knocked off the door. He said the lock was rusting and appeared to have been on the ground a considerable period of time perhaps even before six other time bombs were found in Birmingham March 21. There was speculation the dynamite used in the March 21 bombs had come from local mines but this was never definitely established. Amount unknown county commissioner Leslie Hutto said that to his a a amazement nobody who worked for tile county could Tell him How much dynamite was supposed to be in the building which was burglarized. Hutto said however the Road department usually ordered dynamite 50 cases at a time. Brewer said when he entered the burglarized building lie found 12 full cases Thiee fourths of another and a nearly full Case of fuses and Caps. The three bombs discovered Here thursday were planted at methodist Church sets religious Art exhibit an Art exhibit of exceptional Quality will be shown in the Fellowship Hall of Trinity Moth Odist lunch tin week of Apt ii 5. Reproductions of religious Art of the masters the property of the National gallery it au., Washington i. Made Avail Able through tin Board of education of the methodist Church be <4 attention Farmers plan now for Spring needs commercial / commercial Hank a a e f umm my a it i w ill be displayed for viewing by the commission on education and the woman a society of Christian service of the local Church. Pictures to he exhibited Are. A the adoration of the shepherds Quot by Giorgione a the adoration of the magi a by Botticelli tile Small Copper Madonna a by Raphael a the calling of tin1 apostles Peter and Andrew a by Diuccio a Christ at the sea of Galileo Quot by tin Toretto a the last supper a a by William Blake a the Small crucifixion Quot by Mathis Bure Wald. A the descent from the Cross Quot by Rembrandt a the sacrament of the last supper a in Salvador dab a the apostle Paul a by Rembrandt a Saint George and tin dragon a by Raphael a Saint Martin Ann the beggar a by Legreco. Special arrangements for viewing and studying the of Blini May he made by classes or groups Hie mornings and ail Lei Noons of thursday and Fri Day april a and to by calling tin Church the Etui Cli will be open also from ii 3d to a p i thursday 2 to a and 7 to p. In saturday and from 2 to 5 and again Al 7 p Iii sunday the exhibit is i a ii i Lent to ii. The Homes of mayor Albert Nutwell councilwoman Nina Miglionico and negro accountant t. L. Corwell. The Cor we i bomb injured Corwell a 13-year-old son. The other two devices were disarmed. The Birmingham Post Herald commented editorially that it a seems All too Likely that the dynamite bombs were planted at Hie Homes of the mayor and councilwoman a because they helped the City to meet solve some of its racial attends College the elder Corwell is a and Trou Stu Dent at the once segregated University of Alabama Extension Center in Birmingham. Local police and the state legislature both appealed to alabamians Friday to help track Down the persons responsible. Gov. George c. Wallace made a personal inspection of the residence thursday and offered a Reward of $5,000 for the capture of the bombers. He suggested that other citizens boost the Reward to $100,000. His suggestion w on an immediate response and Friday the Reward Money totalled $50,-000. Britain decides against buying american plane London up Britain a labor government has decided in a inst buying an american plane to replace a British supt in Jet bomber now destined for the scrap pile authoritative sources said Friday. The sources said the government has changed its mind about buying the american swing Wing fill formerly known As the tfx. Instead the British ii it i get to develop a joint project with me French to meet the needs of both nations air forces. The jointly produced plane would replace the $2.1 billion he be hopping tsr2, now to be Ai noned after its first test flights. Viet Nam . Ambassador Maxwell Taylor and president Johnson look optimistic in this White House conference on the situation in South Viet Nam. Troop reinforcement in Viet Nam expected soon was i la neg on up it Amer ican troop strength in South Viet Nam probably will be Iii 0 eased by several thousand men in the next few months partly to strengthen internal Security american officials Dis closed Friday. The United states already has 27,500 men assigned to the anti communist War including 4.000 marines sent in last month word of further troop reinforcements came As ambassador Maxwell i Tun Lur wound up a week Long series it Dis Cessions with High adm Nistra Hon officials before returning. It Saigon on sunday Taylor said among other things that he believed the chances were a very slight at this time that communist China or the soviet Union would Intel \ Cue Iii the vietnamese War a new Effort it was understood that toy lurks observation was based on the fact that despite then Public declarations neither a in a not Russia has shown any signs it preparing to step into tin a a in i 1 Al Hill Art Many reasons Why it would he against the interests it Moscow and peking to have their forces become directly embroiled Iii the War the ambassador did say that communist North Viet Nam May be planning a a new Effort of some sort in South vie Nam hut american plans lie said Call for increasing the efficiency of present operations rather than embarking on any new dramatic counter moves Taylor envisioned no big Cli it Patch it additional i s troops to \ i t Nam hut other officials ii i a Rel thousand More inti i us w Ere expected to go in of these about i Odd probably would to military policemen to provide added Security Lei american installations in. To. Lire of these plans came Only a few Days after a huge Lei Ion i bomb exploded outside tile i s embassy Iii Saigon killing in persons including two Meri cans guar d an the i he Mal Hies sent a Hoiu last Mal Cli to were Logu i d till it is i i \ ii a base ii on w High it s and South vietnamese in strikes have launched against military and Supply targets in North \ let Nam Taylor spoke at briefings for House and Senate leaders and alter a White House meeting with president Johnson and the National Security Council Taylor the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff told Congress he opposes the idea of suspending i s air strikes Iii Viet Nam in Hopes this might bring the conflict to the conference tattle he said lie was a a satisfied with thu results of the air strikes on communist Strong holds to the North both he added that it was too Early to Tell whether they were having any effect on enemy morale and the will to resist the i s Ann l a Tor said is this a we must just do better w hat we Tun c been doing i Biden i hoi t Johnson said Quot we re going to make our Effort As Cutti Cicitt As i can Roth ruled out at least Tor the tune being my new dramatic to untie measures by the United states the South vietnamese Altai the while House meet my i a in was asked about recent soviet and chinese com Monist deckle it dolls of support with Arm. And men it the viol certificates awarded at St. John Assembly during a special awards a Sembly held Friday afternoon in St. Johns gymnasium certificates earned by students in the recent District state scholarship tests were presented by the school principal the Rev. Thomas w. Kuhn. Black Seal certificates were presented to those who ranked in the top 25 per cent of students participating in each subject the first ten scores in the top 25 per cent received place pus Lions remaining students in the top 25 per cent were Given honorable mention. Place position certificates in English in were awarded to Jean Miller Michael Keester Kathleen Hollar Mary Weisgerber Michael Rekart Dav id cd Lelage. Barbara Saum Stephen Keister. In English Iii place position certificates went to Roger Geise Constance Plumpe Anita Vanschoyck Frank Baldauf Elizabeth Fisk Kathryn Boettner. Patricia Youngpeter Joseph Shmelzer English ii sister St Catherine s class Catherine Rani state Hospital in Lima gets new program Columbus a Mph Martin a jams today announced new programs and procedure affecting every Hospital in the Ohio mental Hygiene system and personnel changes Tunis director of the department of mental Hygiene Correct inn announced increased pay Levels for social workers Ani psychologists expand d programs to attack the Pix loss of alcoholism mentally disturbed adolescents and sex Ual deviates. The appointments included or j Wylie Mcgough. Deputy commissioner of the div i Sion As commissioner replacing or. Lowell o Dillon recent in transferred to Rodman pay liable Institute in Cincinnati or. C Erie Johnston superintendent of Columbus state Hospital As assistant commis Wiener to head t i bul eau of hospitals and Bureau of re search and training or James s new. Director of the Clark county guidance Cen Ter. Springfield As assistant commissioner. Or hulas Tuatay assistant super intendant at Columbus slate Ile i a to in place John stun jams said the increased pay Levels will result in the hiring of f>0 additional social workers and 45 psychologists and place Ohio in a competitive not is Ion tobit professional people Vii i we Vii n Man Jennifer Shirack Mary Jane Puhi Mary Hay Schulte Harles Brinkman i i a n u Montor. Place position certificates Marie hockey honorable mention English ii sister m Bemar a lass Gilbert Cumming Bonita Ellerbrock Martha Scherger Nancy Van Pelt Beverly Best. Daniel Kimmet a i ten bit Kinder. Elizabeth la kl/., Susan Nagel Marjorie Kimmet Norma Trentman. Con tuner Youngpeter All place position certificates. English i Al Lene Rode. Jul i Ith Schwinnen Kathleen Miller Marsha Mcginnis Deboran Kayser Jeanne Geise Elaine Grubenhoff Steven Clark Daniel Hiett Joseph Scherger James Wegesin Nancy Perrin Laurel Brandehoff Robert Wolf Horst All place position certificates Joann Etzkorn. Fine Lehman Diane Noonan James Scherger Debra German. Teresa will and Daniel Rode All honorable mention latin i sue Heidenescher Rita Klaus Taffany Miller Marsha Mcginnis Daniel Hieu place position certificates latin la Bonita Ellerbrock Bernard Hickey Linda hours ten. Susan Nagle Michael Clark Virtina Alt Kristen Birkmeier Placer position certificates Spanish i Dennis Stemen Susan Rosier. Place position certificates. Spanish ii Roger gel place position american Wannemacher Donald Linesman Onabe John Grunt Roger certificate history Dennis Robert Kroeger t ii o in a s place position certificates. 5 Etc Tal studies Michael Kees Ter Glenn Cummings Michael r Kart Edward Kimmet John say. Stephen Keister Jean my Lei place position certificates advanced algebra William a Viz. Daniel Moonier Kona i Hysman Loyola pot ii a St John Scherger place position certificates. Plane1 geometry Michael Pohlman Randall Bohnlein. Jean Helmkamp Marjorie Kin. Met Craig Griffis Theresa Wanamaker William Wiesen Berg place position certificates. Elementary algebra Josepn Scherger Joseph Myers. George Beckmann Susan Elwer Randy Miller Shirley Calvelage Tai any Miller Barbara Young Daniel Rode place position Cor Tifi Oates. Physics Robert William Daniel Beckmann place position certificates chemistry Loyola Dothan William Martz. Daniel Moonier place position certificates biology Gilbert Cummings John Raabe Randall Bohnlein William Wiesenberg Bonita Ellerbrock Kenneth hours in Jennifer Shirack Daniel run Sci. Robert Weinandy Jean Helmkamp All place position certificates Kenneth sedum Noeller honorable mention general science James Weg osip. Steven Morris Michael Llau Horst place position certificates. Bookkeeping William Voigt Dorothy Bockey Bema Ben Jane Elwer Ruth Reinemeyer place position certificates William Wiesenberg was Presentici a trophy As w inner of an oratorical contest held in con Nocturn with the Lima Optimist club. Dirkson Scranton push passage of voting Bill Washington if sen ate Republican Leader Everett m Dirksen and Pennsylvania Chiv William is Scranton said Friday the Republican minority in Congress will be responsible Tor passage of the voting rights Bill. The two gop leaders made the statement to the National inference of Republican worn in the same audience that thursday heard former gop presidential nominee Barry m. Coldwater assail the voting rights Lull As unconstitutional neither Dirksen nor Scranton made any references to Goldva Ter attack on the Bill Dirksen a co sponsor of the Bill said republicans were taking the leadership Iii pushing the Hill through Congress Iii the spirit it Abraham Lincoln Scranton credited Dirksen and other republicans with proc id ing the leadership Tor passage Al the Bull civil hights aet a a thu same leadership will do a wonderful Jot tins year a set Oilton said Vav it Hoot them it he done Dirksen also attacked pro i concept of thu Rivon press some of the Vav i Inkles oui. Lent Johnson so great society a it s strange s 1 ic1 makes Hie word Ivy who that the great to Little in of Freedom and libel i Quot Viii. N i it i i i. About the great society you >1 better say a the great controlled Scranton said the Gap can reach agreement on such issues As sound fiscal policy a firm foreign policy sound local and state government and human rights the democrats he , Are weak Iii these tour areas a the time has come to say that the majority party is responsible for the failures Luen Dot our National landscape Scranton said Gressel truck in Indiana crash a Bessel produce company truck and a Cai driven by an Indiana resident collided Al about it p in Friday neat North mane Hester id the Bessel Buck was driven by Don Goerge is oho fast seventh St Delphos the identity of the and woman Iii the Indiana Cai wus not ii ii ii Cit be toil press time i hey Wen taken to a Hospital the collision of ecu i cd at Hie intersection of Indiana state routes a i i t the truck s build was not damaged the Bablin a haul cd by i to do i Pho

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